New Theme: Aggregate

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New Theme: Aggregate


Our newest theme, Aggregate, has been released. The goal of this “Magazine-Style” theme was to display a good deal of content at once without loosing clarity and hierarchy, something commonly seen on news sites. We also added some handy new widgets, as well as many new advertisement areas. Finally, you will also see that our color control panel (previously released with Chameleon) has been integrated into Aggregate as well, making customizing your theme quick and easy. If you have been searching for a feature-rich Magazine-style theme for your blog, then look no further! For more info be sure to check our the Live Demo and the Features Page.


Aggregate Features

1. Five Basic Colorschemes – Aggregate comes with five different colorschemes to choose from, including Brown, Blue, Green, Red and Black.

2. Infinite Color Combinations – While the theme comes with five color schemes to start with, you can customize the theme’s colors even further from within ePanel. Our new Color Control panel gives you an easy way to visualize your changes, and ePanel gives you an easy way to make these changes come to life.

3. Four New Ad Areas – Aggregate comes with several advertisement areas where you can add 125×125, 468×60 and 728×90 ads. The theme also comes with tons of widget-ready areas, including a sidebar, footer and 6 additional modules on the homepage where ads can be easily added.

4. New Custom Widgets – The theme comes with some new widgets that were created just for Aggregate. These include the Recent Videos, Photostream, Popular Posts and Recent From widgets. All of these can be seen on the homepage of the demo.


I hope that you like the new theme. As always, we look forward to hearing your comments 🙂

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  1. A-mazing. Love it guys – thanks so much for the continued greatness!

    • The theme looks awesome Nick. The slider may be a bit large for a magazine niche (IMO). But a beautiful theme nonetheless. Keep up the great work!

  2. Mais um belo template! Parabéns, ET!
    Apesar de continuar com o DelicateNews, este template me agradou muito!


  3. Great work guys, you are getting better and better with each theme. 🙂

  4. Another must have ET nice work!!!

  5. Was eagerly waiting for it. Going to test it now… Great work again! Thanks for the new widgets added to this theme 🙂

  6. May be your best work yet Nick. Wow.

  7. Gorgeous new theme guys. I love the split navigation for the blog too.

    Have you discussed whether you’ll start implementing the new post types in your themes? I’d love to have a blog subnav just for, say, link posts, or video posts, or asides, etc.

  8. BTW. Why localization files are missing? 🙁

    • I agree, lang folder is missing. Why?

    • Sorry about that, these files have now been added.

      • Thank you Nick! Awesome theme!

  9. Your .adwrap on the sidebar needs to be 1px wider.

    • Also your .et_pt_blogentry needs a { position: relative } as on the blog feed all your “Read More” links are overlapping in the bottom right corner of the content wrapper.

      You don’t usually launch a theme with this many issues.

      • fantastic! so psyched bout this one … been anxiously waiting and the new features are exactly what a magazine theme is all about. u took away the big font sizes that are usually to oversized although that always a east fix neways and crammed in allot of content. luv that fact that u were able to integrate allot of front page post features the little to larger boxes etc. very nice just wat i was looking for. out of all the magazine themes u have this far by the best in regards to adding content and ad management. keep up the good work. 🙂

      • im sure nick will make adjustments but those issues are easy to fix in php or css files. just truncate post length 🙂

      • What browser are you using? I haven’t noticed these issues in the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, FF or IE.

        • Hi Nick
          I’m using IE 8 and the thumbnails under the main slider image run diagonally down the page.

          Most people in the UK use IE not Mozilla.

          • I saw this issue myself today in IE8. Diagonal thumbnails under slider, like a staircase.

            • If you need help, please open a thread in the forums so that we can assist you.

  10. Beautiful theme Nick!

    One question, you have three categories on the home page, (Technology, Education and Internet). Could I add as many of these “recent from” categories as I like or am I restricted to just three?

    • Yeah i have the same question to.


  12. I’ve been looking forward to this one since its announcement, and it looks really nice. Good job.

  13. Each new theme tops the last one.

  14. @Nick,

    It looks fantastic. 🙂

    The New Ad Areas are looking natural.

