New Theme: Evolution

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New Theme: Evolution


Evolution is a simple, classic design, but with a twist; it is our first fully responsive design. What makes the theme so special is its ability to adapt to various screen sizes on the fly without using any special browser detection and without having to re-load the page. The theme has four distinct layouts, each of which are triggered at specific window sizes. When viewed on a mobile phone or tablet, the design will degrade elegantly, and will even change when the device is flipped between portrait and landscape orientation. To view the changes in action, just try reducing the width of your browsers window when previewing the theme.

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Evolution Features

1. Four Unique Colorschemes – Evolution comes with four different colors to choose from, including White, Blue, Green and Red. You can switch between these different colors at any time from within the ePanel theme options page.

2. Four Distinct Design Variations – Evolution come with four different layouts, each of which are served to your users based on their screen size. Each layout has been tailored to improve the usability of your website when viewed on smaller screens.

3. Improved Experience For Mobile Visitors – When using Evolution, there is no need to use third party mobile plugins or alternate mobile themes. Evolution will display beautifully on smaller screens due to its responsive nature. It will even change when the phone or tablet is flipped between portrait and landscape mode through the use of CSS3 media queries.

I hope that everyone enjoys the new theme! Be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think 🙂


Premade Layouts

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  1. just perfect and clean. thanks for amazing themes boss just love this theme.

    • Looks great. Especially the image slider on the HP.

    • is it good for iphone and ipad also? is it a responsive theme?

      • Yeah it is good on iphone and ipad too, its very responsive

    • Yes, agree with you, furthermore evolution theme is easy to use and understand. it looks great to my current blog! Nice work ET 😀

  2. Although its the same design, i do like the flexibility that you get with the site.

  3. Elegant, as it should be 🙂
    Though Full Width and Portfolio With Sidebar are missing from the preview.

    • Thanks, I’ll add them.

  4. Great theme again!
    But what happened to “unlimited colors” and “dozens of fonts” like some of the other new themes?

    • Really nice addition in your gallery Nick but i was wondering too why the CSS control panel with the unlimited themes and colors wasn’t included.

      “The theme has four distinct layouts, each of which are triggered at specific window sizes” also i would like to suggest the inclusion of a 5th layout for widescreen LCDs with resolutions like 1920×1200 or more. This will be amazing for the portfolio, image gallery template or for any other section so you can display more content and use all your screen estate.

        • was wandering too where are the fonts and where do i change the size?

  5. Awesome Nick!!

  6. Looks amazing on my iPad.

  7. Nick, this is one of the best ideas I have seen a developer come up with! I love the simplicity of it, no longer do I need to load plugins in to make my site compatible for mobile browsing! This makes things a whole lot easier!

    Great job!

    • He didn’t come up with it…
      Responsive design can be seen on many websites.

  8. Nice theme. Is there an option to include a “Categories” menu (e.g. Aggregate)?

  9. Sure, now I have to change all of my themes over to this one.

  10. “Automatically adapt to the smaller screen when viewed on mobile phones and tablets.” It shows the 100% truth.

    Great design! 🙂

  11. Great job Nick!

    Just so you know the short codes on the iPhone do not work well. R u going to fix that?

    Thanks for the great work!


  13. Nice but still buggy. Quick bug lists:

    1. From mobile, the contact us captcha not alligned
    2. Portfolio page navi is not placed properly
    3. Shortcodes messed up in mobile. In PC, the pictures not show up

  14. i think Elegant Themes is running our of ideas… all the themes follow the same style..lets me radical now, shall we? try something different!

    • No Nick needs to run out of “customers” like you Mohammad… make some use of your own talent to create something unique for your clients instead of posting dumb reactions like yours and those other mostly anonymous heros here demanding more variation… buy your stuff in another store and let us enjoy Nicks work.

      • Actually I agree with Mohammad. There’s nothing wrong in expecting new style.

        In fact it will broaden elegantthemes exposure.

        I think we also need more news/magazine/blogs theme as well.

    • This is our first responsive design, which makes it radically different than anything we have created in the past.

  15. It’s awesome theme, unique color with nice features.
    Good luck!

  16. Looks very light and highly customizable theme. Plus having responsive design makes is more better.

  17. A beautiful design. But I feel it like SimplePress Theme

    • Thats the only “issue” of ET. I have no complaint at all. Just always, and still hoping Nick will make something different.

