New Theme: ColdStone

Posted on December 18, 2008 by in Theme Additions | 77 comments

New Theme: ColdStone

I finished ColdStone today. It took longer than expected to complete this theme due to the release of 2.7, so I am sorry for the delay. You can check out the preview here, as well as the gallery page with a list of features here.

1. Three Unique Post Layouts

As I created this theme I visualized it being used as a business website, so I wanted to include a homepage layout that contained less information that a normal blog, emphasizing the links and giving a basic introduction. However, I have also included 2 other more traditional layouts. Anyone using this theme can choose between a Business, Blog, or Magazine style post layout. The Business-style homepage contains an “About Us” section (which can be edited from within the theme’s options menu) as well as a tabbed menu containing a few common sidebar elements. The Business-style homepage sidebar is also widget ready, so you can add widgets there independently from the main sidebar. The Blog Style homepage displays posts in full length like a traditional blog, and contains a full sidebar. The Magazine Style homepage is similar to Business-style, however, it includes more posts, no “About Us” section, and in its place includes the main sidebar content.

2. Three Widget Ready Areas

This theme contains three widget ready areas. Widgets can be added to the main sidebar as usual. Widgets can also be added to the footer, as well as the Business-style homepage sidebar.

3. Dropdown Navigation for Pages and Categories

This theme includes multi-tier dropdown menus for pages and categories.

4. Featured Articles Display

This theme includes a very large featured articles display. Due to the size of the images, I have allowed for 2 images to be used per post. One for the various smaller-sized thumbnails, and one for the large featured thumbnail. The featured articles can be turned off entirely from within the theme’s options menu if you don’t want to use them. You can also choose how many featured articles to display. (between 1 and 5)

5. Automated Thumbnail Resizing

As usual, this theme utilizes timthumb.php to automatically resize all thumbnail images. Only one source image is require per post, unless the post is being featured.

6. Predefined Ad Spots

ColdStone comes with 2 predefined ad areas. You can add a single 468×60 banner add to the bottom of all post pages, and 2 125×125 banners to all pages. These ads are all managed from within the theme’s options menu.

7. 2.7 Compatibility

The theme comes compatible with 2.7, and includes threaded comments integration.

Premade Layouts

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  1. Beautiful theme, an excellent job, thanks! πŸ˜€

    • finally, the waitng is over!!

      nice theme!

  2. Excellent Work!

    Thanks To Elegant Team..


    Thank you!!

  4. Nice…going to install this soon. I love the drop down menu!

  5. best theme ever!

  6. Looks perfect and cant wait to try this theme with my site

  7. pretty pretty

  8. Nice theme!

  9. You the best! I love you πŸ˜€

  10. Congratulations! Another great theme!

  11. Nice xmas present nick.

    Good work

  12. 1 thing Nick.

    Could you not have had the blogstyle, something the same as the business style? With the same bg etc.. Instead of just white ?

    • I for one am glad he left it white.

      Excellent release, Thanks!

  13. Awesomeness! Thanks Nick… I haven’t downloaded the theme, but will do so as soon as I post…

    There isn’t any options to have the feature header auto scroll, is there?

  14. It has been a loooong time but it was worth waiting – love it!

  15. GREAT!. Thank ou so much!

    Merry Christmas to All! An specially for Nick. Keep on the good Work!

  16. This is a great theme. The search box is showing a yellow box in Firefox. Everything looks good in IE.

    • Doesn’t look yellow in FF to me. Might be your Google toolbar or whatever toolbar it is that offers to auto fill your forms all the time.

  17. Awesome! I’m downloading it now πŸ™‚

    – paul

  18. Just amazing…Exactly what I needed!

    Thanks Nick

  19. An excellent example of this theme could be found in my site ^_^… just click my name to go to it..

    • why you remove the credits to elegant themes.
      The Logo looks ugly.

  20. Nick… Simply Wow…

    If any body complains about this theme, or any other one…

    tell them to go pay $80+ at other places for stale generic “custom” templates… can you say WOO… lol

  21. Amazing theme! Really excellent work. I’m very impressed.

  22. I’m SERIOUSLY impressed with this one πŸ™‚

    Your use of superfish for dropdowns gets better with every theme! I love the way these blend into the theme, it really is just perfect.

    I would say, for a dark, cool, businessy theme, you can’t get any better.


  23. I can’t wait next theme!)))

  24. Nice and brilliant theme..i will download it soon πŸ™‚

  25. Great theme !

    Merry Xmas to all elegantthemes club members !


  26. Finally! Sweet!

  27. Hell of a theme! In fact, I’ve loved almost all of them. The only thing holding me back from purchasing is I haven’t had time to install new themes. For 20 bucks though, it is a no brainer.

  28. Nick, the theme is great…just one thing, you may need to check the theme in IE as it seems to have some error in Internet Explorer.


  29. never mind, i think the error accured coz there was not yet an “featured article” posted…now its fine :-)…sory for the confusion.

  30. Really nice theme…clean and elegant like the rest of them. Hope to buy it soon for one of my new project. Keep up the good work !

  31. I was hoping you’d do a text based theme soon and I would hold out for that but this theme has sold me on finding images for all my old posts, well at least all the good ones.

    Any reason you put in 124×124 ads? Shouldn’t that be 125?

    • Actually they are 125×125, that is a typo. Oops!

      • Ha a little late night themeing? πŸ™‚ We’ve all been there!

  32. I got mine up and running … some old content is still missing which I have to transfer from my old webspace, other than this I’m just lovin’ it !

