New Theme: eStore

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New Theme: eStore

I know it took us a while to finish this theme, but the wait is finally over! eStore is a theme that helps transform your blog into a fully functional online store. It doesn’t offer its own shopping cart, but instead, keeps itself open for integration with already-popular ecommerce plugins. But don’t worry, we make it really easy to integrate certain plugins. In fact, if you choose to use one of the our pre-integrated plugins, no additional setup is required. If you have been looking for an easy way to bring your business online, then look no further. For more info be sure to check out the Live Demo as well as the Features Page.

eStore Features

1. Ecommerce Integration – Instead of developing our own shopping cart system, or building the theme to work around a single plugin, we tried to keep the theme as open as possible so that it would be compatible with a wider array of plugins (and therefore satisfy the needs of a wider audience). We have also done some pre-integration work for two popular plugins: eShop and Simple PayPal Shopping Cart. If you choose to use either of this plugins, they will work with the theme flawlessly and will require no additional setup. Simple PayPal Shopping cart is extremely simple to use, but does not offer the same selection of features that eShop does. I think the functionality provided by each should satisfy every user.

2. Ecommerce Theme Settings – The theme makes it easy to add products. Each product is powered by a normal WordPress post. When you make a post you will notice that a new set of options has been added below the text editor. These options are used to add your product’s price, thumbnails, special offer bands and more.

3. Alternate Colorschemes – eStore comes with 5 different colors. If the default style is not to your liking, then you might consider the Red, Blue, Green or Silver variations.

I hope everyone enjoys the theme. Be sure to drop a comment and let me know what you think!

Premade Layouts

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  1. Finally.. Can’t wait to play with this. Thanks Nick..

    (Maybe it would be interesting idea to create some ET store plugin, so other themes can integrate it.)

    • Lol me too i thought it never going to come out soon

      • wow!
        this is what I am waiting for since you announced many months ago.

        great work elegantthemes!

    • Hi Guys,

      Please get back to me if any of you are web developers with substantial experience with the wp estore theme.

      I need some work to be done on a website.

  2. Looks so phenomenal. Hopefully now people will shut their gobs about it’s release…or keep their mouths gaped open salivating over the themes beautiful design.

    • Agreed … that the theme looks good.

      I don’t agree, though, that people need to “shut their gobs about it’s [sic] release.”

      I think it is cool that folks are excited to see Nick’s work on estore, so I can’t really blame them for being anxious for it.

      Anyway, nice work, Nick.

      • It was more a statement about the people who seemed to be badgering him about it, not for the rest of us who were just on the edge of our seats for it…that’s all.

  3. Looks drop dead gorgeous. Still can’t believe how great a deal these themes are. Nick, your skills are exponentially improving.

    Quick question, I only see (in the image above) that there’s one spot to enter a price. What about for an item that is more expensive for, say, a different size? Is there room to input a different price for each size item?

    I’m guessing this would be handled by our particular choice of shopping carts but just wanted to inquire. Thanks as always!

    • There’s only room for one price on index/home pages. But if you use the eShop plugin, you can have different prices for different variations of the product on the post page. When user’s click “add to cart” they will see different pricing options if you have defined them.

      • fantastic! i figured but wanted to ask. you are a god among men.

      • Nick
        I love your themes but integrating junk plugins like wp-commerce don’t seem to work. Is that plugin one that should work will all your themes.

        Thanks and keep up the excellent work

  4. Beautiful job!

  5. yippeeeeeeee
    Looks great! I am excited about this!

  6. Great Job Nick! By far the most beautiful theme on ET.

  7. how do I set the amount available? incase i ran out of a product

  8. Looks great Nick!
    Question: Would this work for consulting “services”, or just “products” for sale? Sorry if this sounds like an elementary question, but I’m not a web master…your themes are great…would like to use one for my startup.

    • I think you would have more luck integrating an ecommerce plugin into one of our other themes that has a design that is more suitable for your business.

      • Agree…I love the Professional [and the MyApp, which I hope to use as well], but know nothing about how “integrating an ecommerce plugin” would work. Please inform, thanks!

