New Theme: eBusiness

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New Theme: eBusiness

I finished eBusiness today. For more information check out the Live Demo and Features page. You can also check out a live demo of the alternate skins Radiate and Smooth.  I know that this theme took a bit longer than usual to finish – sometimes it’s hard to finalize something when everyone keeps commenting on the sneak peak post giving me new ideas! As I stated in my preview post, I titled this theme “eBusiness” due to its emphasis on utilizing a “page-based layout.” This means that, in its essence, it was created to perform more as a CMS than a blog, however, you will see that you are also free to abandon the page-based structure and run a more traditional blog. You can also implement a blog section into your page-based website.

Revised Control Panel

I have added several new options to the Theme Options page of eBusiness. Because of this it was getting rather annoying to navigate the page, having to scroll down an endless single column to edit and save your changes. For this reason I have completely revamped the options page, organizing its content into an easy-to-use two-tier tabbed menu. I get a lot of questions about how my themes work, and what exactly is offered in these “options pages.” To help better illustrate exactly how this theme works I will try and give a written overview now.

There are 5 main sections in the options page: Layout, Homepage, Blog Setup, Navigation, and Manage Ads. Each of these sections is divided into several sub tabs for your convenience. I will give you a brief overview about what each of these sections has to offer.

1. LAYOUT – The layout tab houses some of the major overlying options that effect the structure and appearance of your website.

  1. Color Schemes – eBusiness comes with three skins, and each skin comes in three colors. You can switch between these 9 different variations at any time from the dropdown menu.
  2. Website Structure – The essence of eBusiness is to act as a CMS, creating a page-based layout. I have, however, included the option to bypass the page-based homepage in favor of a normal blog layout. You can switch between Page Structure and Blog Structure at any time.
  3. Footer Options – You will notice that each page has a widgetized footer on the bottom. I realize that if you are using eBusiness as  CMS you may not have the need for standard widget items, which are usually blog related. This option allows you to turn off the footer completely if you don’t intend to use it, or if you find yourself filling it with unnecessary text widgets and what-not to fill out the design.
  4. About Me Section – As with my other themes I have included an “About Me” widget that can be added to the sidebar. You can customize that here.

2. HOMEPAGE – The homepage tab allows you to manage your homepage. If you are using blog style then most of these options do not apply, but if you are using the Page-based system then you will have to use this area to set up your homepage.

  1. Slider Control – You will notice that the demo features 3 sliding elements on the top of the homepage. These are managed via the Homepage tab. Here you can customize the content text, the title of the tab, the text used in the button, the thumbnail image (which is automatically re-sized) and an optional read more link, which can be pointed anywhere. You can also choose how many sliding elements to display, between 1 and 3.
  2. Pages Control – The content on the homepage is made up of WordPress pages. You will create a page in wp-admin and then define the page to be used in the Homepage options tab. Simply input the page id of the pages you want to use and they will appear. You can also choose how many pages you want to use, anywhere from 1-4.
  3. Blog Scroller – Even if you are using the page-based system you can still have a blog area on your site. For this reason I have included a blogroll on the homepage with a link to your most recent posts. This can be turned off if you don’t plan to have a blog section. You can choose how many recent posts to display. You can also customize the RSS link if you want to point it towards your feedburner account.

3. BLOG SETUP – If you are using the Blog Structure, or if you plan to include a blog within your Page-based website, you can customize your blog here. I tried to give a bit more control over various elements of the blog, inspired by the most common requests on the forum.

