New Theme: ePhoto

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New Theme: ePhoto

I have finished a new theme today titled ePhoto. You can view the live demo and features page for more details. This is a photography theme, but can certainly be used to showcase other digital imagery as well. The idea behind this theme was to give the photos themselves to most prominence. I tried to keep the layout clear and simple while at the same time spicing things up a bit with jQuery effects. The theme comes with three widgetized areas. The footer, where the Featured, Random and Rated images are being displayed is widget ready. You can remove each of the featured, random and rated photo displays individually via the Theme Options Page to make room for footer widgets. Both the sidebar on the homepage (where the about me box is) as well as the sidebar on post/index pages are also widgetized.

With this theme I made sure to include the ability to create a blog section that is separate from the photos display. Creating your blog and adding it to the theme is easy, and is handled through the ePhoto Theme Options page. Just create a category called “Blog,” enable the Blog navigation link in the options page and you’re all set. Any posts added to the blog category are removed from the photo pages. The blog section and blog posts have been customized with a more blog-oriented layout, focusing on content rather than the images.

When displaying imagery it is usually best to have a neutral colored layout. For this reason I didn’t focus much an creating additional color schemes, as I assume most people would want to use the Black version. However, I have included a blue variation just in case!

The theme comes with all the standard features that frequent my collection. I have also integrated the upgraded theme options page from eBusiness to insure a userfriendly experience.

That about sums it up. I hope everyone is doing well! On a side-note, I am looking to hire someone with css/xhtml/php/wordpress experience to help me out in the forums. If you are interested be sure to send me an email. One of my main goals in the coming months will be to improve forum responds time and create more in-depth theme documentation and tutorials. Getting some more people on board is the first step!

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    • yup!
      its a long wait and now comes a new photo themes.

      • Wonderfull and this is what l was looking for after nice holiday on turkey.

        well done nick.

      • Wow, This is a sick theme. I just checked with all browsers and everything running smooth. Good job Nick.

      • It was great, this is Wp theme for the photographers do their own photo blog, I am working in bridal array will cover this theme for those of you making my photographer.

        • So cool, I do the same with your point about using this theme


    • Oh! Great work!! The best theme WP for Photografer

    • I agree with you 🙂 great looking theme.I will try this theme asap! this theme will be perfect choice for my photo blog.thanks

  1. woo.. excelent nick!!
    soft.. dark…


    i will check it and a will make a better comment 😛

  2. Great great release 😀

  3. Guys, this site keeps getting better. You know what. I’ve started to create sites based on what your coming up as opposed to finding the best theme for my sites. NICE!!

  4. Great!

    Have been following your templates from the first one, but first now I joined since I might have use for this nice theme!

    Anyway, I just wish that the PSD was given sliced. It would be easier to change colors ….

    Great work!

  5. I just set up a photo “portfolio” using WP and “Yet Another Photoblog” plugin.

    Any idea how this theme would work with that plugin? (I ask because I’ve seen less than stellar results with some other photoblog themes and the YAP plugin.)


  6. Style.css in the archive is for PureType. Not that it matters, except it’s a little confusing when trying to find is in the wp admin themes list.

    • Oops, I changed it. Thanks for letting me know.

  7. wow, as a wannabe photo without a site you just gave me a reason to put one up. Thanks a whole lotta bunches.

  8. hmm, wheres the blog layout and like the normal layout option?

  9. One other thing, the Featured Article information is not in the ePhoto FAQ. I figured it out from the PureType readme, but you might want to keep that all together.

    Also, what do you recommend for vertical (i.e. portrait oriented) photos? Here’s what they look like now:

    • this theme version is using TimThumb PHP Script that will allows you to customize sized version of an image and will produce a cropped. The featured section of this theme whose thumbnail images are set to a limit size of “h=364px and w=655px”. Any images whose dimensions below to the set limit will produced a tile image result.

      • I can see that. What I’m asking is if any thought had been given for accommodating photos that are h=655px and w=364px. This is a beautiful template, but if it only supports photos that have a horizontal (landscape) orientation, it’s not particularly useful to me (or a lot of other photographers).

