New Theme: Minimal

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New Theme: Minimal

I have been receiving requests for a more simple, “minimal” theme for some time now. My goal here was to give users the same functionality found in most of my other page based themes in a more modest shell. Minimal is a great theme for those who want to give their blog a truly simple and elegant feel without sacrificing any of the advanced features you have come to expect from ElegantThemes. The colors are easy on the eye, and the overall minimalist approach to the design makes for a relaxing and userfriendly experience for your visitors. For more info check out the Live Demo, or view the Features Page for more details.

Minimal Features

1. Easy to Manage – The integration of ePanel makes managing Minimal a breeze.

2. Blog Section and BlogStyle Post Format – Even though the demo is page-based, you will see there is a blog section as well. Furthermore, you can always switch to BlogStyle mode which will replace your homepage with a more traditional blog layout. You can also choose to populate the featured slider with your favorite posts instead of pages. This makes the theme veryย versatile, hopefully satisfying the needs of both the traditional blogger as well as those who plan to use the theme to create a more page-based website.

3. Two Unique Color Schemes – The only colors that seemed to make sense for this design were a dark a light neutral gray. If the lighter version isn’t your style, then be sure to give the dark variation a try.

Let me know what you think of the design. As always, your input is appreciated. Please leave a comment with your thoughts!

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    • and perfect, and very nice color schemes, and and fresh design.. Thanks nick. Good Job..

  1. Hey Nick – love it! Especially like the repeat of the page links at the bottom of the screen. Nice job!

  2. Simply WOW!! I am now confuse which one to use for my new corporate site, Minimal or floor13.

    Wonderful work as usual Nick.

  3. Great work Nick! Excellent trimmed down version of TheCorporation! Great addition to the Theme family.

  4. Awesome Design

  5. Hi Nick!

    Holy moly!


  6. Awesome. Looks like I’m going to have to finally get on that web site update…

  7. Great – but why the “Read More” Buttons never has an Hover effect o.O

    Whatever, great one again ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Fantastic… I think this will work nicely for my portfolio site, although eVid may be more appropriate for my video work.

  9. Great theme, I notice it’s fast as well!

  10. nice, well done and very useful

    • well not forget this is one of my favorite theme now because has nice design

  11. I been waiting for this one finally is out thanks!!

    Looking foward to My Resume

  12. This is totally insane !
    I mean, Nick you are doing an incredible job for us in WordPress community Users. For only $19/ A year !

    Well thanks for these great themes !
    If it’s God will, I’ll certainly be here for the next year(s)…

    So long…

  13. Ah… finally what I’ve been waiting for ๐Ÿ˜€ Actually its really great to have a clean theme from you ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for this great theme Nick … i love it ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. You are one of the few people that can make a simple wp theme this beautiful. Great job.

  15. Fantastic Job. I love it.

  16. This new theme looks very sharp. Matter of fact, I have already started using it on one of my new sites. Keep up the good work, Elegant Themes is by far the best in the market. Very happy with you guys!

  17. this is really fantastic.

  18. Elegance personified.

  19. Clear and fresh.
    Good in this hard times …
    Greetings from Hannover, Germany.

  20. Nice and clean, keep up the good work! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. YEAH!!! Minimal is lusciously simple. Christmas in April! I can’t wait to play with this theme. Your efforts, creativity, brilliance make my work fun. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  22. nice theme, but five yours six last themes were buisness theme, how would it be sometimes with what new? newstheme would be nice sometimes

    • Thanks for the suggestion, I news theme would be a nice addition ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. I have to say i have thoruoghly loved all the new themes being released….the membership was well worth it…..
    Is there a chance of getting a shopping cart theme in the future, I have been getting a lot of demand for that lately its just a pity that i have had to look elsewhere for themes like shopping carts, etc

    • This is definitely something I plan to create in the future.

  24. I love simple themes. Not too fancy but still maintain the professional edge. I love it.

  25. I love it! Thank you so much for this! I have really been eager for a theme that was exactly this… more minimal!

  26. Awesomeness !

  27. Next amazing theme…

  28. This is a nice looking theme. I’m a big fan of lighter, minimal and simple themes.

    Question: have all previous themes been updated with ePanel?

    • Almost all themes have been updated. You can browse the gallery and subsequent theme features pages for more details.

  29. We have used Elegant Themes with many of our customers, and felt that this theme was a great way to represent our growing business.

    What we like most of all is the truly minimal look – the content and images are centermost to the viewer and gives a really professional look.


  30. I’m a big fan, Fantastic

  31. I really love your work and especially this theme , clean and easy on the eye!
    I am not wp guru so before i register i have a few questions ;
    1) Does it have a gallery template included?
    2) Can i resize the logo space easily ?
    3) Does it include different icons to use on the main page ?

    Thanx in advance

  32. very clean & nice themes..
    all the theme… crazy la you ๐Ÿ˜€
    i wonder is it ok with niche blog?
    i alraedy fall in love with it…

  33. Nick, this is a very nice theme. I like it quite a bit. I totally get that its supposed to be “minimal”, so I won’t suggest packing in more features, but would you consider adding a bit more color? For example, maybe have an option to use a different color for the nav menu and “action buttons”. A touch of green or blue on the gray version would take it up a notch, I think.

    Also, I noticed that each theme you release you custom-design a slider that matches the theme. That’s really great to do that versus just sticking with the same one for all. However, I was wondering if it was possible to mix and match sliders amongst your themes. I realize we’d need probably need to tweak the colors in the CSS, but each slider that you have is different enough that depending on the purpose of our websites one might make sense over the other.

    For example, on a news site, the sliders that only show an image aren’t as effective as the ones that show the article/page title.

  34. I cannot grab the images with this template.

    Any special specification for it?

  35. how to put an image on slider???

    because although the artikel whose image, it can’t be appeared on slider.

  36. Hello, i was wondering how to change icons in the “home” section below slideshow.. if u know pls tell ๐Ÿ˜€


  37. Thanks Nick for the great new theme..I use the Fast and Secure contact form and I noticed that Mike recently changed his look and feel to his website…I love it…in fact I have two new clients who would like me to design very clean corporate sites and I’m going to use this new theme! Thanks again…Rick

  38. how to make the 3 blurb in a fixed height for content?

  39. I would like to know, how to change the size of the image reflected on the feature slider. I want to make it bigger. Thank You in advance.

  40. Very Very tempting and deliecious theme. One which I am as you might have guessed very much impressed with as it suits all kinds of corporate small to large organisations.

    Keep up the great work!

  41. Seems Rick Cano agrees with me that it is useful for clean and corporate look

  42. Hi

    love it but cannot get the breadcrumbs to work properly. it says:

    Home ยป Where to Find Us

    when it should say:

    Home ยป About us ยป Where to Find Us

    Am i missing the point?



    • Installing Breadcrumb NavXT will fix this.

      • @Izhaki A standing ovation for that tip. It saved me so much…I wanted rather to trim my breadcrumbs, and NavXT did just that for me. Thanks so much!!!

  43. How can I turn off the breadcrumbs in this theme? It seems like that should be an option in the back end, but I am unable to find it. Or do I have to edit the template files to get rid of the breacdcrumbs?

    • You can delete it from page.php in the theme folder:

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