New Theme: Modest

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New Theme: Modest

Today our great collection of themes grows from 57 to 58 with the addition of Modest, a truly elegant and simple design that doesn’t sacrifice character or style. With this theme I really wanted to strip down all extraneous detail and give people something lightweight and pure. It was hard to resist my natural instict to add additional design elements, but I think this exercise in restraint has yielded a theme that will serve many people well. For more info be sure to check out the Live Demo as well as the Features Page.

Modest Features

1. Five Colorschemes – Modest comes with five different colors, including White, Black, Purple, Green and Blue. You can switch between these different colorschemes at any time from within the ePanel theme options page.

2. Unique Homepage Slider – One of the collest parts of the theme is the homepage slider. We custom coded this without the use of any extra jQuery plugins, and the result is quite cool. This flashy elements gives your homepage a little bit of the “it” factor, without becoming too overpowering or gimmicky.

I hope you like the new theme! Don’t forget to leave a comment letting us know what you think 🙂

Premade Layouts

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  1. Well Done, Looks great!

    Keep up the great work. Really excited about Webly.


    • Glad to hear it. Webly will definitely be our next release.

    • Hi guys,

      I’ve recently started to use this theme and oh my god it is great and I love it.

      I have another website on a different network that I want to run Modest on, but the server etc isn’t mine and they have told me that they want Buddypress as the default now so any idea on how I can get Modest using Buddypress?

  2. Amazing addition to the collection of already great themes, awesome job! AGAIN!

    • Thanks 🙂

  3. Looks excellent! I especially like the homepage slider

    • Thanks James, I am quite happy with the slider as well!

  4. Love it.
    Great work.

  5. Wow, love the slider! Just amazing, and then the fonts in the theme paragraph text is great. Very clean design love it.

  6. Awesome Baby!!!

    U knw?, always I see your realesed theme I already have a usefull use!!!


  7. Great Theme!

    Little problem on my iPad though!!
    The gallery background is not aligned properly.
    The ‘black’ background is off set to the actual image when looking at the enlarged images.

    • Thanks for letting us know.

  8. This theme is not good.

    But great.

  9. Some other problems seem to be the different widht of the pages and templates. Hope this theme wasn’t rushed, but this way i foresee some problems implementing it.

    Hope these little bugs will be fixed soon.
    Its still a great theme with potential.

  10. Really wonderful theme!

    What font did you use for the logo?

      • hi Nick –
        this is super sweet!!! love your use of typefaces and Black Jack looks awesome.

        what are the other fonts?

      • Nick – any chance we can get a list (with links) to the fonts used in all of your themes posted?

  11. Can you tell me what font is used in logo? I’m trying to match it now without any success.

  12. The logo of the theme is really fantastic!

    I love that… 🙂

  13. Hooray! Modest is finally here! 😀

  14. Nice and clean..
    Maybe I will finally get rid of that demo wordpress theme and use this one for personal blog..

    Tnx Nick, as allways..

  15. Wow! This is so cute and I love the simplicity on this. The slider, the unique post sub-title, etc. Most importantly, it is so lean (only 576kb of default theme when zipped). Keep up the great work, Nick. See you around!

  16. The theme looks good.. But IMHO, these kind of themes, doesnt really add miuch value.. if u could create themes specifically for websites like school, alumni(with buddy press integration), church, hospital etc, then people can use them directly with minimal changes.. may be u can make one theme as base and create themes for all these sections..

  17. Excellent theme.
    Like the fonts used in theme. I believe first time you have used the different fonts in theme and this fonts looks awesome with the theme.

  18. There seems to be some kind of issue with the theme.
    On front page slider, if you click on JPG, it goes to the page. But if you click on the icon at the very right-middle [The arrow icon] of that same JPG, it takes to NO PAGE FOUND page.
    Is this a issue or demo not setup correctly?

  19. OMG I love your themes! Thanks for the new ones coming through – you’ve been busy!

  20. Nice Work

  21. Really good theme I like it Keep going/ Well I love your all themes and also your paid member

  22. Wow.. this is superb team that I’ve been waiting for.. Great jobs

  23. You know what I would really like? Larger fonts! 13 pixels?

    • Thanks for the suggestion.