    Check it out here:

    Merry Xmas for ya all !


  33. Absoultly Perfect Theme. Thanks. You are number one πŸ™‚

  34. Thank you! Thank you….Happy Holidays everyone…

  35. EXCELLENT theme. However, check out the drop down navigation in IE6… PNG fix for that?

  36. Hi,

    I wonder if you are able to provide the fonts for the logo.


  37. Best theme for my Blogs.
    Thanks for ElegantTheme

  38. hi
    nice work,
    can i change the name of category of Featured Articles
    to appear as news or anything else …

    i gut coldstone theme

    • Yes it is possible. Please make a thread on the support forums and I will outline the process.

      • thank you very much,
        i found it solved there

        : |

  39. how do you add pictures to post so they can show is the main display?

    • This is explained in the readme file that came with the theme. If you have any problems please use the member support forums.

  40. hi admin, dont know where to write excatly to contact you so write here ! want to make a pro blog for my company and seen your coldstone demo, looks great but … : I would like to know if in the coldstone theme you can add as a widget in the normal post screens sidebar the “coments/recent/archives” widget(or code) that is only in the demo on the home page. (this is a great function which save lot of space on screen and also very user friendly and attractive and cant understand why you dont put it in the demo on all the sidebars ?!?)

    Also if i buy it would it be possible to make some very simple modifications about colors in order to make it fit our company design chart ?

    Nico from paris.

  41. best, amaazing, amazing!!!

  42. how expand menu in the top for creat subcats , etc ; i see in the demo this but i dont understand how create subcats for the menu top for pages

    • When you create a page/category you can assign it to a “Parent” page/category. All Children pages are displayed in a dropdown menu below all Parent pages.

  43. hello,
    I chmodded the cache to 777, so everything is writable. But here is the problem… i am getting the following error on multiple themes:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function the_content_limit() in /home/mgenius/public_html/wp-content/themes/ColdStone/includes/default.php on line 35

    I have no idea how to fix this. Should i open up the page in dreamweaver and edit something? if so, let me know what so i can do it…
    thanks a lot. by the way… your themes really rock. oh and my page is in case you want to see where it is saying this. thanks

    • You need to install the plugins that came with the theme. In the future please use the support forum for tech support.

  44. Is it possible to automatic change featured articles on home page? Most of the visitors see only first image, they don’t see those numbers of featured articles.

  45. amazing amazing amazing!

  46. I have seen many WordPress themes and ColdStone is definitely in my top 5 designs!

  47. Out of pure curiosity, is it possible to have embedded script in either the content rotator or the ads? For example, embedding an 800-by-350 (or there-about) widescreen video in the rotator? and does the rotator rotate automatically?

  48. Adding support for resizing remote images would make it even better.. πŸ™‚

  49. Hello,

    Just like to say this is a GREAT design! Actually, all of your designs are awesome & by far the best out all the umpteen million blog designs I have seen, with ColdStone being my favorite.

    Looking forward to using this as my blog design soon as I’m still working on my website. Ironically, my site & this blog share SOME of the same design aspects so its going to work out great.

    Thanks for the awesome designs & looking forward to joining soon along with the new updates you got going on.

    Take’er easy man.

  50. HI..
    I have installed this theme, looks great.
    I know that we should click at general setting and choose featured article to show.
    but, i cannot find the dropdown option as featured article, now i am using 2.9.1 wp version. could you help me, please…
    thanks a lot

    • If you need help, please open a thread in the support forum and we will assist you.

  51. Hi,

    I came across this theme and am interested in migrating my current blog to this theme, but I’m worried about the image resizing. My site (click name to view) is fairly image heavy and I’m worried about the images not sizing properly. Could someone perhaps confirm how the process works & explain how I would not end up with horribly distorted images?

    The examples given are all well and good but for different sized images it may be a problem…


  52. Also, to what extent is the theme customisable? I’d like to get rid of the ‘grungy’ background and have a cleaner look (white background perhaps).

    I’d also prefer to edit the red border around titles under the fold and make sure the headlines displayed in full rather than cutting off half way.

    Is all that possible to execute?

    Pending some answers I would be keen to purchase.

  53. Hello,

    How do I change links of featured articles. That is pointing to pages/posts of my choice.

  54. What is the font name, used in the logo? Very interesting.


  55. Can I use any of your theme to my blogspot? Please response.

  56. I like the theme a lot, but deperately need to be able to auto-rotate the featured images/articles. It would also be nice to be able to auto-rotate the two square ad spaces just below and to the the right of the featured image area.

    Can you advise a way to do this or are you planning an update to the them that will include these features?

    • @Doug – Did you ever find the answer to your question about auto-rotating the featured images/articles? I’d really like to do this as well… Thx.

  57. Totally awesome theme! Way to go guys!

  58. I am facing problem in displaying image of featured article on the Home page.

    Can anybody help me

    • Just set a featured image for the post.

  59. I really like the Coldstone theme and I am thinking of using it for my company, but I noticed in IE9 there are some spacing issues on the home page and it is messing up the images. Seems fine in all other browsers.

  60. Hi! I need help. I’m currently using this theme on one of my projects. The client asked me to make the featured content at the top to rotate every 3 seconds. How can I do this? Hoping for your response. Thanks

  61. Someone changed my site over to WordPress with the ColdStone Elegant theme because I wanted this type of menu.. Is there any chance this has been updated for the Responsive Mobile?
    I really don’t know much about wordpress.. But, I am being told, I have to get ready for mobile, and I am sure this means loosing the menu system I wanted..

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