New Theme: Deviant + Theme Sneak Peek

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New Theme: Deviant + Theme Sneak Peek

My newest theme, Deviant, has been released today. With this design I wanted to have fun and create something unique and in-your-face. I enjoy the bold titles, grungy background and left-aligned structure. You will also notice some subtle CSS3 elements throughout the theme, which I think enhance the design for those browsers that support it. While I realize this stylized design might not be a crowd pleaser, I see it working well for many niches. For more info you can browse the Features Page, or take a look at the Live Demo.


Deviant Features

Deviant comes with all of the great features that you have become accustomed to here at ElegantThemes, including the ePanel Theme Options page and  custom widgets that give you increased control over the design. The theme also comes in six different colors, so if Red isn’t your style you can test out the Green, Blue, Purple, Orange or Black skins instead.


I hope you enjoy the theme, please leave a comment and let me know what you think! I appreciate your feedback.

What’s to come

For those of you who are interested in what is to come, here is a preview of my upcoming theme “OnTheGo.” This design has been a lot of fun to make, as I used a completely new method to create it. Instead of starting in Photoshop, I was inspired to begin the concept using my trusty pencil and paper. After I few minutes of sketching I decided to just draw the entire diesign by hand,  and a few dozen doodles later onthego was born. I think it is turning out pretty cool so far, so watch for its release in the next week!

Premade Layouts

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  1. Awesome! I’ll surely add this to the site, this is incredibly innovating. Great job Nick!


    • Niche themes,
      I really hope that next release will be e-commerce themes.

  2. Great… as always Nick!!!

  3. Very nice however. I still at my opinion about Title Heading

  4. Nice design. Can we put the theme in the middle of the browser ?

  5. OnTheGo looks fantastic 🙂

  6. perfect perfect perfect! Different brown and red colors. Thanks man. Good Luck 😉

  7. Deviant looks great, awesome nav menu. On The Go looks even better, keep up the good work!

  8. I see you are developing your creativity each day pas a way 😉 great work Nick, and the coming is greater!

  9. awesome layout, thanks Nick!

  10. Awesome theme , great color synthesis , font use & look & feel of this theme – a much needed change ! Great work 🙂


  11. Your design is also unique and this theme has rocks with new design and colour mixture

  12. Awesome :O, i hope you finish it soon

  13. Looks good! As I posted on facebook a month ago, I’d love to see a green colored OnTheGo 🙂 Thanks!

    • Surely that’s just a matter of bringing each web graphic into photoshop, putting your colour on a new layer and then using Photoshop’s blending mode to alter each image. We can’t expect custom work for just $20 pa.

  14. Nice themes. deviant will be good with very colourful images. I can’t wait to get On the Go working for my personal site (linked here). Excellent work, mate.

  15. Well the deviant one is fine but it does not have any slider.

    The newer one looks nice but personally I think you have wasted a lot of premium top space in a design which can not be applied to everyone and content is forced to be placed well below the first eye glance. It definitely is a comfort on the eyes but from business point of view you are not only wasting your ad space but also wasting the most premium place to pitch about your services.

    I would really love to see a functional theme which will look as good as the above themes, have a compact slider for featured content, few blocks to show latest content from categories and then the recent entries list (excluding ones which are already shown in top sections).

    There can be a few more widgets or blocks to subscribe through email (with input box), connect on facebook/twitter, more link embedded right in to he template.

    If you want I can draw a skeleton on paper and show it to you.

  16. Is it just me or the theme is not working quite right on IE8 (drop down menus and black alpha over images both placed to the right of where they should be)?

    besides that, another great theme! 🙂

  17. No need to waste your time chodhry for the drawing. Nick is always trying to become a net Picasso.

    None of his theme is suitable where you can customize it to your looks and make a website on it which can possibly look different than Nick’s original design.

    All his blog is full of sponsored Praises all the time.

