Download The Exclusive Black Friday Divi Layout Pack!

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Download The Exclusive Black Friday Divi Layout Pack!

In case you missed the memo, we are currently running our biggest sale of all time for Black Friday this year! Not only are we offering our largest discount ever, but everyone who purchases a new account or account upgrade today will also receive a free copy of our exclusive Divi Black Friday Layout Pack. We designed this layout pack in the spirit of Black Friday to help you jumpstart your own high-converting deal pages using Divi. Now you will be totally prepared to host your own Black Friday sale next year 🙂 If you are already an Elegant Themes Lifetime member, you can download the layout pack for free too. Just follow the link below.

The Exclusive Landing Page Layout Pack For High Converting Deal Pages

Buy Today And Get Our
Exclusive Layout Pack

Not only are we offering 25% off all new accounts and upgrades, we have also created a free and exclusive Divi layout pack that is only available to those who purchase our Black Friday deal (and to current lifetime members). We designed this pack in the spirit of Black Friday and it’s the best way to jump start your own high-converting sales page using Divi.


Upgrade To Get The Layout For FreeJoin Today And Get The Layout For Free
Already a Lifetime member? No need to purchase anything, just download the pack for free below!

How To Download And Install The Pack

To download the layout pack, simply log in here and click the download link. The layout pack is only available to those customers who purchased our ultimate Black Friday deal, and to all current Lifetime customers. If you aren’t an Elegant Themes member yet, then you can sign up today for 25% off and get access to this awesome layout pack right away. If you are a current member on the Personal or Developer subscription, then you can upgrade today for 25% off and get access to the pack too.

Once you have downloaded the ZIP file, double click to extract its contents. You will find several .JSON files that can be imported into your Divi Library. Once imported, you can use the Add From Library buttons to add the layout to your page and start building.

Mix And Match Nine Customizable Elements

The layout pack can be loaded in its complete form using the main Divi Builder “Add From Library” button, or you can add any of the layout pack’s nine individual components using the Add From Library button when adding new sections to your page. If you have never used the Divi Library before, be sure to check out our full tutorial on the subject.

Four Creative Headers

Pull your visitors in with one of four creative headers that help to create a sense of urgency using the Divi Countdown Timer Module. Count down to the start of your sale and collect email addresses using one of the pre-sale headers. Once your deal goes live, switch to one of the active deal headers and count down to the end of your sale. Make sure your visitors know that once the timer runs out, the deal is gone!





Features And Information

Describe your product and service using centered and alternating featured images and descriptions.



Customer Testimonials

No sales page is complete without some great testimonials! Follow up your features with some positive reviews from your clients.


Website Footer

Finish off your page with a repeated Call To Action. Create a simple and compelling subject line and follow it up with a bright red button that begs to be clicked.


Combine Them All To Create The Ultimate Sales Page

Once combined, you will have a super-effective sales page that is ready to convert your visitors into customers.


Premade Layouts

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  1. How about a little love for the customers that already have a lifetime license? Shouldn’t they get the theme too?

    • Hi Dave, I believe you can download it as well, simply click on the link in the first chapter of this blog post and you will be redirected to the page where you can download it directly once you log in 🙂

    • Dave,
      You can download the pack. See below or at the top of this blog. 🙂

      ” If you are already an Elegant Themes Lifetime member, you can download the layout pack for free too.”

      • and where can i find the download link?

    • Guess I missed it the first time — got it!
      Thanks ET!

  2. I have been a member for over 10 years. So I am supposed to Upgrade to get the service I already have?

    • Hi friend, look Gerald reply 🙂

      • I am a member and i am searching now for 20 min to get a download link – not to find!

        Where can i download the pack? please send me a download link!

    • Chuck Hi, Where does it say in the plan description that you get this layout? ET guys are giving this as gift, they don’t have to do it. Also according to the about page ET started 6 years ago.

  3. Hmmm. I have just renewed my Developer Licence, how can I get this than?
    KInd regards!

  4. where is the downloadlink … ????
    send it to me, cant find it !!!!

  5. I just bought the Divi Developer pack a few days ago… still trying it out, but like it so far. I don’t know it enough to upgrade yet… perhaps next Black Friday! Can I download the pack?

  6. Just joined earlier this week . . .

  7. Simply awesome. Glad I’m a lifetime member. This is perfect for online courses, private coaching and more. I can’t tell you how much of an impact having Divi has increased my business.

    1. Install, 2. Deploy. Profit. Simple as that!


  8. Thanks for the Divi Black Friday Layout Pack.

    I do not sell products or widgets. I provide consulting services to clients.

    Therefore, my needs are very different from the e-commerce, point-of-sale, or Amazon-like transaction, websites. As a consultant, my website’s main focus is to provide a compelling value-proposition in order to make viewers (potential clients) engage me to provide professional consulting services.

    Is there a way to turn the “Call to Action” for a download key as a redirect to a library (on my website) of pdf documents (journal articles or brochure) that the visitor/viewer (potential client) can download within Divi on WP?

    This would be a real helpful add to the Divi theme platform for consultants who sell services versus products.


    • HI David, you can change any ‘call to action’ to open whatever page you like on your site or download something. For consultants I usually use it to encourage people to schedule a consultation or similar. Hope that helps!

    • I also vote for Divi theme platform for consultants who sell services versus products!

