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Posted on October 7, 2008 by in Theme Additions | 18 comments

I have finished another theme today entitled “Cion” (I don’t know why it’s called Cion, it just sounded cool). I wanted to create a more traditional style blog layout while maintaining a “hip” feel. You will notice I have not limited any post characters on the theme’s homepage, and have added added a more prominent “about us” section, including an image (editable via wp-admin).


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This next week I plan on revisiting some of my old themes. Hopefully soon I will have updated all my themes with phpThumb automatic thumbnail resizer – I was also considering adding dropdown menus to WhosWho and StudioBlue. Some of my earlier themes lack features in their custom options pages, so I plan on expanding on these as well. More updates to come.

Premade Layouts

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  1. Im a great admiror of your work. but this time it didnt come up to the mark as ur previous themes were.

    These all themes Just looks like some portfolio. you could do really wonders with your really a happy member of your themes club. looking forward with your next theme. you could take inspirations from Here also :

  2. I’m considering joining your theme club. Your themes looks awesome. I hope you continue to add more such quality themes for members!

    Good luck m8! Would definitely recommend you!


  3. Hey man, will you post this in the member download section? It’s not there yet. Looks great!

  4. @Jeromy: It’s up now, sorry for the delay.

  5. @royan: I suppose it does look sort of like a portfolio. It lacks many of the features of my previous themes, and uses a basic post layout instead of the more complicated “magazine style” layout, but this was a conscious decision. I have had many requests for more normal “blog style” designs.

  6. I was wondering if this one would be a theme with no red in it. Well, it´s true, but now it´s… hm… violet… 😉
    Don´t hit me, it has got great features but it´s just not my color. Will there ever be a dark theme (with hopefully no red in it)? 🙂
    Anyway, keep going on and kind regards!

  7. I love it! Might have to change that purple though! I think if I can figure that out though I’ll be using it on one of my sites soon!

  8. Very cool new theme, will be implementing it ASAP on my site. I was wondering, could you possibly make something similar to influx, but with only 2 columns? IE One nav bar (on the left) and content filling the rest? Props to ya for this one though.

  9. Love the portfolio look, it is exactly the layout I want to use however, I just need to change the colour (I love the soft purple but I need a magenta colour).

    Since several other people have commented on the colour, would you consider doing a basic tutorial on how we can change the colour ourselves using CSS CODES?

  10. Hello there, I’ve actually contacted you a few days back but receive no response from you.

    I like your WP themes design a lot and very impressed the way you brought out your work here in EWT. Would you be interested in taking up sponsorship for your designs/websites?

    It would be great if we can discuss in details. I can be reached at [email protected]

  11. Your ‘magazine-style’ is great and Cion thou lack of your usual style is still great.
    Genius as always.

    Glad to be a member.

  12. ^Jerry one of the reasons I love this themes is not forcing me to keep that bloody footer sponsored links.
    Get them in here and most likely many will get pissed off (I know I would).

  13. I’m loving the Influx-theme for its look and I’m considering using it for my site (it’s not official yet), but since it’s a two column theme (but looks like a three) – it’s sort of not useful for me. I would have a lot of use for the same skin and theme, but with a extra column! Would you consider to make it a three-column theme?

  14. Wow! this is great, is just i needed! Thanks

  15. This is the absolute BEST Theme that you’ve done yet… but please make a different skin other than Purple!!! Please revisit this one soon, and I’ll guarantee you more affiliate sales…

  16. As you will see from my website I have the mauve coloured Cion Theme. I was wondering – due to all screens being so different – what are the colours, is there a close match you can give me to say a pms or pantone colour? I’m branding some products along the same colours and on my screen, the Cion Theme looks almost gray mauve and on others, much more mauve. Would be grateful for any guidance.
    Many thanks and kind regards

  17. Finally I have reached an article which was published in 2008.But sitll surprised to see that,your themes was awesome like present.Coin themes is great.Many people don’t like the color purple but for me it’s a good option.keep it up

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