    • well, glad I am not alone here to see a functional theme like the one his own site is based. Just see how the tweet and retweet is placed in the appropriate location in the theme elegantthemes using for his own site. Just look at the home page. It is all functional but in the gallery there are very few themes which we can say are functional enough. Hope at least he replies to our concerns.

      • Ya. I tried to blog here to tell Nick in past also but seems he does not care. For professional and customizable themes better you look at websites of Woo or Brain Gardner of Studio Press. Webmasters do not need a theme to create a Blog or Fashion show now. They need themes to work and customize a website for their client or self, as now more and more websites are being based on WordPress than blog.

        • No everyone wants a standard professional theme. This design is called “Deviant” for a reason, in that it deviates from norms rather than conforming to them. I understand your concern and will continue to strive to produce a variety of design, but the point of this particular theme is to be the exact opposite of what you describe. Not every theme will work for everyone, and I realize that I have very few “generalized” themes, but that is also a part of what makes ElegantThemes different. Like you said, you can get more standard themes from other provides if none of mine float your boat. Thanks for the suggestion though.

    • None of the themes are customizable???

      Don’t blame the design of the themes for your laziness or lack of skill.

      If you’re a paying subscriber, you have access to the Customization Showcase section of the forum where people have posted more than a few heavily customized themes that look quite different than the originals.

      And if you aren’t a member, and don’t have access to that forum, and therefore haven’t seen the potential for customization, then really you don’t know what your talking about anyway.

      Keep up the good work Nick. Eagerly awaiting the store theme!

      • Keep up the good work Nick. BTW the forum very helpfull

  18. Just keeps getting better and better 🙂

    Love them both! Can’t wait for On the go!!

  19. Thanks for a great theme!

    I have tried to install Deviant but some things doesn’t work properly. I’ve tried to write in the support forum but for some reason I cant login…?

    The CSS works on the blogpage but on the “home” page my sidebar drops below the content. Any workarounds?

    • Send me an email and I will help you out. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  20. Nice theme and the sneak peek looks intetersting, BUT:

    From artistic point of view, as portoflio themes, they might look good, but from practical point of view they are not. I don’t think many members on the site will use them in real live sites.

    In the end I think you should really go for designs that are used today, more practical ones like WooThemes.

  21. We like oNTheGo 🙂 Really custom design for wordpress bloggers! Greatz job.

  22. This theme looks amazing. I have a friend who wants to join just because of this new theme, because it truly is beautiful.

    Anyway, I just wrote a blog post about this new theme on my site and you can find it here…here

  23. 2 new themes in one month? you’re spoiling us! 😉
    This is great!! Thanks!

  24. wow another gr8 release but why not make any celebrity niche theme….

  25. Looks nice and fun also interesting because its very different theme compare what is on market, big well done.

  26. Nick

    This is awesome. I liked both themes.
    No more words to say.

    Besides, may I ask you when we can expect the long waiting e-store.

    It is tempting. Thanks and best wishes


  27. OnTheGo looks great! can’t wait for it ^^

  28. The OnTheGo theme looks great…!

  29. Awesome again. You are master in creating wp themes.

  30. i really like “onthego” theme. very creative

  31. Nice work as always Nick! Still looking forward to your shopping theme. Happy New Year!

  32. As always your designs are unique!

  33. Please release OnTheGo asap! 😀

  34. Howdy there, I’ve become a member here, and I’m pretty impressed with the quality of the themes, the backend is easy to customize and is amazing. I was running the glow theme on my website for a while, however I really need a theme that’s simpler, plainer, with a lot more white; any chance of you coming out with a theme like this soon?

  35. great site you gat

  36. Great stuff…will keep me as a subscriber for a long time to come…keep up the good work!

  37. nice theme,i like it. mister. i hope your visit in my blog.. thanks

  38. Nice looking theme. I think it is great stuff.

  39. Great Job! turn an idea into wp-theme reality 🙂

  40. always amazing themes. great job!

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