  1. Post Format – You can choose between “Blog Style” mode or “Default” mode. The Blog Style mode displays your posts in full on index pages, while Default mode automatically truncates the post to create a short preview with a “read more” link.  Unlike my other themes you can now customize how long your post preview is when using Default mode. Simply input the number of characters you would like to display. Another thing I added is the ability to use your post excerpt as the preview, instead of the automated truncation.
  2. Categories Bar – The categories bar, with links to your various blog categories, only appears on blog pages. However, if you are using the blog as simply a recent news section, and don’t plan to have several categories, you can turn off this categories bar. I realize that having a large red bar that spans the width of the page with a single link pointing to the page you are already on would have been pointless!
  3. Further Post Preview Control – In addition to editing the length of the post previews you can also adjust the size of the thumbnail, as well as enable/disable the “read more” link and post info bar. Thanks to timthumb all thumbnails are automatically re-sized, cropped, and cached, which means you can change the size of your thumbnails instantly at the click of a button. You can also hide the thumbnails altogether if you don’t want any. You can also adjust the quality of the thumbnails, raising/reducing it depending on how fast you want your load time to be.

4. NAVIGATION OPTIONS – The navigation options allow you to customize the navigation bar. You can use this to exclude pages from the navigation, adjust the order of the links, add a link to your Blog section (if you are using one) and so on. Both the categories and pages navigation bars can be edited here.

5. ADVERTISEMENT MANAGEMENT – As with the rest of my themes I have included a banner management system. You can add 125×125 and 468×60 banners here. Within the page I have added a banner preview for each field so that you can see what banner you want to edit more easily. I have also added the option to choose how many 125×125 banners you want to display. This was a very common request on the forums. You can now choose between 2-8 banners, all of which are editable in the theme options page. You can also choose where you want banners to be displayed. You can add them to your pages sidebar, blog sidebar or both. You also have the option to disable them completely.

Multiple Color Schemes

1. EARTHEN – I realize that the default layout is very “niche” in its grungy appearances, and I wanted to be sure to include other options as well. eBusiness comes with three different skins, and each skin comes in three different color schemes for a total of nine choices. The first, which I like to call “Earthen,” features a grungy naturalistic design. Earthen comes in three colors, including Red, Blue and Purple. You take a look at the live demo here.

2. RADIATE – The second skin is called “Radiate,” and features a more high-tech style with a professional twist. I wanted to create something flashy and exciting that wasn’t necessarily tied to any specific type of website. This skin comes in three colors, including Blue, Green and Red. You can check out the live demo here.

3. SMOOTH – After posting these two previews on twitter I received some concern that both layouts were too busy for some people’s tastes. For this reason I created a third skin, titled “Smooth,” that is a bit more modest in its approach. I hope that people who are looking for a more traditional business layout will find this skin usefull. Like the rest it comes in three colors, including Blue, Green and Pink. You can view the live demo here.

That just about sums in up. I hope that everyone is doing well, and I hope you find some good uses for the theme. Please post a comment and let me know what you do/don’t like. I value your input 🙂

As always, stay tuned for more themes! Don’t forget to follow me on twitter for the most recent updates on upcomming themes.

Premade Layouts

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  1. woo… excellet theme.. with a lot of colors to choose…

    nice work… and keep making good themes for all!!!

  2. OMG, this theme is just mind blowing… one of the best in Elegant Themes. Thanks for your continued surprises all through the year.

    Glad to be a member of Elegant Themes!

  3. this is the best theme ever, and if next-next theme will be better i couldn’t think how it is possible.. from now on the price getting cheaper for sure.

  4. you should check the css for blog style post format, because the post info not using image like others.

    • Try downloading it again, I fixed this shortly after I released the theme. Just re-upload includes/blogstyle.php

      I am going to re-upload it now to make sure, try downloading it again in ~5min

      • it is better if i can just download the blogstyle.php, because it a bit large to download whole file. 😀

  5. Excellet theme!!!^^

  6. The best theme on the site. Tons of choices (skin + color) and I like how you can customize all the content with all the theme options. Great job Nick!

  7. Awesome work bro. Thanks for the great theme 🙂

      • Do you have threaded comments enabled?

