Elegant Themes Summer Sale – 20% Off All Developer Purchases Through July 19th!

Posted on July 15, 2013 by in General News | 234 comments

Elegant Themes Summer Sale – 20% Off All Developer Purchases Through July 19th!

For this week only, all purchases of our Developer Package are 20% off! Our theme and plugin package is already the best deal in town, and at only $70, it’s a real steal! Not only do you save 20% off your first year – you get 20% off your membership for life! If you have been on the fence about signing up, now’s the best time to hop down and join the fun πŸ™‚ With our Developer Package, you get full access to all of themes, as well as all of our nifty plugins. For you those of you who are already members, don’t worry, we have something special for you too…
summer sale

Is 20% Off Not Enough? How about 100%!

If you are already a Developer subscriber, we want to give you a chance to win something too πŸ™‚ It addition to our 20% sale, we are also giving away 10 Lifetime Memberships for free! To win, simply use the widget below to enter as many tickets as you can to the raffle. You can enter a ticket by tweeting, commenting, or pinning this post on Pinterest. Good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway
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  1. I’m a huge fan of Elegant Themes! My favorite theme is probably either Foxy or Vertex. It’s hard to choose just one πŸ™‚

    • I loved Elegant themes products and support.

  2. Great Opportunity. ET is already the best deal, and you made it even better for this week! Thanks!

  3. My favorite theme is Deep Focus πŸ˜€
    I love this site more than bacon and p- ok, that’s enough :B

  4. Hey Elegant Themes.. I love you themes.. Thank you for all the great designs

  5. Oh yeah, hoping for the lifetime. Only site i’ve ever spent money on a theme for. I dont believe in monthly memberships however this is totally worth it.

  6. I love ElegantThemes themes! I use theme on many of my sites πŸ™‚

    • My favourite is Chameleon

  7. My upcoming fav. theme: Nexus (please release it fast).

  8. So you have to be a developer subscriber to enter the raffle? πŸ™

  9. My favorite has got to be The Source. I love the large featured image slider.

  10. Elegant Themes are awesome. We have used them at over a dozen websites.

  11. Awesome giveaway for some awesome themes. I’ve been loving Nimble and Foxy!

  12. Yo! Will be great to win πŸ˜€

  13. Love the new themes and features you’ve been rolling out lately!

  14. I love themes from here! Hope I win!

  15. I used Lucid for my wedding website!

  16. I’d love more small business themes that have contact information/phone number in top right πŸ™‚

  17. StyleShop is a fantastic theme. Thanks for doing great work.

  18. Great offer. Thanks for sharing.

  19. These themes are so beautiful! Hoping. Hoping.

  20. Great..!!! people should take advantage of this offer

  21. My favorite is the Foxy theme.

  22. Great giveaway! I think I like two themes – DailyJournal and Nimble. Hope I win!

  23. My fav themes so far are Fable & Fusion — but am looking forward to more eStore-friendly themes to choose from! Dev. member for 2+ yrs πŸ™‚

  24. nice πŸ™‚

  25. I love this company. Great customer support!

  26. Favourite theme, Deep Focus! πŸ˜›

  27. Nice giveaway, guys. I like Nexus the best. Bold, bright and in your face.

  28. I only see the 20% rebate for developer (70 instead of 89). I donΒ΄t see the 20% rebate for lifetime membership though… (should be 200 instead, of 249, right?)

  29. This was the first theme club I became a member of…really liked the customer support that was provided in the forums!

  30. My favorite is deep focus but i like enews (heavily modified) as well.

  31. I LOVE FABLE! My favorite theme so far.

  32. I’m a big fan of the Flexible theme.

  33. Been using the InReview theme, great for product reviews. Looking forward to maybe changing it to one of your new responsive themes soon. Keep up the good work.

