New Theme: Envisioned

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New Theme: Envisioned

Envisioned is a beautiful and powerful portfolio theme that enables you to easily create professional, multi-media galleries. Envisioned has the most powerful gallery features of any of our themes, allowing you to produce versatile layouts of various sizes and aspect ratios. The homepage is also unique, and includes a custom-coded photo reel that is sure to entice your visitors. Overall the layout is simple and crisp, giving focus to your imagery. For more info be sure to check out the Live Demo as well as the Featured Page.


Envisioned Featured

1. Five Unique Colorschemes – Envisioned comes with 5 color variations. If Blue isn’t for you, then try out the Brown, Purple, Green or Black versions. You can switch between colors at any time, with the click of your mouse, from within the ePanel Theme Options page.

1. Versatile Portfolio Templates – Envisioned comes with a powerful portfolio page template that allows you to create multi-media galleries of various sizes and formats. You can choose between three layout sizes (Small, Medium, and Large). You can also choose to display each image in Landscape or Portrait format. The theme even comes with the option to auto-detect the aspect ratio of your photo, and display it accordingly.

1. Multi-Media Support – Unlike our previous “gallery” themes, Envisioned comes with the ability to embed Video into your galleries. Adding video is as simple as typing in the URL to your video, wherever it is hosted (youtube, vimeo, viddler, etc).

I hope you enjoy the new theme! I am sure that many people will put Envisioned to good use. If you get the chance, be sure to leave a comment lettings us know what you think. Your feedback really is appreciated 🙂

Premade Layouts

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  1. stunning work. Really looking forward to it for next project.

    • Thanks 🙂 We are working on some great new themes as always!

    • Awesome theme


  2. It’s not the kind of theme that I like, but it’s beautiful. That’s for sure.

    Just one thing is bothering me… The size of the buttons on twitter, facebook and feed. They’re really small, or it’s just me?

    • I agree. The social media icons are very small.

    • very subtle 😉

    • Quite the opposite for me. I’m glad to see the social media buttons are not large and so obvious. This theme is sleek and simple. No need to be obtrusive.

  3. So cool !

    I was checking your website at least 10 times a day, waiting for Envisioned to be released… My dream finally came true !

    Thanks a lot Nick, this is just amazing.

    • Glad to hear it, I hope you put it to good use!

      • Hi can somebody please tell me how i remove the option to go to the post page on the slider on the homepage. I want them to be able to enlarge it but not to be able to go to the post page. Would be greatly appreciated thank you!

        • If you could please open a ticket in our support forums, our team will be able to better assist you.

  4. Wow… nice work again! Will use it for my portfolio site, well done Nick!

  5. From a usability standpoint, you may want to make the other images in the slider clickable… trying to click one to enlarge it was my first instinct.

    Looks solid otherwise!

    • Thanks for the suggestion.

  6. Great theme! I love your work and am very thankful for the service you provide! 😀

    By chance, are you planning on updating preview themes with the Multi-Media Support for videos in galleries?

    I’m using Nova and was just curious…

    Thanks for all you do!

    • I too wish the updated gallery and portfolio pages are added to other themes. They look wonderful!.
      I am using Simple press.

      • We are hoping to add the Portfolio page template to all themes.

        • Yes, please… It would be of great help if these portfolio templates could become available to other themes, like modest.

  7. Just finished getting my personal blog done with the modest theme, now this comes along which (un)fortunately suits me much better. ;p
    Guess what I’ll be doing the next couple days.
    Great one!


      Me too ! This is starting to get out of hand I cant stop changing themes!

      Great work ET!!

      • Sorry, haha.

        • Arrrr Me toooO Tooo!!

  8. Amazing. Nick, you created what is probably one of the best looking themes around…

    • Thanks Ed!

  9. Gorgeous theme!

    Sleek and beautiful.

  10. Can this display video that’s locally hosted on my site and does it have to be a certain format? I just tried using the url to the file in my media library but it didn’t work.

    • All sorted – had a plugin conflict.

      • Great, if you need help with anything else, please open a thread in the support forum and we will assist you.