  24. amazing and clean wordpress theme, love this because has wonderful contact form and sitemap

  25. Nick, this theme rock!

    1. No ‘bulky’ feeling due to no box.
    2. The clear is very transparent, slick design.
    3. Look lighweight. 🙂

  26. Great, simple design! Looks awesome.

  27. I love the simplicity of the themes..its so clean and nice to watch.

  28. As it is healthy that you constantly please us with good themes. I do not know where to write, but it would be desirable to receive perfectly well developed new theme with shop support, for example as on a site C support PayPal, a beautiful basket sideways and easy adjustment. It would be very grateful.

  29. I thought it would be a boring theme until I clicked on the slider! Awesome job!

  30. looking nice!

  31. Great theme, apart from the few bugs, I had to go into the home.php file to change the “examples of our work” text above the gallery and I too also get the 404 error when clicking on the blog link, the biggest problem however is the images in the slider are not resizing correctly, there seems to be a section at the bottom of each image which is blank which sort of ruins the aesthetic of the slider, hopefully there will be a fix soon.

    Good work

    • If you open a thread in the support forum I am sure we can assist you with any problems you are facing.

  32. Wow, i like it. Elegant themes are their own and unique desing, i think thats why their are so attractive. Keep up the good work :)!

    • Nick, can you help me?

      • Please open a thread in the support forum if you need assistance.

  33. What about https:// site i.e. SSL certificate, is this wonderful looking Modest Theme configured to work with SSL certificate?

  34. The minute I saw it, I knew this theme was perfect for my website. It’s amazing and I’m finding it so easy to customise it for my own purposes.

  35. Another great theme, but not useful for me. I need something with CE fonts and Modest is again using some fine fonts, without support for special characters, used in non English language…

  36. Great themes! Is it possible to add the WP e-commerce plugin to convert your themes into shops?

  37. Anyone having problems with this theme and Firefox 4? I just installed the latest updates and the description on the featured items are on top, instead of on the bottom..?

  38. I love the shuffle effect, and the neat/clean look. My designer just wants to increase the font size of those futura? headlines (e.g. What we do, Our Mission) or maybe change to lucida. I assume we can track that down in the css file? The font reads well larger as in “We offer the highest quality and…” but gets scrunched when small. But we love this theme.

  39. Fantastic Theme! How do I get to put the subtitle in the other page? Sorry for my English….Thanks

  40. I like this theme but wonder if the section “Examples of work” can be removed. I am looking for a site I can use for my tutoring business. Something clean and simple is best.

  41. How can I got that jQuery, is it FREE ?

  42. Hi, Nick, nice theme, very good job!

    well, i would like to add images caption to the slider shortcode.

    Do you have an easy way?


  43. Great theme. What is the font for the quote? Not the same Blackjack as the logo.


  44. Got problems with the slider, seems that the shadow on bottom goes down respectfully with the image.

  45. I love this theme. I’m using it for a clients site,

    Can anyone tell me how to remove the quote marks? She doesn’t want them by her name.

    Also how to change the blog titles back to black instead of blue. She wants the titles in the rest of the website to stay blue.


  46. Can you tell me how to remove the titles on the home page slider? I’d like to put the titles in the bottom part, where smaller type is shown in the example.

  47. I love the theme and the site I have been able to create. On my iPad, though, it seems that any but full width pages do not fill the screen properly. It’s not terrible and with more iPads a little disappointing.

  48. Hi. I’m using Modest theme. I have two issues:

    1. Is there a known issue about the navigational menu? because I can’t add anymore items. I still have so many to add but somehow, If add another item, it replaces the items that’s in the menu already.

    2. look at my landing page/home, I’m using the slider but I would also like a blogroll under it, showing my recent posts, only i can’t do it. It’s either the whole article of a recent post or the blurbs, (which I don’t like to use yet.)


    • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

  49. How can I put a background image on all pages? Even background plugins do nothing. Thanks

  50. Hi Nick,

    Is there a best size and dpi for the slider? Sometime the images I upload don’t look right.

    thanks for any insight!

  51. when will this theme be released with responsive code? thank you!! 🙂

  52. Hi Nick. Great theme. Just wondering where and how I upload the contact page? Thanks.

    • If you need help with anything, please open a ticket in our support forums. I am sure our team can assist you 🙂

  53. Great Theme but can anyone tell me how to remove the quote marks from the homepage, we want to use them as title & tag line rather than quotes. Or is there another way to add these to the home page without using the quote line feature?

    • Same. Need to remove quotes on title. Don’t want to create a child theme. Please help.

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