        • It’s as simple as finding an e-commerce wp plugin like wp e-commerce, shopp, or eshop. Install the plugin, activate it, and then tweak away! It takes a long time to get everything how you like but you could really do the whole thing without much coding knowledge. Hope that helps!

          • Thanks Jeff! I have no coding knowledge, so I hope I can proceed per your directions. I’ve been told even w/o coding that wp sites are doable…I guess I’ll find out.

          • I’ll like to know how do you get the dropdown effect when you click add to card with eshop it does not at this spot but at the product information module. can you help me to fix that, thks

      • Hi Nick,

        Awesome work! I would like to hire you for a custom wordpress website. It will be worth your while to call me at 954.560.7685.

  9. Or, do you have other themes that include ecommerce integration [at least paypal]?

  10. Very nice work Nick!
    I don’t have access to members area (yet) so I’m wondering do you have some specific video tutorials for this theme as it is somewhat different form all your other themes? If not it would be great for beginners to watch step by step tutorial how to set up simple and functional web shop.

  11. This theme is amazing, currently I just run some niche blogs, but now I want a niche store just to use this theme on!

  12. Wow, this one is hot. I can’t wait to test it’s functionality.

  13. just amazing nick, well done because l have been waiting long time to see this and cant wait to try my own demo ;))

  14. Y – E – A – H !!!

    Okay, who among us is going to be the first to get a client site up and running on this awesome theme.

    I hope it’s me! But I’m busy on something different (using an Elegant Themes theme) at the moment.


  15. Simply Inspirational: I’ve spent the last four hours coming up with an idea for an E-Store so I can use this theme…just thought of a stellar one. Thanks!

  16. Stunning — as usual! The design is very original! Great job 🙂

  17. As always impressive work Nick and I do hope to use it.

    Question: is this theme better set up to work with privately held products or more affiliate-based products ie: Amazon or click bank?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Devin, Did you receive a response? I would also like to know the answer. THanks!

  18. Oh! so professional! It’s a beauty! Thank you Nick!

  19. This is just so beautiful….

  20. Another milestone achieved a great theme for shopping websites

  21. OH this is *just* what I have been looking for, for a side project of mine. Thank you SO much for such an awesome theme.

    Thou rocketh, you know that?

  22. making e-commerce look very puuurrty! Installing immediately. Thank u!

  23. it’s really worth the waiting! It looks really great!

  24. Again a really Fantastic theme! And although it is working with eshop i’d like to try this with the wp-ecommerce webshop plugin (already bought this one) 😉

    We’ll see, but the the theme is super.

  25. can you give a dummy content ? :°) thx a lot.

    • ?? :/

  26. This is probably the best e-comm theme I’ve seen, great stuff, very beautiful.

    But …. when you click “Add to cart” it doesn’t add it to the cart at all. All is does is activate the drop down and you have to click “add to cart again”. I think this is a bad mistake.

    Basic e-comm marketing always is to minimize the clicks to purchase, and this is simply confusing for customers.

    • This this so in case you have multiple variations of the product. For example, different colored shirts. You would need to choose how many of each color you wanted to buy. If you use the Simply PayPal Shoppingcart plugin, then it will add to cart automatically.

  27. Hey Nick,

    Thanks for the incredible theme again!
    It looks very awesome,
    I mean really! 🙂

  28. Incredible! Stunning! Great!

  29. Excelent news I need something like this!

  30. AWESOME theme !!!!
    just a quick question – does in let You to have larger pics of the products (like lightbox stuff) ?

  31. Great addition to your theme store.The theme can give tough competition to other eCommerce theme provider. An eyebrow raising theme for your rival company.

  32. What a relief! I literally had a few projects on hold until this theme came out! Now these projects have been on hold now for around a year! LOL!!! But I’m glad it finally came out and I can start working on them.


  33. This is out of my prediction … great job Nick!

  34. Can we have a showcase of websites already using this nice theme?


  35. Absolutly Amazing!

    Can this theme work with credit card also?

