New Theme: ElegantEstate

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New Theme: ElegantEstate

ElegantEstate turns your WordPress blog into a fully-functional real estate website. The theme makes browsing your listings easy, and adds special integration features for property info, photos, Google Maps and more. The theme is a breeze to set up, and includes a list of additional settings when writing your posts to make creating each listing quick and easy. For more info, be sure to check out the Live Demo or browse the Features Page for more info.

ElegantEstate Features

1. Advanced Theme Options – Our ePanel theme options page gives you increased control over your blog.

2. Five Unique Colorschemes – ElegantEstate comes in five colors, including Blue, Green, Red, Purple and Black.

3. Blog Functionality – Alongside your real estate listings, you can also run a full-feature blog, complete with all of the normal blog features that you would expect: Blog Preview.

4. Property Listings Layout and Theme Options – ElegantEstate offers a unique real estate post layout, complete with property info, photo galleries, Google Maps integration and more.

Premade Layouts

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  1. nice!

    • Woow finally its out thanks alot buddy

    • C’est géant !

      Très beau thème, Nick, comme d’habitude.

      Même si la geo-localisation ne marche pas

      je suis sûr que mon client va être réjoui.

      Si tu as besoin de la version francaise…

  2. They just keep on comin’ LOVE the design!

  3. Super cool!

  4. All the functionality needed in a real estate type design…plus beautiful layout and graphics. Great job!

  5. Excellent!!! nice work Nick and the staff!!!

  6. Awesome! Best looking real estate them I have seen by far! I have one question…is there an option to search/list properties by location? I didn’t see it on the demo.

  7. Dude this was your best theme EVER… I thought that the Virtual Store was good but you took Word Press to a whole new level! ‘Cant wait to work with this theme!

  8. Looks fantastic! Google maps – wow – great feature. Does it include any of the ‘new shortcodes’ you are developing on all the themes in it?

  9. I miss the option to hide the features…

  10. Wow! Amazing design!

  11. Very, very, very nice! So much so I’m thinking how could I use it outside of Realty… It’s tempting to just start a Realty business myself. :] But seriously, I can see this working well for announcing cottages in my area.

    Good work Lads!

  12. Beautiful, but I can’t see how to view the house images as a slideshow. Must have a slideshow for each house !

  13. Impressive and out-of-the-blue! Thanks for another great design. Very usefull as well!

  14. I don’t know how to express it,elegant or superb elegant!

  15. As Tommy Boy would say…

    A – W – E – S – O – M – E!

    My brain is already thinking…”how can I use this for more than just realty website?”

    Nick, you ROCK!

  16. Love the detail in this theme, I’m sure it’ll be a success!

  17. Great Theme.!!!.
    The best Ever.
    Where is the shortcode?
    will be ready soon?
    you are the best!!!

    • They will be ready soon.

      • Thanks.
        i’m waiting.
        thanks again

  18. I love all your themes – so beautiful! If I had to choose between a professionally designed website for free and Elegant Themes site, I’d still choose the latter since I’ll know exactly what I’m getting – great aesthetics, great support, easy installation for lay people. So glad I found your site!

  19. Typical attention to detail that makes your themes truly Elegant! Elegant Estate will most definitely allow Real Estate agents stand out. They need to use every trick in the book with the current housing market and this theme will most definitely help them showcase homes in a way to encourage showings.

    Superb job!

  20. Thanks a lot Nick!

    I was waiting for this theme 🙂
    Awesome job.

  21. This new theme certainly has that touch of ‘Elegance’.

    Top quality work!


  22. Really intuitive design. Nice job. I can’t really use it but I am downloading it anyway.

  23. After reading all these comments I do not want to sound too negative, but what is exact difference between Elegant Estate and Simple press theme?

    – The way I see it : different pictures, couple plugins that anybody can install and a “google map

    Design and theme construction 101% same as Simple press

    Yes I did try ePanel options

  24. AWESOME! :O

  25. just amazing nick, thanks

  26. A few questions:

    1. How do I get the slider on the homepage to stop sliding? I put my mouse over the pics, but it keeps moving and does not give me time to read the info box…. very annoying.. last theme had same problem but I never got an answer.

    2. How do I search for apartments that are 2 bedrooms under $300k?

    It seems that for some unknown reason that your search fields are only searching one term at a time. Makes no sense as everyone searching is going to have multiple criteria

    3. All ‘pro’ real estate themes have MLS & IDX integration built in. I don’t see this anywhere.

    Considering that every agent has their homes listed on the mls/idx, why is this not there?

    turns the theme into more of a hobby site without these features.

    4. What about properties where bedrooms/bath/garage do not apply?

    How do I set my own taxonomy terms that would be relevent to the property types I am selling?

    5. Contact agent doesn’t seem to do anything.

    How do I setup an individual agent contact form per property?

    6. Proximity search not available?

    How do I search for homes within ‘x’ miles of my location or city?

    well the design is nice and all, but this is seriously lacking in the functionality side expected from a real estate website.

