Fusion, A Fun And Flashy New Theme

Posted on January 3, 2013 by in Theme Releases | 104 comments

Fusion, A Fun And Flashy New Theme
Fusion is a sleek and flashy theme that melds fun and professionalism into one awesome package. Great for startups, tech companies or design firms, this theme will impress your visitors with its cutting edge style. The theme also comes packaged with tons of great features, such as responsive design, custom background images and more!
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Responsive Design

The use of mobile devices is on the rise, and it is important for your website to be ready for those mobile visitors. Fusion comes fully responsive, meaning that the design will adapt to whatever screen size is being used to browse. You website will look great and will be a breeze to read on mobile phones and desktop computers alike.
And let’s not forget about tablets! Fusion will also look great on your iPad or Android tablet in both portrait and landscape mode.

Custom Colors and Backgrounds

Fusion allows you to easily customize your theme’s colors and background images via the WordPress Theme Customizer. You can also define separate background images for each slide in your homepage slider, allowing you to give your homepage a truly unique look and feel.
I hope that everyone puts this new theme to good use! Let us know what you think of the design 🙂


  1. Looks amazing. One of the most ‘colorful’ theme from ET. Can’t wait to use it for my next project!

    • YEAH! I agree. Great theme 🙂 Looks really awesome!

  2. Looks really awesome. Great job.

  3. Overall it looks good, but at first glance through the blog, my eyes gravitate towards the blog metadata because it’s the same size as the title *and* gets a funky color. So it looks like every blog post is titled “POSTED BY ADMIN ON….”

    • Good point, I appreciate the comment. I wish League Gothic font had a “thin” version, that would be perfect. I’ll see what I can do with changing the font size instead.

  4. The background is amazing! Great job…
    When will you guys try to create a parallax based theme?

  5. Front page is nice nut otherwise it looks the same as half of the rest of your themes. I was hoping for innovation not repetition …..

    • I completely agree. It’s just the same setup as everything else. Predicable layouts, functionality, style. I think people are awed by the fancy imagery in the bg slider, not realizing this isn’t much different than anything else ET has to offer. But for a rate of $89 a year (for psds), what else can you expect?

      I’m going back and forth with whether I should renew my membership. Everything in these themes is getting BIGGER (text, spacing, slideshows, etc) while no new features, no new clever layouts, no innovation etc. is being created. Yes (for the offended ones), I know I can change most via css.

      Sorry Nick/ET, because I’m sure you may take this comment as a personal attack, but it’s the truth and one I’ve been voicing more and more lately. I hope ET hasn’t peaked with potential and we are all going to continually see the same one-note themes from now on.

      • I’m not sure how anyone could think that our latest themes are all the same, but I do appreciate your comment. Our last three themes, Fusion, Harmony, and Origin are completely unique from each other in both design and function. Harmony and Origin in particular, cater to a very specific audience and are vastly different from anything else in our collection.

        Fusion might have a similar function as, let’s say, Nova, but let’s not forget about what themes are really about: design. Design is much more than function and structure, it’s about an overall feel and style. Fusion looks and feels different than Nova, and thus it serves a very unique purpose. I will continue to iterate on classic theme “structures,” breathing new life into the design aesthetic. I will always, at least sometimes, have to re-create classic designs with new styles as design trends change and my skills as a designer improve.

        You could say that there is no point in me creating Fusion, because I already have a business theme called TheCorporation. But that is disregarding one important thing, that TheCorporation is old and a little tired, and Fusion is simply better designed. It’s cleaner, more modern, less cluttered and is responsive! Is it pointless for me to continue to create better and better versions of the most classic and popular theme structures as I continue to get better and better as a designer? Is Lucid a pointless theme because I already have a “magazine” theme called Aggregate? If that were true, then why do so many people choose to use Lucid instead Aggregate? They choose because they have a choice, between two styles, and some people like one style over the other. I believe that Lucid is a better theme than Aggregate. It better-represents my ever-growing understanding of design, and that’s the reason I created it. The same is true for Fusion, Nimble, etc.