  10. Wow, stunning work! Very impressive.

  11. Very beautiful Theme !!!!
    I’am gonna try it
    Thanks !!

  12. great theme, I like it and i have add it to my blog.

  13. God only knows how I got to this website.

    It is humbling to sometimes get reminded how

    big the web really is.

    That you still have to search and ometimes

    get lucky to find great theme sites

    services and great prices

    like these

  14. Gorgeous! Love it!

  15. Beautiful theme. Great work

  16. Wonderful!!! I’ve been waiting for something like this. It is awesome. Thank you!

  17. Nice work Good template

  18. Damn, now I must wait ’till the work is over to test it… wait, work can wait 😉
    Anyway incredible design.

  19. this really is BEAUTIFULL !!!!!!!!

    I just loooooove it, great work !! it’s such a joy to have registered for such a high quality service, you really do a great job, please keep on like this !!

    a big fan

  20. Great design and I especially like having the “blog” as well as the photo categories. I already have a website that will benefit greatly from this superb theme.

  21. Hey ;
    ithink you should make poll for the upcoming theme type

  22. Heyy this design is very beautiful, but she is only for gallery 🙁 If you make normal theme for blog with this design, very peoples will use it 🙂

  23. excellent theme nick!

    just the thing i needed for my photogallery with blog features!

    thanks again, keep up the good work

  24. The amount of value you offer is amazing. There is at least on other dude like you in the community. Just blown away by the quality of this latest release.

    ps the only reason that other guy is even on same playing field is because although he does not have your artistic flare, he give his stuff away at this point in time

  25. Another great one – you always manage to provide different ideas, beautiful designs and high quality! Congrats and thanks!

  26. Theme looks impressive.

  27. What an amazing new theme. I just wish you’d switch from using timthumb to Justin Tadlock’s get-the-image, since timthumb doesn’t work for WPMU — thus making most of your themes inoperable in MU, were I do a great deal of my web design

  28. For instance, I’m really psyched to use your theme at but much as I try to adapt it to use get-the-image, it’s challenging, since the two plugins work so differently. Can’t wait til either get-the-image becomes the WP standard or timthumb is adapted fro MU.

  29. You keep amazing me with the beautiful themes you put together.

  30. Can I integrated HD video in the theme ??

    Very beautiful !


  31. A similar theme with video gallery would be fantastic

    • exactly my thoughts. A multimedia theme which can showcase images/flash/videos simultaneously would be awesome.

  32. Please include a white/light grey style as well.

  33. gr8 wordpress theme… i will use this theme my photo gallery.. nice work

  34. This is an excellent theme man. I only wish it could handle animated media (Flash/Videos) as well.

    Is it possible? or can you work out something which could handle all kind of media. A Multimedia theme?

  35. Sorry, in my previous comment the editor has removed a tag I was talking about… I publish the post again to make the meaning clear. If you want to remove the previous comment, go on!

    Great work!
    I’ve searched for a long time a good photo theme and none has ever satisfied me. Even when the design was good, there were problem with the theme customization and configuration.
    With your themes I know I won’t have any problem, I’ve already produced some websites with your themes and, after an initial setup to make them compatible with plugins and customers requests, they work smoothly.

    Just an observation: In all the themes so far you used for sidebar titles… since is an important tag for SEO, and I don’t want google to indicize words like “categories” or “recent articles” I always had to change the themes to use a generic and put to better use. If you could change this thing in your future works, I’ll be glad…

    Thanks again for you wonderful work!

  36. 🙂 LOL! the tag keeps vanishing!

    I try again!

    Just an observation: In all the themes so far you used H3 for styling sidebar titles… since H3 is an important tag for SEO, and I don’t want google to indicize words like “categories” or “recent articles” I always had to change the themes to use a generic DIV and put H3 to better use. If you could change this thing in your future works, I’ll be glad…

  37. Amazing theme.
    your last few themes have been some of the greatest available for WordPress.

    Great Job.

  38. Nick

    Your work gets better and better. Congrats.

    This one shows a more professional eye. eBiz has a few unfortunate corners. Everything here is streamlines. Well done.

