New Theme: Event

Posted on January 4, 2011 by in Theme Additions | 83 comments

New Theme: Event

I am pleased to announce that our newest theme, Event, has been released today. Event is a unique theme that transforms your WordPress blog into a fully functional events website. All events are managed using standard WordPress posts, and each is displayed in an intuitive calendar on the homepage. The calendar loads content dynamically, and therefore supports an unlimited number events without increasing your initial page load. The calendar supports the display of both future and past event, as showcased in the demo.

Event Features

1. Five Unique Colorschemes – Event comes in five different colors, including Blue, Red, Purple, Teal and Green. YouΒ canΒ switch between your colorschemes at any time from within the ePanel theme options page.

2. Blog SectionEven though the theme’s main feature is the events management system, the theme also supports a standard blog area. These “blog” posts are separated from your events, and are displayed without the additional listings info.

3. Interactive CalendarThe most impressive feature of Event is the homepage calendar. This calendar can display all of your events, past and present, in an intuitive interface. The calendar supports an unlimited number of events, as each is loaded dynamically using ajax. The calendar also supports the addition of multiple events on a single date.

4. Additional Listings InfoEach listing is enhanced by additional info pertaining to the event. This info is easily managed when your write your post via integrated write panels.

5. Intuitive Theme OptionsManaging each event is a breeze due to the custom write panels that have been added to the post editor. When creating your post, simply filling in a few additional fields is all that is required to create your listing.

I hope everyone enjoys the theme. I am eager to hear what you think about our latest creation!

Premade Layouts

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  1. Let me be the first one to comment. Looks great. Will you use it for my next blog

    • Glad to hear it!

  2. Great work as usual Team!

    Worth the wait, and can’t wait to play around with it more.

    Can’t wait for your all upcoming themes.


    • Have fun πŸ™‚

  3. jojojo excellent as always Nick.

  4. Can you give us an example of who/how someone would use this theme?

    • Any venue that hosts events would use this theme to promote their upcoming events.

  5. Looks nice, a good system. A little dark though. Was almost searching for the top menu buttons. πŸ˜‰

    Overal system programming function is very good!

  6. Looks great! But the zip file is corrupt…

    • It’s working now. Sorry about that.

      • Got it! Thanks!

  7. Great job as always. One question: Is there support for recurring events (i.e. repeat every 2 weeks on Tuesday)?

    Since you seem to be moving more in the direction of themes that build upon the existing foundation of WordPress, I wonder if you’ve considered doing a business directory theme (where businesses could be sorted in categories and then have contact information and other basic info associated with them).

    From what I can tell, this is one thing the WordPress community is sorely lacking.

    Or, if anyone knows of a good solution, let me know!

    • directorypress has every feature i can think of for a directory. but i think it costs around $79 so obv would be great if elegantthemes does one πŸ™‚

    • I second the motion.. a business directory would be welcomed – with google maps in ET Settings.

    • It’s definitely something we are considering. Thanks for the suggestion.

  8. Add it as a page template to other themes please!

    • ^^^ Genius.

      So many businesses could use this as a page template because we have events every so often, but not enough to have a dedicated WP installation for it.

    • I’m with you on this. Would love to have this as a page so it functions more like a plug in.

    • I agree this would be great as a page template

  9. love the color variation pretty nice

  10. Sweet, this makes me wanna organize an event πŸ™‚

  11. BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank YOU!

  12. Your work is realy amazing. I would love to be capable to design something like that by myself.
    Would you let me help you translating your themes to spanish?

    • Sure, any help with localization is always appreciated.

    • Felipe I already translated some themes to spanish keep in touch with me. Send me a private message via Twitter at jesuspl

  13. Wow! Great Theme!!! Now I wish I could use it!

  14. can it have multiple events in one day?

    • Yep, you can have multiple events per day. In the demo this is showcased on Feb 10th.

  15. That’s really fantastic start of the Year 2011 Theme!

    Thanks for it.

  16. Does this theme have payment processing functionality for the events through paypal?

    How does event registration work?

  17. Is a very good theme!

    But I would have liked to see him in a light color like white or gray!

