New Theme: Memoir

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New Theme: Memoir

Our newest theme, Memoir, has been completed. It has been almost a year since we last released a standard blog theme, and considering that personal blogging still represents the core WordPress user base, I thought it was time that we returned to our roots and produced a simple blog design. Memoir is beautifully simple, but still comes packed with character and style. For more info be sure to check our the Live Demo as well as the Features Page.

Memoir Features

1. Custom Background Images – A new option has been added to ePanel that allows you to upload your own background photo. This photo is displayed full width, and conforms to your screen resolution and browser size. Of course you can always use the default background image as well (as shown in the demo), which is a landscape photo I snapped outside my home!

2. Multiple Colorschemes – Memoir comes in 4 different colors including Red, Blue, Green and Black.

Premade Layouts

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  1. WOW!! Looks great!!! When is instyle and modest going to be ready?

    • Same question Nick, when will InStyle be released? Now a days you preview one theme first and release another one first ;).

      • It should be ready next week.

        • Wow!!! thanks great work!!!

        • Awesome, I am eagerly waiting for that. Keep up the good work Nick.

        • Has the date for release been pushed back?

          • Same question as the week is almost over…

          • We are now planning to release InStyle on Monday.

          • You mean Monday 29th? Thank you Nick….

    • Thanks 🙂

  2. Hi Nick, very pretty. Bug in portfolio though – click lightbox, and the background image dims – and no lightbox appears. (Firefox and Safari).

    • It does expand, but behind the main page so you can’t see it. I’m sure a fix will be posted soon.

    • Sorry about that, we will update the theme with a fix today.

      • Not a problem. A quick z-index tweak and it’s sorted.

  3. Looks absolutely fantastic, just about to try it on one of my sites!

    Great job, as always.

  4. Any change of creating a theme framework like Genesis or something like that?

  5. Thank you! Great theme!

  6. In a word, “Love.” Great job.

  7. hi i have some questions before i join , like if your themes can work whit paypal plugin

    • I would suggest using the Simple PayPal Shopping Cart plugin. This should work fine with any theme.

  8. I like that you can add your own background. It’d be great to have more personal landing page themes!

  9. Very “elegant” Nick!!!

  10. The theme is wounderful, really splendit! But unfortunately, there is a problem: The theme does not fit the standard WP calendar. Would there probably be a possibility to fix this?

  11. This is the ideal theme to my new project! : )

    • Glad to hear it!

      • Hi Nick,
        I’m thinking about joining your site, but i have one concern: I know you provide support as far as theme bugs/updates, but what about cosmetic changes?

        If i need help in removing a feature/button/section on a page – will there be someone who can help me?

        I didn’t find any sort of contact form on elegant themes, so have to post here. And all of the forums are closed to non-members, which doesn’t allow me to see if such help is provided.

        • They have a support forum for members dedicated in support such as that. You can ask them on how to remove certain things there and if a member can help you, they will.

  12. Looking great!

  13. Nick,

    nice blog theme
    portfolio doesn’t work for zoom
    3 colors or more “Lights, Radiate and Wooden color schemes.”
    not in the .zip ?

    but excellent anyway

  14. I like the seven unique colors. And moreover it is a Multi-colored design which is having more attraction for customers.

    Looks fantastic! 🙂

  15. “..which is a landscape photo I snapped outside my home!..”

    well, that landscape can explain why you make such great themes :))

    Nice place for living..

  16. Just to give you a head’s up, when you click on a photo in Memoir in “logo design” in your demo, the photo loads UNDER the content, but above the background image. I am using chrome on a mac.

  17. what it is …… capital letters at the beginning of the text …
    looks like the text in the paper. whether the shortcode for raising letter early in the text

  18. This is gorgeous. I might switch another one of my blogs from PureType to this.

  19. amazing wordpress theme

  20. Absolutely Stunning! I have been using Personal press theme for my personal blog, but now I want to change to this. I appreciate all those minute design details you have taken care of.

    I’ve noticed on portfolio images page that, …when clicked on the magnifying glass icon to enlarge the image…It is just leaving a small box on the page instead.

    You clicked the background images outside your home!!! I’m envious of you 🙂

  21. Awesome! Gonna use this one for our family site I think. Good work.

  22. Another stand out theme Nick.
    Makes ET themes stand out from the crowd.

    I use a page based theme (eBusiness) but I’m starting to think about a change.

  23. Really great personal wordpress themes, very simple and clean layout! I like it!

  24. Your global work is just amazing! Each theme has its features, and this one looks actually great. Great job. I try to make my own themes on wordpress, but I believe that I will probably buy one of yours.