    You really need to consider hiring a few functionality coders worthy of your design skills.

    • And what about the slideshow of images for each house ? The individual one-by-one lightbox images are not really good enough for real estate.

    • Did you get answers? I like the design a lot, but what you wrote, it is not too functional. For the price I paid I got my monies worth many times over and I am very pleased with ET.

      • Any plans of integrating idx with this or making a whole new idx integrate-able theme?

  27. Shawn, You should post those questions in the “ElegantEstate” Support Forum section… you’ll get your answers sooner then later IMO. :]

  28. This one is great, I really love it.. Thanks for the effort nick 🙂

  29. I would rate it higher than all existing real estate premium wordpress theme.

  30. it’s very very nice!

  31. Great Work!

  32. Very nice great work..

    Thanks 🙂

  33. I really love this theme …

  34. Awesome. Even the blog style is awesome. Awesome theme.

  35. Keep em comin’! Lookin good!

  36. beautiful themes)

  37. Nick, You simply amaze me every time you come out with a new theme. I Love Your Work!

  38. Great theme! Very professional, really like it!

  39. I consider myself fortunate to have found you!
    Will this theme interface with an idx feed from a realtor’s mls, so that the mls data populates the pages?

  40. The ‘Contact an Agent’ button seems to be broken?

    • Hello Ben,
      Did you find a solution for “contact an agent” bouton?
      Thank you for your reply

  41. Beautiful theme: I just wonder how many agents are as cutting edge to use a website. I only mention this because of a recent article I read by Videomaker magazine ( that said real-estate agents are a technically challenged breed who don’t really care for the internet.

    • Some are not tech savy but Realtors love the internet, love social media and since there are over 1 million Realtors in the US it is a large pool or people to appeal to. The vast majority of agents have their own personal websites. Most of them outdated but the next wave will be themes like the ones here and this is a great example of a good looking theme.

      There is a website that have over 17,000 agents following them on twitter. Realtors love technology.

  42. would love to see someone develop a real estate theme that lets users upload their own home to sell. Make it into an fsbo type site

  43. Excellent

  44. Beautiful, but I can’t see how to view the house images as a slideshow. Must have a slideshow for each house ! ;))

  45. amigos muy buena plantilla pero hay un error creando las miniatura no las acorta vien y las crea por la mitad

  46. can you add a registration page for users and a paypal account for sign-up with several options to list the property?

  47. Not yet a member, but this theme is making me consider it now.

    Does this theme allow for me to have both for sale and for rent type properties – each with their own search criteria?

    Many thanks

  48. After integration the map is not displayed in posts (address is created). The demo in your site now also no map. In what may be the problem?

  49. I have seen that there is a problem with the location in google maps. The direction is not located correctly. I have seen that spends the same thing in the demo, that from one day to the next I stop working. Might you say solve me like?

    He visto que hay un problema con la localización en google maps. No se localiza la dirección correctamente. He visto que pasa lo mismo en la demo, que de un día para otro dejo de funcionar.¿Me podrías decir como solucionar?

  50. Can it be used/adapted for non house sellers?
    Can you change the ‘Contact an Agent’ and ‘View Listing’ buttons to say something else?

    • Does anyone know how to change the “View Listing” to something else, like “Read More”?

    • This is all i’m trying to do as well and I can’t find a simple solution anywhere. its pissing me off.

      • If you need help, please open a ticket in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

  51. “Contact An Agent” is broken. Please update your theme. The template contains code as follows: get_option(‘elegantestate_contact_agent’); but there appears to be nowhere to set than option in the Dashboard.

    • Okay… the option appears in the database there just isn’t anywhere to set it in your interface. I had to go directly into the database an find the elegantestate_contact_agent option_name in the wp_options table and edit the option_value manually. I just made it a mailto link.

      • The option is within ePanel under the Layouts tab.

        • Yes, there’s an option but anything appears! :/

  52. I cannot seem to get the google maps to work.
    I’ve even downloaded the google maps plugin to see if it was missing that aspect.
    Would you please point me in the right direction to get it working?

  53. Hi,

    I have this issue with the contact and also, it keeps giving me an error:

    No Results Found

    The page you requested could not be found. Try refining your search, or use the navigation above to locate the post.

    On the home page underneath the slider area.

    I have tried everything and I can and I have not been suceessful, any idea how to fix it?

    My website is

    • Same problem here. Not sure what I need to change to get products to show up below the slider….

  54. When I tried the demo all the browse listings drop downs are independent, is that true?

    If this is the case, it lacks the search facility people needs because you need to combine these searches to narrow down your choice. For example if I want a 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom, villa priced at between 300k and 350k how do I do search for that?

    Hoping Im wrong, really wanted to buy this theme.

  55. I am a web developer working on getting this theme up. We had an account and our membership to the support expired. We just installed it and we are having the same issue as Cristian.