  36. The best theme i have ever seen so far in the field of e-commerce.

  37. can i use your theme to design websites in after buying developer license.

  38. Can the thumbnails be posted without the small balloon showing the price?

  39. Hi Raj,
    any chance you can give me a hand with the installation. I’m getting an error when I try to upload the file.

    It also says that the sheetstyle is missing. Is this to do with the new version of wordpress??


    • visit ur FTP server & change settings for upload folder to universal i.e 777

  40. Awesome theme.!!!

    Is there anyway I can get the language selection on the front pages to display the store in the right language?
    Can it be used a simple catalog, I mean without using the Add to cart and checkout process?

  41. can i use your theme to design websites in after buying developer license

    • Great slider for the second one.. But I prefer the look of the elegant themes. <3

    • I work with websites everyday, and provide solutions for many clients. The technology behind the first “slider” isn’t that great. It’s very plain, and in my opinion doesn’t compete with where the market is today.

      The second one is flat out repulsive. I can’t see anyone in a business environment wanting something like that. It looks as if the code for the slider was generated to come up with the design and mechanics of it.

      Elegant Themes is by far the best WordPress Template site on the internet today. I have memberships at several other sites as well. I now find myself not even really going to them anymore.

      Keep up the good work Nick!

      • Nice slider, BUT … that slider has been absolutely thrashed lately by almost every theme designer. Very soon you will be groaning when you see a site with it.

        It’s much better to have solid, good looking “bones” to a site than the latest plugin.

  42. Nick,

    Very nice theme. Really looking forward to trying it on one of my ‘store’ blogs soon.

  43. Hi Nick its beautiful theme but i feel sad that this theme already on warez sites. Don’t you take any measure to prevent this ? I know its impossible but a hard work is exploited 🙁

    • oh man, really? Its on warez? Ermm it is a bad sign for us, subscriber here.

      I believed nick is on his move to tackle this problem.

      I want to be unique! Please no warez.

  44. please add comment section for eshop! I need it.

    Btw good job! Keep it up.

    Anyone can guide me how to create comment section for eshop?

  45. Nick did you use a plugin to setup your navigation for the categories? I noticed in the code that it uses cufon, and I was wondering if you used a plugin for this feature. If you could let me know that would be great. Thanks!

  46. Anyone here using this theme with WP e-Commerce plugin? Do they work perfectly with no issues and conflicts?

    • Like to know this too…

    • The theme has not been integrated with wp e-Commerce I’m afraid.

      • That’s too bad. I’ve been using WP e-Commerce plugin for one of my store. I just don’t wanna switch to eShop and reconfigure those settings, that’s gonna be a lot of works.

        I’d appreciate if there will be a new version of eStore theme that builds perfectly for WP e-Commerce plugin too.

        By the way WP e-Commerce is the most used WordPress store plugin as shown in the stats.

        Thanks Nick.

        • I agree… when is this going to happen?

  47. This theme is sooo awesome. Now the only thing I need is an eCommerce store so I can use it!

  48. i just noticed my eshop doesnt look the same as the demo. why is it? im using default css. if you guys check the navigation below the homepage, it doesnt look like what in the demo.

    secondly, the sidebar, if put more than one widget, its broken.

    how many MB for this theme?

    i checked mine, its only 4.7mb.

    Please respond Nick

    • Please open a thread in the support forum and we will assist you.

  49. Awesome work as ever, Nick.

    I just need to think of a project to go with the theme now 😉

  50. Hi Nick,

    Your designs are so fluid I love them! This one is the best e-commerce them I have seen! Great work. I have already purchased the shopp plugin, and I really like it, wondering if you or anyone here has used shopp with this theme…are they compatible?


    • like to know this too, i just buy the shopp plugins, and its not working in the themes. or maybe i installed it wrong.

      need feedback please : )

      thank you

      • As stated in the documentation of this template it is integrated with eShop and Simple Paypal Shopping Cart. One could only assume that any other ecommerce solution would require work for it to integrate properly

  51. I love the new e-store with one exception. No Zoom on the product view page. It is a fabulous looking store…. I mean it, but the only thing that makes me sigh is the lack of product zoom. I believe that zooming in to get a better look at what you’re buying is… ESSENTIAL. Just my opinion.