        That isn’t to say that I won’t keep making unique themes like Harmony and Origin; themes that look to a very specific audience and have very a unique set of functions. There needs to be a balance, however, between niche themes and general purpose themes. I have always tried to strike this balance, and even though a couple people complain each time I release a new classic theme, those themes (like Fusion, Nimble, Lucid, etc) are the themes that get used the most. People want there website to look good, and there is a real reason for me to keep making these classicly-structured themes but with new and better designs.

        • Well said Nick.. bro, don’t worry..we really appreciate all your themes and they are really good both in looks and functionality. I do understand what Chicago wants to say and what exactly he means but I do believe that you need to cater to all sorts of audience/members.. There are people who only want new looks and designs, some may want new features and some may want new functionality.. you need to walk with all of them..so far very good job Nick..keep this up..

        • I take Nick’s point about his designs progressing and modernising previous designs, you can clearly see that is the case. I also take the other side as when you see the themes you get the idea that the layouts are very similar ( big heading, then 2 – 3 sections in different colours that follow, same menu structures etc etc ) I appreciate the progressions especially since they are coming in thick and fast but I am still waiting for a really different kind of design. I received an email invitation to purchase themes from themeprice and I really liked the different layouts, menu’s, innovative functions etc. Personally I think that’s what the new themes that come in should be aiming for but I cannot complain with all these themes and psd’s that are to offer, I just don’t know if it is diverse enough for me to contiue with when my membership expires especially since fusion psd’s are dissapointing – no alternative coloured psd’s and no included fonts?

          • Sorrt it was themeprince not themeprice. I particlarly like the effects, modern header functions, dinamic menus etc – I really hope something like these come in soon

        • Beautiful theme. I just installed at teachtorun.com and am working out the few kinks.

      • I’m with Chicago 100%. This theme is simply a rehash of prior themes and doesn’t showcase enough of a difference to get my attention.

        I think it’s time to start thinking a little more “out of the box” and to develop new Themes that address entirely new design paradigms. This is what initially attracted me to your company and you seem to have gotten away from this…

        This is not to say what you’re developing isn’t quality (or appreciated), but considering your talents, I believe many of us would like to see you push the boundaries a little more design/layout wise.

        And one last point. You need to make certain elements of your themes more flexible. Shoehorning designers into content areas that cannot be modified is very limiting. For example, in your new Nimble theme you have areas on the homepage that demand that you insert a Pricing Chart, or demand that you include three column blog posts. What if I’m doing a website that doesn’t need Pricing, or I would like to simply insert a page in that area. Can’t do it. Thus, the theme loses a lot of it’s value to me.

        Thanks for listening. And keep up the good work!

  6. Wow, this is a stunning theme! Great job, Nick.

  7. The overall theme looks like a lots of your current themes. Would have been nice to see new features :/

    However, your homepage is really stunning ! Keep up the good work on your themes buddy 😉

  8. #80 is a big deal! Congratulations

    • Thanks!

  9. Another awesome addition to the Elegant Themes portfolio!

  10. Simply Awesome.
    Your skill and passion shine through on this one Nick. 😉

  11. Awesome design, simply and highly professional pixel perfection work ET!
    All function are looking great, specially slideshow and menu style 🙂

  12. As usual, nice masterpiece,

    Congratulations on new theme release.

  13. Another fabulous theme has launched and specially for color variations and effects.

  14. Gorgeous design, covers all essential design modules to build business start-up, portfolio website.

  15. Yeah you are right – this is an AWESOME theme – you guys just get better and better – I must ask my web designer to customise this for my on-line book blog! Well done and thanks.

  16. It’s a really eye catching design, but the reuse of the same style after the front page on most of the more recent designs is getting a little old. The blog pages on probably the last 6-7 themes are identical.

    There are also not enough theme options and customisation available in the admin area in comparison to other themes nowadays.

    Nevertheless, great work and I still occasionally use your themes, I just wanted a little something else this time round.

      • Hey Nick !