  34. I love Lucid. I love Elegant Theme. πŸ™‚

  35. My favorite theme is The Corporation!

  36. I like foxy.

  37. I love Elegant Themes and all the work that is done to keep the themes relevant.

  38. Keep up the great work- love the all different themes and that you now supporet woocommerce.

  39. I’m not sure I can pick just one theme, so many great ones. Vertex is pretty awesome and Explorable is unique.

  40. I am eagerly waiting for Nexus theme, please make it live, as soon as you possible. πŸ˜€

    Can’t resist!

  41. Long time member and always had the dev license since Nick introduced it – would love it for free πŸ™‚

  42. I really like Chameleon and Flexible, I can do great things with them.

  43. Great offer. Every penny is worthy it that client spend on your membership.

  44. They are ALL good form top to bottom. They are so good I upgraded from a standard member to developer just to support Nick. No other theme designer does or can do what Mr. Roach does.

  45. favourite theme is chameleon

  46. One of the best WordPress bargains out there. All the themes are well crafted and good looking.

  47. Good luck everyone !

  48. My favorite theme is Deep Focus…

  49. I will always buy your templates. There is nothing better to WordPress – and that for this price. Congratulations.

    For everyone – good luck and stey heavy!

  50. My favorite theme is Nimble but I will use Vertex soon. Can’t wait !

  51. Cool!

  52. Thank you ET !

  53. I use ET for our fansite, but would really like it for a Non-profit that I am helping. πŸ™‚

  54. I love Flexible theme.

  55. StyleShop is a really great shop theme – but I love many of the themes! πŸ˜€

  56. Welcome from hungary! πŸ˜€

  57. Love your themes and I’d love to win a lifetime! Thanks, ET. Great stuff as always.

  58. Origin πŸ™‚

  59. Lucid is favorite for now!

  60. I like Sky

  61. Hi

    I am a web developer and your membership will help lot to faster my developing process. Hope I will get one. Please check my website for my WordPress work.

  62. I love all WordPress themes of Elegant Themes. The clean and elegant design with pixel perfection.

  63. My favorite theme is Nimble

  64. I’m waiting for my Lifetime Membership πŸ˜‰

  65. Winning would be cool

  66. Always loved the Notebook Theme!

  67. A client just pointed out a site to me and said “I really like the way this one looks.” It was using a modified version of the Chameleon theme, one I had used on a different client site a couple of years back. (Though for some reason the site owner had not activated the responsive feature.) These are consistently attractive themes and I recommend them to clients who want something beautiful without digging into the code.

  68. My favorite is Nimble !

  69. Awesome!!

  70. I dig the Gleam theme. Full-screen photo “cover” backgrounds, ftw!

  71. You guys are the best. I hope I win.. can i bribe you guys by sending cupcakes or something πŸ˜›

  72. Awesome! Currently my favorite theme is Foxy, but always excited to see what you come up with next!

  73. I love the themes from
    Elegant themes, trim and feather are my favorites.


  74. Great offer , best theme πŸ™‚

  75. Chameleon is a great looking theme!

  76. I love fable

  77. My favourite is Chameleon

  78. Chameleon: very versatile.

  79. I used Origin in a recent project. Came out very nice!

  80. Great giveaway Nick! Those banners look quick lovely as well πŸ˜‰

  81. I REALLY like Nimble at the moment!

  82. I dig TheSource, but I might switch to Nexus once it comes out πŸ™‚

  83. I’m using PersonalPress theme right now, but I am exploring the rest of the Elegant Themes to find the one that is my favorite.

  84. I love Elegant Themes. I have used it for several sites and plan on using it for more. My favorite theme so far is Aggregate. But I haven’t tried them all yet!