    PS. Any chance of adding a Zoom feature on future updates?

    Stavros Tosounidis

  52. Awesome theme!!!! Congratulations!!!

    I’m still have a problem with currency sign when trying to configure euros. I put ‘€’ sign in configuration panel but when i refresh my page products appear without currency sign (eg.: 350).

    Can anybody help me?

    • I have the same problem with the £ sign- did you ever find a fix?

  53. hi,
    can the estore be used with PrestaShop?

  54. I have installed the theme, but neither the images are showing, nor the slider is working…what can be the possible reasons?

    • Check out the member forums. Lots of help in there. I had some issues to begin with. The problem was a conflicting plugin. After deactivating it, everything was fine. Hope you get it figured out.

      • Hello Ryan. Thumbnail images when I add the panel “ET Settings” does not appear, do exactly as the tutorial I gave permission to the folder “cache” and still does not work, insist on the photo thumbnails do not appear. Does a conflict of plugin, or something missing?


  55. Love the site so much that I upgraded to the Developer license so I could use it for a client. My only regret is that I don’t have anything to sell, because now I want to open an online store with this beauty!

  56. A masterpiece!

    One comment. Seems like adsense code was not included in Epanel/Ad management.

  57. Wow…! This theme blow me away! 😀 I really love the layout and its cleanness… Btw, how do you make description for those categories like that? Do you have to chose different fonts, or edit it somehow?

    • i have the same problem here….

      anyone can help???

    • Im having the same problem.
      can someone tell me how to add the description to the menu?

      • Did anyone got the white description in this theme? I really need that… please if anyone figured out.. tell us!

    • Did anyone got the white description in this theme? I really need that… please if anyone figured out.. tell us!!!

      • If you need help, please open a thread in the support forum and we will assist you.

  58. This is really great theme! Btw, in the Categories panel how do you create description for the menu? I mean those shade small texts below strong white ones? I don’t see anywhere to edit Categories text like that 🙁


      Setting up the categories navigation bar correctly.

      This theme was made to be used with the new Nav Menu system introduced in WordPress 3.0. If you are running WordPress 3.0, then you can customize your navigation bar using the Appearances > Menus tab in wp-admin. The links added to the categories navigation bar will need descriptions before they will function correctly. These are the very short, 2-3 word blurbs that appear in gray below the larger white title of the category. To add these descriptions we need to first enabled link descriptions from within wp-admin. Once inside the Appearances > Menus page, click the “screen options” link on the top of your screen. Under “Show advanced menu properties,” check the “Descriptions” option. Now when you add a link to your menu bar there will be a new field that you can fill out called “Description.” This should be filled out for all of your category navigation links.

  59. Hey Nick, how about implementing the use of affiliate external links to ebay, amazon stores etc, basically a custom field to display buttons to link externally.. that would be awesome for those of us who don’t need to use eshop.

    • I was wondering whether you received a response to your question, as I would also like to know the answer. Thanks!

  60. Really great theme!

    I want use my shop site 🙂


  61. Hello, relevant log plug-in, pagenavi plug-in. How to set?

  62. When we get our site up and running we want to list items out of our inventory for sale and some Amazon affiliate items as well. Will this them handle both?

  63. Good looking theme, and the one I’ve seen so far that would fit my up-and-coming children’s clothes store the best -IF it’s “international friendly”? By this I mean easy customization of tax rates, post- and shipping rates, placement of comma separator/sign, being able to drop the dollar sign on the price tags and do-able to translate to mention some. Any comments on this? If all this is possible (and more) I’m buying it! 🙂

  64. Congratulations on the theme that would simply be spectacular, but I’m facing a small problem if anyone can help me, I will be grateful. The thumbnail images on the panel added “ET Settings” does not appear, do exactly as shown in the settings, I gave permission to the folder “cache” and still does not work, insist on the photo thumbnails do not appear. Does a conflict of plugin, or something missing?


