New Theme: 13Floor

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New Theme: 13Floor

My newest theme, 13Floor, has been released today. Check out the Live Demo for a closer look, or head over to the Features Page for more info. With this design I wanted to create something edgy, flashy and fun while still retaining an air of professionalism. I really focused on the homepage with this theme in hopes of giving my users the ability to really grab their visitor’s attention. The homepage contains only a collection of page or post-based slides, but still gives you enough room to tell your readers what you’re all about without drowning them in text. While the theme is meant to be page-based, it still contains a blog section. You can also use blog style mode, or populate the homepage slider with featured posts instead of pages if you want to use the theme for your more traditional blog.

13Floor Features Overview

1. The Homepage Slider – We have listened to user requests, and have made this slider much more customizable than those in some of our previous themes. You can now easily customize the text that appears in the red buttons of each slide. In the navbar on the bottom, where the title and excerpt would usually be auto-generated, you now have the ability to create custom title and excerpt content for each slide (independent of the actual title and content of the page being used). Also, if you don’t like the custom transition animation that we have created, you can choose from a variety of more simpler transition effects.

2. Five Unique Color Schemes – The theme comes with five different colors to choose from, so if Blue doesn’t suit you, you can try out the Brown, Green, Purple, or Yellow variations.

3. Blog Layout and Blog-style Mode – Even though the theme was meant to be page-based, it still comes with a full-feature blog section, as well as the ability to transform the theme into a more traditional blog via the BlogStyle mode in the ePanel Theme Options page.

A New Theme In The Works

If you aren’t following me on Tiwtter or Facebook, then you probably missed my most recent theme sneak peek. So here’s a look at my upcoming theme, MyResume. It’s going to be one of my simplest themes, but I quite like how it is turning out so far!

Premade Layouts

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    • The Cv Theme would be the most Beautiful one

  1. the resume theme looks awesome!

  2. Sweet, installing, going to try it out 🙂

  3. 13th floor looks awesome. Going to try it out soon.

    I noticed “my resume” has options for pages. Is there going to be a simple blog template option for it?

  4. this one I REALLY like it (from your LAST themes you made),
    but, why don’t you make instead of 5 color versions just 2 versions (1 light/bright and 1 dark – like the actual one)?

    Congratulations 😉

  5. Nick,

    you are a mofo stud bro!

    all your themes are great – but this one will win WP Theme of the Year – it is F’in hot dude!

  6. Great work, nick!

  7. Wow, very impressive. I mean, it’s got a lot of features you see in the a lot of premium themes these days, but the level of innovation with your presentation goes way beyond most themes I’ve seen.

    It’s a really unique look, and I bet it’s going to do very well! Again, nice work.

  8. The simplicity of the resume theme is something that I have been waiting for a long time from this site. I love every theme that you guys have come out with, but sometimes I just want a simple and crisp theme for a personal non-business site. So keep them coming 🙂

  9. Just noticed a small error in the readme: “You can either popular the tabs using Pages” should be “populate”.

    • Oops, thanks for pointing that out.

      • Also noticed that the support doc option within epanel refrences TheCorporation instead of 13floor.

  10. You’ve won me over with these last few posts/themes/previews. I’m in! 🙂

    Question on 13th Floor, can you add more than 4 pages to the homepage slider?


    • Only 4 pages will fit I’m afraid.

      • Oh well, gives me something to poke around with and figure out. lol 😉

        Awesome themes. Great job.

  11. Nice as always!

    I really like the the sneakpeak of MyResume and will propably use it for my personal site.

    • Glad to hear it. Expect to see MyResume rolling out soon!

  12. Wow! perfect and clean! This add to library to sale.. Thanks nick.. Good luck!

  13. Nick,

    I’ve been a fan of your themes for a few months now and I really like this one too. Thought you’d like to know there’s a bug in IE 7 and 8 with the red “buttons” that drop down when you click on the featured slider tabs. Here’s an example of that:

    Also, a bug in IE7 – when the page first loads, I see this for about 0.5 seconds:


  14. 13floot theme looks awesome nick!

