New Theme: Sky

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New Theme: Sky

Sky floats above the pack in style and its sense of whimsy is sure to leave your visitors surprised and refreshed. Sky is unique in the way its homepage operates, loading all of your content seamlessly using ajax. This means that no matter how many pages you have in the “slider,” your initial page load speed will be lightning fast as each page is only loaded when it is displayed (without a page refresh). We also added some fun parallax affects in the clouds, giving the design a great sense of movement.

Live DemoFeatures Info


Sky Features

1. Four Unique Colorschemes – Sky comes with four different colors to choose from. If blue isn’t your style, then try out the Red, Purple or Green options. You can change your colorscheme at any time from within the theme options page.

2. Portfolio Section – The Portfolio section makes it easy to feature photos. This is great for creative companies or individuals who wish to create a gallery of their most recent work. The gallery is paginated and includes a full lightbox view of each image.

3. Homepage Slider – The featured slider on the homepage makes it easy to feature prominent pieces of content to your first time visitors. You can populate the slider using posts or pages and adjust animations/animation speeds within ePanel.

4. Blog Layout – Sky includes a blog layout that allows you to feature a category of posts within the homepage feed, creating a seamless experience for your visitors.



I hope that you like what you see! Be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think 🙂

Premade Layouts

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  1. you guys just keep outdoing yourselves. possibly your best theme yet, keep ’em coming!

    • agree!

    • I totally agree, this the is fantastic … I’ll probably gonna do a review for it. Great work guys!

  2. Awesome job. thanks for creating such a good theme

  3. This is beautiful! Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!

  4. It’s more than beautiful…
    Superb!!! Delicate and Elegant…

    Thanks Nick!!!

  5. love this theme pretty elite

  6. Nick,
    I’m thinking seriously changing my wife’s page to this template (she’s photographer)… but this theme doesn’t support widgets (recent posts and categories are very helpful).
    So, how would you handle this?


    • Add them, it’s not all that hard. There are a lot of tutorials online. If you need to understand what they are telling you to do, look in the files of a theme that has widgets. I only recently learned it myself by adding new ones to Chameleon, and it was a lot of fun. Experiment!

  7. Now that’s cool!

  8. You have fantastic timing! I’ve been hoping this theme would come out before my planned re-launch date of the 13th of October and here it is, just in time for me to work on it over the weekend. Thanks!

  9. Can the blog have a normal blog with a sidebar? Or it just this option only?

  10. very attractive and awsome!! page load speed is fast.great job ET team!

  11. Excellent theme…. I’ll use it on my other blog…. Great jobs!

  12. Seriously awesome – you guys are really starting to make some great themes.

  13. Hello,
    A beautiful and very modern theme, except that as yet do not have to use a site that fits in perfio, congratulations!

  14. I still have to say these, ET Rocks and the best theme ever. I dont look anymore for any them just ET. Good job guys.

  15. Love it!!!!!!

  16. this is actually really great timing! thanks for this, really impressed! now to leave yahoo web hosting cause they don’t support new versions of WP. Again, something new and different!

  17. Wow! That’s really Elegant Theme and color schemes like Blue, Green, Brown, Yellow and Purple… 🙂

  18. Looking good, You guys keep making choices harder for us, which one we should choose for our site…:)

  19. Lovely sliding theme, Color combination is unmatched. Loving your work.

  20. Awesome work! very nice look specially color schemes and lightweight slider, surprised to every visitor
    Good job Nick !!!

  21. wow, brilliant theme!

  22. Seriously, best ET theme EVER!

  23. The BEST of the BEST! 🙂

  24. You really have created a masterpiece with this Nick. Possibly the best yet.

    You’re right about the slider. It’s lightning fast!!

  25. Very elegant theme. I like Sky name

  26. VERY nice!

  27. Very nice theme!

  28. The parallax affects are pretty cool. They seem to glitch a little when you navigate to blog and blog posts. Would be cool if that was seamless as well. But over all, cool functionality. Look forward to seeing how you’ll use it in future themes.

  29. This theme is bright and colorful. I was expecting it to look like most others you’ve released because that seems to be the way to go at ET, even though Sky does function like the others, but I was surprised by its style.

    Also, with this new theme, Sky, is it possible to link portfolio pics to a post or page? It seems like we can only click on an image (based on the demo) but can we link portfolio images to a relevant post or page?

    And: when are you guys going to release some themes that give the site-owner the design option to add additional sidebars to their pages/posts? I’m still waiting for that NECESSARY design option. It would be a pain trying to figure out how to make ET themes more useful by coding an additional sidebar (I don’t have the time or skills to alter ET themes and add a sidebar). But the sidebars design option would allow site-owners to include more content and make use of valuable unused page space. But that’s really the main reason I haven’t purchased an ET membership: some of the styles are bright and colorful, but they leave a site-owner in the hole when it comes to the ability to add additional useful content space such as sidebars.

  30. Awesome, I’ve added this to my queue for anyone who wants it customized.

    WordPress Theme Customizations

  31. Amazing! I have another blog that I could definitely use this on. It’s incredible.

    Does it support sidebar widgets and footers? Oh, please say yes!

  32. Hello Nick,

    great theme…I hope that this one achieves all the previous ones did.

    I love to use your themes on my blogs.

    Best regards

  33. just amazing and fast, l love the background effects, will be nice for many business.