        Since we are talking about suggestion, it would be AWESOME if you could put in place a theme similar to this website for your next one.


        The interface on this one is just purely amazing and 100% userfriendly for any newcomers.

        -Main navigation menu with blog categories menu under it
        -Quick “about us” with newsletter next to it
        -Slider with a “contact us for your services” next to it

        And the rest of the site just feel clean and sharp.

        Anyway, keep up the good work buddy and as I said, I’d LOVE to see a theme similar to this one for your next product 😉

        Cheers !


        • That’s because you are using the Blog Page Template. Your category layout will have the circle thumbnails.

          • I have to use the blog page template because it’s a blog page but I’m not sure what you mean about the category layout. How do I switch the circles on for the blog thumbnails?

            • You don’t need to use the blog page template to display a list of your blog posts. You can simply link to your blog category. Whenever you create a category, that category can be linked to to view a list of all the posts in that category. If you are using the Menu system to customize your menu, simply add a link to your Blog category to your menu.

  17. It’s a great looking theme but themes like this are of limited usage. They don’t appeal to the broad range of developers and users for themes. I think you’ve strayed off course in developing business/internet themes. You don’t have but one really decent business related theme in your stockpile. I wish you had more business themes. I have to say that there are now other theme websites that are doing just that and putting more into their themes. I won’t mention them here but seriously, you really need to look and see what is out there. You’re going to be left behind.

    • We have a lot of general-purpose business themes, and I think they cater to a very large audience. Here are a few themes that I would consider to be “general business themes.” What are you looking for exactly that these themes don’t provide?


      • For one, NICK ROCK$!! (seriously, for the amazing yearly price?! c’mon complainers let’s not be spoiled now)
        I will say that in terms of ‘Business Themes’ I do agree w/Michael as far as those keep the content and information ‘tight’ and is really all right ‘there’. Elegant Themes have been a major blessing to me in learning wordpress and and all having a very ‘user friendly’ backend, etc. The latest themes I think do keep looking more modern and ‘beautiful’ (they all do have a lot of ‘spacing’ which we can’t adjust though), and it’s a tricky line to walk keeping ‘everybody’ happy so to speak (again, for $39 a year!? WOW) So Thank YOU Nick for being an Angel to many of us. The web world is moving Really fast these days so keeping up is not easy, to say the least, so I think if it’s possible to come out with a true ‘business theme’ would be a winWIN for Elegant Themes (and of course it’s customers, so they stay aboard as others continue to join).
        -Sterling Williams

        • It’s not about price. ET has great themes for a great price but again, it’s not about price. It’s about broad usage for themes.

          Also, the shortcode list is very small considering what is out there. Nick, I love your product and I love your business practice. You allow all comments. Good and bad. I just want to help you and that’s all my comments are for.

          If you can bring in more business looking themes, more shortcodes like graphs, links, tables, headers, lists, boxes and the like, then you’ll offer more than what is out there.

          Just my thoughts…

    • I disagree that these themes are not flexible. The key is how you customize the awesome base that Nick & Elegant Themes provide. I have been able to turn many of these themes into exactly what I need for use in the motor sports world.

  18. Nice theme I will use it to make my commercial websites Thanks

  19. There is a new theme of my blog 🙂
    Thank you for this lovely theme 😉

  20. nice addition to ET themes collection and 1st 2013 theme from ET.

  21. Wow,its really so beautiful.I can’t wait to use this.

  22. First theme of 2013. Happy new year ET!

  23. Very nice play of colors and elements, although I agree that some of them become bigger, there is a little thing to fix on Home page (when you hover some logos e.g. Mashable, About.com; some elements in the footer are also moving e.g “Home” link). Bu overall it’s a great theme, happy #80 theme in 2013! 🙂

  24. Fusion is looking great … thanks, I’m sure I’m gonna learn something from it.

  25. Another great theme from ET however it would be great if you add more options too, is it possible to have a gallery without creating a separate post for each image?


  26. This is truly beautiful, and in my case, well-timed. I plan to use it for a Web site I’ll be building soon for a science fiction book. So thank you!

