Theme Sneak Peek: eBusiness

Posted on April 5, 2009 by in General News, Theme Sneak Peeks | 196 comments

Theme Sneak Peek: eBusiness

I have started some preliminary work on a new theme. I am calling it eBusiness because it is going to be my first page-based layout, which will cater to business sites rather than blogs. There will still be a blog component of course, and it certainly isn’t a business-specific design. This is only the first Photoshop sketch, so things are likely to change, but it will definitely give you an idea as to the direction I am going with the layout and the overall style.

Also, if you havn’t noticed, I have started an ElegantThemes twitter account. In the past I have reserved blog posts for large updates, which means many of the small things that go on around here go unnoticed. From now on I will be updating twitter as much as possible to help improve transparency. You can follow me here to receive updates. I hope everyone is doing well, best wishes!

Premade Layouts

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  1. Thats perfect! Just what I need.. Do you think it will be done befor 30 april?

    • I don’t like to give any guarantees when it comes to theme release frequency, but I definitely estimate it being done before the 30th.

      • You are spoiling us all ๐Ÿ˜‰ Maybe you shouldn’t announce your new themes this early. Counting days can be difficult especially when the theme looks this good!

      • Waiting for this for soo long ๐Ÿ™‚ i check almost everyday to see if it is released or not…

        Just a suggestion for all the subscribers can you mail us when the theme gets released ? so we can come back here when new themes are released or old ones are reworked..

        • You can subscribe (top of the page, on the right) and you will be notified via email with each new post.

          • Yeah I know that.. what I meant was for subscribers or members of Elegant Themes should get notified. What you showed was subscribing to the blog..

    • i like it much. iam using basic thme. check it out

  2. Donยดt you think you should finish Glow first?

  3. Looks so nice and l would love to use this for travel portal or guide.

    Well Done Nick, any other colour ?

    • Yes, there will likely be color options. I have been doing my best to include 3-4 variations with every theme.

      • Nice cant wait for it now, also thanks for providing wonderfull themes nick.

      • This looks perfect man!!! I will totally be sending a $$$tip$$$ through pay pal on this one… seriously!

        I would like to suggest a black, white, and grey option for one of the color themes…

        Also a video page would be cool!!! Just a thought…

        • yes, i agree man, a video page/component would be awesome!

  4. Hi! Can we expect a magazine/newspaper style?

    • I definitely plan on making a magazine/news theme, though I don’t have any estimate and when it will be released. I plan on making either a Portfolio or News theme next.

      • l would go for news, magazine theme because wordpress is very good for it and has been used for news, magazine, portal etc alot and specialy something like yamidoo magazine would be wonderfull and nobody can stop elegant themes any more.

      • I would rather see the portfolio theme next. Magazine/news themes have been done 6 ways from Sunday, but good portfolio themes are harder to come by.

      • Nick,
        As I’ve said many times before, your themes are always stunning – elegant, classy, and practical too.

        But I’ve really been hanging out for a good portfolio (sp. photo/art portfolio) type theme.

        I agree with Marty – magazine themes are a dime a dozen. Yours would improve the genre, of course…but its difficult to find really good portfolio themes.

        • Yes but you need to know, news, magazine themes sell more and more on every time

      • I put my vote for a news theme. I see a few portfolio themes already

  5. The theme is beautiful. The only thing that bothers me is the rocky background. It gives the theme a grunge look that doesn’t fit a solid Business.

    • I’m psyched for this theme. And I agree with “self help blog” — it would make sense if, given that this theme is designed with businesses in mind, to have a less grungy background. Maybe a more metallic, chrome-y look, like eVid?

    • “The theme is beautiful. The only thing that bothers me is the rocky background. It gives the theme a grunge look that doesnโ€™t fit a solid Business.”

      I agree. I need something with a white background that’s very conservative looking.

      This is a nice design but I don’t know if it’s really a biz theme at all.

  6. Nice design, but let me give you some advice: when designing business themes, it’s best not to go overboard with design and keep it clean and simple so it’s much easier to modify.

    Think WooThemes business themes: great designs, but uber-easy to mod as well.

    • Please understand that I’m not trying to cause any arguments at all by what I’m going to say.

