New Theme: Business Card

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New Theme: Business Card

The idea behind BusinessCard was to create just that, an online business card that could showcase information about you or your company in a clear and concise manner. This is not a “blog” theme, but rather a purely page-based (cms-style) template. Due to the limited content, all pages have been combined into a single fast-loading tabbed area which has been enhanced with jQuery to create flash-like effects. BusinessCard is a great way to tell visitors about yourself in a subtle yet sophisticated manner. To learn more check out the Live Demo, or browse the Features Page for more details.

BusinessCard Features

1. Page-based content areas give you full control over each tab, allowing for a plethera of possibilities.

2. Multiple colors schemes – BusinessCard comes with 5 color variations. If Grey isn’t your style, then check out the Blue, Green, Pink and Turquoise versions.

3. Integrated gallery – BusinessCard allows you to add a gallery/portfolio into any of your tabs. Thumbnails are featured in a jQuery slider and include lightbox effects. What is special about this gallery is that it requires no posts or custom fields, but instead, uses the default WordPress gallery feature. When you add a WordPress gallery to your page, BusinessCard automatically updates the markup and integrates the thumbnails and source images into the slider.

What’s Next?

If you are following me on facebook and twitter, then you know that there are two other themes in the works. I am happy to say that development is almost complete on each, and that you can expect two new themes within the next week or so! If you missed the twitter/facebook previews, here is a little taste of what is to come.



Let me know what you think about the new theme as well as the sneak peeks. I appreciate your input!

Premade Layouts

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  1. Nick,

    I have one of the largest community of bloggers and I’m always promoting your work. I think you always do an amazing job and you shoudl be very happy.

    I’m going to go and write about this one now!

    Wish me luck!

    • Thanks Brian, I appreciate the kind words and the promotion.

      • Are there any plugins that would work with the Business Card theme?

    • Nick – I would love to see the theme Polish with tabs/pages that can have submenus 🙂 I LOVE those themes!!

  2. Cool theme series nick. Added my store.. Kind regards..

  3. Excelent!!! as alwayas Nick!!!

  4. polished looks neat!!!

  5. Just awesome!

  6. Nick,
    once more an excellent job. I can’t wait for theCorporation, that looks also to be amazing.

  7. Very clean good job mate

  8. Wow – very cool!

    Business Card is very interesting – very niche, of course, but I could also see it being used perfectly as a temporary/placeholder theme while a fuller site was being built.

    The Corporation is beautiful, too. Very nice work, as always.

  9. Love it! Great work.

  10. A nice change from your previous themes. I like that you thought “outside of the box” for this one. Shows you’re getting more creative as your skills progress. Well done.

    • I agree … I like to completely reskin themes so I love the different structure

      Great job!!

  11. Wow, do you ever sleep man? You’re a machine for sure Nick 🙂

    • I sleep, sometimes!

      • I don’t belive you!!!

  12. Cool theme! Great work! ^^

  13. the new business card theme is what i was looking for.
    it appeals to the freelancer-programmer who need’s a good website.

    polished looks very cool but it needs some cool icons.

    keep it up!

  14. Is it just me or does the theme seem unbalanced. On my Netbook (I know, but it is great for travel) It is on the right side bottom with at least 400 pixels of blank space on the left. the resolution is 1024×600 so it shouldn’t be that far off. I am used to scrolling down but not left to right. Could the margins be made percentages or something to compensate for smaller resolutions?

    I checked in Chrome and IE8 and it looks nothing like your screenshots at this resolution.

  15. Great theme. I’m not running any business websites now, but I could totally see using this one if I launched one.

  16. Amazing work… always!! Seriously, is there a way to pay you MORE?! You totally deserve it. You really need to start increasing your annual fee.

  17. Wow, this is serously the most awesome theme yet! I love the slide transitions! You’re really pushing the limits on WordPress.

    If I hadn’t signed up already, I’d be signing up for this one. Here’s another happy customer that’s anticipating the future on Elegant Themes! Can’t wait for The Corporation; could you post a teaser of the blog layout for it?

  18. Business Card is great, but I really can’t wait for Corporation and Polished. Are you going to be phasing out timthumb and using the 2.9 post images going forward?

    • Actually all ePanel themes are already compatible with the 2.9 thumbnail feature (in their newest versions). You can use that, or Timthumb. Your choice 🙂

  19. So different its awesome.

    Sleek layout that has potential for a number of different sites. Damn impressive.

