New Theme: AskIt

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New Theme: AskIt

I believe more time has gone into this theme than anything else we have created, and after weeks of work I think we have managed to build something special. AskIt is a theme that transforms your WordPress blog into a fully-featured question and answer site. Once activated, your visitors can register and start posting their own questions via our externally integrated submission and signup form. These questions can then be answered by your visitors, and each answer can be voted on by your visitors to help find the best solution. Once the author has found an answer to his/her question, he/she can designate it as “correct” for all visitors to see. Finally, a community atmosphere is fostered via a user rating system. Each of your members will have stats including their total questions answered and how many of these questions were chosen as “correct.” This is displayed in a star rating under the member’s avatar next to all of their answers. A user with a 4-star rating will hold high authority within the community. This experience is further enhanced by ajax integration, creating a seamless posting/voting experience. For more info, be sure to check out the Live Demo as well as the Features Page.


AskIt Features

1. Seven Unique Colorschemes – This theme comes with seven different colors. If the default blue/gray is not your style, then try out one of the many other variations showcased below. With seven designs to choose from, I am sure you will find one that suits you.

2. External Users Submission/Signup Forms – Instead of have your users join/post questions via the WordPress dashboard, we have taken these features and integrated them into external pages. This creates a much more fluid and professional users experience.

3. Answer Voting System – Each answer that is posted can be voted on by your visitors. If the answer is helpful then the comment can be voted up, and if not it can be voted down. This score is placed on the comment for all to see. Voting is logged by IP/Username, which means each person can only vote once on each answer.

4. Correct Answer Selection – Question authors have additional powers, and can deem answers that have been posed for their question as “correct.” These answers are then highlighted in green for all to see. The author can choose to reverse this decision down the road if a better answer to the question is posted in the future.

5. Member Ratings – As your members start to answer questions, their stats are stored in your database and analyzed. The more correct answers that a users posts, the more their star rating will increase. This star rating, which ranges from 1-4, is placed below the member’s avatar on each of their answers.

As always, I am eager to hear your thoughts on the new design. With the finalization of this theme, I have a renewed confidence that ElegantThemes will continue to create some of the best and most innovative themes around. I can’t wait to see what we come up with next, and I hope you can’t either 🙂

Premade Layouts

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  1. Awesome theme, was waiting for a long time for something like this to emerge.

  2. Another great template!

    I’ve been looking to combine several templates and no one seems to have anything close to what I envision. I want my site to be a forum/community with profiles, a blog/blog feed, a store with original products and affiliate products, featured profiles, video profiles… A lot to ask, I know.

    How do I get custom designs?

    • nein, das bist du.

  3. another great theme….

    i think that it’s usefull a widget about the member’s rating sort list

  4. Looks great. Very nice and innovative from what I have seen from designers around. Great job!

  5. Its awesome – the only suggestion is that instead of saying “leave a comment” it should say something like “post an answer”.

    • I agree, Aj … and found a tutorial on the support forum telling me where to go to edit the file and achieve that!

  6. Looks good, would love to see a social network type app. Buddypress isn’t quite what im looking for. love your style and work!


  7. Is there a block option for trolls who sometimes tend to target and spam/disrupt any forum or Q&A site?

    Otherwise, this is really great! Very imaginative and a welcome addition.

  8. Really amazing!
    But, 85.3MB?

    • All the file size comes from the PSD files, of which there are 9.

  9. If there a way of control the questions? For instance can you make it so that the question/answer thing only work on pages that have been created by authorized users?

  10. one more U rock again Nick 😀

  11. WOW, that is the most elegant interface!! Beautiful work Nick!!

  12. It is a great news that you can make a site like Yahoo answer. I will like to use to make ask site for seos

  13. This design looks pretty slick. Q&A’s are getting more and more a popular element on social sites and really helps getting your visitors involved. I love the answer voting system that encourages people to give it some thought before submitting answers.

  14. please, please, please tell me there is an easy way to sync the profile sign-up to my auto responder account!

    how amazing would that be? Seriously, is there an easy way to do this?

  15. SWEET!!! What are the chances of getting this to integrate into Facebook Connect so that questions (or answers for that matter) could be shared to the posters wall. I love this theme and plan to use it for a site AND would love to Facebookize too. THANKS!

