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Posted on November 26, 2008 by in Theme Additions | 33 comments

I finished another theme today entitled LightSource. This theme is great for personal-style blogs looking for a fun and colorful design.

1. Three Unique Color Schemes

The theme comes with three unique color schemes that can be alternated from within the theme’s custom options page.

2. Optional Blog-style Post Layout

If you don’t like the theme’s post structure you can choose to use the optional blog-style layout to display full length articles and images on the homepage.

3. Advertisement Options

This theme comes with three ad-ready areas. You can add up to 4 125×125 pixel banner ads in the sidebar, a 250×250 ad in the sidebar, and a 468×60 pixel banner on the bottom of single post pages. All of these banners are managed from within WordPress.

4. Three Tier Dropdown Menu

By default all pages and subpages are organized into a dropdown menu navigation bar.

5. Automatic Image Resizing

All thumbnail images are automatically resized using timthumb. Each post only requires a single custom field, furthermore, thumbnails are optional.

6. Lifestream Integration

Paralleling the blog’s tradition/personal style design, I have integrated a lifestream plugin that can aggregate information from various social media websites (such as twitter, digg, etc). The lifestream is displayed on the homepage as well as in the sidebar, nested within a jQuery slider.

There are more features as well. For more information, check out the live demo and the features page.

Premade Layouts

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  1. I love ! Thank you !

  2. Let me be the first to say… AWESOME! Very nice and very elegant as always. I like the simple news scroller at the top 😀 One side note, you forgot to change the screenshot again. It’s on StudioBlue again 🙂

    LOVE IT!

  3. Very nice work! I love how the frontpage is put together.

    You keep amazing me with your quality themes.


  5. Amazing! we’re big fans of your work here at gufugumu.

  6. Nice theme although I think putting the random posts, recent comments and lifestream at the top makes it cluttered it would probably best at the bottom of the page as a footer.

  7. Just when I almost finished tweaking Quadro you make me tweak again :). Beautiful stuff..

  8. Looks great and nice colour selection, so amazing. Looks nice anyway dont know what to say 😉

  9. I love you 😀

  10. Awesome! Now we only need the fonts so we can plugin our own title text 🙂

  11. just downloaded, but was not able to find the “readme” file inside to see how the features work. Previous themes all have an “readme” file included and was easy to setup and find out how to create posts with thumbnails ect…can you please make sure to include that readme file in the download package?


  12. Thanks guys.

    BTW, the readme file has been added and the screenshot updated. Sorry about that!

  13. Can we see a demo of the other colors?

  14. I LOVE you too! Thanks !!!

  15. Also wanted to add that you are a master with colors. I really admire that! All the themes are wonderful. Thanks again !

  16. You are always creating these nice themes, but I don’t know why, every time I try it on one of my Blogs the Memory Usage goes way up, I’ll wait for my new hosting account to be activated where I can make use of your awesome themes 🙂

  17. I’ve got to say, it sure is difficult to stay happy with a theme I’ve picked for my new site, as I keep seeing you guys roll-out even more impressive ones every couple weeks…

  18. somehow totally different from previous themes, and yet with some recognizable elements. this is very special theme, similar to one of paid joomla templates that I like,
    and I must say it’s very awesomish! 🙂

  19. Awesome theme, as always.

    Any chance you can get us the font required to edit the logo?

  20. Can the: Life Stream, Recent Comments, & Random Posts all be switched off, creating a more standard blog- that gets straight into the entries, with amazing graphics?
    (Sorry, I can see the life stream stuff would have been a lot of work. Others will love it!)

  21. looks awesome!!!

  22. The preview pic for lightsource links to the egamer theme’s page.

    • Fixed, thanks for pointing it out!

  23. I’d like to say that this is simply the most beautiful WordPress theme I’ve ever seen! 🙂

    I’ll join your club for this theme alone 😉

  24. I’m shocked by the overall quality of your designs. I’m a happy subscriber and a happier user of your themes!
    Go on like this… and Thanks!

  25. WooW! very beautiful. 🙂
    Welcome to my site bye

  26. I LOVE LOVE your themes! Your WP themes are the only ones I use now on all 3 of my blogs!

  27. Nice can pls give me another style of blog or site design

  28. Very nice theme! Does it allow to add pictures and or video in a horizontal bar toward the top of the page. If not, how easy is it to add this feature from your themes that support the slider option?

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