        Settings >> Discussion

        • Ooooo yeah… It`s a fresh install so obviosly i have forgotten it 😉 Thanks 🙂

  8. You really improve with each new theme, great looking theme!

  9. eBusinesses Theme Options in the admin panel does not work…

    All the buttons are existing, but in the content below there is nothing, i have tried Chrome and IE.

    • This sounds like a plugin issue. If you are using plugins that are injecting javascript into the entire admin panel instead of only their respective option pages, or if they are not using enqueue_script, then a conflict can occur. I would try disabling any plugins that did not come with the theme and see if it helps. I have tested the panel in chrome and IE and it is working fine for me.

      • Hey,

        This is a fresh install of wordpress with only your theme and your plugins on it…

        • This could also occur if you have failed to upload the eBusiness/js folder, if you have uploaded the incorrect theme folder, or if you have changed the name of the theme folder. Anything that obstructs the relative path to the eBusiness theme directory can result in problems. In any event, please move your support inquiry to the forums and post the URL to your blog.

          • Dude you are just awesome!!!
            I’m having the same problem with the control panel. This is also a brand new install for WP. Drag the eBusiness theme into wp theme folder without making any changes.
            Checked the “js folder” and it is there.


          • Please use the support forum, I need more information. Thanks.

          • Found the problem, check your forum post for the fix.

          • Hey, you stated your problem exactly in your question. You have to upload the folder “ebusiness” and not the folder “theme” and you should be fine….

  10. Real great one, and SO many different styles and colors – awesome!

  11. Nick, you’re one of the most tallented and innovative designers out there. Beautiful work, well done!

  12. I must say that this is one incredible theme. The colors you picked are perfect. i do indeed love it! I will be sure to list this as this coming weeks “featured theme” on my site.
    thanks a lot! we all love it!

    jonathan allen

  13. Is there something in particular this module requires to run from the server?

  14. I’m so mad! I just completed my web site using a premium theme I purchased else where and then I found this new theme on Elegant Themes. It is sooo much more “elegant” than my other one, I must start over!

    I love the default grunge look and the attention you spend on every detail of your themes.

    You are the only one producing such quality themes at affordable prices for the masses and the best thing to happen to WordPress since Matt Mullenweg 🙂

  15. All I have to say is: Worth. The. Wait.

  16. This is an a-m-a-z-i-n-g template! Thank you for making this…

    You are AWESOME!!!! Don’t know which color to use…



  17. I sure hope you are getting a lot of new customers with this theme. I’d hate to see you not become prosperous, because you are absolutely gifted.

    IMO, your membership price is too low. You need to double it up or something. The value here for your customers is a steal.

    Thanks for the great theme.

  18. …pardon me… amazing theme!!! 😉

  19. This theme is amazing. Thank you, I am finally going to put one of your great themes to use!

  20. “Not Found

    The requested URL /members/download/ was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”

  21. Glee. I am so excited. i finally can use your theme. switching over to wordpress tomorrow. will make sure to let them know that one of the reasons they are getting my business is YOU! You’re truly talented and i’m glad i waited. it’s worth it. thanks again

    • WordPress is free, as in free beer.

      • Try again. One version of WordPress is free. The other is not. There is and

        • is free too, they do charge a nominal amount for a handful of premium services. The major downside is you can’t install your own themes, like the ones you find here.

          Both versions costs nada.

        • Both versions are free. The only difference is one is hosted by WordPress and one is hosted by your own server.

  22. I know that this is probably NOT what you were hoping for as far as kudos for the new design but IT’S COMPLETELY ADORABLE!!!!!

    I already am a member but I was shopping around at all the other sites tonight, looking for some new ideas and wow am I glad I stopped by at home!!!

    All’s I gotta say —- SUPER CUTE!

  23. Wonderful theme! Worth the waiting!

    I want to have the categories like here: but I see no difference when I switch from blog style to page based navigation.

    I have all the categories, but they just won’t show up with this theme.