  34. It’s a nice design but I had much higher hope. I was expecting something more.

    For those who do use it, the design overall looks a little better if you change the font-size and padding of #top-menu a to font-size: 25px; and padding: 0 13px 10px;

  35. Hi Nick,
    I stand corrected. This is a wonderful unique theme. Great concept.

  36. Uhm.. I haven’t tried it yet, but from the preview I must say I don’t like it. It’s a wonderful theme, but it has too much, how can I say, personality? It looks very difficult to customize (specially adding functionalities or widget). Don’t know.
    It is a good theme, but it seems not so versatile.

  37. This is very cool theme. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it.

    • 🙂

  38. You are a genius. It’s all fantastic.

    I wish you could do something with our web page but it’s too late. I contracted it out to people who are bungling it.

    You live and learn.


  39. Beautiful! Love this!

  40. guys out did yourself on this one…Very nice job!!

  41. Beautiful theme, great job.

  42. It would be awesome to get new magazine-styled theme… Pure awesome 🙂

    This one is also realy cool stuff. Keep this good work, your theme’s are the best.

  43. Amazing! I have another blog that I could definitely use this on. It’s incredible.

    Does it support sidebar widgets and footers and other all SEO plugins?

    Anyways Nice sharing..Keep it up..I have bookmarked this blog.,..!!

    • I am afraid the theme does not have a sidebar.

  44. Wow, this is awesome and might be perfect for another site I’m working on. Keep up the great work!

  45. SSSssooooOo WoW !

    Birds are jealous !


  46. hi nick, wonderful theme! thanks for coding, we love elegantthemes!

  47. Awesome theme. Very nice job!!

  48. Nice. Love it.

  49. This is an awesome theme. Congrats!

  50. Nick, you mention on your website that you do not release the original Photoshop files with the themes to the basic membership package. Does this include the PSD files for things like website titles as well? Because surely even people on the basic package need to alter graphics to reflect their website titles and so on. Please let me know, as this will determine whether I buy the basic membership or not. Thanks!

    • Both packages come with the PSD files for the logo. The full PSD files are only included in the developers package.

  51. great theme for tech bloggers like me

  52. nice, love it
    keep it up

  53. I put the payment option to this issue is and configure payments posble

    [ pricing_table]

  54. (or maybe they have developer’s license from you ?)

  55. Cooooool Template… I would love to use it for my own blog site 😀
    Great work guys 😀

  56. This is the second most good looking theme after Bold

  57. It is a good looking and useful theme although having the “Read More” always be on the bottom right of the feature slider would be a huge improvement instead of having to pad the excerpt text out with non-breaking spaces.

  58. Really nice theme, the pages look like they’re floating.

  59. I just joined Elegant Themes today, I just activated the Sky theme (lovely BTW) but I also just realized it doesn’t support widgets. Are you planning a version that does? I’ll have to switch themes for now, but I would really like to use Sky (with widgets) in the future.

    Thank you.

  60. Beautiful theme, great job.

  61. Awesome Themes!
    Nice, Neat and Tidy!
    I have to say this is a brilliant job!

  62. great artwork ! this theme is beautiful !

    gonna get one !


  63. This is third most beautiful theme after bold and professional

  64. your Sky Theme is having a image load error on your demo site. Could you fix, and let us know if it is based on a theme error, or a redirect error.

  65. Does this theme offer drop down menus for the main navigation at the top? I can’t seem to find them in the demo or features page.

    Besides that, very beautiful theme!!!

    • Same Question. I really need this.

      • Same here… please!

        • I’m looking for this as well. If we need to build them in ourselves that’s fine, but can we get a comment back on if it’s been built in to the theme already?

    • I’m working on a fix for this. I’ll post it up when I get it finished

      • De Cay I just download this and your post was from July 13 it appears that nothing is going to happen for the dropdown menu.

        Is there a work around
        This should be noted before we start working with this

        I just lost a days work because of you dude

  66. guys out did yourself on this one…Very nice job!!


  67. This is beautiful! Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!
    Awesome Themes!
    Nice, Neat and Tidy!
    I have to say this is a brilliant job!

  68. How can I change the font on titles? The default font (League Gothic) does not have specials caracters like “ã á é ç õ”. Thanks for the great theme!

  69. Is there any way around “No WIDGETS”… Please there must be!!!

  70. Nice theme. But the width of the featured slider and pages is fixed. It is around 847px. How to convert it into a percentage width slider?

  71. LOVE IT.ONLY how to creat a gallery like the demo. I did it, but it’s in a page. the background is white. but in the demo, it seems that it’s in a category.

  72. Sorry guys I have a question. Would it be possible to stock more than 1 photo at a time? What I would like to do is to make a sort of albums in the photos page. Do you think is possible? Or should I go with other themes?

  73. Great theme! Just one question: When I click on links the entire URL is repeated in the address bar once on the new page. For example if I clicked on a link for about, rather than I would get! Is this a result of javascript/AJAX use in the theme or do I just likely have a bad setting somewhere? If I simply type an address in for a page, it works perfectly, and the links clearly point to the clean address, but this repetition gets added on. Thanks!

  74. Hi!

    The theme is really nice but why it doesn’t have a drop down menu features ? It should have multi level Drop Down on the Top horizontal Menu – Just a suggestion.


  75. Hi,

    I am glad i joined your site. I am also one your affiliates. Thanks for providing awesome themes.

    Just my small suggestion is that, you can create themes with small headers. Because, most of the headers are too large and it is difficult for me to find such images.


  76. Hi,
    this is a great theme, good work !
    I just need some help please, you’ll may indicate me a forum ?
    I’m not able to setup the page portfolio and blog as you’ve done in your live demo”. My test web site is
    I’ve well checked the box in the attributes of each page but nothing has changed.
    Thx for your help !


  77. love the way the background floats, very cool!

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