  11. It´s really awesome, all themes are great.
    …It could be posible in some future to make a wordpress theme to integrate with facebook fanpage and other used for launching products like kajabi´s themes…

    • I’ll keep it in mind. Thanks for the suggestion.

  12. Awesome theme! Maybe for my next project…

  13. It’s Really Really Really amazing guys!!!!!


  14. Great theme, but what’s up with all these portfolio/photo/media centered themes? What happened to creating simple blog focused themes? I am aware that all of these themes have a blog section in them, but that’s not the central part of them and they all look very similar.

    • Meaby because small businesses like I have do have the need for affordable quality themes. That can do more then just blog.

  15. Extraordinary Unique Portfolio Theme 🙂

    Great Work!

  16. WOW! I absolutely love this theme. I think it’s your best work yet. I can’t wait til the restaurant theme comes out. I think it’s going to be perfect for an idea I have.

    • Great, we are working on cuisine as we speak.

  17. The theme looks perfect! Great job Nick!

  18. Looks great, so simple yet still strong.

  19. The biggest problem I have with Elegant Themes is mulling through and dissecting the excellent offerings of each theme…spending hours visiting and revisiting themes trying to decide which one would work best for which project.

    They keep getting better…Envisioned is another superb theme.

    Thanks Nick!

  20. Another great news from ET

  21. Very good job Nick! This theme is different then your other theme but it’s fantastic. This theme has great touch i like it very much. Launch it soon !!!

  22. Wonderful theme. Everything in the theme looks truly elegant. Can ask for nothing better! Thanks.

  23. amazing love it too much

  24. The text in the 3 columns is almost impossible to read here on my monitor, but I do love the featured slider!

  25. i love the slider… And I like your idea to put different templates for different portofolios

  26. Im so in love with this one, excellent work, dunno what else to say..


  27. Thanks nick, this month best theme is a ‘envisioned’.

    Great job..

  28. Amazing job with the Versatile Portfolio Templates … I totally love it !!! Great job nick

  29. Really nice, but I was hoping to have the image detail page as full width with no sidebar. Possible?

    Oh, plus a white version.

    • I’d love a white version also, AND it this a responsive theme?

  30. Great Nik!
    Finally a theme for my portfolio, in addition to my blog-based on ePhoto.
    Just one question, if I may: It doesn’t
    work the “photo post”, the image is not displayed. What is wrong? For the rest everything really ok!

  31. Just visiti ET today… and walla.. my favourite theme from ET has arrived.. Great jobs!

    Changing my theme right now!

    • Ah ok I had some experimental rendering options enabled in Chrome under about:flags. Disabling them has put the fonts back to normal.

    • You can easily change font colors from within ePanel if the default ones are not to your liking.

      • Nick,
        The Envision theme is very classy. I’m looking to update my portfolio site–it’s tempting. Could you help me with two related questions?

        You mention that you provide the customizable PSD image files for the themes. If one customized the images to a lighter color palette, could that transform the complete theme to a lighter version to match ones logo or artwork? Also, I wondered if among all your themes, you could suggest one or two that would allow a Facebook-like layout and function? It would also be great to have the option to use one of your newspaper/magazine themes for a home page and then connect to secondary pages with blog discussions and even a forum plug-in area. Could you suggest which ones might best do that and/or integrate with BuddyPress? Thanks for your inspired designs.

  32. woah, looks great, feels great, works great. Just went from the professional to this theme.

    Maybe clickeable images in the portfolio template would be nice, a white version also, but I might just do that using the photoshop files you provided 🙂

    • Ah, just noticed the images ARE clickeable, very cool.

  33. Great job nick … Even the Lightbox looks awesome … Totally great …

    Any chance supporting Google fonts in the near future or as an option … Cufon doesn’t show up on Google preview images.

    Otherwise, this is a totally awesome theme 🙂

  34. Beautiful, very fantastic.

  35. This theme is awesome, again! The video-embedment is just great!
    But please, could you stop creating so many wounderful themes all the time? I can’t decide, which is best at the moment…

  36. Difficult to stop looking at this theme – gorgeous.
    A truly Nick special.

    No better looking themes on the web.
    Faster, but not better looking.