    I’ve tired to write this on the support forum, but I cannot create a new topic, due to user/pass problems :/

    • It’s possible that you have the categories navigation bar disabled. Check the “Blog” tab in the eBusiness Theme Options page. To use the forum you first need to register, just click the register link on the top of the page.

  24. Owwww

    Really wonderful, the Full Width option helps a lot, easier life.

    Congratulations on another fine job.


  25. Awesome theme. Love all the options and the new user panel. Have already implemented the Blog style on my site. Thanks!

  26. Pretty Sweet! Love that you included a full page template to go along with it, perfect for photo galleries, forums & search result pages 🙂

    There is a really neat code I learned about recently that eliminates the need for custom fields you may want to play with and try incorporating into future themes…

    I am using it on a couple of my sites and love it 🙂

    • Thanks, I’ll look into it.

  27. Great Work!

    Wonder if any problem with WP e-Commerce plug in ?

  28. I’ve spent a lot of time working with wordpress and themes and I can honestly say this is one of the nicest I’ve seen. Great attention to detail and respect for postponing launch until you were completely happy with it.

    To any one reading this who hasn’t joined elegant themes, I can’t recommend joining enough. All the themes available are excellent and with membership being so cheap, it really is a bargain!

    One happy customer 🙂

  29. Nick 🙂 Kudos to you. This is the best yet.

    Btw, all the best for your exam results too *Winks*

  30. This theme is just amazing. Thank you so much Nick 🙂

  31. What a stunning theme! And as amazing as it looks on the frontend, the admin functions you’ve created on the backend are as impressive, if not more so. Easily one of the best page-based themes I’ve seen.

  32. Thanks for another great theme.

    I can’t get it to work, of course, but I’ll keep trying. It seems that if I use one of your themes I can’t use any others without completely reinstalling WordPress, which I can only do so many times.

    • Please use the support forum to detail any issues you have, I need more information before I can diagnose the problem.

  33. 3 words: worth the wait!

  34. Nice! I think this is the first business theme from Elegant Theme!

  35. Another incredible theme. Keep up the good work!

  36. can we place Ads in the homepage instead of “from the blog” box??

    great work!

  37. Amazing theme, and I love your taste in colour and design. Proud to be a member.
    Tottaly worth the waiting!

  38. Dude your themes are amazing. I would pay like $300 a year for my membership to elegant themes. Your a legend!

  39. GREAT!!! The best theme I ever saw!!!
    Thank you!!!!!

  40. Wonderful. Best One Yet. I cannot even imagine the time you put into this one.

    Great Job.

  41. eBusiness is truly an impressive small business-oriented theme. Bookmarking to refer to fellow WordPress enthusiasts and clients looking for a referral.

  42. Nice work mate just suggestion are you able to add panel for Theme Showcase and make it morque line just like this will be awesome feature

  43. Haven’t tested it yet, but it looks amazing!

  44. My New Theme 🙂

    The best theme I ever saw
    Thank you..

  45. i could tell that this is really amazing wptheme that I’ve ever seen… i haven’t tried it yet but i know it is because of the features that provided in the demo.

    i have something to ask if the user could able to change the mouseover “bounce” effect of the 3 tab menus in the home page into permanent or not movable.

    i salute you did the good job.. congrats!

  46. I am so happy to be a part of Elegant themes members!

  47. there’s a little bug i’ve found if the web structure used was “Page Based”. The link of that “BLOG” category in the top menu bar is broken, this will occur if you are using Permalink “custom structure”…

    • Well you need to update the link with the new structure. If you have done this and still get a 404 it is because you did not give your htaccess file correct permissions (777) before changing your permalinks. If you don’t give htaccess 777 then WordPress can’t write it, and your permalinks won’t work until you add the code yourself. You can learn more about permalinks here:

      This is not related to the theme.