    • Yes, can’t agree more, awesome theme BUT is there any chance you could make a lighter colour scheme at all please???

  18. Hi, thanks, I have been waiting eagerly for this.
    Beautifully designed as usual.
    (I was expecting the choice of a white background).

  19. I don’t have an immediate need for this but I wish that I did!!

    Your recent themes are really showing your versatility

    Well done ET!!

  20. Hello Et !

    Thanks as always for yet another excellent theme :^)

    I have a request that I thought I would mention … I thought that a theme where you have to filter through multiple categories would be great.

    so for example when your in a clothes site if you selected jackets and red in the sidebar it would only pull posts tagged with both red and jacket

    I think this would be a great piece of functionality to include in one of your themes.

    All the best!!!

  21. Hello Nick,

    I love that theme. Can I add that calendar and event plugin into askit theme?
    If yes, how to do that?

    • We may consider turning the calendar system into a plugin in the future.

  22. I love this theme…Nick, you rock my world!

  23. Nick, an awesome theme that’s sparked an idea.

    I’d like to re-ask an earlier question (Michael’s) for anyone who has installed the theme or maybe for Nick:

    Do we have the option to make the events recurring?

  24. Won’t use this one Nick but I can see how useful it would be and it looks a million dollars.

  25. Very nice theme and great functionality with the calendar events hover on the homepage.

    I think the only thing that would make it better is more variety in the color schemes. All the color options are very dark, and not too different from each other.

    It would have been nice to see a lighter theme with a white or lighter colored background (which might also lend to easier customization for others)

    Great job!

  26. Template very useful
    Sellers of events, singers, consultants, speakers …
    Excellent work.

  27. I have regular events for my weight loss group. Someone had asked her what you would use this for. I love how you come up with new ideas all the time.

    Keep it up!

  28. Looks fabulous, and spot on for my upcoming Blog about music events! I’m already installing it and peeking under the hood. πŸ™‚

  29. Wow looks epic.

    I will be using this for my Webmaster blog.

    I was looking for a new style and this looks like it is it!

    Good job ET!

  30. No critic ? Seriously ?!

    Is there censorship ?

    It’s not bad but it looks like “Diarise” from Woothemes and i personally think that “Events” theme from Templatic is way much better than these event themes.

    Colors are awful, really. Why so dark ? I Know, we can customize but the first impression don’t please our eyes…

    The “Upcoming Events” section using a calendar don’t match with what i’m observing from professionnal event website that aim for ergonomy. A big slider would be better.

    The “Featured Events” should show an image on the right to catch more interest.

    It could be cool to customize the font with other choices.

    When the reader is on “Blog” posts, there sould be “Upcoming events” listing in a widget on the right side.

    There is no booking system integrated ?!

    Well – I think this work is not completed. It need updates.

  31. Hey Nick. I think this is a really nice concept. I’m thinking about using it for one of my projects. I did notice that you forgot to add the screenshot of the theme to the archive.

  32. If all events are managed using standard WordPress posts, could I view and search in these posts to find for example all concerts 18+ in California?

  33. Pretty!
    Good Work Guys. Loving the “out of the box” approach to writing a wordpress theme.

  34. whats up with the forums?!?!?!? i logged in already and it says successfully logged, then redirecting, but at the forums page i am NOT logged in. i do the whole thing again and again and im still not logged in.

    • If you are having trouble logging in, please send me an email via the contact form.

  35. There are quite a number of frameworks out there. while most of the time i see people talking about how awsome the THESIS framework is for SEO but the conveniently fail to explain why it is so.
    I dont understand a great deal about frameworks and i am planning to just buy a premium theme.What features and advantages does the Elegant themes framework have over other frameworks specifically in terms of SEO?

  36. Hi Nick, excellent piece of work. Don’t bother about comments like from that “Franck” guy, funny actually that negative comments are always posted anonymous, lol. Really brave….
    Keep up your great work Nick, your themes are the most beautiful around.