      I personally like the overboard/non-status quo designs. I believe that’s what the overall appeal for Elegant Themes has been for me. I believe WooThemes, (and the Revolution Themes folks, etc.) all have their place and audiences.

      The place for Elegant Themes is what you’ve been doing. The minute Elegant Themes begins to “do what the others do” it’s no longer the Elegant Themes many of us paid the subscription for.

      I say keep up with your vision, style, and going overboard with Elegant Themes.

  7. I just have to say WOW!!!

  8. Love the threaded header and the entire color scheme. You are developing cool stuffs over here!

  9. Cool theme ๐Ÿ™‚

    Followed on Twitter @nhc1987 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Looks good, but I wouldn’t say it is “business”-oriented. Or at least if it IS business, then a very very specific niche.

    In any case, looks good ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Very cool! Nice design! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I like very much the design. The construction, the placement and the presentation of the different information.

    Good work !!!

    Thank you

  13. Looks good, but a simple clean blog layout of it would go nicely. With a slick nice sidebar.

  14. Frankly I still find myself amazed, every job you can improve more and more.
    Indeed at first sight seems to be wonderful, as I know with the past, success is sure.


  15. Nick, this will be absolutely perfect for something I intend to do. You’re a legend.

    The only dependent factor is a suiting scheme. Someone was right about the rocky/grungy look – I’ll need something cleaner maybe with a green edge.

    • I hope to add a few different skins, similar to what I did with ColdStone. We’ll see!

      • I agree. that would really be smart because the coldstone theme is honestly incredibly detailed. The choice of colors is awesome and being a designer myself, i love what you can do to tweek the entire theme in photoshop cs4. Its a classic style and all bottom-line acknowledgment goes to you.
        take it easy my friend

  16. Looking GREAT Nick! I have made an attempt at my own themes from scratch, and you are one of my inspirations.. now only if I could figure out the code and colours as you can so well!

  17. I love it! Great job Nick.

  18. You see .. I like your designs, but you put so much effort in designing that they become very specific and something like a trademark product.

    If I should be using your theme for my website then surely 500 other websites are using the same design, and because the design is so complex that I cant change a single thing to make my website look unique.

    And if I am not able to make my website look unique then what happens : I dont use the theme although I actually appreciate it.

  19. hey Nick! This looks just great so far! Just what I’ve been wanting and struggling to do!

  20. Has “glow” been axed?

    • No, just delayed. I am simply unsatisfied with it in its current form, so I have been working on some new stuff to gain a fresh perspective. I am 90% sure it will be released after eBusiness.

      • Thanks for the reply. I’ve been looking forward to that one.

  21. Hi Nick ^_^ please don’t forget to include the social networking links like what you did in cherrytruffle .. thanks

    • i second that! the truffle links are literally perfect! i even copied the design of those over to another one of your themes because i liked them so much

  22. This is just what I was looking for. I always wished you would make a business theme considering how “clean” all your other designs looked. I’m curious to see how the content slider works out. Will the tabs activate a “slide” change? Will the image appear to be on a different level than the text due to the background? Could you use a video instead of the image within the content slider? I guess we will have to wait and see. Again, Thanks for all the hard work!

    • The tabs will activate the slide change. I also plan on having the background image slide with the content, so the image won’t appear to float above the background image as it slides. I haven’t thought about using video, interesting idea – certainly possible.

  23. I don’t know what’s wrong with your themes. All of them are great, but just not of my taste. But who cares though? None. Wish you much luck with this theme as this looks great (and hopefully works great) of all the themes that I have made use so far from my subscriptions is the latest Cherry Truffle which is on my Poetry blog, else, all themes are fine, but just don’t suit anywhere close to what I really need/want.

    Kevin Paquet of Pinoy Teens

  24. Very professional indeed. I just hope to see other color schemes in this theme similar to those of ColdStone.

    The sub-menu drop down looks pretty neat and clean. I so wish i could have something like this drop down menu in StudioBlue. Perhaps when this theme is launched i can integrate the style to studioblue drop down.

  25. Excellent, stylish and nice modeled theme, however I will be again, as I am… and I will still remind, that quality is what users need, rather than amount, so still I am waiting for updates of bugs in other themes.

