New Theme: Magnificent

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New Theme: Magnificent

Magazine-style themes have always been in high demand, especially those containing a multi-column, content-rich homepage. Now you can display loads of content in a beautifully simple and elegant fashion using Magnificent. Featuring a four-column homepage with 5 widget ready areas, you have many opportunities to customize your content display. The theme also features seven different colorschemes, which means there is surely a style that will suite your needs.

Magnificent Features

1. Seven Colorschemes – Magnificent comes in seven different colorschemes. These include a few variations of the default light style (Green, Red and Blue), as well as a few more unique variations titled Wooden, Lights and Radiate.

2. Three Column Homepage – The homepage features a 3-column, centered layout not found in any of our other themes. It also includes 5 widget-ready areas, giving you many opportunities to customize the content display.

3. ePanel Theme Options – As with all our themes, Magnificent comes integrated with our ePanel Theme Options, giving you increased control over your website.

4. Shortcodes Collection – Customizing your post’s content has never been easier. Once you start using our many shortcodes, you will wonder how you ever lived without them!

5. Full Width Page Template – Like the rest of our themes, Magnificent comes with a full width page template that will remove the sidebar from specified pages and extend your content the full width of the theme.

As always, I look forward to reading your comments. Please do let us know what you think!

Premade Layouts

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  1. Looking Wonderful !! ,thanks nick,

    FOr older themes, should we just update The epanel folder to get the full width page. for all the old blogs. eg: “glow theme”

  2. Great looking theme you got there :). Love the color schemes!

  3. I’m going to download it just to try that gray option. Looks great!

  4. just amazing, l must try this now cant wait to see my own site demo 😉

  5. need corporate theme Nick asap 🙁
    hehehe, I hope U can realize my dream 😀

  6. very nice love it

  7. Would make a nice clean local newspaper website.

  8. Looks awesome! 🙂

    Would love to see a project portfolio add like in the DeeFocus theme.

    Anyway, great job as always 🙂

  9. Looks great!

    Looking forward to more themes..

  10. Another great theme, Nick.

    I’m going to give it a test drive right now!

    Keep ’em coming!


  11. Amazing! Another fantastic theme!!

  12. smooth background images.

    not the usual, color variated crap. 🙂

  13. Hi Nick,

    Could you please create a theme like the one in the demo in the following link:

    The theme seems to have concentrated a lot on a lot of ad placements on the homepage including two banners at the top of the home page and one in the middle of the home page. There is also author info box in the theme with a very good magazine layout on the front page. I would highly appreciate if you could create such a theme.

  14. It really is magnificent …

  15. Okay, this one is the bomb. Very nice layout and feel. I like it so much, I am considering dumping my current theme.

  16. I’m dying for this theme to have the Page nav bar above the header, and the Category nav bar below! I might just have to figure out how to do that, though, because I *love* that it has more columns! Lovely!

  17. I REALLY like this one! It’s perfect for my new site. Thanks!

  18. Absolutely AMAZING! Thank you SO MUCH!

  19. Haha.. very classy.. i like~

  20. Excellent colours Nick. Thanks a lot.

  21. Amazing! Cool theme! 🙂
    Good job Nick.

  22. Excellent!!!

  23. I like this theme!!!. Thanks a lot.

  24. Amazing! Another fantastic theme!! I gonna register another site using this theme.

    Thanks Nick.

  25. I just love magazine/news themes! I find that you can display so much information with them.

    Thanks again and great job! 🙂

  26. EPIC! As soon as I’m done with the current project I’m working on I’m going to town on my site with this theme.

  27. Love it Nick! Will be using this theme to redesign my popular E-mail Etiquette site

    Thanks for the great design. This site has needed a makeover for some time and I’ve been waiting for just the right theme!

  28. Hi Nick,

    Truly Elegant et marvelous theme.
    Where can I find the font in use to write the title : Magnificient ?

    Thanks in advance.


  29. Excellent design! Nice color schemes. Good job!

  30. I love the theme and I really want to try it, but it seems to crash WordPress for me. I’ve added and deleted it 4 times. Once I upload it (either by WordPress or by FTP) if I try to preview it, it activates it instead and I can’t get back into WordPress. I have no idea why. Do I had to remove it. 🙁

    If you have any ideas, email me please.

