New Theme: DailyNotes

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New Theme: DailyNotes

Our newest theme, DailyNotes, has been released. This theme features the same tumblr-style custom post types found in LighyBright. These post types making sharing media quick and easy, and include special integration options for photos, videos, quotes, notes links and audio files. My goal with DailyNotes was to make the simplest and most elegant medium possible through which you could share your daily life. The theme is very minimal in its design, and has been trimmed down to the bare essentials. For anyone looking to create a fun and inviting personal blog, I’m confident that DailyNotes will serve you well! For more details be sure to view the Live Demo as well as the Features Page.

DailyNotes Features

1. Tumblr-style Custom Post Types – With the goal of making your life easier to share, special integration options have been added for photos, videos, audio files, quotes, notes and links. You can use normal posts as well, which means any posts you currently have on your blog will adopt the “notes” custom post type layout.

2. Four Unique Colorschemes – If you default layout is not your style, then be sure to check out the Stone, Wooden and Canvas variations.

I’m excited to hear what everyone thinks of the theme. Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments 🙂

Premade Layouts

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  1. best theme ever, cant wait to see more, u r real pro, love all your work

  2. Frequency of your theme release has increased. Wow that’s cool, hope you continues to deliver the good quality theme like this pace.

  3. Your themes keep getting better and better. Great job man!

  4. Wow!

    Nick! do you ever sleep? Love your work. Thanks man.


  5. Hi, this theme looks fantastic. I am planning to re-start my blog with the dark version soon!

    By the way, one question: could it be possible to link the homepage’s “post thumbnails” to the actual post page, without having to wait the popup to show and click “full post”?

    I don’t know if I explained the thing pretty well, heh.

    Keep up the great work!

    • I have the VERY same question…it seems odd to have to click “Fullpost” to read the entire post.

  6. Wow! Very excited!!

  7. I Love the grid style list you’ve got going on there … It’d be great to see more themes with a grid of some kind for dealing with large numbers of pages or possibly the grid could be be a standard option on epanel for category archive pages.

    Plus alternate navigation like a mega-nav would be great also.

    Notes of life looks great !

  8. I would seriously pay $20 for this theme alone!!!! Thanks Nick!!

  9. Nick,

    This template is quite awesome – I really dig the ajax refreshing for each post. That said, I’m growing less and less impressed with the new elegant themes you’re releasing. Not because they’re unoriginal or not well done – they are. But they feel incomplete. Often there are only templates for a home-page, single page/post, blog, and portfolio. Where are the contact page templates? Archives? Other notable templates (for a wall full of testimonials, for instance, or anything else fitting to the theme)? How about shortcodes and more fleshed out typography?

    • I think you can find plenty of solutions for contact forms and archive pages through plugins. These plugins already do a great job, and I don’t feel there is any need to bulk up my themes with too many uneeded functions when there are already better solutions out there. I do plan on making some design shortcodes though.

      • Agree 100%. There’s no point in re-inventing the wheel ! In fact having built-in contact forms can be bad if you then add a plugin for a second form – then you have two different form designs.

        Contact7 is a good form plugin and can get a standard contact form happening in about six clicks. Formidable is also very good (especially the payware version), and even spamfree has a built-in anti-spam contact form.

      • This theme seems to only work if the photos are landscape oriented. If they are portrait oriented, there will be a horrible gap between the image and the sidebar. Is there a fix for this? If so, I would love to know how to either fix this issue, or even skip the whole 2nd step, and have the main index entries go straight to the post. Could you tell us how to do that?

      • Nick is there any way to pay someone for personal help with a theme? I am throwing in the towel if not.

  10. Thank you very much for your extraordinary end great job. I think we can find many solutions with plugins for all different needs, to.

    Best regards !

  11. Twitter repost:

    I love it! I have some questions though about implementation, when will the support forum be available for this theme?

    I’m wondering how to not get the weird black edges on photos that I would upload that are not the exact size of the pop-up for the post?


    The Jessie Portrait (the dog) post is an example of what I’m looking to correct. I’m not a coder but is there an easy fix for this? Either the box fitting to the photo or do I need to make the photo the exact dimensions of the pop-up window?

    Thanks in advance!

  12. Gorgeous and simple Nick! Great job.

    Question: How would a gallery of images interact on a post as opposed to just a single image? Would the first image in the gallery show up on the homepage grid?

  13. Excellent theme ! You’ve managed to combine extreme minimal design with clear navigation. Pulling that off is much harder than it looks.

  14. Hopefully this theme doesn’t have the same problem as Lightbright with the posts. New tumblr-type posts don’t notify services, cant use existing categories, tag and if you ever change the theme…all posts are lost!

    • * GULP * That sounds serious . . .

    • Custom post types can be a pain! Needs a litle research and getting used to!

      • Interesting statement.

        Are we all forced to do our own research and reinvent wheels individually?

        Or his there help for this in the documentation?

        • This was the case with the lightbright theme. Any posts made with the custom tumblr type posting method are in their own little world that only works with the specific theme. If you ever use a theme that is not setup to see the tumblr posts will not see these posts.

          I love the theme but it kills any ability to change themes or use existing posts.

          • There isn’t really a way to avoid this I’m afraid, aside from not making the theme at all. Even if custom post types were not used, the custom fields that would be required to make the theme work would not be recognized in any usable manner by other themes. This is an unavoidable side effect of any theme or plugin that adds considerable and unique functionality.

          • I’m sorry i can’t find the custom post types in my dashboard… can u explain me where is it, or why i can’t access it ??

          • I think that a blogger gets a larger readership and want to go professional, s/he could just hire someone to customize it into the way they want it to look (ex. improving on the comments system, enabling portrait photographs, eliminating a separate “full post”, etc.).

            I have a question Nick: is it possible to replace the YouTube format for video with a Vimeo video?