  39. Very cool theme! just downloaded!


  40. This theme is one of the reasons why its practical to buy premium themes! I’m proud to be an affiliate! keep it up!

  41. Great, great job on this theme! You’ve done a tremendous job in making WP not look like a typical WP site!

    I have one request as a feature enhancement:
    If I browse by tag, category or search result, I only get the thumbnails as a result set. So, if someone clicks on a tag that is specific to a blog and not a photo, they will only get the resulting thumbnail (if there is one). I know this theme caters heavily to photos/images, but it would be nice to have the option for results to be listed with the title in addition to the thumbnail. Or have the option to view the result set in a list view. This way, navigating the blog portion of the site is more manageable.

    Thanks again!

  42. Gostei,
    não farei o download porque não tenho fotos para o álbum

  43. Excellent work. I am very impressed by the design and functionality you put into your themes!

  44. Very cool! Affiliate and I’m getting a good result with this. Enjoy this beautiful theme.

  45. It not downloading for me. Is the file corrupted?

    • Try again, it should be working now. Sorry about that.

  46. ohu, I really love this template, but I have a blogspot account. can you create a blogspot version? pleaseee!

  47. Wonderful theme, as expected from a talented designer. I’m using this theme on my newest project/blog – FreelancerFire. I’ve modified the style sheet and color slightly to match my firey theme, and plan to mod it even more in the days to come.

    I’ll also be sending you an email shortly about your opening for someone to help out in the forums.


    • Jason,

      I am not a web designer, but you did a great job of altering this theme to your needs.

  48. It have an issue with IE 8
    when click the image to preview , i go to image link and out of the post

    This issue May Kill the theme

    • Please use the support forum for tech support, I need more info, such as your URL.

      • See your Theme demo in IE 8 … slider does not work, the photos too …
        The theme is not good.

        • The latest version of the theme has been updated with a fix for this problem.

          • Very nice 🙂
            Fix demo … theme looks very good, but this problem is irritating 😉

          • Very nice 🙂
            Fix demo … theme looks very good, but this problem is irritating 😉

            I want to buy this theme, but I want to see that theme works in all browsers;)

  49. For the price of a year and half membership at eleganttheme, I purchased a forest that sells themes (I won’t name it ).

    It was pretty on the outside but extremely sloppy on the inside requiring manually changing PHP code to customize.

    Lesson learned. I’m sticking with a few quality theme sites from people I trust, like Nick.

    I would love to see what you could do with a Web 2.o CMS theme. Sometimes less is more 🙂

  50. Is there anyway I can get this theme to work correctly in wordpress MU? The theme options page does not work

    • Sorry, got it to work. My mistake. Great theme. Thanks!!

  51. All eleganthemes is very beautiful

  52. Wow! You made so many people happy with this Theme, great job!

  53. Hey I have an Idea.

    IN Business theme, you have that scrolling factor on Home page – Carosual.
    It goes from right to left.

    What you can do is – Move the text part from right to left and the image part can go from bottom to top.
    This way on a single click – u can have a two way rotation. It will look fabulous…hope fully

  54. I LOVE this!!! Perfect for my layouts site that I need to redo. Thank you!!!

  55. You Rock The Party!

    Im in Love with your themes,You are extremely talented and an asset to the Design world and WordPress users! Keep designing as Im now an official Elegant Theme Groupie and totally addicted!

    Bella xxx

  56. hi i am newbie for wp. and this theme is great!
    but i have a question here, how can i get the fetured photo displayed?,

  57. hi are you there, please tell me how to do, thanks! how to display the thumbnail?

  58. still waiting for your reply….

  59. Now this is a theme I have been waiting for from you thanks so much! Made my life so much simpler 🙂

  60. I was very grateful to see such a beautiful photo theme for WordPress in elegantthemes. Of course it would be nice to see how the demo site looks from the admin because what little documentation there is for the template fails to give a clear path for creating a gallery. After a few hours I figured out a big part of the puzzle but those hours could have been saved with a few clear lines of instruction.

  61. i tried the theme but , pictures thumbnail didint show on homepage.
    How can i solve the problem…

    • Please use the support forum for tech support issues. I need more info, such as your URL.