  26. Amazing… This is exactly what I need.

    *Please* can you include a

    1) full width page template – with no side bar (for service description
    2) a search form – if its a biz theme, people will want to quickly access info rather than browse

    Suggestion for your biz themes, customers will *always* need some kind of customisation to fit with their branding – so why not customisation service like woothemes (wooworkers)?

    When, when, when????

    • I agree with mars on this. I really need some themes for use building real estate agent sites. Often search tools for homes must be iframed in and they tend to be very wide. I like the stitching and would think a leather attache case or a black and metal briefcase look would be good options. Cant wait to see it.

  27. Theme looks awesome, can’t wait to try it out!

  28. I’m excited. I love all your themes and am really looking forward to this new one. I would have paid 10x the price to access any one of them – but I’m glad you offer them so inexpensively.

    Cheers, Laura Childs

  29. I like your work, it’s very clean. Will you or have you thought of making an ecommerce or affiliate style template?

  30. As usual, real nice theme Nick !

  31. You may consider re-titling this. I don’t think it’s very “business-y”.

  32. This looks seriously wicked. Very nice job, I really love the textures. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Not bad, some of your other themes tend to be too pastel-ish. This one seems to be trending that way as well.

  34. So far so good! I can definitely see myself using this! Can’t wait.

  35. I think it looks awesome and I really like the layout of the various plugins/content.

    My only eyebrow raise is the name vs. the look. I looks more like a ‘rockhound’ than an e-business. I’d love to see a clean version of this.

    (admittedly it’s a cliche that business sites have to be ‘clean’ and only white with blues/black — but it’s somewhat equivalent to when you think of a business suit. Do you think of cargo pants, hiking boots, flannel, and backback?)

    Anyway, love the work – thanks for the ongoing effort and customer service.

    • im totally with you in this point

      business mean clean no huge graphics some thing simple

      but this one is more related to personal blog more than business

      • Well I totally understand his idea and what he’s going for as he explained in the ‘summary’. I’m all about not having ‘cookie cutter’ sites and don’t think that business has to mean boring or plain.

        Again I love the layout and that he’s branching out and showing that WordPress has evolved into a full site publishing tool, not just a blog.

        I love the look of this personally. I just think a cleaned up version may be more suitable to the name.

        Any plans on possibly integrating the WP=Ecommerce ? It’s by far the best WP store option and made by a great crew over at [url=]instinct[/url].

      • I plan on including different skins, similar to what I did with ColdStone and Influx. One of them may be a bit more traditional and less niche.

      • I think your themes are amazing. But I would have to say that when it comes to using themes for business it must be practical and about making money. And for me and my clients its all about landing pages, squeeze pages, and sales letters.

        Conversion rates are lowered when there are paths of exit on a page other than buy now or optin. If you could offer templates on your pages that allow for a marketing type page that removes the menus and other distractions and just leaves room for content that would be amazing…

        Also… mulitple placement configurations for Aweber (autoresponder) would just make this better than anything I have ever seen.

  36. It looks great can’t wait for it to be ready to use. I love it.

    Will it have color and design options?

    • I plan to have various skins, similar to what was done with ColdStone.

  37. The theme looks great, I’m definitely impressed!

    While it may not be business-like in a traditional sense, there are plenty of businesses that like to separate themselves from the crowd and with a few modifications, this theme would do just that.


  38. hello ADMIN, when should we expect an ecommerce theme?

  39. Could you show an example of what the blog page will look like?

  40. ThisONE’s, should I say, AWESOMish.
    I especially like stitches around tabs,
    and main menu.

  41. Looks good.

    Multiple color options?

    • Yes, I plan to have 3 different color schemes.

  42. Can you make one that has solid colors, too? The design is nice, but it’s a little over the top for what I have in mind for it.

    • I recommend that too for the same reasons!

  43. Hey!

    I bought access to your club, installed one theme to our cooking website in Russian ( ), why you don’t use mbsting functions? Then: why you didn’t converted files to unix text format? And then: I expected to get real themes’ SETUP OPTIONS, like you wrote in themes, because I wanted to give powerful tool to our blog admin. But I still need to swarm into jungle of CSS-PHP-JS to change basics: posts fontsize, fontstyle. Horribleโ€ฆ

  44. Nice looking!! Actually I was only looking at this because Nick does such nice work, I am amazed. I don’t need another theme but noticed this comment section and I love the “Reply” option.