  65. Hello everyone.
    Why do some characters on prices, for example &tilde, &euro, are not displayed?

  66. Oh yes… love it.
    More and more clients are asking for eCommerce type sites.

    Next time I’m asked, I know where to come.

    Fantastic work – still the best themes on the web.

  67. This really is what i’ve been looking for. I will join this site because i am not a member yet. I was wondering, the comments area is closed, or completely removed? I am interested to have comments under each post (product).

  68. Hi Nick;

    Yo said “It doesn’t offer its own shopping cart, but instead, keeps itself open for integration with already-popular ecommerce plugins”.

    Can you tell me which ecommerce plugins recommended?

  69. Hello,

    I’ve sent a few presale questions through the contact form in order to decide if I will buy this theme.
    Please could I have an answer? It will be of a great help as I have to start a store project these days.

    Thank you!

  70. Ciao!

    Could I use a normal blog post template in this theme?


  71. Hi, when I enter into pdt page, it shows the “add to cart” button beside the price and also the eShop cart below… This means that the “Add to Cart” button is redundant. Any idea how to make it works as per your demo site?

    For the demo site, the eShop only displays after the “Add to Cart” button is clicked.

    Thank you.

    • Same here! Did you ever resolve this?

      • If you need help using the theme, please open a thread in our tech support forums.

  72. Hey Nick,

    Very nice WordPress theme. Is there an option for the post to appear like normal blog post?

    • Yes, I am also curious about this. Is this an option with this theme?

  73. The support team is brilliant.
    Thanks altinkan

  74. I simply love this design. But even thought this is your first attempt at making a shop design I must admit that I’m a little disappointed with the shopping basket system. I’d really love to see something similar to the one in this theme (but I still like your theme better).

  75. I too wanted to make some questions, in particular if one can zoom on the images, which has already been asked several times, but reading this thread is appalling so I too will be looking somewhere else.

    I don’t get the point of selling tons of themes at $39 if support is crap and many features are missing. No wonder people get them nulled. Sell a bit higher and hire a guy to answer questions.

  76. Hi guys,

    I only glanced at the post titled ” Presale questions unanswered” on October 27, 2010 at 3:58pm.

    Just so you know, the support these guys offer is FANTASTIC! its totally out of this world! They dont support here though. If you want to access the support which is pretty much one to one then you need to navigate to the support menu at the top and use the appropriate link.

    Feel free to check out

    it was made by me (a total novice) using the themes from here, being guided by the great supporters here. 😀

  77. How can I setup the background color for each photo in the Slider (1400x501px) ?
    Thank you.

  78. I cant make work the button “Add to cart” with the eshop plugin, can anybody please give me the instructions to make it work?


    • hey fernando did you solve this – I have the same issue using eshop pug – the add to cart doesnt prompt any action.

  79. thank for great theme. But estore can’t use plugin AIO Seo pack because description product is bug with AIO

  80. I need help in ET settings, i can not insert my code in ET settings, after update the configuration before is missing, and there nothing changes in pages.
    for ex, price. i have been insert 1200 and when i submit it, its gone.

    is there somethingwrong in the privilages or config, because i made it in my local, and supposed to be 777 in all folder.

    any help will be appreciated. thanks elegant

    • If you need help, please open a thread in the support forum and we will be happy to assist you.

  81. Is there a way to remove the ‘Add to Cart’ button altogether?

    My site uses affiliate links generated by another plugin so I don’t want the ‘Add to Cart’ to show up at all. How do I remove it?


    • Never mind … I just set the display style to ‘none’ via CSS – though there must be a better way of achieving this.

      • which style did you disabled? sorry for my english

      • yeah, how to remove add to cart?can you tell me?

  82. when i upload the theme i just cant keep font in the section like: MANS CLOTHING / INTERIOR DESIGN

    how can i set up font can any one help please

    • Please open a thread in the support forum if you need help.