      • Just i want to try the theme, if i like i will bu it.
        Please help me about the thumbnail problem..

        i use free host an i connect my host name and the free host.

        is it a problem for the theme?

  62. Hi, great work on the theme. I like it. I’m considering getting an account with you, but I want to know if your themes can be made to work easily with flickr or smugmug to stream the images from? Do they work with a simple url or do they have to be local to the website? Also, does this theme support video (again streaming offsite)?


  63. First of all: Great looking theme.
    But nevertheless I can’t use it. As I have many photos in portrait orientation, these images don’t look good in the slider (carousel) on the frontpage and on the single image page as they are being tiled.
    In the demo gallery only landscape images are used, and there’s no problem with them. Everything’s looking great.

    It’s a pity because I really like this theme…

  64. Fanastic theme but i want to know if there is user guide or help of how customize this theme and how add photos and so on !!!!!!!!

    • The first thing you should do is read the readme file that came with the theme, as this includes installation instructions. If you have further questions please post them on the support forums.

  65. Having issues with the images on the front page they wont apear. I tried to post with a image nothing came up. Can someone give me a tutorial on how to place images on the root please.

    email: [email protected]


    • Please refer to the tutorials section in the member’s area for detailed video-instructions on how to add thumbnails. If you still have questions you can post them in the forums, I can’t provide support via blog comments.

  66. The New Tempalte is awsome i used to have something like it for php evolution a few months back it looks great ideal for my modified car club

  67. Hi,

    Love your designs, especially this one. I am a complete newbie, yet to setup my first WP blog and theme. I want a theme with enough built in admin controls that I don’t need to spend time learning coding tricks and tweaks. Unfortunately I can’t find anywhere exactly what your admin control panels will do, just a general statement of ‘ePhoto comes with an options page that features a long list of settings that makes managing the theme as user-friendly as possible.’ And unfortunately unless I join I cannot access the forums to find out more either. Is there more info anywhere I have missed? I would like to know exactly what I am buying before I buy it.

  68. Oh! Great work!! The best theme WP for Photografer.

  69. the ‘Featured Photos’ is not working… huh

    • If you are have troubles please use the support forum. I cannot give adequate support via blog comments.

  70. What are the requirements of the template is required to appear

    • All you really need is the latest version of WordPress to use the themes. Everything else is provided.

  71. Template did not work with me here
    I do not know why ! , Please help me

    I did everything readme.html and placed on the field Thumbnail

    And also set permissions for a folder cache (777)

    Please help me 🙁

    • Please open a thread on the support forum. I do not provide tech support via blog comments.

      • Couldn’t see any positive response to the issue of portrait orientation images. How are they handled and will they destroy the beautiful layout? That concern is all that’s holding me back from becoming a subscriber.

        • Actually the fact that my two presales questions have been ignored is also holding me back from joining. If you can’t get help when you’re trying to buy there’s even less chance you will get it after somebody has your money.

  72. When I join… and it’s getting pretty close now, I’m going to set up my site using eBusiness.
    That’s because I want it to look like a website not a blog and I want to get involved with CMS.
    But if I ever need a photo blog… this has to be the one that I’ll choose.
    Great work

  73. Great theme, but the theme options wil not work at me.

    I see the links, homepage, blog setup, manage ads and more.

    But if i click on de link, only de page reload, but see nothing to change the settings.

    Thanks for the info

    • For tech support please open a new thread in the support forum so that we can assist you.

  74. hello coul you help me with the about me box. how do i edit it. i wanted to have an about me section and thought it would be nice to keep it right where it is but i dont know how to edit it or remove it? please help me.

    Thank your for such a wonderful theme…

    • If you need assistance please start a thread in the support forums where we have people waiting to assist you.

  75. Very beautiful theme!

    You can be supportive of the Arabic language

    I would like to get it, but my site in Arabic

  76. I am so excited to finish my new website! This theme is turning out perfect for my work. I just wanted to say thank you for creating an awesome theme and your video tutorials are great for novices like me. I am very impressed!

