New Theme: Glider

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New Theme: Glider

If you are looking to re-invent your personal website/blog/portfolio, then Glider just might be the theme for you. Featuring a contemporary style and a unique javascript layout, this theme is sure to leave your visitors impressed. Along with looking cool, Glider is also versatile, and includes a fully featured blog and portfolio section in addition to the basic page-based structure. Be sure to take a look at the Live Demo for a closer look, as well as the Featured Page for more info.

Glider Features

1. Blog Section – Even though the homepage is page based, you can still have a fully featured blog section. You can even enabled BlogStyle mode if you want to use the theme solely for blogging.

2. Five Unique Colorschemes – Glider comes in 5 different colors. If the default Wooden texture is not for you, try out the Blue, Green, Red and Black variations.

3. ePanel Theme Options – As with all our themes, Glider comes integrated with our ePanel Theme Options, giving you increased control over your website.

4. Gallery/Portfolio Section – Glider also comes with an easy to use gallery section that can be added to your homepage. This section features some cool jQuery effects, and comes with an integrated lightbox feature.

What do you think? Please do leave a comment letting us know!

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  1. wow…
    it’s great!

  2. It wasn’t as good as I expect themes coming from nick to be.

    It looks elegant and all but it seems to just lack. I can’t explain what it is though.

    I’m still a great fan though 🙂

    • Have to agree with you Nile.
      And like you I am a little disappointed.
      Still looks fantastic and you can’t like em all.

      • I dont agree with you the theme is unique slider portfolio idea i love it its very pretty

      • Agreed, the theme just kinda lacked some functionality in my opinion.

        But like you said, we can’t like’em all 🙂

    • I think it looks brilliant – somewhat a formality with Nick’s themes these days. But I do feel that the navigation is just hanging there, and that something could be made of the left sidebar. Possibly widgets there? Just my $0.02.

    • We have the same thoughts about this theme. It looks great and still something is missing that you can’t explain.

      It is just like a pretty lady without appeal. She’s just pretty.. but she’s not Hot! 🙂

  3. wow.. nice as always…

  4. Looks great. Simpel und elegant… like it.

  5. Excellent theme congrats!

  6. Love it! Specifically the beautiful textured styling and the fixed left and scrolling right sides. Think I’m missing something with the portfolio. Can you only open one image at a time? I can open one image but have to close it and open the next instead of scrolling through them from left to right once one is open.

    Beautiful, as always 🙂

  7. Looks great! Thanks! As always, you never disappoint.

    • you say never disappoint !!!
      I hoped glider will be a super MyResume or BusinessCard Theme plus a blog option
      Yes it seems but :
      I am disappointed having all the pages in the home page, so no header for the pages, so no special graphism….
      I hoped the gallery will be like in deep focus…

      in conclusion, a lot of disappoint for the moment
      may be we’ll have to invent around it (hope it wil be possible witout reinvent)

      • you know, you can modify the theme .. and do what you want with it!

        If you just download a theme and change nothing, you are really a stupid noob 🙂

        • Hi Nathan,

          please be polite, you don’t know who I am, keep it in mind
          Ypu can customize only which is possible to be customized…after we call it coding
          What you say doesn’t serve Elegant Themes
          I say only I am disappointed no more…
          I like the work of Nick and use his templates for my sites

          Best regards

  8. If I register now with you, will this theme be included in my subscription?

    • why not?

  9. Love this!


  10. Looks great, Nick! I see the perspective of some of the others in terms of probably expecting more flash. I think I had my mind set that it was intended to be simple/simplistic intentionally. I think it definitely has uses for many. Very slick.

  11. This is beautiful. Your work keeps getting better.

  12. I like it very much. Its style is great.

  13. Hey there Nick,

    You know what I think would be a GREAT theme. Something that is totally blog oriented that has all kinds of really neat features that you might find on a blog like Twitter/Facebook integration and room for a nice big header that brands the crap out of you.

    This theme was cool but not exactly what I was hoping for…

  14. Это красивая тема для портфолио.
    Очень хочется, что-то нового для новостного блога.

    This beautiful theme for the portfolio.
    I’d like something new for the news blog.

  15. Finally, a new theme. After SimplePress, ElegantEstate, DeepFocus, this theme kinda leveled down but it still looks good though 🙂 Can’t wait for more updates.

  16. It’s your attention to tiny, tiny detail that is so absolutely breathtaking. Good job!

  17. Looks great Nick. Like always 🙂

  18. look great! I like!

  19. Good one I like the photo gallery in it

  20. Somehow it’s.. empty, isn’t it?

  21. This theme has fantastic potential to customise. I love the left-nav and big spaces. Brilliant ! I’m so sick of the slider-at-the-top and three little blurbs layout.

    Great stuff.

  22. Have to agree with some of the comments above, a bit disappointed 🙁

    Maybe a stop-gap till “TheStyle”

  23. Contemporary and clean look — oh-so-professional! Love the usual detailed accents that are the hallmark of Elegant Themes.

    This would be a great resume theme for job hunters/seekers!

    Elegant Themes never fails to impress!

  24. This is out of my thinking … really cool and elegant … can we purchase it only the themes, and not by membership??

  25. The blog page navigation is lacking. once you click on a blog topic, you can’t go anywhere except back to the blog page header. There needs to be a navigation option within the blog pages.

    Like always. I still love the theme. amazingly simple and easy going. I may use it for an event webpage later this year.

  26. I think its nice too, but im really looking forward for the TheStyle Theme 🙂

  27. Very classy, sleek and fresh … easy enough to customize.

    Thanks again Nick and all involved.

  28. Clean design.. but less functionality… But good work Nick !
    You always rock at your design !!

  29. Wow, the theme is very fantastic.

  30. Are you guys nuts? I don’t get the disappointment at all. I think this looks like one of the best themes to date and it happens to be perfect for what I need right now.

    I always alter the themes I work with (whether free or premium) to give each site a completely unique look, but you need a really good place to start and for the single page, business card type site I’ve been thinking of setting up, this looks great!

  31. For the first time i dont see any reply comment from Nick wish you oki 🙂

  32. I miss the sidebar widgets and there is no navigation separated on the home page. The Design itself is Beautiful but no functionality. I have been spoiled by all options you normally offer with your other themes.

  33. Great a personal WordPress theme.

    Thanks a lot 🙂

  34. push!

  35. I don’t know how to setup the Gallery on the homepage! Can someone show me?

    • I’m on the same boat!

      how do you configure the portfolio?! I see the ET option in the page but can’t add images!

  36. Is there any way to rename the “Blog” in the menu on the left? I have yet to find a proper method of doing that.


    • I know this post is old, but I’d love to figure that out, too. Any help? Otherwise I’d have to switch the theme!

  37. Woooowwwwwww..Looks great. Simpel und elegant… like it.

  38. I’m in love!

    I think, I’ll use it just as a blog-theme. But it is possible, to include that, what you called portfolio in a blog-post to show pictures?

    And where can I put widgets, like recent comments and so on?

  39. In this theme there is a possibility to divide a portfolio on categories?

  40. it’s very cool design. Thanks!!!

  41. Thank you I got very useful information.

  42. Looks great. Simpel und elegant… like it.

  43. Finally, a new theme. After Simple Press, Elegant-Estate, DeepFocus, this theme kinda leveled down but it still looks good though for Spain.

  44. This is a great theme! I’m using it on a client’s site right now. Wanted to let you know about a minor typo that caused me some grief and caused the blog for Glider not to display. In header.php, around line 96 or 97 it tries to call the category id by:

    That doesn’t work. It should be


    After that, I had no issues with this theme. Thanks for the incredible work!

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