    Nick or can someone tell me what plugin this is and if it is easily installed on EarthlyTouch?

    • I figured this out.

  45. I can’t wait for it. It looks awesome!

  46. Looks good, Nick! I would suggest 2 things:
    1.) a search box
    2.) Less of a grunge theme, as businesses tend for something more conservative

    Common categories for a business site include:
    – About Us (contact, management, jobs)
    – Services
    – Resources
    – Blog
    – Demo

    Hope that helps!

  47. Fresh … looks great … Just what I needed for my upcoming website … thanks guys

  48. A great theme..

    Waiting for such a theme for my next website. Hope you will release it soon.

  49. is there any typography theme on planning?

  50. wow…not another one…dude u realy kick ass, thank u so much !!!!

  51. This is a fantastic one for me, can not wait until get it!

  52. Aaawwwwe! I’ve been looking forever for such a thing. I’m looking forward to it!


  53. Very nice – looking forward to seeing it released.

  54. Would be excellent if you could add options such as photo galleries on the blog and Asides.
    I hope not bothering much.
    Your work is amazing

  55. Mate i can stop me ti say ITS AWESOME.wish to see LIVE DEMO. Finish it fast mate

  56. Love this look of this looks great…

    If I could be so cheeky to ask…can you make the theme have a two tier drop down menu and a full blog style layout that is not the homepage?

    Loving your work…

    • Yep, both of these are already implemented into rough draft of eBusiness ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. Hi. I was wondering if you do customized themes for companies or individuals or is this just a hobby of yours?

    • Unfortunately I am not available for custom work at the moment, I simply don’t have the time to take on additional work.

  58. wow, can’t wait for this one, looks fantastic!

  59. Awesome job! So what kind of color schemes are you doing?

  60. I just saw your latest tweet, with an updated picture….

    I should just go ahead and pay you again, just for this theme. It’s exactly what I’m looking for!

  61. Great idea, this is definitely something I could use.

    An integrated lead capturing form would be extra sweet!

  62. Very stylish theme!

    Looking forward to using it and I’m counting down the days before it’s finished.

    Keep up the good work!

  63. Oh my!
    I had just come up with a new site idea for one of my old undeveloped domains and later on, decided to download a different theme for my personal blog but when I saw this, I knew immediately that it’ll be perfect for my new site!

    Can’t wait for its release

  64. I think it is too busy. I’m not diggin’ it.

  65. You cant imagine how Much I need this.
    I have a request.
    Please give the multi color options you always Give. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Damn i can get you a lot more people to join

  66. Hopefully this comes in a green denim option. That would be good to match the screenshots and the blue denim you showed on Twitter.

  67. Can’t wait for it in May?

  68. Hello
    Could you provide us with some coloursets like this website:

    Most business customers don’t need that “blog type” stuff… will it be possible to disable that?

    Cheers & thanks

  69. This is great! Thumbs up.

  70. Lovin the theme, would kill to see a portfolio system and testimonials worked into it somehow!

  71. I simply can’t wait.I am so anxious to test this theme. Hope you can release it in weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. All ready yet broz? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have been preparing lots of things for this, hope it will released soon.

    Best Regards,

    • Almost ready, just working on the much-demanded alternate color schemes. Hopefully there will be something for everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thanks Broz ๐Ÿ™‚

        A release Version 1.0 will be great too without the color schemes. The original one already looks very good *Winks*

        But if you do release the colors, 2 colors will be nice, a cool black background (akin coldstone) and a plain white background.

        All the best broz ๐Ÿ™‚


  73. Just what I was trying to build similar on but no luck. That could be customized exactly the way I wanted but could not do from scratch Thanks!

  74. This theme won me over.

    Your new customer,

  75. This theme looks really good!

  76. I really want this design. When do you think it will be done?

    • I was hoping it would be done today, but some things have come up. It will hopefully be finished within a week, I want to make sure the release goes smoothly!

  77. lovely…we can’t wait! Perfect for businessethos…

  78. Great theme!

  79. Great theme, could be my favourite from Elegant themes yet!

    Keep it up

  80. wow! you are awesome (-:
    Can’t w8 (-:

  81. I bought the subscription but still not using any of your themes only because it can not automatically build thumnails.