  15. This is too awesome! Glad I finally decided to join here because your work is just amazing!

  16. Looks great, themes here just keep getting better.

  17. Another “Cadeau”! (…Gift if you will)

    Nice work and thanks. 🙂

  18. Such a nice theme Nick!! This is award winner theme that you won in WPcandy.

  19. Another good theme – with all these themes available there has to be something for everyone.

    Cost of membership is looking like peanuts with such a huge choice.

    Well done on new theme and congratulations on your WP Candy poll win.

  20. Hi, wonderful work again. You are setting standards to the branch, in my eyes.
    Hopefully it will be fast loading too.

  21. Great theme, Nick, you’re getting better and better and this is just the magazine template I was waiting for, thanks a lot!


  22. Awesome theme. I have many regrets in my life, but subscribing to Elegant themes will NEVER EVER be one of them. COngrats on the win in the WP Candy contest. Well deserved. Keep them coming! Thanks!

  23. Hello,

    Nick, could you please tell us if:

    1. Is there a way to minimize/reduce the space above and below the “aggregate” logo?

    2. Can the logo be positioned to the “left” and a 728×90 ad to be displayed to its right?

    Thank you!

    • ‘Costin’, Best to ask this question in the “Aggregate” forum section…

      • I would, but this is a presale question. I don’t have access to the forum yet.

        • Yes, you can. 🙂
          You can do those modifications and much more.
          You can ask questions and find answers in the forum section.
          Buying the subscription to Elegant Themes was the best investment that I did online. It will be the same for you.

  24. Finally a theme that is blocky. Great theme!

  25. Great Theme lads, keep them coming!

  26. Wow….Great looking theme. Is there a way to actually see a working blog.


  27. Must.. buy.. theme!! 🙂

    Great looking theme you’ve got there! It would be great to see a preview of some sort.

    Keep up the good work!

  28. Another amazing theme added to the impressive ET reservoir. The new color control feature is just brilliant. Now, if only you’d make a Buddypress compatible theme for all of ET lovers.

    Congratulations on winning the WP Candy award. You guys deserved it hands down.

    Best wishes.

  29. Another awesome winner, Nick.

    Just keep ’em coming.


  30. Another solid theme: Any theme sneak peeks in the works to see?

  31. Awesome!

    I had been awaiting this one, and it didn’t let me down. I’ve already got this up on my development site, and it will launch on my webmagazine June 1. I’ll be sure to post a link here and on your Facebook page when it does.

    I’ve moved the leaderboard to the area below the feature slider, but otherwise, have pretty much left this theme stock. Your themes are getting more flexible and easy to use as time goes on, that’s for sure.

  32. Nick this is a great magazine theme, and its also the best site layout out there for advertising I have seen. Getting the ads in the post is essential to be seen, and the big ad on the footer gives people somewhere to go once they have read your post.
    Everyone leaves your site somewhere, so you may as well earn some money from them leaving. Nice touch.

  33. Perfect Job! This template is the best!
    Great Nick!

  34. Fantastic! I love this theme, Nick has really done a great job. However after actually trying it out on my site I have several problems with it.

    Perhaps this would be better for the forums, but I have trouble with your SSL certificate and your forum logs me out after about 10 seconds. I can’t browse or post questions.

    1. Duplicated Menu. Why are there two nearly identical menus? One above the logo, and one below it. One should be enough.

    2. Help menus in e-panel can’t be closed. If you don’t understand an option and you click the “?” icon to get help, there is no close button, and no way to close the overlay. This forces you to reload the page to regain control, losing any changes you may have made in the e-panel.

    3. Only useful for multi-author news sites. Under each article on the front page is “Posted by Username on Date”. This makes it useless for sites with a single author, (as you would see “Posted by Admin” about 20 times on the front page) or sites with static (or rarely changed) content. My suggestion is add an option in e-panel to replace the “Posted by…” with a short, single-line excerpt that could be attached to the post as a custom field.

    4. Can’t use built-in thumbnail system. Have to use Thumbnail custom field. Adds extra steps and more room for error. Half the problems in the support forum for this theme are related to this.

    5. No custom templates. No full-width, no contact, no gallery. Where did they go?

    • These things shouldn’t be an issue. If you open a thread in the support forums we can better assist you.

    • Hi Joe Bowers
      I am also new to this.
      I have the same problem as you:

      “1. Duplicated Menu. Why are there two nearly identical menus? One above the logo, and one below it. One should be enough.”

