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Posted on October 23, 2008 by in Theme Additions | 122 comments

I finished a new theme today. It’s called ElegantVideo, or “eVid.” This theme is for video bloggers, people who plan to intergrate videos from video-sites such as Youtube into their posts.

Adding videos is fairly painless, just add the embed code from the website into a custom field and the rest is done automatically. The videos are displayed within a custom interface that adds some basic “blogger-like” features.

The theme comes with a decent amount of options. You can choose to remove the featured articles, popular posts, random posts and category boxes from the homepage, as well as specify the number of posts displayed within each element. There are two optional ad blocks, a set of 4 125×125 banner ads in the sidebar and a 468×60 banner at the bottom of post pages.

Take a look at the live demo and the features page for more info!

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  1. Wow, another outstanding theme, there is no other wordpress themes collection with so many georgeous advanced wordpress themes there like this one! Respect!

  2. Looks good! However I’m not sure where can this be used. This one allows you to post vids and content, right? Is it possible to increase video screen size?

  3. Would like to use it for photos ! Is that possible and how ?

  4. Good job mate. Very good job =)

  5. Much “cleaner” than the last one and not too colorful – it´s really elegant, thumbs up!

  6. Wow, looks very, very nice.

  7. Very clean theme. Like it a lot 🙂 As martinwaiss said, Respect.

  8. only one word coming straight for you “Amazing”

    This is your best theme so far. im waiting for your ebook or tutorials on “how to make wordpress themes”.

    Happy ET club Member.

  9. WOW Im so freaking glad I subscribed for this, your the best!

  10. quick question, what does “Recent From Graphics” mean???

    • Those are recent articles from a specific category, in this case, the “Graphics” category. You can change which category the list of articles pulls from within the theme’s options menu.

  11. Beautiful!

    An awful lot like templates, but hey, they’re not going to be available anymore in november!

  12. I love the color scheme on this one and the functionality is amazing…all I need is a site that could use it! (I sadly have no video sites!) I am going to play with it though that’s for sure!

  13. hey do u guys like what i did with my site using this template?? check it out. just click on my name to see the site.

  14. Great taste of WordPress , WELLDONE

  15. Beautiful AND great functionality.

    Too bad I do not have a video site in the works right now… might have to think that over… *lol*

  16. Very good indeed! Congrats!

  17. Great theme. Love it!!! Was wondering if it supports quicktime videos????


  18. hi there,

    can i suggest you show the rating for each video.. cause you can rate a video.. but u cant see the rating score?

    also it would be also nice, to also have the stars and rating functionality with the video thumbnails.

    also do you provide a service to redesign the blog.



  19. Wah. I dont even have 20 bucks :(. WOuld love to join up and get this theme!

  20. where can i find documentation about this theme, who to put video and stuff…please help me

  21. This is almost seems to good to be true… all these great themes for $20? I will hang out here and sign up in a few moments.

    Thanks for the deal.

  22. In my excitement to post I was sloppy in my comment. My apologies … let it not be a reflection of all of me 🙁

  23. This theme is outstanding. I like the design so much, I think there needs to be a regular (non-video) version of it.

    • I update the theme. When you don’t input a Video custom field, no video interface is displayed.

  24. Outstanding job! Just a theme I was looking to get for one of my site.. so glad its available in my members area! Thanks a ton!

  25. My site is online and eveythink works perfect great theme,my hobby site.

  26. Thank you for your website 🙂
    I made on photoshop backgrounds for myspace and youtube and even more
    my backgrounds:
    Hope you had a good day and thank you again!

  27. Absoultly perfect.. Thanks..

  28. Yet another astonishing work of art! I’m working on posting all your themes for your visitors to rate them against other authors.

    If you have purchase a theme from Elegan Themes, please visit the site and post your review.


  29. i just bought this and can’t find this anywhere on the readme. what is the custom field for the image background for the featured video at the top?


  30. There is only one thumbnail custom field used in the theme. Use a Key of “Thumbnail” and a Value of your image URL. In the future, please post support requests on the forums.

    • I have uploaded and deleted eVid theme several times. Each and every time when I go into my Dashboard/themes – the message tells me that the stylesheet is missing.
      Cna you help me figure out what to do? Thank you.

      • If you need help, please open a thread in the support forum.

  31. Fantastic…Loving it..Can you make more themes for personal blog?

  32. This is a great theme – my only question is if there’s anyway to make the videos bigger or as big as reasonable. People would rather watch videos of course as big as they can.

  33. This is a great theme and absoultly perfect..

  34. hello,
    how to add thumbail to evid theme can i just put in the image url
    or is there any coded way
    plz let me know

    • There are instructions on how to add thumbnails in the readme file that came with the theme. In the future please use the Support Forum for support questions. Thanks!

      • hello,
        i did it that way but still not working
        i uploaded the image using media on wordpress then use that link on thumbail but doesn’t work plz help

        • Please use the support forum. I need more information, and blog comments are not the best to give support.

    • This theme is so beautiful.Thanks for sharing.

  35. Sir,

    I am unable to display “Featured Articles” although I have followed every instruction (adding Video custom field).

    Please help!


    • Hello,

      Please use the support forum for tech support. I need more information, such as your URL, to diagnose the problem.

  36. Thank you very much!
    very beautiful theme

  37. The site’s very professional! Keep up the good work!

  38. Hello Sir,

    I have a video blog site ” ” and i want to install this theme but i want a theme which shows one player where i can embed the other video sharing site code can you do it for me.

