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Posted on September 28, 2008 by in Theme Additions | 40 comments

I have finished another theme today entitled elegant gallery, or “eGallery.” A common habit of mine is to browse online gallery websites like: BestWebGallery, CSSmania, CSSremix, etc. It’s a great way to keep up on the latest trends and to find that createive spark needed to jumpstart your own designs. I was having trouble focusing on a good idea this week, and after several sketches, I started looking at the gallery websites themselves instead of the artwork they featured. I decided that it would be great to have a theme that transformed your blog into a full functional online gallery, and so, now you have eGallery!

eGallery Theme

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eGallery is quite easy to implement. I have added an additional plugin, WP Post Ratings, but uploading this plugin is really the only additional step needed to use this theme when compared to the rest from my collection. You have to add a single custom field to each post containing a URL to the image you would like to feature, after that, everything is done automatically.

Premade Layouts

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  1. What a great theme. I love this.

  2. Finally!! I found the right WP theme for my portfolio,

    Thanks, Great WORK!!

  3. We have seen several templates for the gallery thingie… this one is the best one we’ve seen so far.

    There is still a pending issue for all of them, including this one…. a way to grab the screenshots automatically.

  4. WOW……..Cool Work.

    Putting the Advertising Banners Plugin on the right hand side would help much ($$$).

  5. One more thing.

    How about Arranging the Gallery Section in Decending order ?
    So the Latest additions to the gallery comes on top. We dont need to scroll down everythime a new theme is added.
    Just thinking what happens when there are multiple pages in Gallery section ?

  6. Wow, something very different this time – what a nice surprise, it´s really great with all it´s features!
    By the way: Who´s the person/team behind this? I can´t find the “About” – or did I miss something?? 😉

  7. @GaBuBu

    That’s not very useful if it’s a general purpose gallery, because they aren’t only for websites.

    Making it grab the screenshot automatically is pretty simple, actually. Just a minor modification needed.

    If the theme is specifically made as a website gallery, then I could do it very easily.

  8. Man awesome theme.

    Great work.

  9. @Karan – Your definitely right, and I plan on reversing the order.

    @SiGa – There is no team yet, just me. I haven’t created an about section, though I should probably make one.

  10. About us FTW.

    And this is a really really clean theme, i love it. Keep up the good work.

  11. Wow really nice work!

  12. Lovely theme – but there’s an error in the “current theme options” – it show SudioBlue options.

    Would be lovely if it had the color customisation options that are in artsee!

  13. Wow, this theme looks amazing, will be great for my logo design portfolio.

    But frankly speaking i was wwaiting for some magazine theme or much like proper CMS theme.

    Anyways, great a huge fan of your work.

  14. @Paul – Oops, your right, I forgot to remove some of the options, and re-title it “eGallery.” As for adding control over color, I have decided not to include this feature in any additional themes, as too many people are running PHP in safe-mode, which causes their css file to be unreadable.

  15. Wonderful, another great theme, I’m gonna join your membership club 🙂

    Just a quick question:
    is there a way to see a simple list wich shows the most and better rated posts ?

    I mean the yellow star method to quickly post visitors’ rate to a post, can be read as a list in another page/post ?

    That could be very useful to build up ranking aimed galleries/websites ..

    Thanks 🙂
    And keep on the great job

  16. wicked theme, man!

  17. Just bought a membership and I wanted to say how impressed I am with the quality and craftsmanship. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Thanks for a great product at an unbelievable price!

  18. what I would really like to see is a simple black and white photo blog theme.

  19. Cheers!
    Keep going on your great work. I cheer you.

  20. I love it.
    It’d be great to make an Anime type template. Similar to sites like or

  21. Really beautiful and functional theme.

    I was wondering though if it would be easy to remove the “posted on” date feature with a download feature instead (and icon). I know in such case i would have to use custom fields , but is it possible with this theme at all?

    And perhaps i gave you an idea for your next theme 😉

    There are many download sites out there but i havent yet seen a wordpress theme designed for such.

    But nevertheless i would love to modify this theme as described. Please let me know if it is possible.

    Thank you!

  22. Can someone who has this theme tell me what plugins need to be active for all these cool features to work or is all of this included in the theme?

    Can you or has anyone put ads in, and if so, where can you put ads?

  23. very cool theme

    one question :

    the “lava lamp” menu doesn’t highlight the current (active) menu item. So if I go to “contact”, it still highlights “home”…

  24. woouw nice theme

  25. Hi, I’m nubie, really need help. Trying to install egallery theme, but have no luck. I don’t know what to do to make this theme works. I can install other themes from eleganttheme… there’s no problem.

    After activated egallery theme, here’s what I’ve got (Please download the screenshot here:)



    Is there any tutorial/guide to install this theme?


  26. Make sure you have followed the installation instructions provided in the readme file that came with the theme. Here is an online version:

    If you still need help after reading it let me know. Make sure that you upload and activate the plugins, and add your thumbnail custom fields.

    In the future, please use the member support forum for any support-related inquiries.

  27. Problem Solved!
    Thanks to Admin for your help via email.

  28. does the theme work with wordpress 2.8 ?

  29. I really like this theme and appreciate the design

  30. Hi
    I need help I’m sure I have followed the installation instructions provided in the readme file that came with the theme,and I add thumbnail custom fields & gave cache folder 777 but still images don’t appear

    • If you need help, please open a new thread in the support forum and we will assist you.

  31. Great theme. But i have problems with uploading photos… but hope i’ll fix it :/:)

  32. Hi there,
    Thank you for your good article. I m interested and i learned something about it. I ll try to follow all articles as much as i can.
    The world is growing up with sharing. 🙂

  33. ¨Hi!!I have this template, but i have one question. When i create a new menu,with my menu categories and subcategories this appears rare on my website. Can I do dropdowns on it?
    thankss (sorry for my englishh)

  34. really nice layout and functionality.

    the only thing – i’m not sure about the background.. it is too “carpentish”


  35. Nice work! Very nice theme!

  36. That a great theme i like the most in which i have seen

  37. Good work. Nice collections of themes. Thanks for sharing this useful blog

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