  15. Great work… again! …and to think we get all this for $20! …I almost feel guilty… almost. ;]

    No seriously this last one is another great example of a unique and creative (not to forget fresh) Design.

    The current disadvantage right now is I want to use them all or at least a good half of your templates … though hey!

    Whatever Yoga or coffee you do in the morning, keep doing it… its working!

  16. Love this theme. I think it’s your coolest one yet. Nice work.

    One thing I noticed is that the search box doesn’t clear on click.

    • when i search for a keyword, there’s no result. it didn’t even show a no result sign or something. but i am sure there is post that i have tagged with that keyword. hmmm… but i love the theme anyway.

  17. Again another nice theme from you. You do the great work

  18. Being a new customer it is nice to look through the designs and see clear improvements from the first themes. Gives great hope for remaining signed up in the future.

    So does this release mean estore is not so far away too?

    Either way, I feel I have had more than my moneys worth with one theme! Thank you for the hard work.

  19. last time you mention 2 new themes will be launch,daily notes already donem so when e store will be launch, need that badly

  20. Awesome. I really like this one. Nice, clean and “simple”.

  21. Wow, so many templates in such a short time – and each one unique and different! You really serve a lot of needs here, and your design is always outstanding. Awesome!

  22. You have such a great eye, I am constantly inspired by your work – the attention to detail is fantastic. Have you ever thought of doing tutorials? (Paid of course)

  23. I don’t usually comment too much on your themes but this one is awesome!! Really love it and love the color schemes!! Makes me want to start a personal blog on WordPress now 🙂

  24. Wow, this is really perfect for a personal blog. It is very clean, elegant and organized. This is a job well done. Good luck!


  25. RSS feeds do not work with Custom Post content with this theme. FYI.

  26. The theme is fantastic! But where social icon: facebook & twitter? Guys, today, i think, all new theme will be include it.

    • There are countless plugins out there that you can use to add social media integration to your posts/pages.

  27. This theme is amazing. I especially like the dark version. Another great upload!

  28. Very nice Theme. Try to start a news Blog with this one. I think it will be nice to publish Videos and Pictures you found nice.

  29. Really love the clean fresh approach to a theme,

    The change of pace from the usual suspects inspires me to think outside the box a lot more when considering how to create a website.

    Thanks for continued great work.


  30. Beautiful themes. I have been a member for a year or so…and increasingly getting better.

  31. I’m using the theme, aside from it’s neat it has a few pitfalls, like the title post (font-color) is a pain or I’m just color blind, and no “full link” using IE. I don’t when can you guys address this.

  32. Hi Nick,

    Just finished myresume site with, you guessed it … “MyResume” theme at

    Glad I saw the info about “Daily Notes” looks really cool. I think I might have to swap out “The Corporation” and try this one out.

    Thanks so much for providing a great, affordable service for those of us who want to learn how to customize our blogs.

    Best regards,

  33. hey,
    I think it’s really beautiful theme
    but my question is:
    how can I (despite tumblr-style post types) at a archive in the menu?


  34. I love this theme and I would like it for my blog. Question is, if you open a post and click on Full Post to open further, you’re then stuck in the post+comments page without any way to go back (even if you leave a comment apparently). Looks like they forgot a ‘close’ icon in the full post view?

  35. I’m curious before I go about trying out this theme – does it support widgets at all? And is there a way to connect it with flickr?

  36. hi, i tried using this great looking theme but after uploading it and trying to activate it, it gave me this error in the theme options in wp

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: _x() in /home/content/s/o/c/socdotcom/html/zoopilipinas/wp-content/themes/DailyNotes/includes/functions/custom_posts.php on line 25

    i hope you can help me with this. thanks a lot

    • You need to be using WordPress 3.0

      • wow thanks for answeting my nooby question 😉 upgrading my wp now. great theme you got here!

        • Thanks was having same problem with an install on pre-wordpress 3 site.

          themes/DailyNotes/includes/functions/custom_posts.php on line 51

          Upgraded wordpress from cpanel and problem fixed.

  37. There is this ugly black border when using the Photos Tumblr posts; if the pictures aren’t perfectly NxN dimensions, were forced to see black borders like this:

    Any fix or workaround? That would change the dimensions of the frame to fit the picture?

    Rather than change the picture to fit the frame!

  38. No more editing theme files with a template tag. … Sneak Peek – The sneak peek feature has been updated

  39. Hi,
    Before I buy, does this theme support a sidebar / widgets ?

    Pl. confirm .


    • i think no.

  40. Hi ,
    can someone please confirm?

    does this theme support a sidebar / widgets ?

  41. Is there a way to get thumbnails on video posts? I tried the instructions with the ‘Thumbnail’ custom field but that didn’t work. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if its not supported.

  42. Could anyone explain to me if there is a way to have the thumbnail on the “home” page be different than the picture that is displayed when that thumbnail is clicked on? In other words. I want to make the thumbnail black and white, so that when someone clicks on the photo, it shows the color version of the photograph. Any help would be much appreciated!!

  43. hi, tanx for this great theme. ive some problem 🙁
    i want to put Taxonomies as categories in site menu, it works successfully on localhost but when i upload theme on host and go to Appearance > Menus , there is not Taxonomies list to add … 🙁 please help me
    thanks in advance

  44. Lovely, aesthetic design! Is there a way of putting my own logo as the header instead of ‘NOTES for LIFE’?

  45. Hey, just installed your theme and it looks great! A little confused though – Is there any way to add an image thumbnail to a link-type post?

    Also, even with the settings disabled the author/date stamp etc is still visible in postinfo, is there any way to remove this? Given the nature of my website there will only be one author so it is unnecessary to display the information.

    Many thanks!

    • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forums so that our team can better assist you.

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