  20. Looking forward to theCorppration – this seems very beautiful

  21. Also looking forward to TheCorporation! Would really like to see a dark red/beige color scheme. Does the theme support font replacement (Cofon)?

  22. I really like the ‘business card’ theme, Nick, but it performs poorly for me in Internet Explorer. It’s fine in all other browers. In IE transition from page to page is very slow and the title of each page is ‘gritty’ for a second or so until it settles. Is this a local issue or are others experiencing the same?

    I must say I’m really looking forward to both Polished and Corporation – they look awesome in the previews!!

    • Unfortunately there is no way to fix the IE issues – it just can’t handle animation correctly. The only option would be to remove all animations completely for all browsers, which is not something I am willing to do to satisfy the needs of a terrible browser.

  23. Really great theme! When will the webstore theme be ready do you think, Nick??

  24. I have the perfect use for this theme on a site that I’m working on my husband’s new painting business.

    Wonderful timing.

  25. This one is totally brilliant, going to use it for my portfolio! Thank you so much..

    I’d be really happy to see a theme created for photoshop tutorials / community blogs, something like psdtuts, tutorial9, etc. something highly functional yet with your fantastic design skills 🙂

  26. Brilliant theme, really. Neat and sophisticated. Are you aware that the turquoise colour choice you offer has been crowned Pantone’s “Color of the Year for 2010”? Nice work.

    • I wasn’t aware, but thanks for the info 🙂

  27. Nice Work, Polished looking very cool.
    Waiting for the MultiAuthor theme.

  28. The Corporation looks very nice. Finally going to see a very practical theme by you.

    PS: Hope you add those interaction options like subscribing and twitter/facebook page icons like you have in your own site.

    PS: BTW hows the development going on the eShop?

  29. In the Business Card, can we have the portfolio divided into various categories? Like logos, illustrations, layouts, animations? May be a small menu of subpages/categories with in the content box so portfolio really can be presented in an organized and professional way.


  30. Your themes show your hardwork bro. This theme looks awesome. The Upcoming themes are gorgeous keep up the great work 😀

  31. this looks great. well done nick.

  32. Looks great! Hey whatever became of your WP-Ecommerce theme? Has that been canceled?

  33. Amazing themes. Congrats:-)

  34. the corporation seems to be the theme I’ve been looking for long time ago. just can’t wait.

    I love your work, keep supporting this 😉

  35. Nick,

    I like the new business card them. One issue though. I don’t see a way to link. The theme would have a lot more usability if you could interlink some of the pages.

    I’m horrid at JS or else I might poke around and see if I could figure it out. But alas.

    I would actually use this theme if these gets built into a release or I could figure this out.

    • Is it no way to resolve this problem?

  36. Wow! This theme is just gorgeous. Not only does it look amazing, but the way it functions is fantastic. Something that looks so clean and straight forward, but with so much love on the back end. I haven’t been a subscriber long, but so glad I am. You do great work at an amazing price. Keep it up!

  37. I would like to buy this theme but I would like to use it to create an online business card site and I dont know if it is possible. Is there any way that I could let users each create a page/post with their details and give each user a password if they ever want to make changes to their page/post. Ideally, each user will have one page/post and the ability to fill it out themselves. Any idea how to do this?

  38. Nick,

    Your work is simply too good. Polished. Mature and has a certain panache in it.



  39. A friend just suggested the Business Card theme to me for a photographer who wants an inexpensive site that’s easy for HIM to customize (as in change photos – he’s not very computer-literate, he says.)

    In looking at the demos, I don’t see a page back to HOME – am I just missing it???


  40. I use ua themes I might end up seeing a therapist it becoming an addiction. I sir Mee declare u a god in my terms. I kinda have the power to do this.

  41. I use ua themes I might end up seeing a therapist it becoming an addiction. I sir Mee declare u a god in my terms. I kinda have the power to do this.

  42. cool. these are pretty slick looking!

  43. Clean theme, nicely done.

  44. it would be great as an extention to an actual business card. You can hand someone your card with your number and a link to your digital card which could have a short resume on it.

  45. Mhunter, that’s a great idea. Combine two “business cards” so to speak. I don’t think many people integrate their online and offline marketing as well as they should. May have to try your approach!

  46. nicely done! I just hope they don’t put the print industry out of business! lol

  47. That’s a fantastic theme, really nice and clean, good work 🙂

  48. That theme is really nice. It’s clean, clear and to the point. It looks really professional and it looks like it will be really user friendly and simple to use. What is that car on the polished page because that looks brilliant.