      Did you get an answer for this?
      I have looked through all the controls in epanel, and can not find anything yet that removes the duplicated menus.


      • You can use the Appearances > Menus system to customize your menus. You can create different sets of links for each location.

        • I’m having the exact same problem as well. I still don’t understand why the menu bar needs to be immediately repeated but it is what it is, I guess. Just need to turn off the second one. I went to Appearance>Menus but don’t see anywhere I can fix it there. Everything is grayed out.

          • If you need further assistance, please open a thread in our support forum so that our team can assist you. Menus are managed via the Appearances > Menus page. You need to create a menu and assign it to each location.

  35. Great work guys, keep it coming!

  36. Can anyone tell me why the professional theme doesnt have a footer widget like all the rest? I dont even know how to add a footer.

  37. Gotta say, the more I play with the Aggregate Theme the more I realize how good it is.

    • My Bad… Every time I try to install a second ET Theme, things just never seem to work right. Went from CION to Aggregate and all of the font colors are so screwed up it’s going to take hours to straighten them out. Starting to get really discouraged with all of this shit.

      • Wouldn’t want a newbie to misconstrue. Elegant Themes is still the absolute best in the market. However, it should be said that none of this stuff is “plug n play”. But with a modicum of effort, these themes will ultimately have your site looking more elegant then you ever thought possible.

  38. Very impressive logo. Bookmarked this!
    Great work.

  39. Hi,

    Great theme!
    I see that the images of the featured slider are the original full scale images.

    Can I upload images in my posts that are full scale too without automatic scaling, or do your themes scale them automatically in the single post area?

    Thanks for your help.

  40. muito legal este template, parabens

  41. it is very wonderful, thanks..

  42. Hello guys, sorry to bother you but i am getting frustrated here. Does anyone know how to add videos to ET Recent Videos Widget in Aggregate theme. I have created a post and assigned it to a specific category and in the widgets area i chose the specific category in the ET Recent Videos Widget. I have also inserted the video inside the post but still nothing happens. Can anyone please help me !!! Plz guys help me out if you can. I forgot to mention that i have watched all the tutorials but nothing is mentioned about this one.

  43. Hi!

    Using this theme on my blog. I’ve been madly rearranging for two days now. I can’t figure out the get the videos to show up in the video widge though. Does it grab the video like it does the first image in posts or does the post have to just be a video and nothing else?

  44. This is awesome Magazine-Style theme, I’m really gonna update one of my sites and use this theme! Excellent work! 🙂


  45. What if we want the features slider to be just the most recent posts and not category-specific?

  46. I am interested to add the Buy function to the design. Is it possible?
    Thank you.

  47. hi
    i found that when we select a static page for this theme the featured slideshow disappears…how can we get it back??

  48. I have installed the Aggregate Theme and love the way it works.

    I only have one niggle though…

    How do I rid the featured slider of the semi transparent box with text inside?

  49. Hi! I cannot seem to be able to get the ET Recent Videos Widget to work at all. Any ideas?

    • If you need help, please open a thread in the support forums so that our tech support team can assist you.

    • If you need help, please open a thread in the support forums so that our tech support team can better assist you.

  50. I am currently using this theme, but how do I get the sliders to work?

  51. I used this theme in my site and I’m very happy with how it has been.
    Thank you elegant themes

  52. i buy this theme but how i can use swf file in ad unit?

  53. Hi,

    I’m a newbie and I’m lost. Trying to add my first posts, but they’re not showing up. What am I doing wrong?

    Any help would be great…perhaps if you know of a forum where I can get some answers?

    • If you need help, please open a ticket in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

  54. How can I add an additional fonts to this theme?

  55. Hi Team, I am facing a problem in AGGREGATE THEME website where I am adding SITEMAP links TEXT in the advertisement section. The problem is … This TEXT is showing up in only GREY color. It is very light and is not visible clearly against white background. We are unable to change its FONT COLOR to DARK BLUE or PINK. I wanted to display it in any of these 2 colors as my entire website text is BLUE color and HEADINGS in PINK color which goes with my logo colors. Please let me know if there IS ANY POSSIBLE way to get this done. Or can you guide to any other alternative way. … Thanks Smily.

    • If you need help with anything, please open a ticket in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

    • This is already fixed in the most recent version of the theme.

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