  16. Thanks Nick. Very nice.

  17. WOW, just what I have been waiting for. Kudos from Canada

  18. Great idea and awesome looking design. While I was reading about the features and taking a look at the demo, I was already thinking of ideas on how I can use it.

    Great work!

  19. Wonderful.. was expecting this theme for a long time but what about the plugin for other themes.. I am currently using glow theme!

  20. Awesome template love it but some thing seem not to work

    there is three nav in the template
    1: header one
    2: one under logo
    3: footer one

    All the three customized through one option in the admin panel

    so there is bug

    Can you please check the code again


    • Use the WordPress-Menues and all your questions will be answered 🙂

      • Can U tell me how to do it??

        • even i have the same question, all the three navigations are showing the same content … how to change it

          thanks in advance

          • Your menus can be customized via the Appearances > Menus section of WP Dashboard. Here you can create and assign different menus to different locations. If you need more help, please open a ticket in our support forum.

  21. Awesome. ET is by far the best value for WordPress on the internet.

  22. Hi,
    First Thanks for this great theme.
    I’m found of your themes.

    I want to put the little description under primary menu’s buttons (“Home”,”About”,”Submit”)

    Is there a custom field to fill in the page configuration or in the custom menu?

    PS : Sorry for my bad english

    • It’s custom MENU. Go to custom menu and click for screen option. Tick the box “description” and enter text you want.

      First you must create custom menu.

      • thanks for this answer! It really helped. Now, how do you change the labels in the Submit (question) form?

        That is, change “Title”, “Tag”, “Category”, “Content” to other words?

  23. Super theme – like a site-in-abox – can you do some styles that are lighter and more feminine for your themes, I am doing various parenting and kids sites and would love to have some styles ready to go :). Awesome work as usual!

  24. This is one great theme … Can’t wait to test it on a sub domain support center 🙂 Thanks for making this one … well worth the wait!

  25. Wow this is fantastic! With my subscription, I will save more money than buying similar question answer scripts on the market thanks!

  26. I was waiting for this! 😀

  27. WOW, great for my 30 day diet site. so many people ask questions about dieting, health issues, athletes looking for products, football players etc. So you have answered my prayers on this one. It is going to be awesome

  28. Is there a way to prevent your themes from contacting all sorts of Google URL’s? I would love to buy themes from you, but I want to keep all stuff on my own server and don’t feed the Google Wolf all sorts of information on each page-load.

  29. This great theme is applied already on one of my blogs at!

    Very nice work Nick, you rock!

  30. The idea of such theme was great. Good job.

  31. Great theme 🙂 It’s nice to see you’re moving towards wp app themes type 🙂

  32. anyway we could get a page for the user?

  33. Nick, congratulations on this innovative theme. It is awesome. 🙂

    Although I don’t have a use for it at the moment I’m sure I’ll think of something!

    Love it.

    Ian D

  34. Just came across you website and this is a nice theme. Now I have to figure out how to implement it.

  35. Nick, it’s great! I’ve hauled it straight out of the box for a totally private Q&A site being used by a campaign development team to keep all the various threads of the campaign together and people talking to one another. They thought I was a genius – took me about 45 mins to set up! I gave credit where it was due … and the pleasant thing for me was that they didn’t believe a word of it! So you gave me both the site and the kudos … I owe you big time! LOL!

  36. Great template I was searching for a decent Q&A template for a long time. This will be a great additional feature for my website. Thankfully wordpress 3 supports multi sites ;-).

  37. So many great themes. Will be starting a blog soon. Have bookmarked this site and will definitely return.

  38. This theme is simply NOT compatible with IE 6, 7 or 8 and until such time as its multiple issues are fixed this claim should be deleted from the list of features.

  39. Great idea and execution….
    Does the user image come from a gravatar or elsewhere ?

    • It comes from gravatar.

      • Where can I find information on how to customize the theme?

        E.g. Adding Facebook + Twitter Connect, tc. It seems that a lot of people need additional customization help with this theme … is that something you offer?

      • Nick, I am not able to login to the members site or to retrieve my password …

  40. I’m from Brazil and I’m using Google translator to write in English, so please not strangers.
    I am with the theme installed, it is very good, but I can not send your questions, they do not appear in my posts, can someone help me?

    • Have a look on the AskIt forum. There is an IE hack to fix this issue.

