The Divi Cyber Monday Sale Starts Now

Posted on November 26, 2018 by in General News | 15 comments

The Divi Cyber Monday Sale Starts Now

It’s Finally Here!

Cyber Monday

Did you miss our Black Friday sale over the weekend? Don't worry! Our biggest discount of all time is being extended for a limited time for Cyber Monday. This is the biggest discount we have ever offered, and it's only something we offer during our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Once the sale is over, this discount won't be available until next year. That's a long time to wait!

Get The Deal Before It’s Gone!

Current Customers! Upgrade To Lifetime And Get Huge Discounts

If you are a current customer, today is the best day of the year to upgrade your account the Lifetime! Lifetime access is already an incredible deal, and with our biggest discount ever it's a complete steal. Once the Cyber Monday sale ends this discount won't be back until next year, so don't miss your chance!

Get The Deal Before It’s Gone!

Has Your Account Expired? You’re In Luck!

If your account has expired, today is your lucky day! You can renew your account during our Cyber Monday Sale and get our biggest discount of all time. Once the sale is over, this deal will disappear for an entire year. Don't miss your chance!

Get The Deal Before It’s Gone!

Get Our Biggest Discount Ever When You Join Elegant Themes Today

If you want to join the Elegant Themes community and get access to Divi, the most popular WordPress Theme in the world, today is the day! We are offering our biggest discount of all time, and once the Cyber Monday sale ends it won't be back until next year.

Get The Deal Before It’s Gone!

Exclusive Divi Layout Packs For Cyber Monday Customers & Lifetime Members

Our world-class design team of Divi experts have created 6 unique Divi Layouts in the spirit of Cyber Monday. These exclusive layouts are only available to Black Friday/Cyber Monday customers and current Lifetime members. These layouts are the best way to jump-start your next landing page. You can download these layouts here.

Get The Deal Before It’s Gone!


  1. Guys, there’s help needed in the forum and the support app has been down for 2 days. The premade layouts are not loading and any edits to existing pages is not saving to the child theme (you can see them in the VB but not after publish. All this and more problems since the last update. Pls give us back the legacy version for those who have just installed. Urgent

    • I think you can roll back to the previous version of Divi from within the options.

      • B.J. Keeton

        Ray, yes you can.

        Also, Ocho, try to clear your browser cache as well as purging the cache on the website itself so that it can reload. Occasionally, the Divi Builder gets bogged down with caches, and it can be solved by just clearing them out.

        • I think somebody needs to be monitoring the “peer support” (nee “support”) forum – there are more and more varied errors being reported there than can be accounted for by caching. I hope ET is hearing how unhappy many of its customers are right now.

          • We have a dedicated support team waiting to help you, just contact us via our support channels 🙂 The community forum is just for the community. We don’t offer support within this system.

  2. Hi i have lifetime plan do you have any deal for us for any products? Your deals all is for new customers or one year plan but we are too your customers and i dont find any deal for lifetime plan 🙁

    • You get access to our exclusive layout packs as mentioned in this post 🙂

  3. So, who’s the big winner of the iMac Pro? Any announcement?

    • I am also wondering, because the information about it has disappeared unexpectedly.

  4. Gutenberg does not work and I doubt that these heights have a solution for the arrival of WP5. I have serious problems due to this incompatibility.

    A serious company can not say that you must deactivate the new editor. A serious company adapts to the new editor and that date expired on November 27.

    I think the end of DIVI has come

    • I’m waiting on some of their questions for 6+ weeks. Yes, it will come. Their Indian support didn’t help me the only 2 times I needed help when I had the package for an year.

      Anyway I decided just before Black Friday to give them a chance and advise one of my freelancer friends to go with their lifetime plan. Of course, I wanted to ask them questions so that he doesn’t get mislead.

      I asked a lot of questions and they didn’t reply to the most important ones, to which I need answers, to make sure my friend (and me, referring my friend through the affiliate program) wont be scammed.

      I’m waiting since Black Friday and today the deal has expired… I ask them for the third time if it would be possible to send the deal to my friends, so they don’t miss it because of ET’s slow (and selective) response.

      Also, I’m trying to restore my password for 6 weeks… Can you imagine? In 21st century, a 300000 customers company doesn’t have a working password reset form. They have the audacity to ask for my expired card in order to reset my password.

      • We have responded to all your inquiries Todo. Our last email from 11 days ago asked for some information so that we could verify your account and reset your password for you. Without verification, we can’t send you sensitive information from an account.

  5. When does the deal end?

  6. How come that noone mentinos that many layouts look horrible in Firefox and Internet Explorer?

  7. I’m looking at this forum after trying to log in to my account only top be told I can’t until getting out another $96. Judging by the sentiment around these *updates* I think I’ll leave it.

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