    On the home page underneath the slider area it says:

    No Results Found

    The page you requested could not be found. Try refining your search, or use the navigation above to locate the post.

    We have tried everything and we have yet to see where these pull from. It shouldn’t be this hard.

    Can some one please lend us a hand and let us know how this is set and where. We would REALLY appreciate it.

  56. Google map not showing… can any one tell me how to integrate Google map on this theme??

  57. I am trying to decide whether to buy ElegantEstate or another company’s theme for a client’s realty firm, and have a question.

    The one feature which the competitor offers which I don’t see offered here is a simple means of printing listings in a presentable way off the site (i.e. as a formatted feature, not just printing it however it happens to look if you click print from your browser menu).

    Is that possible with Elegant Estate?

  58. How come New Theme: ElegantEstate-
    Elegant Themes Blog made me laught so much? Wow dude I enjoy this program the idea internet site. It is the very first time that I actually ran across it however I Appreciated it.. Indeed will return, you actually got plenty of blogposts in on this page 😀 ok back to tasks at the moment 🙂

  59. does anyone know how to change the “View Listing” button to say “Read More” instead? May be a question for a designer….

    • I think if you look in the en_us.po file and search for “view the listing” you see something like this:

      msgid “view the listing”
      msgstr “”

      Just put whatever you want to show in the empty quotes.


      msgid “view the listing”
      msgstr “Read More”

  60. Did anybody get an answer for the google maps not working? I’m seeing a JSON error when trying to parse.

    • Please open a thread in the support forums so that our tech support team can assist you.

  61. Blog saya memakai elegant banget…thanks ya…

  62. Buenas, ElegantEstate es un gran tema de vienes raíces pero quisiera saber si hay algún tutorial que nos ayude a resolver muchos problemas que tenemos con el tema, como por ejemplo que no se vizualisa el google map, ni las 8 9 imagenes que van en la entrada principal, alguien me puede pasar algun tutorial para este gran tema que me esta retrasando para entregarlo

  63. I am just about ready to buy a subscription but one thing has my boss holding me up. After looking at the site he wants to main slider to just be the photo with no text bow on the bottom left.

    Is there any option that would allow me to take the text box away? And I have already sent in a request to the Support Page and they said that they did not know.


  64. Hi, is it possible to add to browsing listings one more categorie, because i need to add cities listing?


  65. This theme is all tits and no brains. Gorgeous site but cant hold its own if you want to have it do anything above very basic stuff. Its the equivalent of a toy gun.

    LOOKS like its dangerous but it’s just shooting water. Out of all the people here only ONE has the site working and its just listing they imported and not really using it like a real real estate wordpress theme.

    So don’t get tempted by the pretty hair and makeup….this is as useless as a box of rocks in the wordpress real estate theme world. You won’t get paid enough from a client (or 3) to cover the hours and hours of figuring it out and to date? NO ONE has this thing working on diverse solutions or Idxbroker big boy real estate idx solutions.

  66. Support for this theme exist? having same trouble with contact agent as many on here are having. Yes there is an epanel entry, yes it points to my contact page, and NO it doesn’t work………………

    Should I abandon this theme, any suggestions for one that works?

    • If you need help with something, please open a ticket in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

  67. I’m tring to give all my best just for a small change inside the theme, but it doesn t work. How can I add more than 8 pics? I m tring to change this part :

    Product Thumbnail #9:
    <input id="et_upload_image9" type="text" size="90" name="et_upload_image9" value="” />

    (enter an URL or upload an image for the 9th Product Image)

    and all the rest that I found inside the ADDITIONAL_FUNCTION.PHP — but nothing.

    Can you give me same suggestione please?
    I really look forward for any kind of help

    • If you need help, please open a ticket in our support forum so that our team can assist you.

  68. Hi nick, i like this theme very much, however i am finding problems with the pixelisation of photos ? and also only getting very small photos when clicking on the main pic of the property, pls help what am i doing wrong? thanks

  69. Hi, just wanted to say awesome theme. The guy saying this theme is all looks but no brains is wrong. This theme is really well coded and is easy to use. This theme supports IDX really well.

  70. Hi, I am planning to purchase elegant themes..

    i would like to ask if is there any chance to have a full width post/page??
    not only at page but also at post??

    i have seen an sample of this theme but the post function does not have a full width.. and i want to maximize the images and width of this theme if i will get this.

    please advice..

  71. Is there a way to implement this listing layout within the Divi Theme? I like the way this theme handles the home listings.

  72. Hi there,

    I’m having a small issue (hope it is small). When I installed the template the Posts displayed like the demo in your site:

    But when I created a new page the Post template changed to a normal page, and no longer display the tags like bathrooms, garage, square feet…
    Here is the link:

    And didn’t find any way to change it back to the Product Page. How can I change it?

    • If you need help with anything, please open a ticket in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

  73. Is this theme is compatible with IDX Broker?

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