  85. i love all theme of elegantthemes,Especially i love “Chameleon” Theme its Really Superb…

  86. I love both Vertex and Fable themes and look forward to see what comes next! Love your work guys!

  87. My favorite is Vertex, for sure!

  88. Love ET Themes and Teams !! You guys are awesome :D.. Foxy, SimplePress, Modest, Origin are my favorites…

  89. I am waiting for your Nexus theme. It is already delayed by 3 weeks. Hope you release it seen.

  90. The theme-Vertex looks hot and Explorable theme is a brilliant work. Hope you improve Explorable theme and implement “user submit” feature to accept submissions from users.

  91. Count me in! Make me a winner! πŸ™‚
    Keep rocking!

  92. I am a new member and we are really happy with the great service from Elegant Themes and Nick!. I really like Fusion!

  93. There are a lot of great themes, but my favorite (I use it for my own business) is: StyleShop… love it, color, background, perfect for me.

  94. I love elegant theme, they are so worderfull

  95. I’m using InReview for my website and I’m happy with it.
    I’m going to explore more great themes of ElegantThemes. Cheer!

  96. Wow, nice giveaway…..

    count me in…

  97. Elegant themes are the best… My favourite theme maybe could be Chameleon!

  98. My favourite is Nova although all themes are awesome!!!

  99. My favorites are Lucid and Chameleon.

  100. Feather!

  101. Thanks so much for this.

  102. I really like all the amazing Elegant Themes’s themes… I only have one regret: I didn’t have enought website to use them all ;).

    Sorry for my poor english…

  103. Lovely, lovely Vertex!

  104. I used Foxy for my corporate site and I’m very pleased with it, but I think my favorite theme will be Nexus, it’s perfect for the relaunch of a web magazine that’s online since 2003.

  105. Thanks ! love “The Style” !

  106. The recent themes are all great…one of my personal favours so far was MyProduct and eBusiness.

  107. Well done guys!!

  108. I’m Using the Fusion theme ! i love it !!

  109. I would have to say Gleam is my favourite! It is certainly one of the best themes ever developed!

  110. Eleganthemes are the best themes avaliable today!!

  111. Best theme is Vertex! I love it!

  112. I like all of them so much, it’s hard to choose just one!

  113. Nimble for sure!

  114. Currently Quadro and Simplism are my favorites.

  115. You are great ! πŸ™‚

  116. I can’t elect one from TheStyle, Harmony, Lucid, Vertex, Explorable. So different both in style and functionality…

  117. I already enjoy couple of ur themes, i’d love to get one lifetime membership

  118. My favorite theme is Explorable

  119. I cannot wait for the upcoming theme, looking to be my favourite. Also a lot of love for your foxy theme.

  120. I really love so many of your themes that it is hard to choose but I recently worked with “Flexible” and it is very nice for showing off an Artist’s portfolio! Well done to all of you πŸ™‚

  121. Hello there!

    Im still at the early stages of learning about elegant themes, but so far may favorites are explorer and gleam πŸ˜€ xx

  122. Nimble looks awesome!

  123. Elegant Themes is one of the best themes provider out there. The prices are a bargain and the themes are great quality.
    Overall, it’s must take deal.

    I use ElegantThemes to some of my websites and I am pleased so far.

  124. Love Elegant Themes! Great value both for my own personal sites and for my hosting customers.

  125. Cool i will win!

    thanks, have a nice time!


  126. That is really awesome. Wish the offer could last till July end, we the affiliates could get some more sale! I am going to publish this awesome offer for my visitors today.

  127. Couldn’t be better timing! Just ready to renew – I am a big fan of Elegant Themes!

  128. I’ve used many of your themes, but I really dig Flexible.

  129. I really love the Fusion theme πŸ™‚

  130. Love you guys! My favorite theme is MyResume <3

  131. Awesome!

  132. I love so many of the elegant themes, it’s hard to nail down just one. I’ve recommended them to numerous clients, and each one has their pick. I love Modest, personally.

  133. Thanks for the opportunity, I am so glad I stumbled across Elegant Themes last year. I currently lean toward Fable as my favorite, however, I’m sure that will change with the ever new releases. I’m never disappointed with the continuous additions.

