New Theme: MyApp

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New Theme: MyApp
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With the popularity of mobile appliations increasing, more and more people are looking for an easy way to create an online home for their software. MyApp was created to make it easy to publish and promote your app, and has been tailored specifically for the mobile market. This page-based theme comes with a sleek jQuery-powered homepage, complete with user-friendly tabbed content and a snazzy iPhone image slider. MyApp also has a full-featured blog section, and comes with all of the great features you have become accustomed to here at ElegantThemes. This theme is also special because it is the first theme that was wasn’t designed 100% by myself, but instead, was a collaboration with the very talented MetaLab. Be sure to swing by their site and browse their portfolio/blog! For more information on MyApp, view the Online Demo or browse the Features Page for more info.

MyApp Features

1. Tabbed Homepage Content – The homepage has been enhanced with tabbed jQuery-powered content to add a sense of orgnization and style. This area is easy to set up using either posts or pages.

2. Fully-featured Blog Section – Even though the theme is page based, it still comes with a blog section. You can also choose to replace the standard homepage with the alternate blog layout by enabling BlogStyle mode.

3. Four Unique Color Schemes – MyApp comes in 4 different colors, including Blue, Green, Black and Purple.

Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think 🙂


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  1. Hi,
    cool! Simple theme. I like it 🙂

  2. Wow – it’s completely gorgeous, Nick. Great to hear that you’re collaborating now. I’m really impressed with how quickly you’re bringing out new themes – there’s so much to choose from and something for everyone. And your price point and support are amazing. Keep up the good work!

  3. Great Theme!!!

  4. I’m always curious to see what you come up with, with every new theme release and I haven’t been disappointed so far.

    This theme also fits and portrays what it’s destined for. Although, for what it’s worth, an all white(-ish) or very light colorscheme would complete the package in my opinion. To fit well with the overall Apple theme.

  5. The theme looks great overall, but am I the only one who finds the body text on the inside pages dizzying?

  6. Awesome one buddy really cool

  7. Great, great theme. I´ve been waiting for it long time 🙂

  8. Amazing as always!!

  9. Awesomeness !

  10. Great Theme, but i could use a “normal” Blog-Theme 😉

  11. Nice Nick! that’s one nice sleek and slick design. Black is my fave.

  12. looks very well nick, cant stop checking your site everyday this days 😉

  13. Beautiful theme,i love it!

  14. Awesome, nice and clean work! I love it

  15. I would be thrilled if I were a developer. In fact, I may be looking for one and then I would use the theme for my own purposes.

    Nick and Co. you have a nice eye and use a good economy of space — although I wouldn’t mind seeing more options above the fold, but I am just nitpicking.

    PS. When are the two new themes coming out. I can use both almost immediately.

  16. Nick,you are great design~

  17. Nick,

    Great theme. I’ve been waiting for this a long time, and I’m very happy with it. Only one thing – the text shadow on the text, especially on non-home pages, is very distracting and makes it hard to read. Could it be made a little more subtle please?


  18. Ha ha, I should have guessed that! I’ve been waiting for this theme for so long. Now you release it at the same day of iOS 4 😉

    • I didn’t even notice, hehe.

  19. Yeah finally done! I like it , especially the black/blue scheme.
    I am gonna use it for 2 websites for app developers.
    Its totally worth waiting for , thx and great job guys.

    One Question ; could you add some more different phone images ?

    Amsterdam , The Netherlands

  20. Great theme Like to use immediately

  21. Great looking theme. Been waiting for this one.

    • If you need help, please open a thread in the support forum and we will assist you.

  22. Thats great theme and i like is colors, drop down and i can see that more friendly for SEO point of view for me as well

  23. Clean and simple, very nice theme. Good luck!


  24. Too much of CSS3 text shadow, it actually look much better on IE without text shadows.

  25. Would be there an Image or something else, to show as a iPad?

    I thinking about, to re-activate my account here, there are plenty of new and gorgeous looking Themes here. I am looking for some iPad like Theme, to fit my newest Blog project in the right way.

    The new myapp theme would be the right one, but i see only a iPhone Image.

  26. The theme layout and graphics look great. The body text seems a bit not readable due to shadowing effect.

  27. Do you have any wordpress 3 or 4 column free theme, if yes can u mail me the download url at [email protected], thanks in advance

  28. Muy limpio y agradable.

  29. The subjects continuing in the open label study began gaining weight compared to baseline by week 12 of Sertraline treatment. ,

  30. how do i add a name on : Tab Custom field when i post something can’t find where to put what ever i want there…

  31. Hey Nick,

    Any chance you’re updating the theme with new features?

    Great themes anyway!

  32. f.y.i tab custom field doesn’t work. You have to capitalize the word ‘Tab’ or it fails. The default name ‘tab’ will not work

  33. I installed this but having trouble changing the tab custom fields, shame you can’t make it easier by just having fields for it.

    • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forums so that our team can better assist you.

  34. Tabbed Custom Field. In order to change the name of the tabs on the home page you need to use the word “Tab” in the Custom Fields in the first box under the title “Name”. If you use any other name it will not change the Tabbed Custom Field on the home page of the MyApp theme. Thanks

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