    Is there any way to achieve that when using your themes?

    • All of the Elegant Themes automatically create thumbnails.

      Most of the themes come with ReadMe files that have information on how to set this up.

      Visit the member’s support forum if you are having trouble.

      • Please do visit the member’s support.

        If on Hostgator, you might have to apply for a whitelist.

        For other cases, most of the solutions are there and pretty quick to solve ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Chasew.
        Joined the forum too. But could not find any info about “Automatic Thumbnail Generation”.

        Seems like I must use custom field to create thumnails. Which is a pain. So, still can not use any of the beautiful themes.

        • The theme can’t generate thumbnails if you don’t tell it what image to use. That’s what the custom field is for. You don’t have to manually create theme.

          You just set a single image as the thumb for the post, and the theme will automatically resize/crop as needed to generate the various thumbs throughout the theme.

  82. Well..have not visited the support forum yet..
    looks like I should be little bit more active here.

    • The “Readme” file for each individual theme usually addresses this issue too. Kudos to the creator who thought of it ๐Ÿ™‚

  83. I am basicly visiting this site multiple times day just to see if the design has been released.

    It looks truly amazing, and i can’t wait to get my hands on it, no blog yet, but this is the perfect theme to actually start one ๐Ÿ˜€

  84. I need thiiiissss! Perfect for my company. Was debating coldstone and cherrytruffle but this one is perfection. I neeeeeed ๐Ÿ™‚

    • lolz. I think it is a good one too by the looks of it ๐Ÿ™‚

  85. It is beautiful, but it looks more like a portfolio theme.

  86. It’s perfect for meeeeee. Neeeed ittt. (pout) ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Well, click on my name to see my current site. Y’all know ebusiness or coldstone would look better! C’mon..

      • It looks like a design from the early 90’s ๐Ÿ˜› A new fresh design from Elegantthemes could indeed freshen up your design considerably ๐Ÿ˜€

        • seeee.. i neeed it. me = desperate and lookin like a kid from 90’s. Nooooo

          • Woo its missed in FF

          • i second that… i neeeeed it! i do like my site being on artsee.. but i could use this theme for my new site! when?!

  87. hey i’m really loving your designs. keep the good job up. when’s gonna be released? Can’t wait for it

  88. It’s May. Things here are moving awfully slow.

  89. Is there a release date ?

  90. Absolute great theme. But I like to make you a compliment. All your themes are great. And the price for all that is unbelievable low.

  91. Looks great!
    Eagerly waiting for a release ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Thank you

  92. nice theme..
    do you have free themes?

    • Not at the moment, though I do intend to release free themes in the future.

  93. I Need blogspot themes please…

  94. Hey Nick,

    After reviewing your new layout, It looks great in the released images. I have just purchased a membership and sent u a few emails. I was going to use Cold Stone, I need to get my site up asap…When will this be released? Will it take long as I might want to use it. Is there any other special features with this theme?

    Thank you
    James Cappellano


      • There are no problems, and it will definitely be released soon. Everything is going smoothly, just a bit more slowly than expected. ๐Ÿ™‚ The alternate color schemes I am making are very different from one another, which means creating each additional skin is like creating an entirely new theme altogether. I have two down and would like to make a couple more before I release the theme.

        • Dear Nick, Do you have an estimated date? As menioned my web designer is buildnig on Cold Stone as I need to get it up but I may consider waiting if there is a good colour scheme with e-business. Is it possible to let me know the colour schemes So i can decide for my site?

          In addition have you received my emails?

          It is registered under Joseph Martino and we purchased yesterday through paypal on your site.

  96. Good things come to those who wait ๐Ÿ˜›
    Seriously, everybody needs to calm down. I want a fully functional, amazingly designed theme. Not a rushed one!

    • True, that good things come to those who wait. But also Business is Business and customers cannot wait.

      Great Themes though.

      Thank you

      James Cappellano

  97. lets not pressure on him and let the guy work

  98. whoa.. Someone used my name with a Gravatar image and said the theme won’t be released.


    Nick, Can you trace the IP? That’s quite disturbing.