  39. And also can you please tell me why cache folder is needed.

    • The cache folder is used to store the thumbnail images that are generated by the thumbnail image resizer.

  40. hi
    i want to buy this theme, but my problem is I am not hosting youtube type videos. the videos i am hosting need to have a native player – like window media player. I love your theme and have been looking for something similar vwith rating capability. can something be worked out for it to work with my videos. you can see my videos at – – you can reply back to me on my email.


  41. thank you this’s very nice theme ;P

  42. Hello, the theme is not working properly because it does not display the video thumbnails on the first page and on the video page (single.php) it display only the video, there is not the rest of the post… text, comments… I am using WP 2.8 and you can see the page in this screenshot.

    • For tech support please open a new thread in the support forum so that we can assist you.

    • Marius… I’m having the same problem you are…. Did you figure out how to fix it?

      Let me know.


      • Please open a thread in the support forum if you are experiencing problems.

  43. Hello … I have a big problem … the template that you will not let me see the images in 150 * 150 … Nor will not let me upload videos from youtube, etc … Please give me the solution to my email …. Necessary because the complete template that works well ….. I have no
    PS: I read your tutorial but you can not do certain things!

    Sorry for my inglish…

    Sergio Arguello From Argentina…

    • Please post your questions on the support forum rather than the blog. I can’t give adequate support via blog comments.

  44. hi just one quick question – on the home page even though I selected 10 to show up in all the fields(in the custom options), only 5 category boxes are showing up on every page, even though in some categories there are 21 posts !!
    I have checked double checked and tripple checked everything but still it seems it will only show max of 5 category boxes , please tell me a quick fix as this is my only problem , thanks

    • For tech support please open a new thread in the support forum so that we can assist you. I cannot provide good support via blog comments.

  45. hello,

    is this compatible with wordpress Version 2.8.4 ?


  46. Wonderful theme!

    Congratulations, again!

  47. Awesome theme, everyrything is set up only I can’t seem to get the Featured Artists section to work…

    Thanks though!

  48. great job. i will use this on my blog . thanks so much

  49. please any one can help me ….

    i cant add a featured article … please any one can discuss the way to put a featured article ? & if there is any custom field used to do this please any one help me ~~~~~~~~~

    • If you need help please open a thread in the support forum and we will assist you.

  50. thanks so much. greetings

  51. This theme is so beautiful.Thanks for sharing.

  52. i cant add a featured article … please any one can discuss the way to put a featured article ? & if there is any custom field used to do this please any one help me

    • If you have questions please open a thread on the support forum and we will assist you.

  53. I want to use eVid, but also want to use text blogging with it. Can I replace the top scrolling section for a sticky post introducing the site? Also, can I use the WP video player for non-YouTube, Google, etc., videos from my computer? Thanks

  54. excellent theme,I liked it,thanks…

  55. I would like to downlaod it ,can u please tell me how i can upload it to my blog,thanks….

    • If you need help please open a thread in the support forum and we will assist you. The theme also comes with installation instructions, and there are video tutorials in the member’s area.

  56. How can we change the color scheme of this theme?

    • From within the Appearances > eVid Theme Options page in wp-admin.

  57. hey.. i have a question… can i insert two videos in a single post? (i would like to have the first video an intro, and the second, the news, or something)

    • Only one video can be added to the video interface per post.

  58. Excellent theme,I whas not aware this it whas from 2008 nonetheless I am very pleased with it.

  59. Admin,

    Please give a quick explanation as to how to add a slider image.

    I do not feel I should have to pay 19.95 for this information.

    The instructions do not reference this feature.


  60. I am using this theme for my video blog. It works well although it’s quite old and we can not bookmark post to facebook, or twitter.

  61. Excellent theme,I whas not aware this it whas from 2008 nonetheless I am very pleased with it.

  62. I am unable to setup the Featured Articles on the homepage at the top…i have read the “read me ” file but i am unable to do. I am not getting the option to choose category which i should select to display the featured articles.
    Please give me the solution.
    thank you for such a great theme.

  63. Excellent theme,I whas not aware this it whas from 2008 nonetheless I am very pleased with it.

  64. dear.
    how can i download this theme???

  65. Thank you very much but i like informaiton to you.

  66. thank you so much Evid is very nice

  67. I have a website with 3000+ embeded videos If I install the theme will those videos show up? They are not youtube videos.

    I’d go to your support forum but I’m not buying this without knowing if it’s going to work first!

  68. Can I use a different image for the Featured Article background than the normal thumbnail? Thanks!

  69. Can I use a different image for the Featured Article background than the normal thumbnail? Thanks!

  70. wow this is the best theme I have ever seen

  71. I don’t think I’ve never read anything like this before. So nice to see someone with some authentic ideas on this subject. I really thank you for beginning it. This web site is something that’s needed on the internet, someone with somewhat originality.

  72. Great post But I visit your forum for complete guide and tips

  73. It is excellent theme….

  74. This is an excellent theme,I want to buy this,but how I can buy this?

  75. Very nice theme,I like it very much…

  76. While installing this theme showing stylesheet is missing.

    • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forums so that our tech support team can assist you.

  77. It is excellent theme. I like it very much.

  78. Awesome Themes !!!!!!

  79. This is a very good idea but Weebly needs to extend its availability to other countries also

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