      I was at a blog introducing WP themes, and saw the Evolution theme. The first impression is “I saw this one somewhere, is it really a new theme”, and then I realised that “Oooh, ET, no wonder.”


  18. Sweet! The rezise feature is just amazing. Just what all the themes would need now to be ready for Smartphone navigation. Excellent work and very nice design! Compliments.

  19. It’s pretty cool. Keep it up!

  20. Great work, Nick – just what I suggested when you came up with ‘Handheld’! I hope you’d continue the responsive bit on all future themes. Here’s some bugs I found…
    a. On smaller browser window size, the Image Gallery page animates only the photos on second column- the First column phots remain static.

    b. The Tabbed Content shortcode is screwed on mobile screen size

    c. The Navigation button is useless after the first click(where it works!)
    The next clicks don’t show any menu links.

    Overall, good beginning for the ET team. Cheers 🙂

  21. Again, and again, and again:
    People are complaining about your same style, same colors, same design…

    Please make a “Contributors” section and I will be more than happy to share the profit with you, Nick.

    Some of my designs based on ET Themes:

    • What I look for in the themes is structure, functionality and ease of use, all which ET themes capture beautifully. Combine these with the right plugins, and add some Photoshop and CSS skills and you’ve got yourself another quasi-unique theme.

      Nick, building on what Valentin said above, it would be nice to see how others have customized your themes, and it may be an idea to feature select customers’ customized ET themes, if anything to stimulate more creativity within the ET community.

      Here are some of mine: (Deep Focus) (Magnificent) (Earthlytouch) (Chameleon) (Earthlytouch)

      Keep up the good work !


    • Valentin,

      I like what you did with these, and would also like to see a contributor section.

  22. ๑.•:*¨¨*:•.Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ.•:*¨¨*:•. GREAT WORK, NICK.•:*¨¨*:•.Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ.•:*¨¨*:•.๑

  23. Nick I love this theme
    Genesis, Headway… forget it, this is the theme for me.

    Can’t thank you enough Nick

  24. Love this. Still a bit buggy for me to use right now but I love where this is going. Awesome themes as always, which is why I paid 🙂

    Could I make a suggestion, perhaps a “modular theme” would be nice. Don’t know if I used the correct term but couldn’t you offer a theme that allowed us to use pieces of each. Such as where I want the recent works or blog section or what type of slider to employ…

    Just a suggestion. I’d be quick on each release then and these themes would def blow other themes out of the water even more!!! 🙂

    Thanks again!

  25. Keith, I’m new to ET,but finally decided on ET over the Genesis Framework because of the beauty of Nick’s designs.
    That being said, I’m still too new to this to know if I made the right decision in choosing ET over Genesis.
    Can you enlighten me as to your comment “Genesis, Headway… forget it, this is the theme for me.”
    What are the reasons that have made you come to that conclusion?

    I am wondering this because I get the impression that Genesis is probably better in terms foundational design since it is a child framework (you can change themes without losing your content or dropping in your SEO rankings) and it sounds like it is also a more secure system…. but of course I don’t know this through first hand experience, but only through what I have read.
    The downside of Genesis in my humble opinion is that the look and feel of their themes is rather pathetic. My sense is that if ET was based on a Child framework like Genesis, then it would be the perfect solution and everyone would flock to it.

    Perhaps you could comment on this Nick?

    • Steve,

      The comment regarding Headway and Genesis is completely out of context. Elegant Themes is created for both the non-designer and designer.

      They are made to be used “out of the box” with little or no customization, however, if you are familiar with the “back end” functionality, you can create amazing deviations.

      Regarding Headway, which I use, and Genesis, both are completely different animals. These are not themes but rather frameworks which allow you to build your site from the ground up. They have pre-made themes for a price, but I think that defeats the purpose.

      Lastly, you can create a child regardless of the theme or framework.

      Just my two cents …

      • I wonder how to create a child theme from Evolution.

        The usual way described in Codex,, does not work.

        I have created a style.css file but when using the child theme it does not display the site properly, seems the CSS is broken.

        Does anybody has a clue why?


        P.S. I am using it under a multisite install with WordPress version 3.5

        • This is somewhat embarrassing, but I managed to make it work.

