New Theme: MyProduct

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New Theme: MyProduct

My newest theme, MyProduct has been released. MyProduct is a great theme for businesses looking to promote their products and services online. The design has a smooth and corporate feel, and the theme’s page-based design makes for a powerful and versitile template. Help bring your business to the next level today by establishing a professional online presence. For a closer look check out the Live Demo, and for more information swing by the Features Page.

MyProduct Features

1. Five Unique Colorschemes – The design comes in five different color variations, including Blue, Green, Purple and Grey. I have also removed the clouds from the alternate colorschemes, creating more “refined” styles for those not interested in such a flashy/graphical header.

2. Easily Configurable Page-based Homepage – The homepage has several page-based modules that can be used. The main header, body tabs and the four services blocks are all easily managed via the ePanel Theme Options page.

3. Featured Photo Rotation – The homepage comes with a featured photo rotator that can be used to showcase your product or service. This section is also managed via ePanel.

4. Testimonials Widget – A testimonials widget has been added to the theme. You can input several testimonials, one of which is randomly displayed each time a new page is loaded. This way your visitors are getting new testimonials continuously as they browse your website.

Theme Sneak Peek

If you aren’t following me on twitter and facebook, then you probably missed my most recent theme sneak peek. Here is a glimpse at my upcoming “blogger” theme PersonalPress (click the image below for a high quality preview). I have created a lot of “niche” themes recently, and I thought it was time that I returned to my roots and created a blogger theme with a more personal feel. This theme, along with TheSource and MyApp (which I previewed earlier), are all currently under development and should be released in the coming weeks.

Let me know what you guys think about MyProduct and PersonalPress. I am always eager to hear your thoughts!

Premade Layouts

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  1. Yet another great theme 🙂 !

    • and very nice colors and schemes Green Cat! Thanks Nick! Good Luck!

      • nice one there,
        I am downloading it right now and use them for my lastest project.

        thanks Nick!

  2. Wow..another nice theme !!!

  3. Very nice theme, not sure of a use for it yet mind you.

  4. I think the personal press looks great but I think you should add a portfolio page instead of just pages and also show some of yoour work in a samll slider below the blog. Just an idea 🙂

  5. It looks great! Congrats Nick for another awesome theme.

    I’m really looking forward to PersonalPress, it’s definitely what I need for my personal site.

    Kudos and keep up the great work!

  6. great theme, as usual, Nick… you know you’re getting more and more smart, don’t you? 🙂


  7. They’re both gorgeous!

  8. Hi, I’m wondering will you have any themes soon for health?

    I’m looking to edit one of your themes for that but really I want to use something out of the box and go with it. Any plans for upcoming themes?

    Let me know!

  9. Looks awesome! Is “TheSource” that is one of the slides in header going to be your next theme? Looks pretty awesome as well!

  10. I still believe that you need to sleep sometime!!! 😛
    Thanks for the themes

  11. The Personal Press Seem to be awesome

  12. Please make it so you can have the blog page be something other than the front page. That would be nice for a change. I like my front pages to be static, but there are no good looking themes that let you do that.

  13. Another great theme, Nick!

    Really looking forward to seeing ‘The Source’ too.

  14. Nick, just plain gorgeous! Just downloading! Great work again!
    Thank You!

  15. Now maybe I can sell those 200 CD’s we pressed that are now sitting in my garage… Thanks Nick!

  16. This is just a old design with a new face. The themes are all starting to look alike from the “read more” buttons to the 200px high headers.

    Anything unique in the near future?

  17. Great! I will take tihis to my Product – Selling site of my Car Portal “Regado”! Thank you very much!

  18. I love both MyProduct and the new blogger theme.

  19. Wow love it bro My request is to create a new version of E-News that will rock 😀

  20. Really really top cool !

  21. Very impressive theme.

    I remember that, you were planning for a theme ‘eShop’ with e-commerce capabilities. I am waiting for that one please.

    Would it be possible to plan a date for publishing the eShop theme?


    • I would like the eShop theme as well. Even if you did not include the shopping cart, just the theme would do me. I have some projects that could greatly benefit from that one.

      I can always add the shopp plugin in order to make it eCommerce compatible or just Paypal buttons.

      Any idea on when we can see the eShop theme???

      • yes. i’ve been asking for that as well for the past weeks. no replies too.

  22. Great job like always!

  23. MyProduct is cool, but I think text color is close to background. I’ll make it darker… Such a luck that I know CSS 🙂 Anyway, it’s a great theme!

  24. Nice professional design, but you should think about improving the readability of the text. It’s grey with while shadow on grey background, not really easy on the eyes for lengthy reading in posts pages.

  25. The product theme is great it can be used for making a website. With such kind of theme wordpress can be used a CMS. It will make the web development company to make websites easily with WP

  26. I’m really looking forward to PersonalPress but…widgetized footer please?

  27. Congratulations! This is great themes!

  28. Very nice theme like always 🙂

  29. Nice theme – I still want to see some thesis plain blogging theme.

    This is a start – but one thats not to fancy would be awesome 🙂

  30. Love the personalpress!! Good job and thanks for listening!

  31. PersonnalPress look really really cooooool !

  32. well done, perfect 😉

  33. Spectacular site design you have, just great. I want to design my own website. I doubt if i can make a neat one.

  34. I’m going crazy..I’m going crazy….can’t wait for upcoming themes!

  35. Hi there , great theme !
    Could you make a RSS Aggregator or Accumulo like theme? This would be great to put all of my feeds in one place.

    Posted this to the forum as well.

    Greetz from Holland

  36. Awesome theme! Theme after theme, you keep doing amazing work! Thank you

  37. Great, it’s really beautiful theme.
    Thank you

  38. So when is personal press coming???

    • Sometime next week I think.

      • 🙂 I Really Hope so Nick. It´s looking awesome. Can´t wait to get my hands on it!

  39. Any update on MyAppTheme? I’m thinking of purchasing something else if that won’t be ready in the next week or two.

  40. Congratulations..myproduct is very nice 🙂

  41. Would it be possible to plan a date for publishing the eShop theme?

  42. I love the word you are doing. Many nice themes. The support is allso exelent.

  43. Would like to see more themes like MyProduct & Especially “TheCorporation”. More themes based on Business and Ecommerce. Also some theme aimed at Online Selling!

    Great Themes!

  44. hope for the source them to hurry up

  45. Great theme! We will take it to

  46. Amazing themes, but why only $20/year? You should do like $5/month or $10/month…you’d make way more and I have no problem paying that.

  47. Incredible work as usual Nick.

  48. These themes look awesome and the price is unbeatable. Do these themes have settings and configuration in the wordpress admin or do you need to modify the files to customize them?

  49. Hello,
    I have a small question about ePanel for MyProduct theme,
    how to activate the « Featured Photo Rotation »?

    • The latest version of the theme has auto rotation.

  50. To enable auto-rotation of the slider, you must change the file script.php (find solution on forum elegantthemes)

  51. great template! i think this is a really great theme for selling clickbank’s affiliate products

  52. Another beautiful theme! I cant believe you can give theses all out for a yearly fee of $20!

    Great for a new ecommerce site.

  53. Does anyone know how to remove the 4 service blocks on the “My Product” theme? I’d like to replace that with just one service block (content div) rather than having 4.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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