    • hi , i have a question and hope you can help me , i also have ephoto theme , but i dont know how i can put text beside my photo’s in the slider , i mean on the right side , do you know how to do this ?

  77. How beautiful your themes is!
    I downloaded it.
    Thank you!
    I’m a Chinese,I can’t say English well,please understand.

  78. Will this theme work for a modeling site? Different galleries for each model? Hard to say without a trial but it looks really good.



  79. I’m trying to help my brother with his website and can’t seem to find the image name for the main picture, to upload. I’m not particularly web savvy, but I imagined it would be a lot simpler to upload pictures. I uploaded a logo, but can you tell me how to upload a main picture?

    • Im having the same problem 🙁
      I’ve managed to upload it into the thumbnails..but the main image box is empty…have you figured it out???

  80. I got this theme awhile ago….and I’m Curious…I was never able to figure out how to use the image slider on the main page. I would post something and the image would appear in the thumbnail at the bottom…but the main slider box remained empty. Any idea why? I ended up using a different theme from somwhere else. But, I still would like to revert back to the ephoto.

  81. Hi! I liked this theme. But I have a question – how do I make the Page Navi work on the home.php? On your preview you have navi on your home page.

  82. There is at least on other dude like you in the community

  83. Hello!
    How to implement the following function on your wonderful theme:
    I want, when clicking on thumbnails on main page, to go straight to the needed page/post instead of viewing the large photo in popup window
    Is it possible?

  84. I just came from looking for a good site on Bing and came across yours. I have to say these templates are great. Thanks for mentioning them in your blog. I will be sure to add this to my favorites.

  85. I am using this theme at my local machine, But when I add images using custom field, it is not showing up and while clicking lightbox shows image. How can i fix it, Please Help!!!!!!!! I gonne irrited

    • If you need help, please open a thread in the support forum and we will assist you.

  86. perfect theme 🙂

  87. how to insert images in featured slider in ephoto please help!!!!!!!!!

  88. very elegant and nice theme,Very beautiful theme! Thanks

  89. very nice theme, i really recommend it, easy customize and made easy

  90. This theme is great and exactly what I was looking for. I’m having trouble getting the About Me section to show up however. I can’t seem to find where to input the text and photo for it show up on the home page.

    If anyone has any suggestions on how to make this work, I’d really appreciate it.



  91. Never mind figured it out! Thanks again, this theme was exactly what I’d been looking for 🙂

  92. hi
    thanks i like this

  93. Hello

    Yes, this theme is really nice for photographers but..but..we can’t put a photo in portrait orientation !
    Yes, i know there’s a topic where customers (!!) are solved this issue but it’s very difficult to understand this technic language in english for an french guy like me (and not a super geek).
    I tried, i tried but it doesn’t work…

    I think a tutorial or a simply and clear procedure would be welcome on this forum…
    We all know that Ephoto and deepfocus have problems with the photos size and portrait orientation..and we also know that photographers don’t shoot only landscapes !!!

    So, understand me : i really appreciate the works here but products as Ephoto must be upgrade (spécially when customers have found a solution..)

    Thanks to hear me and sorry for my poor english
    Waiting for an answer, have a good day 😉

    • And i post here answer on the forum !

  94. ePhoto is compatible with IE9 ?!

  95. I have a stupid question. How did you do the post thumbnail to open in full size?

  96. Thanks for the beautiful theme!
    I’m using the same theme for my blog..

  97. Real good visual appeal on this website , Id value it 10 10.

  98. That’s a great theme, i’ll try it !

  99. We are photographer, your wordpress theme is a great choice for our wedding studio.

    We will review the considerations used for the next version of the website.

    Thanks for the great things from your beautiful website interface gives me.

    Wishing success

  100. When I install your theme on my new website, everything is pushed to the left side and no black background. The funny thing is when I installed this on my other webiste, it works fine.

    Any ideas ?

    • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forms so that our tech support team can assist you.

  101. Hello,

    it’s possible put in the home (under the slide) a description (about us) instead of showing the pictures? How can I do?


  102. Highly energetic post, I liked that bit.
    Will there be a part 2?

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