    AllTheBest for upcoming themes 🙂

  15. Great theme nick!

  16. I am really looking forward to your new MyResume theme. It will be a great addition as a subdirectory off a main blog for people who want an online CV. Great idea!

  17. very Nice Thanks 🙂

  18. I really like this one.
    It’s dark, elegant and not too much “Funky-Glitter” Shit – great work dude 😉

  19. I think I found a bug: when I choose the purple color sheme, it keeps using the normal bottom instead of the purple one. Can you check that?

    Fantastic theme for the rest 😀

  20. Like the look of resume but hoping Minimalist isn’t far behind? I have a potential new ET customer who wants that design, and that design only. Holding breath…

    • Don’t worry, both are being developed simultaneously. Minimal will be finished soon.

      • Sweet! Looks like I will have at least one new subscriber for you then. Gorgeous work and great support – ET is the best!

  21. If MyResume could have video & audio clips under the “Portfolio” sections that would be wonderful for those of us that do a lot of production in those areas.

  22. Love the new theme Nick!
    Love all your work and I’m a big fan.

  23. Hi,

    Nice but is is buggy in IE8, since all shadows are just black background.

  24. Love this site! The best themes ever & they don’t cost a boat load of $$$!

  25. You always come with a nice work Nick..

  26. The transition in the slider is awesome! i hope all the future themes will have that!

    The slide is simple SUPERB now!
    The whole theme looks great…i cant wait till the next theme that will have this type of slider, but will also show posts on the home page just like the “glowtheme”

    awesome work again Nick!

  27. A clear, beautiful theme. I really like it! I’d just make the text a bit brighter. And I don’t like the “jumping” navigation. But despite this: perfect. Well done! Thank you.

  28. Wow very cool and clean theme. Awesome.

  29. Hey Nick…
    I check back everyday like it’s Christmas or something. Love seeing the new work you’re doing.

    Still looking forward to the ESTORE THEME you previewed a few months back. I’ll keep checking.

  30. This theme had problem on rendering .png images on IE 7.0 . Can any one check this?

    • There is no way to fix this I’m afraid. IE can’t animate PNG’s correctly, it doesn’t have anything to do with the theme.

  31. Nick,

    There is a problem in IE8 too …

    • What problem? If you are referring to the PNG’s then there is nothing that can be done (aside from simply not using PNG images as your thumbnails).

      • So how do I use images “JPG”? Already modified the images to JPG, including changing the background color to fit with the color version (brown) that I’m using now.

        My question is: where (which script) I need to change to reference the new image (in jpg) so that they function properly in the “featured slides”…



        • I found a better way to solve this problem. I removed the shadows from images “IE6_readmore.png” and “readmore-sprite.png” and replace them … and solved the problem.

          It may not be the best solution but is a way “to solve” the problem (at least partially).



  32. Look pretty sleek ! Always good inspirations to look at your themes.

  33. Really excited for the MyResume theme. Can you include a blog option in it. It would be great as a home site for anyone trying to have an easy personal homepage.

  34. Hello Nick,
    Love this theme!!! I’m a WordPress newb and just want to ask if it’s possible to generate an image gallery page just from the admin panel?


  35. My version is only displaying 3 slides. I double checked the feature.php it seems like it is set to 4 slides by default.

    Any ideas?

    • If you need help, please open a new thread in the support forum and we will assist you.

  36. This theme more like website and can be used to create simple web site, I like it as it looks more compact and nice dark colors

  37. Hi!
    I bought this great theme yeasterday. Today I tried to translate it and I saw the lang dir. I create my MO and PO file with the entire translation of the theme but i can’t find the option with which I can change the original lang from EN to Italian.
    How can I do this?

    Thanx for the support!


  38. I tried too activate the 13floor theme in the wp admin window and it wouldn’t show, just a blank page. same result with previewing it.
    all other themes work fine.
    please advise what to do.

  39. Will this or any of yuor themes work on a WPMU installation?

  40. Really excited for the MyResume theme

  41. I love the theme. Unfortunately, I have tried everything to get this to render in IE8 properly. Not sure of how it looks in earlier versions of IE but I definitely notice issues with the way it’s rendered in IE compared to Safari and FireFox.