  134. Yay, I like these raffles.

  135. Yay, I love raffles!

  136. DailyJournal has worked well for our needs.

  137. I love Elegant Theme’s WordPress themes! The ET support forum is a great benefit as well. One of my favorite themes is eStore.

  138. Making me pick a fave isn’t fair! This week it’s Chameleon because there are so many possibilities before I even have to touch the code.

  139. I love elegant themes. The Lucid theme has a really nice layout.

  140. I’m feeling lucky….
    I love almost all of your themes! Keep the good work!

  141. Not only Elegant, but functional and easy to use.

  142. Awesome Giveaway guys! Hope i win!!!!

  143. I love the the Trim theme. I use it for my website and Evolution for my blog.

  144. I am about to launch a site using Sky.

  145. I love Elegant Themes. Not only are they elegant, but they’re efficient. I bought the Developer package for the full price and count it among the best decisions I’ve made for my business. I’ve deployed the Trim and the Deep Focus themes (so far), so you could count these as my favorite themes.

    In addition to the dozens of awesome theme choices from Elegant Themes, when you become a member you get exceptional customer services in the Support Forum. This additional value sends Elegant Themes soaring above the competition.

  146. I am excited about using the Responsive themes and the great variety that keeps growing in that category.

  147. Elegant Themes are the best …. Specially the vertex theme !

  148. Great Giveaway Elegant Themes! Love the themes you guys make.

    Go Rafflecopter!

  149. I love Elegant Themes and Foxy is my favorite!

  150. ET is the best! Elegant themes and superior customer service. I love ET!

  151. Style Shop has to be my favourite theme as i have had several use sof this but then again all are good theme especially the more recent ones

  152. I’m already a lifetime member, and I think it’s a great idea to have a promo sale like this with the drawing for the memberships. . It would be nice if you guys could figure out a way to reward those who have spent the cash to become lifetime members too. Maybe a free custom theme or something. Giveaway like 10 of those to lifetime members. Just a thought.

  153. Awesome offer,Hope to win the Lifetime subscription!

  154. Huge fan! Been using you for about 3 years now. Referred many. Continue the good job.

  155. Mine is Foxy theme

  156. Congrats guys! Keep doing such a great job.

  157. My fav theme is Evolution

  158. Love ET and have used many of the themes for clients. My business website uses Modest, though I wish that one was Responsive. A couple of my recent sites have used Foxy, which has been good for customization. πŸ™‚

  159. Chameleon powers my main business website. Good looks without a lot of trouble.

  160. Thank you very guys!
    I personally love the Flexible Theme πŸ™‚

  161. I like the new Vertex Theme!

  162. I love Elegant Themes~! My favourite theme is Explorable!

  163. I’ve used Elegant Themes for one client site and am looking at using it for two new projects.

  164. StyleShop is a fantastic theme. Keep up the great work. Thanks Elegant Themes!

  165. love using ET themes.. they’re easy to work with and support is fantastic!

  166. Would really love to win! The one I like most is DeepFocus. Love the large imageslider with the textbox on mouseover. Great!

  167. Love all your themes, and love to win πŸ™‚

  168. I love seeing the improvement over time. Nova is the pinnacle so far!

  169. A lifetime membership would be awesome! I just signed up for the developer package a week or so ago (missed the sale) because I’ve started doing freelance work in WordPress.

    Elegant Themes are among the best WordPress themes on the web!

  170. Elegant Themes is the best deal on the market!. For me it is hard to choose but Fox seems to me one of the best!

  171. Elegant Themes es la mejor oferta del mercado!. Para mΓ­ es dificil de elegir pero Fox me parece uno de los mejores!.

    Saludos desde EspaΓ±a!

  172. My favourite ET theme? Why, the next one to be published of course! ;o)

    More seriously, hard to pinpoint one since it also depends on their use. I’m very taken in by Fable, since it was a long time since the last “blogging” theme – and may I admit that I still have a crush on the informailty and playfulness of the graphics of OnTheGo?