          I was just copying and pasting the original style.css content but in order to make it work correctly it required an import:

          @import url(“../evolution/style.css”);

          So please, disregard the above comment.


  26. this is one of the best theme I have ever seen. I want to know whether you are having a website for online store? Like one elegant website which will show prices also.

  27. Trying to upload your new theme evolution to wordpress but it keeps giving me this error message:

    The uploaded file could not be moved to /nfs/c05/h04/mnt/73499/domains/

    Other themes upload no problem is your zip file corrupted or incomplete?

    • Most likely your host has a limit on the file size of your uploads. You can try asking them to up the limit, or your can try reducing the file size of theme. To do this you can unzip the theme on your computer and delete the /psd and /samepledata folders before uploading.

      A third option would be to use FTP to transfer the theme files, which will bypass this file size limit.

      • Great thanks for the quick reply

  28. Just saw its preview..simply amazing and utilizes lots of our suggestions such as using image sprites- so lesser http requests, and ultra clean interface. Love it. Simply outstanding work!

  29. Wow the sliders actually work with gestures on the ipad and the layout is totally responsive 🙂 Great job nick … I’ll be renewing my subscription next week …

    I hope this is the first of many responsive layouts 🙂

    Great job guys

  30. I just finished my first site using this theme. It is awesome and looks terrific on the iPad. Great job on this one Nick.

  31. is there anyway to add a category drop down box either in the header or below it, to this theme?

  32. you are genius! you’ve got the sense and the talent!

  33. Hi all,

    1st congrats on the effert, going responsive is the WAY, but it’s not an easy one!

    Like someone above said there are several things to “polish”, when in mobile device, like:

    – Page navi is not placed properly;
    – The shortcodes get messed up;
    – The member login form also breaks;
    – Clicking to “zoom” a photo shows one even little photo, that the 1st one;

    But i get it! It’s the 1st of many … i hope these little things get “polished”!

    Best regards

  34. Excelent!. Mobile options include.

    I think we need more themes with dark style.

  35. Is it really that difficult to have a larger photo on the blog page that you can click and view full size? Another nice theme but completely unusable for photography blog.

  36. I like the style, especially when it comes to the sharp corners of the slider, embedded in the soft design this really looks good.
    Although it is only a step away of Modest theme, this is really, really nice with the rough edges.

  37. I have been using the Evolution theme since it came out and it is fantastic. It looks terrific on the iPad. One of my favourites!

  38. Can I use my own images instead of the ones supplied in the template? I am unclear about this. Thanks

  39. i need help urgently to setup evolution theme we are having problem since there is not support from your end on live chat and telephone

  40. I am definitely new at the whole WordPress world. I did some research and figured Elegant Themes was the way to go. I love all the Theme options, but would love to change the colors to themes like Evolution. I recently purchased the Adobe CS5 designer master suite (even though I am clueless what to do with it all), so I am wondering if I upgrade to the “Designer” status if I can change colors on any theme?

  41. love the them. Want to change the color from white to black. Is this possible?

  42. The image tab (slider) is fixed, so it isn´t responsive…
    is there any way to do the slider width responsive to the screen width?

  43. In the theme Evolution the ads in the sidebar are missing? does anyone has the same problem?

    • If you need help, please open a thread in our tech support forums so that we can better assist you.

  44. Would be cool to see gallery view for images only with zoom (i mean with only one feature – zooming)

  45. Hey there,

    is there a chance to deactivate the mobile theme?
    It’s really nice, but most of my important pages are located in the sidebar…and those are not shown in the mobile version.


  46. how do I call the youtube video in lightbox?

  47. One of Great addition in Elegant Themes, i am thinking to use my gallery blog. Awesome Theme..:)

  48. Hello there. Great work, love this. Just wondered if I can justify the main homepage logo to the left, center or right or does it have to stay in the center?

    Thanks for any help or advice!


  49. Hi! I would like to change the name of “Recent work” and “About the Company”, but I can simply not manage to do it?? Is it possible??

    On before thank you for your help!


    • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

  50. Hi,

    i need to disable the mobile design. How does it work?

    • If you need help with anything, please open a ticket in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

  51. Great looking theme 🙂 . Especially I like evolution home page slide show.Looks good.Keep it up!

  52. Great theme. The combination between the purified style/font is so beautifull.

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