  83. Anyone know how can I remove the breadcrumbs?

  84. Excellent, hope to see more created like this…Nice!!!

  85. Dear Nick,

    To me this is the best theme from elegantthemes. I would like to suggest you to attach a instructional guidebook with the theme. It is not so easy to work like other themes. Specially menu portion. Also you should work on widgets. I wanted to place my adsense code without any label. After that my sidebar just gets broken.

    Wonderful theme and please upgrade with more powerful options. Do promote this theme. This will rock…

  86. the estore theme comes with an add to cart button but I can’t seem to get it connected to eshop’s cart. Do I have to post my products in pages rather than posts for it to work? HELP!!!!! 🙁

    • did u solve it?…I am having the same issue..I need ur help.

      • Did you ever solve this? Same issue here.

        • Please use the support forum for technical assistance.

  87. Hey, echoing the great comments on this theme – really slick I love it.

    Quick question – anyone recommend a good way to implement a lightbox style pop up for product images embedded into product pages (via posts)? I tried the Lightbox 2 plugin but it didn’t seem to like it…


  88. How can I use the add to cart button with another shopping cart software or remove the button?

  89. Hi i an using the eShop plugin but is there any way i can take the add to cart button that comes with the plugin and use the already existing add to cart button.

  90. Hi,

    If I buy e-store, can I use it for my multi-site?


  91. Hi,

    I’m very impressed with this theme,,, I’ve bought many themes in websites like ThemeForest but I’ve never been as happy as with Elegant Themes..
    Easy to use, a lot of shortcodes, video tutoriales… excellent!! really!

    I’ve got just a little question: How could I change the cufon for “Raleway_250.font.js”… I just think is not legible at lower sizes… I’ve got another “.font.js” but when I just replace the content of the “.font.js” I get error…

    Thank you and congratulations!

  92. Amazing theme! Can’t wait to finish editing it locally to finally publish it on my site.

  93. I think it’s an eShop setting in the demo, but can the links to “Continue Shopping” and “Proceed to Checkout” be replaced with more prominent buttons?

  94. help pls…to start…
    how do I place an image for a background on my main page?

  95. Also, can I have more than one product for sale on each page or does each product need its own page?
    thx so much!

  96. Hi, awesome theme, looks great.
    just a quick question, does all the shortcodes listed on elegnanttheme site working with estore?
    for example, if I want to creat a page, and add a “Corporate Pricing Tables” (No.13 from, does it work or not?

  97. i CANNOT INTEGRATE estore with eshop! i thought it was already integrated? anyway, the thumbnails arent working either for me.. it just doesnt show up.

    i would like to know too how to make the add to cart button functional with eshop, like many before me have asked. there’s still no solution? i love the theme so much, i dont want to change it because of this! anyway, good job on the beautiful theme 🙂

    • Please open a thread in the forums if you need help.

  98. Having the same problem as many before. Cannot get the eStore theme “Add to cart” button to work with the eShop plugin.

    Is there a specific verison I need to use? A lot of people are asking this question; will someone answer it?

    • Please open a thread in the support forum if you need assistance.

  99. This theme is beautiful! I have an older version and am wondering about updates? In the latest version can we also have a blog index page? I’m having to renew my membership if the functionality has been updated. Thanks in advance.

  100. The index page got some problem…appear blank and display only “0) echo(‘
    ‘); ?>” at Index page.
    How to solve the problem to configure elegant themes…………..

    • Please open a thread in the support forum and we will be happy to assist you.

  101. Hi . Plz tell me why this theme haven’t comments under post . I can’t not find how to enable comment in my blog use this theme . Default wordpress theme have .

  102. No body help me . I enable comment funtion in my blog seting but when i goto the post ? No comment form under post . It is inportain for my blog . How to enable comments in this theme?

  103. Hi nick ive been using the estore theme and now im missing the categories in the nav bar how can i fix this. Please help!

  104. Hi Nick,
    Is there any way to remove the “Add To Cart” button….i just wanna display the products and not sell them.!

  105. Hi, what is the latest version available? This solved timthum vulnerabilities? Thanks!

  106. hi all…
    add to -cart , -check out no working

    • Please open a thread in the support forum so that we can assist you.