  25. I have to say Nick, these are awesome themes. You’ve got the best themes on the WordPress market. And you keep adding more features!

    Keep up the great work.

  26. What a beautiful theme! I wish I could use this for my personal blog. Sadly it isn’t on WordPress. 🙁 But anywho, great job guys!

  27. Keep up the great work!!!

  28. This theme is so fabulous. I had to install it instantly and I love the results (although I’m still tweaking things):

    Thanks for another amazing theme!!!

    (Happy customer for 2 years.)

    • Cool, the site is looking great 🙂

    • Congratulation to a fantastic looking site!


  29. Memoir – a raely beautiful Theme. It’s Time to write my own 🙂

  30. Great theme,
    Eagerly awaiting the Modest theme.
    Any suggestion when that theme will see the daylight?

  31. hi,
    I would like to ask that, the theme fee is contain the PhotoShop design file?
    And the fonts letters could show the Hungarian letters?
    I mean these letters: í é á ű ő ú ö ü ó
    thanks for help.

    • Hi,
      I’m not a part of Eleganttheme but I have account.

      You find photoshop files in all themes.
      Some themes uses Cufon and if youe letters are not supported just deactivate Cufon in the Theme Options and they will work.

    • Yes it does contain the full Photoshop file and yes the font (Adobe Garamond Pro) supports the Hungarian letters (and MANY more).

  32. Wow! Great theme.

    Thanks a lot 😉

  33. Looking good, especially background image.

  34. I need the FORUM BOARD theme…. it’s possible for next theme..?

    I wish…

  35. I can’t change the background image, when I go to appearance -> Memoir theme options then the custom background field, pressing ‘upload’, so I uploaded the two pics from the photoshop map, (house and clouds.jpg), choose one of them (I have to click on ‘show in post’ to have the URL to the jpg, full size, align=?) but then the BG is white, no pic at all. What went wrong?

    • OK i think I got it, just copy past URL with a JPG which can be anywhere on the server and press ‘save’ so I don’t use the ‘upload’ at all.

  36. Very, very pretty clean theme, but i missed implement youtube videos. In the Demo nothing to see and also in the Features or in the FAQ. Think, with the Big Startletter it was difficult, or not. When this run simpel, this was my theme!

  37. I just redesigned this website with this theme:, the customer loves it! I used the ET boxes on some on the pages. One thing I did have trouble with are the columns, so I used a table for 2-columns (contact page) to line up properly.

  38. Hey Nick,

    Loving this one, but can’t seem to find the option to disable cufon in the Theme Options like usual. Is this on purpose?… or am I completely missing something. Both possible. 🙂


  39. Lovely theme, works perefectly for my blog. Two Qs –

    * How do I add social media icons for ‘Follow’ on the right side bar?

    * How do I add social media icons for ‘Share’ below each blog post?


  40. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a quality standard blog theme. But if there was an option to make the Menu sticky instead of fixed, it’d be great. Add option to turn off Cufon and this theme is on par with the most quality themes on ThemeForest

  41. 主题很漂亮,确实如题目所示,回忆般的梦境啊!

  42. I like it. Looking good, especially background image.

  43. How can I change the first letter on every page being the large red one?

    Great Theme BTW

    • I would also really like to know this. How can I make the first letter of each of my posts be normal in size and color?

      • Go to ePanel – General settings. Scroll down and disable “Create dropcaps”.

  44. Hello!

    How can I disable Cufon?

  45. Is there a way to get Youtube videos working on the front page?

    • You would need to enable BlogStyle mode in ePanel to display the whole post, including embedded videos.

  46. What font is used for the Memoir title (as well as the page headings)? I’m assuming it’s the same font as in the new Elegant Themes logo, but I can’t make out which font it is.

  47. The menu items are in red. The screenshots at the top of your post show them as white. How can I change the colour of the menu items from red to white?

    LOVE this theme, by the way.

  48. Is there a way to use a video as a background instead of a still photo? If so, what type?

  49. how do i upload video to my blog?

  50. Still looking for an answer to “how to disable dropcaps” as requested by several people above.

    • If you need help with anything, please open a ticket in our support forum.

  51. The menu items are in red. The screenshots at the top of your post show them as white. How can I change the color of the menu items?

  52. I have a client who bought this Memoir theme. Is there any way to change the word “Memoir” to another word and if so, how? She’s new at tech stuff so needs specific instructions. Thanks! Beautiful theme! Great job.

    • You can upload your own logo from within the ePanel theme options page. If you need help with anything else, please open a ticket in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

  53. Please let me know how do i upload video to my blog?

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