  49. Just wanted to show my implementation of BusinessCard. Great work to you and your team Nick!

  50. Business card is a very effective or it the first impression & business card theme wow!.
    I like the stuff.

  51. This is definitely a great idea, and very well presented as well. The themes are fantastic. I do think this is the future, right now there is almost nothing that you cannot do on line. Can you combine this business cards with the ones you can give away?

  52. Awsome theme!!!!

  53. cool theme… thanks nick…

    but i cannot find my post? where did it go…

    thanks a lot..

  54. Hello
    finaly I found what I was looking for

    how did you guys found this information??thank you for your article I found it on Google And I bookmarked it . I’ll share. Please send me updates

    thank you and have a nice day

  55. The themes are fantastic. I do think this is the future, right now there is almost nothing that you cannot do on line. Can you combine this business cards .

  56. I was curious if the business card theme is able to had a nav item that are blog posts? Cant seem to see if that is possible.

  57. How do we add facebook and twitter share buttons to this theme???

  58. The theme is great, but when I’m trying to rich certain page using link to that page(or even refreshing the page), it shows the logo only, but not the page itself…
    Am I missing something? Thanks

    • Great question Yuriy! How do you link to a specific page on the Business Card theme? Or along the same line, how can you have a certain page load as the default page (instead of displaying the main logo)? (it seems to me that if one wanted to display the main logo, they would just create a “home” page with the logo as their content…)

      Thanks in advance.

      • I added more internal links on the pages using wp page editor. I’m not really sure how to change that instead of logo it would load the content.

      • I’m going to use different template temporary. But I have BusinessCard template installed on this link
        Hope, you can help me with this.
        Thanks again

        • Can you explain to me how you got it to say “Webhuba” instead of “Business Card” on the main page? I’ve been trying to figure it out with no success.

        • Yes please, I also would like to know how you changed the logo.

  59. Thanks for the great theme.

    One question. How do you set the home page so that it doesn’t display the “logo”?

    • I too am trying to create a home page menu item. Because the pages and content are loaded via jQuery, it’s more complicated than you think. The DIVs for each page are being loaded dynamically with jQuery functions. I can’t seem to figure out how to call the specific jQuery function to reload the logo div.

  60. Great theme. Very user-friendly and a clean design.

  61. I really do love elegant theme! Its just awesome!

  62. This is great! Is there a way to remove the part where it says businesscard?

  63. I can’t get my pages to show up

    • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forums so that our tech support team can assist you.

  64. For those using the BusinessCard theme looking to be able to direct link to pages (both internally and externally), I created a child theme that adds that functionality.

    It’s a little bit rough and so I’m calling this “beta”, but it should do the job. Keep in mind the URL still never changes once the site is loaded for the first time. However, with my modifications the navigation links have the actual URLs in them now, so you can right-click any links and copy the address for easier sharing/testing.

    Download link:

    I’m still debating if I’m going to use this theme for my business site, but if I do I’ll have to make even more modifications to get the functionality to an acceptable level for what I’ll need. Things like: having the URLs change when you navigate, use WordPress’ menus system for the navigation, moving the logo to the top for subpages, etc.

    If I make further changes, I’ll share here. No guarantees at this time. Hope this helps someone.

    Also, does anyone know if I can share this child theme on WordPress’ theme directory? Would the theme author mind? Is it okay license-wise?

    • Jeremy Saxey, thank you very much for the help getting direct links to work!!!

      • You’re welcome! Glad it helped someone 🙂

      • Dear Ângelo,

        do you still have the Child Theme? I asked Jeremy for help but he doesn’t have it anymore.
        Could you please send it to my by eMail?

        Best Regards,

    • Just what I was struggling with – thank you!

  65. Very cool, thanks for this nice themes. 🙂 Business Card just download und installed

  66. May I know since this template do not have a widget (Contact US ) what else can we do so that our clients can contact us through emails


    • I also need a contact form in my business template.
      Did you find a way to do it ?
      thank you

  67. Very cool, thanks for this nice themes. 🙂 Business Card just download und installed

  68. How can you get back to the main page after clicking on one of the tabs? I can’t figure out how to do that without having to refresh the site. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

  69. Well done, I’ve been using this theme for my e-business card for a few years. Very easy, good looking, just perfect for an e-card. This is one of 4 different Elegant Themes I use on my web services – not the last one 😉

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