Black Friday Deals Have Arrived, For A Limited Time Only!

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Black Friday Deals Have Arrived, For A Limited Time Only!

Update: Our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals have now ended.

It’s the time of the year for coupon-craziness, and we are excited to take part! Black Friday is here, and we are offering some great discounts for both new customers and current subscribers alike. If you have been thinking about joining Elegant Themes, or if you have had your eye on some of our great plugins and want to upgrade, there has never been a better time to do it. These deals will be available for a limited time only, so be sure to take advantage of them before they expire next week.

20% Off For New Developer Package Customers

If you have been considering joining Elegant Themes, today is the day to do it. We are offering 20% off all Developer accounts, which give you complete access to our entire collection of Themes and Plugins. What’s more, that 20% off lasts forever! When you choose to renew your account in the future, you will renew at the discounted price.

Get 20% Off Today

20% Off All Account Upgrades

Account upgrades are already a great deal since we allow anyone to upgrade their account for the difference in price between their current package and the new package. That means upgrading from Personal to Developer is only $20! Well today it’s even cheaper, since we are offering 20% off all account upgrades! $16 to get access to Monarch and all of our great upcoming plugins (yes, we have more in the works!) is one killer deal.

Upgrade Today For 20% Off

Premade Layouts

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  1. Great deal Nick,

    Just curious, if I recently re-upped my account, do I need to pay the full $40 for the upgrade? It was only 3 months ago.


  2. Time to make the leap to Lifetime Package πŸ™‚

    Thank you for the discount Nick.

    • …and done!

      • but with no 20% lifetime member πŸ™

        Happy Thanks Giving

        • I got the discount on the upgrade.

          I’m not sure you are seeing Chook…!?!

          • Yeah the upgrade might be working..
            I was going outright to the Lifetime deal. I figured I’d be doing this web stuff for the next 5 years (I’m a stay home dad of 2 boys) and just go for it.

            Happy Thanks Giving

            • The 20% discount applies to all upgrades, but not new Lifetime signups. Sorry for the confusion.

              • I will like to sign up for the developer’s package now, would I still get the lifetime package at the 20% discount if upgrading just after signing in?
                Many thanks

                • Yep if you upgrade today.

      • done for me too … great deal !!

  3. Hmmm I just upgraded to lifetime the other day…anyone going to give me the discount?

  4. That’s awesome.. So finally elegant theme is in the town now. I’m ready to grab my deal. I was eagerly waiting for it.
    Well nick, don’t you think that 20% Is less a bit?

  5. Thanks for discount ET

  6. Hi Nick,

    Purchased the full package two days ago with a 10% discount.

    Happy with that.

    (Paid $244.00 USD but with exchange and bank charges, ended up costing $272.16 AU Dollars.)

    Please buy a box of chocolates for the staff with the difference I missed out on.

    Happy Thanksgiving


    • Will do. Happy to have you with us Alan πŸ™‚

  7. Thanks for the Great deal!
    Upgrading Done.

  8. My account has expired, may I take advantage of the Black Friday Discount?


    John Malloy

    • Unfortunately our systems wont allow for renewals to go through the discount link. However, you are welcome to open up a new account at the discounted price since your current account is already inactive.

  9. Bummer. I already have Lifetime Access. But the blogs alone already deliver value for the money, so I’m not complaining.

  10. I’ve been very impressed with Divi and Monarch so I’m taking advantage of this great deal to move up to a lifetime membership.

  11. Just done, thanks for lifetime discount package!!

  12. Nice! 20% discount, no-brainer to join the pack!

  13. Thanks for the discount! Just purchased Lifetime Membership also. It’s wasn’t clear to me whether or not the 20% off was applied though…

  14. I took the lifetime full price account… It’s so great that I don’t care of this 20%. Just keep going with blog articles, you enjoy my days! (at least some of them πŸ˜‰

  15. Wow, just got the dev package about 3 days ago lol. That’s OK, still very much worth “regular price”. πŸ™‚

  16. I don’t see the discount on PayPal checkout from Developer to Lifetime, which should ring up at $128… currently ringing up at $160. I will wait to see if this gets fixed. Thanks for the best themes on the internet! Mary πŸ™‚

    • That’s strong, sorry about that. You clicked the link in the blog post to upgrade right? (and not through the normal member’s area link)

      • I had logged in like usual. Clicking on the link above works. Thank you!

  17. I am being charged $40 to upgrade to developer and not getting a discount??
    Any ideas?

    • The upgrade price is based on what package your are upgrading from. In your case, if you joined at our old price of $39, the upgrade would be 20% off of $50. Sorry for the confusion.

  18. I don’t understand your math. Your saying 20.00 to upgrade, and then you mention $16.00. I add the upgrade to the cart and it shows $40.00???

    • The upgrade price is based on what package your are upgrading from. In your case, if you joined at our old price of $39, the upgrade would be 20% off of $50. Sorry for the confusion. Upgrading form the $69 subscription would be 20% off $20.

  19. I have logged in to buy the upgrade for my account but it’s charging $50, not $20 (or $16). Am I missing something?

    • Make sure you click the link in this post. It’s a special link, and you wont get the discount if you log into the members area and click the normal upgrade link. The price of the upgrade depends on the current plan you are on. So if you are on the $39 package, upgrading to Developer would cost 20% off $50. At $69, it the price would be 20% off $20. Let me know if you experience any problems and we will get them worked out!

  20. Hey I’m new to ET and I am evaluating things still. Is this just for today or will it be extended to Cyber Monday as well. I don’t want to make a snap financial decision. Also is it easy to increase the font size across the Divi theme?

    • The deal will last through Cyber Monday.

  21. Hello Nick Roach, I am lucky today. Thanks for this discount.

  22. Hello Nick, thx for good themes. When there is a new theme?

  23. Just snagged my lifetime upgrade; thanks Nick! Also like the updated posting frequencies of your blog… so a double thanks! Looking forward to see new features roll out on Divi, the 2.0 release was sweet.

  24. Hi Nick & Elegant Themes crew!

    Thanks a lot for the Black Friday discounts!

    I have one doubt.

    I have the $39 Personal Package.

    If I upgrade (with the Black Friday discount) to the Developer Package, the price that shows your site is “$40 per year”.

    So I understand that if today (11/29/2014) I upgrade from my Personal Package to the Developer Package, I will pay $40 from 11/29/2014 until 11/29/2015.

    But what happens next year if I want to keep the Developer Package?

    How much money will I pay from 11/29/2015 until 11/29/2016?

    And the following years?

    $40 or $89 per year?

    Thanks a lot for your help.

  25. Just updated to Lifetime Member from Individual Member, was going to go to Developer, but why? I paid $168 to upgrade to lifetime member with complete access to everything and no other fees.

    Thanks for the discount really appreciate it. Elegant Themes is the cherry on the cake!

  26. Thank you for the deal..
    Elegantthemes Rocks.!!!

  27. My account expires in March, If I upgrade to the developer package now, is it only for the next 4 months then I pay again in March or does it start me over for a year starting this month?

  28. So Nick..I just upgraded on Wed, Nov 19, 2014 at 7:25 AM. Doesn’t see fair to offer another discount for us who have just purchased. What say you???
    Happy Holidays!

  29. One of my clients uses your themes with the lifetime subscription package. I was so impressed with your over the top, way beyond the call of duty support, that I went and got a lifetime subscription myself.

    Think of it as a thank you for what you are doing.

    The 20% discount didn’t hurt either. (*cough*)

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