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Posted on September 19, 2008 by in Theme Additions | 27 comments

I finished another theme today. When I was creating my previous theme, Influx, I had a lot of fun with its “grunge” skin. I have also recently had a lot of requests for more magazine-style themes.  So, I decided to combine the two and create GrungeMag, a grungy magazine-style design! You will see that I have added a dropdown menu to both the categories and the pages navigation menus. (I have had a lot of requests for this as well) I also added a 468×60 banner image, controllable via wp-admin, to the header, and a nifty javascript “slider” that displays the most recent posts in an easy-to-see fashion.


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  1. Nice and clean. =) Good job.

  2. A very stylish theme.

  3. Wow!! amazing theme, great work done.
    Still looking forward to see some more great magazine style themes from you. love to be part of EWPT membership.
    Good luck.

  4. Very interesting and unusual theme, good job!

    There is one issue with FF2 and the sidebar-categories menu display.

    Feel free to delete this comment after that, admin 😉

    have a nice sunday!

  5. i love this theme… but, when i want to add a thumbnail, nothing happens.
    i added everything in custom fields (Thumbnail and URL) but when i look at the post/the page, no picture is displayed.
    i have no idea…

  6. Hi Alex,

    Have you changed the permissions of the thumbnails and cache folders? If you send me an email with your blog URL I’m sure I can figure out the problem.

  7. Hi Admin;

    I have problems with this template, in IE7 or Maxthon, do you know why?


  8. @Alex
    use “/thumbnails/yourimage.gif”

    CHMOD the cache and thumbnails folder 2 777, stick a blank index.htm in there, so no one can see your files.

    @Josue Gio
    Nick will probably get down and dirty with this, then re-release for you to download, hes a busy lad =D

  9. Josue Gio,

    I guarantee support with the latest versions of Firefox, Opera, Safari, Netscape, and Internet Explorer. I am not currently experiencing any problems in IE7, however, if you elaborate on the issues you are having I might be of more assistance. I would also recommend that anyone experiencing problems use my contact form and not my blog to ask for help. (it’s quicker)

  10. very nice, mail is on the way to you!

  11. Nice theme.
    How about sorting the gallery in decending order.
    Latest Themes first.

  12. hi, how r u. I just wondering if i buy your theme, can i use that in my 2 different websites?

  13. Yes you can use them on different websites as long as they are your websites. The only big no-no is reselling/redistributing my themes. They are for personal use only.

  14. This is a beautiful theme. How much just to purchase this one?


  15. I don’t offer any options for purchasing single themes. $19.95 is still a pretty good deal though, even if you only use one. 🙂

  16. Very professional and cool. Keep it up.

  17. In GrungeMag theme , there is a image slider. Currently it is able to display about 11 featured post images. How do i put there 15 post with image slider? Please Help. It is very urgent.

  18. Hi, great theme that I custimize for
    Had a big problem in IE because of the iestyle.css and the “margin-top: 28px”.
    Just deleted it and it was fine.
    Send the javascript in the footer helped too for the YSlow score.

    Thanks again.

  19. if your thumbnails dont work just go to IE and rightclick the broken image link and hit properties.
    check that its finding the right path to phpthumb or whatever script your version uses (you might need to edit index.php)

    Then make sure that its finding the source of the image right. I tried and it didnt work, i had to do /images/this.jpg and then it works fine

  20. I like the theme, but i want to know how you handle banners on this theme.
    Is a post with custom fields or you add a plugin to manage banners ads.
    Also, could this theme help me to monetize with banners and gave me total control about banner publishing?

  21. I have Absolutely no idea how to put an image in the slider. I’m new to WordPress.
    I seems to be more complicated that it looks like. Please help with the slider image. I have tried for 2 hours to figure it out, and still nothing.


    • If you have any questions please use the support forum and we will assist you.

  22. Hi,
    I cannot use the “Grab the first post image” correctly… it grabs the last image, not the first. Any idea?

  23. Hi,

    The theme is a great one, really it is. I’m just having one major, major issue. I’ve created several categories, and yet in the menu, the text ‘No categories’ keeps appearing. No idea what I’m doing wrong.

    My email address is included in the post. Any help you can provide would be awesome!



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