    It seems there is something causing the layout to shift down fro the top. There is a small 1/4 inch black bar at the top. The red navigation button is chopped along with the image in the featured side-bar. This only happens in IE8 that I know of. What is the deal. I have literally tried everything. Submitted the issue to the forum and not getting anywhere on this. It’s very frustrating.

    If it works on 2 different browsers, I would assume I can rule out that it’s the domain host I am using. That said, permissions and all necessary configurations by the host are available. If it’s not a host issue, then you can’t say that it’s IE compatible. If there is some feature that doesn’t work in IE, then there should be another version of the theme that will.

    Otherwise, I love the look and very anxious to use it but every theme I have tried in the gallery that has thumbnailed images get all messed up in IE only.

  42. This preview of theme shows Page no instead of Older & Newer Entries.But when i use it , the traditional Older & Newer Entries is shown.Tell me how can i show page no instead of Newer & Older Entries ?

    • Hi, Did you work this out?

  43. hey there! Loving your layout, but After trying to fiddle with it for a few hours I cannot for the life of me figure out how to change the ’13 floor’ logo to the company logo. Would you be able to advise me, please?

  44. Really awesome designs , elegantthemes makes me to love wordpress

  45. Hey Nick,

    I love the 13th Floor theme! We are trying to tweak the background (essentially uploading a higher resolution version of the yellow background option you have provided). How do we know what size the 3 files (top, main, footer) should be? Also how do I upload our new files to replace what you have there as stock background for the “yellow” color scheme.


    – David

  46. how do you change the text in the “Join Today” red buttons?

  47. hi this very nice collectin of theme currently i am using it.

  48. veri nice wordpress themes!

    i like it!

  49. awesome theme ….

  50. How can I change/remove the “sign up today” button and/or change the “read more” text anywhere? I’ve checked all the PHP files and still can’t find any text relating to these buttons….really frustrating. Help would be appreciated.

    • Please open a thread in the support forum so that we can assist you.

    • Look for the line containing echo(esc_html__(‘Sign Up Today’, ’13floor’))
      in featured.php then change the Sign Up Today bit to whatever you like

      • To adjust the text in the red button, add a custom field to the page/post with the name “Button” and a value of your custom button text.

  51. Hi all!

    I have a problem with the slider.
    When i run me startpage i will see the slider and my website. The first slider thumb is active.

    And now i will see the next slider content: When i click on the next slider thumb the text and the picture is changing is changing. But the thumb/menue highlighting with the up-arrow does not move to the clicked thumb!

    What i m doing wrong? Does i need a other wordpress version? Or older or newer PHP??
    Pls help me! 🙂

    Thanks from germany!

    • …the active tab (/themes/13floor/images/active_tab_bg.png) does not move to the clicked tab.

      THX to all!

      • I am having the exact same problem. Is there a fix available?

        • Never mind… updating to latest version fixed it.

  52. I will see the next slider content: When i click on the next slider thumb the text and the picture is changing is changing.

  53. the new theme is very beautiful.but i have a the epanel in (Number of Featured Slides) i increase the number up to 8 but on the one row in home page not show more 3 slide and ye 4th place in first row is blank.and 4th slide show in 2th my homepage with every type off change setting only show 4 slide no more.please help me.tnx

  54. i love the theme. I only wish you could have the theme to have some sort of a country feel. my site is about cooking and recipes. 13thfloor looks so “business-ish”. i hope you could come up with a “country-ish” feel.

  55. i love this theme, it’s nice and simple…. but is there a way to add a video on the slider page? i need to have some sort of video on the home screen. i’d hate to have to change themes just for this.

    • But steph i think you can use some Video plugins to display videos in the slider page. it will be good. please give it a try and give the reply.

  56. Hi,

    I was playing with this theme the other day and I was wondering if there is any way to align text in slider to a block … other words align=”justify”. I can do that with text on any pages, posts, etc but in slider text is still align to the left. Other than that this theme is really cool …

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