  37. What about a search by event type? That would be very helpful I would think. Don’t you? A prominent “Search” feature a bit more robust then the default wordpress search

  38. Fantastic new theme Nick! Christmass certainly didn’t distract you did it πŸ˜›

  39. Great Theme Nick – Keep up the awesome work!

  40. I’m looking forward to the day when Elegant Themes decides to support other browers than just Firefox. ET themes are basically unusable in Internet Explorer and often quite ugly in Chrome. This needs to be addressed.

    Have a look at the contact form in this one under IE7

    • Chrome is my main browser, and all our themes perform just fine in it. We are addressing the contact form IE7 problem.

  41. Congrats Nick!

    It’s nice to finally see another events theme on the market. I am going to buy it right now and put up a tutorial on how to integrate with Event Espresso.

    If you all don’t know. Event Espresso is an event registration and management plugin for WordPress. I think it will be a great fit for this theme.

  42. You are so amazing πŸ™‚ I just saw this theme & I really like them πŸ™‚

  43. Keep up the awesome work!
    Great Theme Nick

  44. that was cool theme for 2011

  45. Hey Nick,

    I was trying the “Event” theme as I thought it looked pretty cool. But nothing shows up in the calendar. The calendar shows “January 2000”.

    Any thoughts?

    • If you need help, please open a thread in the support forum.

    • Same problem. Somebody has a answer?

      • Please open a support forum thread and include your URL so we can assist you.

  46. As an event organizer, I’m going to use this for our monthly meetups and annual conferences. It would be great to see some plug ins from event management sites:


  47. How you do exclude Event postings from showing up on the “Recent Posts” widget on the sidebar?

    Much help would be appreciated! Awesome theme by the way, very useful.

  48. I want to ask about recurring event too. For example, 1 week event. This template support for that or not?

  49. Great looking theme Nick. Is there any chance you might extend the functionality of this theme in the future to allow users to register and submit their own events for moderation? Also adding a payment option (paypal, etc) for posting on a per category basis would make this the must have theme!

  50. Really like the theme and considering changing my current theme to this one. Colors are a little dark for me. Can they be changed?

  51. Can’t seem to change the background and calendar date shows 2000.

    When posting an event how can you get it to show on the event date

  52. Hey Nick,

    Great theme! There seems to be a problem where unless there is a post in Blog category, then the calendar (Upcoming Events category) doesn’t work on the homepage?

    And also, for anyone else wondering, to set the date for the calendar, you set the date of the post (top right of edit post screen) on the day of your event.

    Nick, I hope that you can offer a generic ecommerce theme sometime soon, as it is much needed; the current ecommerce cart is great for artwork.

    Also, for alternate colors on themes, I suggest checking out Pantone’s (or perhaps other companies’) color predictions of the year. They are a self-fulfilling prophecy of what shades will be most popular for the year (or more) to come. For example, here are Fall’s colors:

    In general, I typically need white/light gray, corporate-y blue, and beige/brown. But when I do need more colors, for highlights or the overall theme, that’s the source I go to.

    Just a suggestion, but it has worked well for me over the years.

  53. I’m looking to upgrade my existing HTML club listings website into a WordPress installation, and this looks like an interesting candidate!

    Quick question: is there any way I could install it on my existing WordPress installation or would that just make things needlessly complicated?

    Current listings site:
    Current WordPress blog:


  54. i gave access to another administrator and they make the calendar go away, i can’t get it back HELP!!!

  55. I really like this theme for a band website, however I want to center the logo and make it 2-3 times the “event” logo size and have the horizontal background grow down with it. Any help would be appreciated, it’s a great theme, thank you.

  56. Hi!

    I have a problem, my event calendar dosen’t work. I put an event and te home calendar stucks on January 2000.



    • Please open a thread in the support forums so that our tech support team can assist you.

  57. I agree this would be great as a page template

  58. How can i customize the whole background to a different color rather then the texture background, and i am not talking about the theme option color and rather the full black/grayish background??

  59. Hi,

    I don’t know why, but it seems like there’s a problem when I try to change the background with an image. I upload and save and publish, but the background keeps the same.

    Also, I’m having some issues about changing the color of the boxes in the code. I’d like to try other colors besides the 5 options we’ve got available.

    Thank you!

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