      • awesome its now working

        hope many like you who doin this
        nice themes, and technically genius 🙂

        thanks a lot 🙂

  48. Awesome theme… i came to know about this from a blog and I subscribed to your service. Awesome and i can see each theme is getting advanced and have lot of good features. I was looking for a corporate theme. I understand that being this theme have two outlook as CMS and Blog, I believe that i can make the best out of it.
    I will surely refer my clients and I must say again that you are just awesome. keep on working on more themes and I love if the nest theme can be a corporate website theme with more CMS features like Forms and tracking

  49. The other question I had is what is the purpose of the photoshop files?

    • If you have Adobe Photoshop you can open the .psd files, which are the original source files for the design, to manipulate the theme more easily. This usually only applies if you have graphic design experience and wish to make big changes to the design.

  50. Hi Nick,

    I am thinking of editing the theme to a “fluid width” one, quite a number of things to change at first look.

    Do you have any advice if there’s a quick fix to it?


    • Unfortunately there is no quick fix for making this theme fluid. Almost every major element of the design would need to be changed, even a lot of the images will need to be edited. I wish I could give better advice, but it’s one of those things that simply takes time and experience to accomplish. If you have a more specific question let me know.

      • how about a “fixed” one? would it be difficult too?

  51. So… do you working now with new theme? (blog/magazine)? :)) I can not wait for this.

  52. Thimbthimb.php gives weird error with every image i use

    / not found.

    an extra / why

    • Please use the support forum for support, I need more information, particularly your URL. Generally it is best to use “images/splash.gif” in the custom field. You can also read through my timthumb troubleshooting guide here:

  53. Hi. I love this theme. I am new in wordpress (come from blogger). I cannot find the search button in here. Is it possible to put it somewhere. Thanks

  54. it’s really beautiful, I love it !!

  55. You know i love the Studio Blue theme and i have been using it on all my better blogs that i own. Because of the love, thus came in my contribution to the theme in the support forum.
    However eBusiness simply blew my mind. It’s one power packed theme and i really love it. Although it’s of much practical use to business blogs only but still all the features, specially “Front page” “blog” and “full width page” are worth the time you took on this theme. Bravo! Gracias!

  56. Very Awesome Theme! More Please!!! 🙂 the page based layout is very useful more of that too! 🙂

  57. Just joined with Paypal to get this theme. Can’t wait to get my login activated and put it on my site 🙂

  58. Your themes are awesome. 🙂 How often do you post new designs? Thanks for offering them to us folks out here!

    Have a great weekend!

    • I try to make 1-2 per month, but it really depends on the theme and how busy I am. I don’t guarantee any specific theme release frequency.

  59. Best Theme in collection! I will soon redesign my blog.

  60. Hey hey!! When we can expecting a magazine/media theme? I need this!! 🙂

  61. Seriously, this theme is RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME !!
    Thanks for such a good work!!

    Keep the CMS concept in mind for future themes !!! 🙂

  62. Absolutely fantastic … love this theme … thank you guys ….

    Now … how about an eCommerce/eTrade theme?

    Just a thought.

    Well done team

  63. i liked the control panel, the admin area. its with so much ease.
    will register to get this theme for my next blog

  64. This by far one of the most brilliant web templates I have seen on the net and I really cannot thank you enough for providing such remarkable skills at such a remarkably generous membership fee.

  65. I Affiliate, and earned good money thanks to this fantastic theme …

  66. Hey ,
    Any News about the Photo Blog

    Can you Add the title Below or Above the image in the front

    • It’s coming along – should be out in less than a week. I have most of it coded, just adding features and debugging IE at this point.

  67. Would be nice if you released another theme… it’s been awhile.

    • ePhoto should be out in less than a week.

  68. opsss man your works is extremely awesome man this awesome design
    The E-photo is awesome when you release it :????????????

  69. Just joined and these are all great themes and the price is unbelievable.

    Looked twice to be sure the fee wasn’t a misprint…LOL

  70. Hey I have an Idea.

    IN Business theme, you have that scrolling factor on Home page – Carosual.
    It goes from right to left.

