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Posted on September 8, 2008 by in Theme Additions | 26 comments

I finished another theme today entitled “Influx.” What makes Influx different from all my previous themes is that it includes 4 different variations. Each of these unique skins were tailored for a different audience, which makes this a diverse and capable design. I have also made it very easy to change between styles, all you have to do is choose your desired skin from a dropdown menu within wp-admin and your blog will update automatically.

Default – preview

influx wordpress theme

Grunge – preview

influx wordpress theme

Subtlety – preview

influx wordpress theme

Oceanic – preview

influx wordpress theme

This theme includes all the usual features, for more details click here. To gain access to all my premium wordpress themes, Signup Today!

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  1. A very nice theme. I like it a lot πŸ™‚ I’m planning a small magazine, and this theme looks perfect for that.

    But I have a question about the theme “Simplism”. The sidebar does not work that good in Google Chrome. It’s placed far to the right. Do you have a fix for that?

  2. Sure I will take a look at Simplism. Google Chrome is still in beta, so it’s hard to tell how things will change. Most likely things won’t be stable with the browser until it has been launched officially.

  3. Georgeous new theme in color variations! Just great. You’re doing a really amazing job. Thx πŸ™‚

  4. @ Terje : I’m preparing a public gallery of real life sites using Elegant WP Themes… just stop by and leave a comment, I’d love to include your site too. Greetings from Vienna!

  5. I like the look of Oceanic.

  6. Everyone of them are beautiful. Very very nice work.

    Keep them coming, your the man.

  7. This is yet another great design – i’ve just finished my site so i dont i wil be ready to use this one yet.

    but i am planning another one soon so i reckon i’ll try this one out

    excellent stuff!


  8. Hi, I am tweaking your template a little bit to fit my main site photography gallery, but i love the theme you started with.

    I only had a couple of questions:

    The “Featured Articles” isn’t working, I can’t get it to display properly. I’ve added the category and assigned posts to it, and nothing. I even tried spelling it differently, but nothing is working.

    Also, it sucks having to manually add a custom field for the thumbnails for all my previous posts. Is there a way to automate it? I’ve seen some themes that will auto generate them…

    THanks again for your beautiful work..

  9. tms ruge,

    Make sure you spell it correctly and that the first two letters of each word are capitalized. If that doesn’t work I would suggest deleting the category and creating it again. If you are still having trouble, please use my contact form for a faster response.

  10. Wonderful! Isn’t there a way to make it so that users can change the style by using a style changer plugin?

  11. This would be possible if you had a script that could swap the stylesheet. A theme changer won’t work because it’s all one theme, unless of course you installed 4 versions of Influx.

  12. @admin
    Its the same problem in Safari (for Windows, don’t know about Mac)

  13. “Its the same problem in Safari (for Windows, don’t know about Mac)”

    Both Chrome and Safari are based off WebKit, so they render the same.

  14. Hi, i have a problem with flux theme, because on iexplorer does not work.. just in firefox.. do you know what is the problem?



  15. It seems to be working fine for me in IE6 and IE7. What version are you using? Did you make any custom edits to your theme files?

  16. Hey Nice theme, i have joined the membership as well.
    one thing i wanna say is that all the themes are looking same, although they look great.

    But we all are waiting for magazine kind of theme from you. your a great designer, if you could produce a nice magazine theme with you skills, then no one could compete you.

    You can take inspirations from Joomla template club :

  17. I’m using Influx Subtlety. I have downloaded and activated the limit posts plugin and updated the parameters. I cannot get “You have not uploaded and activated the limit posts plugin. This is required.” off the front page. Any suggestions?

  18. Hello, nice theme ! I ‘m a new member , hope you’ll continue to do great work like that !

  19. Lisah, you are not using the correct plugin. You need to use the plugins that were provided with the theme itself. These plugins are located in the plugins folder within the theme’s ZIP file.

  20. Thanks for being so responsive! I really appreciate the support.

  21. Hi I have trouble. When I upload the post for featured articles. Yes It works. But the problem is, My Featured Articles (middle side) also shown on the other category on the left side. Pls see the url below.

    Thank you for your help

  22. Gerald: it is a category, so it will appear in the category list in your sidebar. I am not sure of any way to remove certain categories from a sidebar widget.

  23. Hello this temp i took pictures how to loaded?

  24. Hi there,
    the theme in IE8 doesn’t work properly. The main wrapper in home page looks fine placed in the center on the page, but in ither pages it’s attached on the left side of the page..
    Could you help please?

  25. Maybe you could edit the webpage subject title
    New Theme: Influx-
    Elegant Themes Blog to something more catching for your webpage you write. I enjoyed the blog post nevertheless.

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