    I would like to suggest a feature that I think would quite some of the nay-sayers, here and on your Facebook page. Having a user-friendly way to adjust the height of the slider and top areas would go a long way toward increasing the theme’s flexibility. I know I can go into the forum and ask for help with tweaking the height, but that’s time-consuming. And in the case of my last forum visit, the person who helped me with these kind of adjustments was outright rude and insulting. (I don’t hold that against you or him; he was probably just having a bad day. It happens.) I can go through that again if I have to, but it would be so much easier if there were a standard way to make adjustments.

    But that’s a relatively minor detail in the overall scheme of things. Your themes have always produced good results for me and I appreciate having such a stylish selection to choose from. 🙂

  27. Great work! I cannot wait to use this on my next project!

  28. After installing Fusion today I have a difficult time understanding how anyone can complain about ElegantThemes.
    I can only imagine the people complaining have not installed Fusion!
    Great Design & Flexibility!
    They keep getting better & for the yearly price it’s a nobrainer.
    I also have several other WordPress Theme memberships that I use for my own & Hosting ,Design of Clients Websites.
    probably my favorite Forums also,always a great read!

  29. Ok, this one is very flashy…. But I’m looking forward to seeing what we could do with it. I’m sure we can customize it and make it look like a perfect business theme !

  30. A fantastic looking theme to start the New Year. Good job guys.

  31. Hi Nick, congrats on the new theme – it simply rocks. Your designs esp the latest responsive ones are a class apart in look, clean lines and classiness, compared to many other so-called responsive themes out there. I don’t understand what some people are complaining about? here are my suggestions to keep most of them happy:

    a. The “color & pattern customizer” MUST be seriously part of every theme you come up with. If someone does not like your colors or look – they can customise, and be happy.

    b. Your frequency of theme release is now one per month, which adds lot of anticipation to that ONE new release. If it looks remotely similar to an existing theme(it sure will!) many are disappointed. So, I suggest you improve the frequency to atleast 2-3 new themes per month.

    c. You have lost the plot in releasing themes for specific functionality as in the past. Why not look at responsive & modern versions of Elegant Estate, MyCuisine, eStore, Boutique – these will add more value to the membership.

    I’m sure these points will help you plan better. Keep up the good work!

  32. Look great. After looking for the demo site, Its really eye catching, wonderful themes. Great for a company site.

    I am waiting another news theme for the future…

  33. Good looking theme… Very appealing. Could we have some more ecommerce themes like estore and boutique please. We haven’t had a proper eCommerce (product selling) theme for a long time now!

  34. Yeah,this theme so great,thanks!

  35. What i can say only three words…WOW !!!!!!!

  36. Looks good, might consider to become your customer once again.

  37. Hey! I just love your themes a lot. But I would like to request to make the future themes a bit fast as speed is the only place your themes lack.

  38. looks great however there is no way in the cpanel I can change the color scheme, check it

    • Color options are now handled via the Theme Customizer, as outlined in the readme.

  39. Exelente! Gracias ofrecene buenos themas

  40. Thanks! For Themes, Very Elegants

  41. it’s glorious theme i have a blog and it’s theme is really very heavy so can u informed me about a easy going theme. oooooooo my blog is made by wordpress. plz reply……

  42. Mobile Response Is Superb !!

  43. perfect theme for startup companies, Great work by Fusion Team

  44. Best theme I’ve ever seen! Thanks.

  45. Hi Nick !

    Great job but just one thing I would like to know…
    Is there an option for google fonts ?
    If not… think it would be nice for the future… 🙂

  46. Hey guys, it’s almost the 20th of January and nothing on any upcoming theme. What’s up?

  47. Nice theme, but Nick, you guys really need to start building themes that offer variety to your home pages. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to use one of your themes but opted not to because of how difficult it would be to customize the front page to show the content I want to show.

    It’s either three blocks of content (typically), or a blog. What if I want the slider, the three blocks of content, and content below that?

    What if I want to change how the front page looks but still keep the slider?