    • If you need help, please open a thread in the support forum and we will be happy to assist you.

  31. This theme is perfect ! i’m using it for one of my website. It’s cool because it’s an other “organisation” for a wordpress, so cool to have more choice !

  32. Thank you so much for this theme. I’ve already started using it and I’m beyond thrilled.

  33. Hi Nick,

    I just uploaded Magnificent and think it’s a great theme, with tons of potential. It accepted a header that was way larger than logo.png is, without any hiccups.

    One problem that I haven’t figure out how to resolve is that all the posts or pages text “centers” itself and I don’t understand why or how to fix it so it’s left-side oriented and not all centered on all the pages.

    Thanks for any help/insight in that area.

    Love your themes!

  34. Wow, this is phenomenal!

    Any chance it’ll make its way over to Tumblr?

  35. I was watching a video this that recommended Elegant Themes for my wordpress websites. What a great resource you have here!

  36. Hi Nick!

    Lovely looking theme.
    Point 2 in the description lists a 3 column Homepage, but the illustrations show 4.
    Is there a screenshot of the 3-column, or has it changed?
    Also… can you choose l&R sidebars, or only single sidebar?

  37. Thanks Nick, the latest theme is my favourite so far. I am even using it on my personal blog now!
    A very user-friendly option is to change the site title’s without needing to edit a .psd file. I know some themes use css files to keep the formatting, and font, whilst the actual text is generated by the user filling in a simple text box within the admin area.

    • How did you made it with the contact form? It’s not a part of the theme?

  38. Hi, awesome theme. just wanted to know if you will start supporting Buddypress?

  39. Thanks! I love this theme.
    The more familiar I get with WordPress, the more impressed I am with your themes!


  40. Clean and professional..

    Great work. 🙂

  41. Modelos limpos e objetivos, com design arrojado.
    Belo trabalho!

    Um abraço!

  42. Hey Nick,

    Great post as always dude. It was an inspirational theme which looks great with the amazing design works taken for it. Love this theme.

    Thank you so much for sharing this theme. Keep posting good things like this.

  43. Well named Nick.
    A truly magnificent theme.

    So many themes to choose from…..

  44. how to put categories only in that slider ? i konow there is option to put posts and pages but how can i put categories in slider ?

  45. simply great. Bookmared for my next blog.

  46. 1) How come my home page posts below the slider are not all equal in size?

    2) Do you guys have any tips on enhancing performance?

    I ran a gtmetrix text on my site had performed badly.

  47. Nice theme and I have check the load time and it is excellent.

    My only concern is how easy, or hard, is it to add AdSense modules?

    And one more question can the side bar be moved to the left with only posts and ads in the center and the left?

    And how difficult will it be to place a banner in the header?

    I checked out several of the sites using this theme and did not see any of these items.

    Would I have to make major modifications to the coding to be able to do these things?

    Thanks for your time. I know that these are multiple questions but I really like the fact that this loads fast. I also know that the more advertising that I add will slow down the loading time but I do want some in critical placement on the theme.

    Thanks again.

  48. I really love The Corporation theme. I’m looking for a new theme and I believe this one in particular will be perfect for one of my sites.

  49. Really liking ElegantThemes – my first time with WordPress and attempting to build my own site – so far so good – still much to learn and room for improvement – just wondering if I can change the background color to match the blue on the logo – is that possible – please let me know if you can!
    V best

  50. need to change the logo size any help here would be appreciated

  51. Hi, we’re having a problem and I don’t know who to ask. The sections in the middle of our website (we haven’t gone live yet because it looks so strange) have big fat gaps in them. We can’t figure out how to eliminate them. Can someone help us with this? I don’t know how to get technical help after we bought the theme. Help! [email protected]

  52. Hello

    This is one of my favourite elegantthemes . Do you plan to make it responsive anytime soon?

    Thanks for reply

    • Probably not in the immediate future but it’s possible for 2016.

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