  41. Wow that was a beautifully designed theme, Nick. I really love it & inspired of the design works done through the layout. Thx for sharing this wonderful theme. Keep sharing good things like this.

  42. Clever, clever, clever.
    Not one that I would use but as I said… clever!

  43. I realy love this theme. Maybe you can build something like the same but looks more blog. I already translated to portuguese, if anyone’s want, please let me now. Thanks

  44. I am loving it 🙂

  45. Do you know if it’s possible for people to ask questions without registering?

    In my case I would like to use the theme, but registration might discourage people to post.

    • I am also looking for the same answer, unfortunately no admin is posting any reply.

      • Sane here, would buy this theme, but changed my mind until have sure users can post withou registration! Or at least, no mail confirmation.

  46. Damm, thats awesome work NICK!

    The first Time i see that Design, or should i say complex Design structure, i was blown away. Of course i can use it to create a Question&Answer Project, but i think that is only the half of the potential of this phenomenal Theme.

    I hope, i would become a bit of help from you Nick, when i figure out my many ideas for to use this Theme.


  47. Ok – I am trying to update my website so that I have 1) a blog and 2) ask it section such as this.

    How do I combine 2 templates – or can I had a blog section to this template?


  48. Great job. Any urls of sites using it?

  49. Good afternoon.

    Is it possible to do so that it became possible to evaluate not only the answers (comments), but also the positions themselves?

    Sorry for my English.

    Thank you!

  50. Yeah i search way to have a blog (that is no writable anothers) and question sections (that is writable for all users)

  51. Can you make it so that it is still possible to post normally? I have multi author blog and want to have a qustion and answer section that won’t affect my other authors posting options.

    Is that possible?

  52. Hello,

    Great theme, I was wondering if something like this could be integrated with a payment system? So users have to pay to have their questions answered?

  53. Iam developing a new blog [] and would like to use this theme as a subdomain, can somebody tell me how can i sync user database between two blogs

  54. why my recent tab on homepage didn’t show up? please help me..

  55. Great job. Any urls of sites using it?

  56. Is there a way to:

    1. Only allow answers from people within the same state as the person asking the question?

    2. Customize to allow the front page just be a question box?

    3. Not require people asking questions to have an account and/or have logged in before asking a question?


  57. This is a great theme! i had a few questions though…i dont see a logout option for users who login (if i disable the wp bar on top) and i am not sure how i can add custom fields on the question form, like country drop-down or how important the question is etc. can you please guide me if this is possible and how?

  58. I would love to see this Theme in my web… but registering process it’s a little frustrating for people that only want to make a single question… it would be great if anybody shares the way to post without registering

    • Agree!

  59. How to order this theme? I want to buy this theme for my blog

  60. Nice job, but I have some issues on my website 🙁

    I can’t vote for comments, the + and – buttons are not displaying on mouse over. I’m still searching how to fix it …

    Moreover in the demo I see pagination (page 1 of 3 1 2 3)on blog pages, how can I display it ?


    • If you are experiencing difficulty, please open a thread in the support forums so that our tech support team can assist you.

  61. This theme is awesome! I just started using it on my new website and it looks great.

  62. I try to use it in a sub domain. when i ask a question it ask for registration. I put username and email address. but after that it open the mother site’s ‘wp-signup.php’. and said “Get your own bla bla account in seconds.” and ask for username and email address again.

    How can i avoid this wp-signup.php thing.

  63. Hi, awesome theme!
    But I have some problem with this theme. My problem as same as pastaga.
    Can you provide me how to fix It?

    • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

  64. Just finished installing this theme and updating the contents.. Only one word for this ” AWESOME ” this if done proper seo would change yahoo answers! some day.. thank you so much 🙂

  65. Hello, I have installed this theme on my site. But I have problem with responsive size in Internet Explorer.

    Can you help me to resolve this issue?

    • If you need help, please open a ticket in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

  66. Hi !
    I would like to order comments, the one with most +1, appear first, and so on.
    How can i do that ?

    Thnxs !

  67. Is it possible to mark some posts as posts and not questions to have them show up on a blog post page instead of the main questions pages?

    Or alternatively, how would you post News about a program and not have them show up as questions?

  68. Hi, is this theme compatible with the Buddypress plugin?

    i’m curious since BP got also a login and registration form.

  69. I know this is a pretty old theme but was it ever converted to be responsive?

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