New Theme: Glow + Sneak Peeks

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New Theme: Glow + Sneak Peeks

My newest theme, Glow, has been completed today. With its bright colors, bold text and flashy design, Glow is a great theme for anyone looking to make an impact! For more details be sure to check out the Live Demo as well as the Features Page in the gallery. I realize that this design has been a long time coming, but hopefully you enjoy the way I have expanded on the initial concept.


You will find that Glow comes with all of the great features that you have come to expect from ElegantThemes, including the new ePanel Options Page and all of the functionality that it provides. You will notice a rich featured articles section on the homepage, a sleek and widgetized tabbed menu in the sidebar, and plenty of adjustable settings to keep you busy. You will also find that Glow comes with 4 different color schemes, just in case Purple isn’t your style 🙂

Theme Sneak Peek – Deviant

For those of you who do not follow me on Twitter ( or Facebook (, you probably missed my latest theme sneak peek. This design has been a lot of fun to make so far, and I hope its unique and playful style will intrigue you. Here is a quick preview 🙂

Premade Layouts

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  1. As i said before this theme awesome i like it a lot specially the blue version

    • very nice..
      but I want the e-commerce themes..when will you release it?

  2. w00t Deviant looks real pwnd, cant wait

  3. I love every single theme you make, and Glow is just perfect. Thanks.

  4. Ooohh I am loving Glow! I’m a red girl so if/when I use it, I’ll be using the red version. 🙂

    Also followed on Twitter!

    • Thanks Zeb. I am glad that I added the red version, I almost left it out!

  5. Finally!

    thanks ur the best! No other membership site offers so much updates in so little time, keep it up nick!

    • Thanks Sameer, I work hard to keep the influx of new themes are frequent as possible!

  6. cool dude , the green and red are very delightful for eye. great

  7. l like it and looks very well but cant wait for eshop l think.

  8. I miss the “previous post” button from the emag theme on this one. Other then that? Nice!

  9. like,like,like
    i will translate this theme,i will release it in the customers forum.cooming soon.

  10. wonderful Nick! Love the energy that comes from it!

  11. i check with my blog, cool , ET tabbed widget is cool
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= but few things make me sad : its not powerful as ebusiness theme.
    1. Footer missing
    2. after first two recent post all other post thumbnails shkrink to small as in enews.
    can we enable this forgetten thngs. i need all my post with huge thumnails and footer. i dont need the small conjucted one.

    • I totally agree with you and please add

      1: Custom Search form missing
      2: sidebar widget can be more good than this
      3: i think footer widget make it more beautiful

  12. I’m so happy. I see here 2 best theme for wp. God job Elegant Themes.

  13. Great work, I love the Deviant theme, so unique, we are lucky because elegantThemes spoil us!

  14. wow awesome wordpress theme, i really like for sneakpeak thanks

  15. First of all i apologize for my english…
    The question is this: your themes are always beautiful, why not complement them by adding a section “Gallery” or “Portfolio”? think it needs a lot to me and to many others who follow you closely.


  16. Wikid design mate. Your ripping out some quality layouts.

    Definitely no other ‘subscription’ on the net that offers the quality and quantity you do, for the price you do.

    Anything on the horizon for a rugged/ripped travel theme? 😛 hehe

  17. coool theme
    Like this

  18. Very Amazing theme!

  19. It has been a long time to wait for this theme, but it’s worth!

  20. Yes, this is great. But I am waiting for the eStore too. Soon?

  21. Hi Nick

    Previously I used Basic themes. Now I use Glow. It’s so nice, easy to edit and awsome and cool!

    I agree with Ahmed, maybe if can put footer widget, it will make the theme more beautiful

  22. Man, one phrase: You’re my hero! Thank you 🙂

  23. I also can’t wait for eshop theme..please first release it 🙂

  24. Excuse me for being incredibly ignorant, but why are nearly all theme previews in Spanish? This is true for the huge majority of themes, not just this site – is this some kind of bizarre tradition or what?? ;P

    • It’s not Spanish, it’s Lorem Ipsum, which is a fake language used for filling in type. It is generated randomly.

      • *Slaps self in face*

        And I wondered why Google couldn’t translate it.


        Ah sometimes I make myself seem like an idiot. Apolgies.

  25. Glow is up and running on my àlaBuzz site. It’s a good fit for the content and direction going there. Glad it released!

    However. It was very difficult, with my limited skills, to make a logo that is legible against the bright stars of the header!

    After 20 tries I hit on something that works, if a little large. The placement of the French accent mark on a star was sheer luck.

    Thanks for a wonderful theme. All your work is exciting. I look forward to each new release.

  26. Wow, finally! I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for this one! I’m sure I can find it for a project somewhere.

    If I could make a request for a future theme, I’d like something super minimalistic, even more simple than Basic or PureType. Maybe something like ArtSee but without all the fancy effects.

    Keep up the good work!

  27. Last we talked about 6 months ago you mentioned that you were working on making your themes compatible with wordpress-mu.

    Are we there yet?

  28. Amazing and great theme. Simple and clean. I like green verson. thanks

  29. Hi, Nick! This theme is incredible and I really love the new options and the ET-Tabs in the sidebar! Hard to top that, but I know you can and will… 😉
    Also the preview looks promising, your design-skills and unique ideas are amazing. Great work!

  30. Looks great. I have two questions, please answer:

    1) When do you think your shopping theme will be ready?

    2) Could you please make a theme, that looks like a website and not a blog? A theme without comments and dates showing on front page?


    • I just installed for my client. It is looking great. Thank you.

  31. Does this theme come with the epanel and do the automatic thumbnail

  32. Glow looks great & deviant looks very promising. I hope there are different styles (not just colors) as in different paper styles to give different effects.


  33. All your themes are looking great…

  34. I am going through some of the themes, including this one and I can’t believe the outstanding quality.

    The E-panel is an amazing feature and for 19.95 I feel like i ripped you off lol.

    Keep up the amazing work!!

  35. Nice theme. I like this so much.

  36. Wow…all themes are glowing and great…

  37. Best twenty bucks I ever spent and I won’t have a hangover in the morning. Thanks ET! =)

  38. Hi EM New to dis can u tell me how to install in blog. really em loving dis theme so much.

  39. Glow is awesome and I have an idea for a targeted niche site that will use the theme (coming in the next few months).

    Deviant is looking like it is going to have a great impact… keep up the great work Nick.

  40. Glow is very nice – from a structure / layout perspective, this is the theme I have been waiting for. Good job!

  41. Your themes are leaving me wowed. Wow!

  42. That looks so cool. I just stumbled upon your page – some really neat themes…

  43. Good color themes, Thansk Elemant

  44. any specific templates for sports blog?…i like the design banana

  45. I’m finding on most themes with a rotator, you have to do something to make the pictures or thumbs to appear. Is this the case with your theme? Or does it automatically pull the photo from the blog posting? If It does, I am sold and will purchase a membership today!

    thank you,


    • You can choose to define the image manually, or you can have it grab the first post image.

  46. love the bold text and flashy design!

  47. how i can set featured items in slider?
    my pictures is empty in show!


  48. Hi, I really love your Glow theme. I especially need that layout. Is it possible though to change the background? I like the way it looks, but I would prefer to get rid of the glowing stars. And also I don’t know if I can change the logo with my own.

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