  107. I want to install this theme. But as I’ve read in diff. posts I think I would probably have problems with cyrillic (russian)symbols (still don’t understand how and where to embed сufon in wordpress), image thumbnails,cart botton etc. Are such problems to be solved using prepaid membership in your groupe? I’m not strong in coding and want only to install an fill in my shop to start selling. Is it possible not to meet such problems with help of localization or smth else what gives membership?
    many thanks

    • Yes I have the same problem…

  108. how to add list of products on page?

  109. I only see (in the image above) that there’s one spot to enter a price. What about for an item that is more expensive for. Thanks..

  110. Hi Can someone tell me all plugins name. And if this template will work wordpress 3.2.1. I would be very grateful.

  111. Hi how I can do the same menu from demo to my website ?

  112. really nice designs and themes have made a step in front of your competitors in terms of ease of use, congratulations ..

  113. can i knw how to use this cufon replacement..
    ur theme is awesom



  114. Don’t work menu!
    MENS CLOTHING -not see
    improve your look – yes see

    whats wrong?
    i’m russian, exuseme my english :/

  115. I have do the same menu from demo

  116. really very nice designs of ecommerce websites and i also liked the templates, widgets in the websites. very attractive and interactive features of websites. really great work.

  117. I like this plugin but can somebody help me out on which comment box plugin is compatible with this theme?

    I’m thinking about changing it to boutique theme since it has a comment box but the price tag looks too big unlike in the estore where it looks more discreet. Thank you!

  118. How do you get the image in the secondary menu item navigation. Example “Mens Clothing” in the screenshot on this page

  119. Hi, How I can change font as default cofun. in title you can see it is not as by default font. please help me asap. Thanks

  120. Does anyone ‘really ANYONE’ know the menu description question asked by Marcos, Mauricio, Zoker, Weather, Excal ?? PLEASE!!

    • Please refer to the readme file for more info on how to set up the menus.

  121. Hi, is it easy to add a blog to estore? Also is it possible to use two themes for one website? Do people do this? For example, use Simple Press as blogging and main home page. Then have a link to my store in which I offer products. When people click here, it will take them to my estore theme. Does that make sense? Or, am I making things too difficult? I’m only think this way because I’m not sure I would know how to add a blog to estore. I’m a complete newbie. Your advice is much appreciated. Thank you!

  122. Wow, 1 week, no replies. Email direct to ET also not replied. ET don’t bother with newbies?

  123. nice theme…:D

  124. Hello, how can i use euro instead of dollars ($–>€).
    When i put € in the estore theme option, it’s not displayed on my pages.

  125. How can i remove Featured Product Background Color from new post page. I was to remove some fields from the Add post page.

  126. Hi i’m using the estore and its amazing!
    but i wanna upload more than 4 images per product, is it possible? pls urgent!

  127. Hi, the automatic thumbnail resizing is screwing up all my images. Every image seems to be either cutoff or off center. Please let me know the best way to upload images for each product. Should I crop them a certain size?

  128. Hi!
    Does this with free eCommerce plugin?


  129. Hi Nick,

    I am really interested in this eStore theme and will therefore join ET. Since I am a newbie in coding I was wondering if meenwhile other cart systems than eShop and Simple Paypal Shopping Cart like the ones supported by the Boutique theme are integrated nativelly. I mean …

    WP eCommerce

    Otherwise I am a little scared that I will not get it working.
    Thanks in advance.



  130. Hi i was wondering if any one could help me im trying to make my menu like the one above but my is not putting the menu in the big white writing how do i change it of amend it is there a setting im missing out ?

  131. do you have a live tutorial for eshopa and estore?Is this safe paying method?

  132. Just found out, to change the currency sign, you need to go to Appearance > eStore Theme Options > General Settings

    In the General Tab, there is a Currency Sign field.

    Good Luck.. 🙂

  133. hi i want to ask that i want 5 product thumbnail in ET setting Under post or page. can you help me what can i do for this

  134. i am new in wordpress….how i used slider in this theme….

    • If you need help, please open a thread in our forums so that our tech support team can assist you.