  37. This theme’s a winner! Awesome!

    Where did you get the sample photos? They’re really great!

  38. Awesome! if you had this theme in a much lighter colors I would go for this one for sure!

    keep it up!

  39. Excellent theme!
    I just have one question …
    I see the fonts of titles using a process that transforms it into an image.
    (Me, I use @font-face)
    Is it possible to change the font?
    Thank you and bravo.

    • sorry, i’m a “not connected” member 😉
      no answer?

      • It’s using Cufon for font replacement, you could easily change this to @font-face if you need to.

  40. I am having an issue with the featured slider. Two issues actually. Once it scrolls through all the images to the right automatically, it just stops, and when you hover over the image, the buttons disappear (arrows etc.) The second issue I am having it that when I pres the preview button on the featured slider image, it says it cant load the image? Is there some setting I need to have or a plugin maybe?

  41. Hey Nick,

    Can you take a look at my “slider not working” post in the envisioned forums…or maybe one of the mod’s…getting the same error as James M above me.


  42. How about creating a nice & elegant wedding theme ? There are no great simple wordpress wedding themes out there.

  43. Hi we bougt the envisioned theme… to be honest, I might as well gotten a free theme as this epanel is absolutely crap…the jquery is not working at all…I had to go fix the javascript includes as uyou didnt bother to include the ui.tabs.. now that it includes that I still dont have the advertisement, documents or integration tab funvtionality..error I get is uncaught exception: jQuery UI Tabs: Mismatching fragment identifier.. If I wanted to spent days doing the coding myself I woudlnt bother buying your absolutely worthless theme…

  44. hi, i’ve purchase envisioned theme, and i try to upload video onto my portfolio, but it didn’t show up on the slide gallery. What’s wrong?
    and could you tell me how to change the color?
    and if you don’t mind please send me the solution at [email protected]
    thank you!

    • Please open a thread in the support forum so that we can better assist you.

  45. I think light color must be perfectly for your theme.

  46. It seems that the featured slider on my site has broken. Any idea on how to correct this?! Please reply!

  47. yah, agree with James.
    And also my featured image uploader doesn’t work. need help?

  48. Are you going to update us and fix the theme or should we just not bother? Don’t you care enough about paying clients to not reply?

    • Please open a thread in the support forum so that we can assist you.

  49. I am aware that all of these themes have a blog section in them, but that’s not the central part of them and they all look very similar. Thanks…

  50. I had to go fix the javascript includes as uyou didnt bother to include the ui.tabs.. now that it includes that I still dont have the advertisement. Thanks Guy.

  51. How do i do to in the HOME page to get in the content area only the extract of the page? It keeps appearing the whole text of the page. Thanks, great theme

  52. hi there.. i love this theme but it seems there isn’t a twitter widget in the theme style?

    • i mean a twitter feed widget?

  53. Nice theme… Unfortunately it has two cons IMHO:

    1) It’s not responsive,
    2) Only the current image is clickable in the slider… and only in a very narrow section. Not even the title is 🙁

  54. Hey, im having a slight issue with customizing this theme.

    on my hompage in the ‘content areas’ below the featured slider I have used static pages for these similar to the ‘Who am I” “What I do” and Mission Statement you have in the ‘live example’

    The problem I have is that the homepage is displaying the entire text of ‘Who am I” and “What I do” instead of displaying just the first 200 charecters or so.

    How can I amend this?


    Tony Pony

    • I use the same technique of displaying my page content on the home page. The way to limit the amount of each page text displayed and then have a Read More button below the snippet of text is to:
      1. Edit your page;
      2. Select the TEXT tab versus the Rich Text editing view;
      3. Locate the exact spot in your text that you want the Read More to be inserted;
      4. place the following code at that location

      That’s it!

      • enter the HTML comment without spaces “”

        • use: “greater-than-symbol !–more– less-than-symbol”. let’s see if this can be posted. sheesh.

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