    What you can do is – Move the text part from right to left and the image part can go from bottom to top.
    This way on a single click – u can have a two way rotation. It will look fabulous…hope fully

  71. Wow, Excelent Theme….

    Me encantan sus Diseños, no conocia esta pagina, pero sus diseños son hermosos, muy bonitos y Modernos, Excelente Trabajo 🙂

  72. Oh dear… this one is fantastic, I must have it.
    I prefer the original colour tothe two options.

    I want to use a WordPress site as a traditional website but incorporate a blog and allow a client to use it as a CMS in order to add news / dates etc.

    I’m not bad with XHTML and CSS and I understand the idea of php includes but I am new to WordPress… as a member, do I get support?

  73. This is a beautiful theme! Definitely the best WordPress theme I’ve seen so far. Awesome work!

    Quick question: I want to use it for a hardwood floor blog. How easy would it be to change the background to a wood floor image? Would this be possible in Photoshop with the PSD files you provide?

    Thanks again for designing such a great template.


  74. this is the best i have seen anywhere … would love to see a full screen shot of radiate red, earthen blue, and smooth green before i buy … would it be possible to get jpegs of these? home page only?

    totally hot bro … will blog on this at later …

  75. question … is your template setup to use an image instead of text for the logo in the header? can i use a gif there??

    • The logo is an image and the image is a PNG.

      • I notice that you say that generally images are supplied in PSD format but if you don’t use Photoshop, are the images editable in Fireworks?

        Is the PNG image complete with layers or has it been flattened?

  76. Hi, what’s the plugin I should install to add threaded comments like you have?

    • No plugins are use/required for the threaded comments display. Be sure to enabled threaded comments in wp-admin.

  77. Just spotted something… on the preview of eBusiness, blog page, the bullets for “recent comments” overlap the text.

    Just a small thing but when a theme is this perfect…

  78. I`m curios of something. I found this website and the theme is almost the same with yours but in the footer says: Designed by Steeze Lab. If you have no relations with them one question arises 🙂 : Did you inspired (copied) from their design or they copied you ?

    • That’s just someone using my theme, no one copied anyone. I don’t have any rules about how you edit the theme. If you want to remove my link and put your own that’s fine with me. You paid for the themes, I don’t have any restrictions on how you use them as long as you don’t redistribute them.

      • I see, but do you allow them to claim that they made the design ?

        • Yup, he did. Read the terms and services. It’s one of the most important parts of any digital product.

          Basically his TOS says no resale but anything else is fair game. We do pay for the things after all, and they are well worth the money for anyone reading this. Highly recommended.

  79. How to make the blog section? where’s to make the link?

    • Don’t forget to read the readme file for installation instructions. You can also refer to the video tutorial in the members area that addresses this issue. If you require further assistance please open a thread in the support forum.

  80. Hey good stuff…keep up the good work! 🙂

  81. Thanks..It’s a very NICE!!!!!!

  82. I’ve just become a member and downloaded eBusiness and am now getting to know the theme via a local setup using XAMPP.
    I can’t believe the power of this theme!!
    It’s obvious that the theme looks a million dollars but what stands out for me is the documentation and videos in the members area… saved me hours.
    I know nothing, or even less than nothing, about WordPress and my local installation is up and running.
    Once the ePanel is released I’ll go live.
    Best $20 I ever spent.

  83. hi admin ! i’m using ur ebusiness theme but how to show home page contents and how to manage? where i should create a page and give its id in control panel? i’m sorry i’m unable to figure it out….

    thanks in advance !

    u r great at design !

  84. hi admin ! I wana tell u one tiny bug in ur featured slider animation , just add stop() before animation starts… otherwise it will animate if someone hover over for many times..