    People, if you’re going to comment, then use your own name. Own up to the statements and questions you put out here. Goodness. ๐Ÿ™

    • this impossible how does he know your mail ??? he must know your mail to use your Gravatar Or Im wrong idont want to be silly but just interested . ican see the link to the Gravatar image the same on all your posts so he must know your mail and wordpress comment system not showing it so may be he close to you ๐Ÿ™‚

    • uhhh ever heard of right click – save image as??? Why would she lie about something so trivial. Ms./Mrs. Hayen looks successful, and beautiful… i don’t see the likelihood in her lying about a post. anyhow… cant wait for the new theme!

  99. Hey WTF? Who is using my name and my gravatar? This is messed up!

  100. I would love it if you did a template suitable for housing podcasts on.

    Your work is fantastic!

  101. Deleted the spam/impersonator.

  102. Looks great, like the color variation you posted on twitter too. I have been checking the site daily to see if this design is our yet!

  103. * Do you think you could make a theme similar with that from neowin? (Finity v5 Theme)

    * The category dropdown menu from ebusiness – does it unfold instantly, or does it have a delay?

  104. Well, if there were conditions to resell the themes (without that additional membership stuff), I would join …

    • You would join if you could pay the ridicilous amount of $20 per year for all the themes, if you could resell them further and gain 200 times the $20 ?

      People like you, is what ruins the world economic.

      • I agree

      • second one to agree. this guy needs to learn how to code his own themes. wow.

  105. Well, i think that this does not consern you. what i do for living is my pro.
    So nick what do you think is there a way?!

    • Fraudsters do indeed concern me ๐Ÿ™‚

    • not trying to be rude, but the thought of ripping off someone else’s themes to earn money is pretty pathetic.

  106. Excelent theme, when it will be relised

  107. still waiting… the owner of this site is so talented. dude you rock. honestly. cant wait to see the new one. i know the backgrounds will be awesome!

  108. l think everything is perfect here so cant wait for this new theme now because looks nice.

    this took long time but we know its worth it


  109. Hi,
    I would like to know your new estimated release date for this theme? I have been waiting patiently but need to consider my options. Any idea when would you have it done? Your loyal customer

    • It should be done soon, a couple more days.

      • You shouldn’t say thing’s you can’t deliver. Before the 30th April was kind of pre-dectiable impossible eh?

        • I made the best estimate I could at the time, nothing more. It was never meant to be a guarantee.

      • Thanks for the reply. Do you work on weekends?

        • Yes, mainly on weekends.

  110. just be patient guys Nick is working hard ^_^

  111. when it will be released? i just cant wait to see…

  112. Enjoy the pictures — comment on the design — but leave him to work.

    If we all pester him about completion dates he will regret giving us sneak peeks.

  113. Thanks for really nice new theme! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  114. I’d love to see a video and business theme mashup…not just for posting videos, but as a filmmaker, I’d like more options for showing off work and still add posts and pages that aren’t videos. Great looking stuff btw!

  115. I am trying to decide to purchase a WP theme or have a ecommerce website developed because I need a shopping cart.

    Is it possible to have a blogsite for business that allows ecommerce transactions? It seems like all WP themes are for service businesses that do not conduct transactions. Is this functionality not exist or does it require an add-on.


  116. Wow, what a pretty theme I’ve ever seen.
    Thanks for the great design

  117. That is some theme.
    With work of this quality I am tempted to join.

    And I notice that you are upgrading all themes to 2.8 – impressive.

    For the annual fee, can I download and use as many themes as I like? Or is there a catch?

  118. I like your design very much. Will take use for my blog.
    I twitted you and I think I will follow you.
    How can we download these themes?

  119. This theme has an video embed code area on the homepage slider control of the theme options but when I paste in YouTube html, I do not get a video to show up in the slider – is this a feature that was left out or is this a bug? I’m just using a snippet. Anyone else had luck getting that to work?

    • For tech support please open a new thread in the support forum so that we can assist you.

  120. Now I’m looking for wordpress themes for my new site about debt consolidation.
    It will have news category and blog. Don’t now how to put them in a good picture. Maybe your themes will help me.
    Thank you.

  121. I saw every elegant themes,wonderful work thanks a lot

  122. Looks so nice and l would love to use this for travel portal or guide.

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