  48. Fusion theme is definitely one of the better Elegant Themes I’ve looked at in a while.

    Good to see it uses a responsive design. I presume all future themes will also be responsive.

  49. Definitely its very suitable for my upcoming fashion blog, thanks for making it responsive.

  50. This is a stunning theme! Great job and keep working , Nick.

  51. Looks great in ipad and iphone devices. Perfect for technology companies

  52. You dazzled me with your fantastic designs Nick. The fusion theme is amazing and I believe you can customize it the way you want. Nick, can you flex a stunning Radio Website with Radio features, look and feel and possibly plugins, something close to Band site? I noticed that design for Internet Radio Station Site among WP Frame work is zero and there are always big project around this niche.

  53. I’m currently using this theme on my site. The one thing that I found a problem with is that when you turn off the featured slider (because it’s huge), the site menu is displayed over the top of everything else instead of like it is on a single post or page.

    • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forums so that our team can better assist you.

  54. Fusion is looking great , is nice to have a new theme with responsive design

  55. Nice Templastes! 😀

  56. Are the iPhone images part of the theme or can I use my own images?

    • The images are not included in the theme.

  57. Without doubts Fusion is one of the best theme that I have used since now. I like it because is looking like a modern and professional website. Good work, guys!

  58. parallax theme in the future of elegant themes?

  59. Hi guys. Love the fusion theme.. here it is in all it’s glory http://nebulavapor.com
    I think it looks awesome. Thanks for creating this one.

    Is there a way to change the featured image size on a page?

  60. Premium wordpress themes are the most suitable for large projects where visits on the website become very important for promoting a business. Premium themes offer a large amount of profit with a little investment. Many business owners trust on such themes to keep readers interested. These premium things deliver better results than free themes when it comes to promotion and traffic.
    Outside elegantthemes.com, you can refer to a lot of beautiful themes here

  61. I think it’s the background colors that I like the most.

    Oddly enough, I think that is the single hardest part of any website. The background pattern or image is what ties everything to together. It is the one thing will always see, but never pay any attention to it ….unless it stands our from being too damn ugly. Nice job!

  62. Love the theme, hence why I used it here at studiobujbo.com! But after checking out the comments and the criticisms – I searched rival sites and themes. I came across another favourite here:


    In honesty, I would have preferred to use the theme here at themeforest. The way it displays SM links, featured works and clients just looks superb. It just screams “professional, elegant and fun”. If you could make a theme similar you’d be winning like crazy. I’d immediately choose it over any other business corporate theme you have available.

    I hope to see that kind of theme coming from you soon.

    Keep up the good work.

  63. Wow! Impressive – loving it already. 1 question though: what did nick say? Could anyone translate it for me? Thanks a lot.

  64. I am going through the tutorial and I can’t seem to be able to find where to change the colour scheme. In the demo you have 5 different colour schemes. Where do I find that? Also, how come there isn’t a custom css area so I can change the menu text colour, social media colours, etc…..


    • There is a custom css panel in ePanel (Appearances > Fusion Theme Options). The colors and colorschemes can be adjusted using the Theme Customizer as outlined in the readme file. Appearances > Themes > Customize

  65. Hello,
    I have create the Home page and also setting front page but header image are not showing but other pages are showing header image, am using the fusion themes,please help me.

    • If you could please open a ticket in our support forums then our team will be able to assist you.

  66. Very awesome colors. My favourite is a Fusion WordPress Theme.

  67. Hi this is a great template! I tried to use it for my blog but if I set “Blog Style post format” and I disable the “Display Featured Slider” the effect in the home page is really different from the orginal http://elegantthemes.com/preview/Fusion/category/news/

    What can I do to use it in a blog way?

    Thanks in advance


  68. Hi this is a great template! I tried to use it for my blog but if I set “Blog Style post format” and I disable the “Display Featured Slider” the effect in the home page is really different from the orginal http://elegantthemes.com/preview/Fusion/category/news/
    What can I do to use it in a blog way?
    Thanks in advance

  69. This website was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something that helped me.

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