    Anyway, looking forward to the future and appreciating so much the updates still published for the past themes (a point that particularly deserves praise).

  173. Love Elegant themes! Best price too!

  174. I have two favorites, and not by coincidence, I used them for my websites πŸ™‚

    The Style: http:www/frunning.eu
    Foxy: http://www.metmarc.nl

    Both of them customised to make them even more to my liking ofcourse!

  175. Foxy is definitely one of my favorites.

  176. Really digging Fox but still love the options in SimplePress. Keep up the great work!

  177. I’ve been a big fan since day one. I love your work!

  178. I like SimplePress & Gleam.

  179. I’m using aggregate, but I’d like to try the beautiful Vertex!

  180. Nice idea. My favourite theme I think will be Nexus

  181. Great contest, thanks for doing this. I am all entered!

  182. Right now I’m really enjoying Vertex!

  183. Themes made for modern digital age! Keeping flying and shining.

  184. Your more recent themes are the best in my opinion, and most versatile. But if I had to choose a favourite, I’d say “Foxy”. Some of the old ones like “Nova” are also really great, but are not as versatile as these latest 5 or 6. πŸ™‚

  185. I love many themes from Elegant themes gallery, but if you wanted 5/5 for any themes ! then i may choose fusion or may be upcoming one “Nexus” !!

  186. Elitist could be a favourite Seems to have possibilities

  187. My favourite theme currently would be Foxy.

  188. Fantastic thanks!!!

  189. Thank you for the chance!

  190. I’ve been using Harmony for a few months now and the traffic rate and emails Ive received have gone through the roof! Love it, will be with you guys for a long while! Currently working on a few projects and want to find an excuse to use the newest themes!

  191. Sketched out a design for a client who cannot afford a fully custom site, Vertex fit the sketch well enough. Suggesting it today, wish me luck!

  192. I love the Elegant themes (and so do my customers). What I like so much is that they are constantly adding more themes and improving on the existing ones. The support is also so much better than what I have found elsewhere!!!! That is worth gold.
    But my favorite theme just came out: NEXUS. In this theme they put in all of the elements that I have been waiting for:
    – drag and drop home page set up
    – responsive design
    – and all the other tools that come with their themes.


  193. I’m a big fan of elegant themes!

  194. Using Lumin. Working out great!

  195. Love your themes have been a subscriber forever

  196. Dai, dai che vincoooo…

  197. Picking a fav is so hard, I like all of them but especially like the Sky theme

  198. aven won the national ranking austria in the european podcast award by using aggregate-theme. true fan of your work!

  199. I love all your app themes

  200. I’m such a fan of your work. My current favorites are Origin and Notebook. Feels so nice when folks see my blog and go gaga about how beautiful and slick it is. You guys make me want to ditch Joomla for good just to use your themes.

  201. i love sky theme and myresume theme very much.

    thank u, elegant themes

  202. Winner winner chicken dinner!
    U r Great!

  203. I love a lot of the themes that I cannot pick LOL

  204. I would rather continue paying you guys πŸ™‚

  205. My favorite themes i NExus theme, looks clean and neat and is responsive too! πŸ˜‰

  206. my favorite is envisioned! πŸ™‚

  207. There is no reason why one shouldn’t love ET. Your all themes are great but I like Nexus recently.

  208. My fav is Sky.

  209. Elegantthemes are perfect for any web!!

    Please extend the summer 20% off!!

  210. Too many great themes to pick one favorite!

  211. Nice giveaway,Love the recent magazine.

  212. Just found this! Can you extend the offer? I’d love to sign up today!

  213. Developer Special! Only just saw the 20% offer from an email received today 24th July but it looks like it has expired. I would love to sign up for this deal!! Pleeeeeese….

  214. WOW! great opportunity, Thank you very much.

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