      • Hello I cannot get my eshop/shopping cart to work/configure it so I can start to sell my products and I would also like to set up an option for sizes in my shopping cart. I would also like to take down my navigation bar completely but can’t figure out how to and if I could do through the CSS not sure which page holds the coding for the navigation banner. If anyone could help me with all this please get at me, I would appreciate your help.

        • If you could please open a thread in our support forums, we would be happy to assist you with any trouble you are having.

  135. Does this theme support mp4 movie files

  136. Hi,

    is there a possibility to upload more products at once
    with description and links?

    best regards

  137. I noticed the cufons on the right side side navigation will appear ON TOP of the add to cart options (ie if you have a long line of text in the add to cart description, it somehow appears UNDER the cufon pictures). Is there any way to fix that?

    • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forum so that our team can assist you.

  138. how to change heading fonts??? all theme is just perfect but i don’t like the heading fonts can you please guide me how to change the fonts? though i have tried to change code but i wont work it behaves like a image its canvas please help me out asap.

    thanks in advance…

    • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

  139. Hi,

    I really like the look of this theme and am seriously considering purchasing it to develop a art gallery site. I have a concern that when clicking on images is there a facility to increase their size when they pop out?

    • The theme does not have a lightbox feature by default I am afraid. For this you would need to use a third party plugin.

  140. love the theme, but I have a question…

    “2. Ecommerce Theme Settings – The theme makes it easy to add products. Each product is powered by a normal WordPress post. When you make a post you will notice that a new set of options has been added below the text editor. These options are used to add your product’s price, thumbnails, special offer bands and more.”

    How can I switch this to use woo-commerce product categories in the main menu instead of post categories?

  141. I set-up a website for a client last year using this theme, but have only discovered now that it is not possible to respond to blog posts made by the site owner. This is the only downside I have experienced.

  142. can anyone knows how to integrate estore theme with woo-commerce

    • The theme is already compatible with WooCommerce. You can install and run WooCommerce normally.

  143. what about slider it is not working with woocommerce.its add to cart not working

    • If you need help with something, please open a ticket in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

  144. Any way to intergrate this with wp e-commerce? it doesn’t seem to support the et settings product functions. (wp e-commerce has features i will need that woocommerce doesn’t have)


    • I am afraid the theme does not support wp eCommerce at this time.

  145. Where do we insert adsense code?

  146. Hi all,

    Who know the best ecommerce plugin for this theme.
    Please tell me…


    • We would recommend WooCommerce.

  147. Hi,

    I am using this theme and eshop plugin. However i receive the following warning in a yellow box in my backend of wordpress. What’s happening?

    Warning: The developers of eShop will not support anyone using a theme from Elegant Themes.eshop


    • The theme no longer supports eShop (for some time now). We moved to WooCommerce, which is a far superior plugin.

      • Okay. Does woocommerce has a drop down option for the products?

  148. Hi,

    Happy New Year! I have trouble fixing woocommerce with estore. The products doesn’t show up on the front page banners. Would appreciate your help! Thanks!

  149. I am considering buying this theme, but I would really like to know if a blog post can be made to look like a regular post, instead of a product page. I have seen this question asked several times, but with no replies.

    • Also, is it possible to make all the product boxes on the pages all be the same sizes?

      For example, on this page of your demo:

      3rd product at the top (Summer Style) has a shorter description than the other items, and so its box is shorter. But this throws off the box below it, and the band looks like it is hanging in mid-air instead of off the top of the product box.

    • A month and no reply. I also sent an email and I have not seen a reply to that either. Do they reply to emails from paying customers?

  150. Hi,
    Is there a way to put my company name on the home page instead of eStore?


    PS: Love the theme!

  151. Hi Nick…

    I have installed the eStore theme… but i cant understand how to make my home page with my own product. Is it possible by product or by post ?
    and the Deals of thje day , i have tried so many times but it has not come to my home page or any other pages. i followed all the process from the eStore theme Readme…

    But failed.
    So Please help me.

    Thanks in Advance !!

    • If you need help with anything, please open a ticket in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

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