    I just customize it a little with easing !
    like :

    2 jQuery(“.slider-link-1, .slider-link-2, .slider-link-3”).hover(function(){
    3 jQuery(this).stop().animate({
    4 marginTop: “-10px” } , {
    5 speed : “fast”,
    6 easing : “easeOutBounce”
    7 }, 150);
    8 }, function(){
    9 jQuery(this).stop().animate({
    10 marginTop: “0px” }, {
    11 speed : “fast”,
    12 easing : “easeOutSine”
    13 }, 250);
    14 });

  85. Hey, this the theme that i need but before I purchase it I would like to know if there are social buttons, share things we can add easily…?

  86. Nick, you’re one of the most tallented and innovative designers out there. Beautiful work, well done!

  87. Just uploaded my ebusiness theme and configured it via the ePanel… fantastic.
    Watched the tutorial videos and read the theme documentation and all went well.

    Worth every penny.. sorry, cent. Now have a WordPress site that I feel proud of… thanks Nick.

  88. hi..
    i have installed this theme, but why i cannot see image at slider 1 to 3 meanwhile i have uploaded the files and put the url at homepage settings.
    could you help me please..

    • If you need help, please open a thread on the support forum and we will assist you.

    • I must admit you’re one of the best WordPress theme developers I’ve seen. I think the work you produce is so outstanding and professional. Not to mention the number of templates you get as a paid member. I have actually recommended your site and gotten few people to become paid members.

      Keep up the good work, Nick!

  89. My Clients are gonna love this theme.. That means more money for me from affiliate sales!

  90. Very nice information on these great themes. Thank you for sharing!

  91. You need to double it up or something. The value here for your customers is a steal

  92. The slider doesn’t work for me in Internet Explorer, neither do sub-menus 🙁 In Mozilla evrything works fine.

    • If you need help, please open a thread in the support forum.

  93. This is great.Thank you so much

  94. Hi, that’s a good post. Definitely liked reading this. Thanks

  95. this is really cool theme, i want to buy it now thanks

  96. thanks for this great theme.

  97. Hi !

    There’s any chance that do I find this theme for Blogger ?

    Thanks a lot 😉

  98. hi my friend have the theme, and the reply comment to her subscriber is not function. Can u help?

  99. Hi,
    I would like to know if the background can be modified from the rock or stone looking default that the theme has.

    Please advise. Thanks!

  100. As with the rest of my themes I have included a banner management system. You can add 125×125 and 468×60 banners here. Within the page I have added a banner preview for each field so that you can see what banner you want to edit more easily. I have also added the option to choose how many 125×125 banners you want to display. This was a very common request on the forums. You can now choose between 2-8 banners, all of which are editable in the theme options page. You can also choose where you want banners to be displayed. You can add them to your pages sidebar, blog sidebar or both. You also have the option to disable them completely.

  101. Hi there. This is one of the best themes i’ve seem!

    Ok a quick question here…please guide me how I can use the drop-down menus in the header section.

    For example a header menu is created as ‘Our Product’ and when we Mouseover it, the child menus (sub menus) to display as Product1 Product2 etc.

    Please advice on the Menu Mouseover.

    Thank you.


  102. ohh very nice business theme. thank you

  103. hello sir
    this is nice but i am not able to add images on slider please give me the solution as soon as possible.


  104. thanks for theme

  105. Awesome theme. Love all the options and the new user panel. Have already implemented the Blog style on my site. Thanks!

  106. It’s the best time to make some plans for the longer term and it’s time to be happy.
    I have read this submit and if I may I want to counsel you few attention-grabbing things
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  107. would love to see a full screen shot of radiate red, earthen blue, and smooth green before buy

  108. nice theme but from where i can download it

  109. I have used the e-business for several years and I can’t figure out how to enable the sidebars on the home page middle section. The page it is drawing to that area has sidebars that I need but they do not show on the home page.

    What can I do to fix that?

  110. how to add image in slider of home page…tell me the path when i am using on localhost ..upto image

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