  9. Wow so someone can can come along today and purchase the same membership I already and get the layout pack but members who have been here years already get excluded.

    • Says at the top that lifetime members get the same pack. You just need to log in…

  10. Thanks for all that you do. I’ve been a Lifetime member for 4 years and it just keeps getting better.

  11. Thanks NIck as always you guys are tops.

  12. Unfortunately I can’t afford to upgrade right now.

    I guess I should wait until Black Friday from now on to buy something so I don’t get left out because I didn’t buy the right level of membership.

    At least I could afford to buy Developers membership when I did. I like what I have a lot better than Themify already so i’m not totally missing out.

  13. For me to download the DIV black friday theme, do I have to be a lifelong member?

  14. I really dislike these kind of “flash”-like deals that benefit new customers rather than rewarding members who have been customers for years, and before jumping all over me about how this has already been addressed…

    I have been a “Developer” level member for two+ years now (and yes, please save the comments that I’m losing money by not upgrading, but at the time it had been due to financial constraints I was in at the time and bought what I could afford.

    So now, after paying Elegant Themes for multiple years, the ONLY way I can get the Layout Pack is if I shell out ANOTHER $160 to upgrade to a Lifetime Account.

    I would very much like to get the Layout Pack and fully believe I am as deserving as other member and more deserving than brand new members, but I don’t have an extra $160 to make the upgrade right now around the holidays just so I can get a “free” Layout Pack.

    Say what you want about me, I just don’t like or think it is fair to those of us who are in similar circumstances due to personal financial reasons at the time of initial sign-up.

    • Sorry you feel that way Steve. We have a lot of free layout packs that you can download that are not part of this sale. The purpose of this Layout Pack was the give Lifetime members something unique since they are unable to purchase anything, and we added it to the deal to make it even better.

    • Hi Steve,
      I fell your pain but you should really look at it this way. I used to feel this way all the time.

      It takes a lot of money and time to build something great. Companies that can not build their business can not survive. Building new customer base is the best way to stay in business. If companies gave deals to their existing customers only they are not building new customers, they are intact sabotaging their profits and potentially their ability to remain improving their products.

      You need to recognize that adding new customers grants you these benefits.

      – Your investment will remain intact by bringing in new money from sources other than you, to develop and maintain products.

      – New themes can be designed and build adding to your available resources.

      – Support reamins in place because of new revenues from new customers.

      Ask yourself this. Does Apple give me a discount on the new iPhone because I purchased 5 from them already? No.

      Hardare deals are based on promoting the replacement of products.

      Let’s look at this. Let’s say you go buy a new Hardware item and it works fine for years. No problems of any kind. How do feel when you find out that the company is no longer around? No problem right. Well how about when there is a problem and the warranty is useless because the company is out of business. You feel ripped off, right?

      I could go on but I think that I have made my point. You should feel that your investment goes towards a community that sells ether and needs constant revenue to sustain it’s growth or maintain it’s position.

  15. divi is just awesome! another way to face web design! just a game changer

  16. The Lifetime pack is worth the investment … one of the reason is that you get to enjoy this perks .. I don’t know why someone wouldn’t get the lifetime pack..

  17. I would like to upgrade to Lifetime. Unfortunately it does not work. It is in my shopping cart, then I would like to pay with paypal.

    Next: Upgrading Your Account
    No products available for purchase.

    What’s going on there?

    • Sorry about that. Please send us an email and we can help you out with any checkout problems you are having.

    • I am having the same problem, I cant upgrade to lifetime as ‘No products available to purchase’
      I have sent an email from the contact form so hopefully I can upgrade for the $120 before time runs out 🙂

  18. I have tried countless of times trying to log in to my account unfortunately I kept getting the error message. I already sent the request for tech support as I wanted to take advantage of the Black Fri and Cyber Monday offers unfortunately I can’t even reached anyone from your end for customer support. It’s so frustrating!

  19. I’ve been with Elegant Themes before Divi. You don’t get this kind of service with other theme setups. Nothing beats the constant improvement given by Elegant Themes and their tech support.

    Upgrading to lifetime membership is worth every penny.
    Divi is the best theme, and it’s getting more popular.
    How can you not follow the designer’s lead.

    Everyday I say thank goodness for Elegant Themes. You guys make me look good. I’m only to glad to tell people about the excellent themes, as well as good service.

    Thanks for the Divi Black Friday surprise! Love the layouts, so simple to use.

  20. Is there any special discount for new accounts ?

  21. I downloaded the Black Friday Layout, but how do you upload it to WordPress? Do you upload it as a theme or a plugin?

  22. I’ve always built the majority of my sites using the Bridge theme but I’m constantly seeing chatter in the forums about Divi…Really like what you guys have built here and look forward to using it in some of my new web projects.

  23. I am a lifetime member and do not see where I can download the Divi layout pack. Please advise.

    Thank you,
    Lulu Murphy

  24. Great promotion!!! We are very proud our Bruno child theme was one of the prizes 🙂

  25. Interesting. I’ve been a paying member since 2009 (Developer’s License) and, now don’t get me wrong – I’m “grandfathered-in” to an amazing price, but last year when I inquired about upgrading to the “Lifetime” membership, the response I received from ET basically encouraged me to stay on the annual license stating that I’m getting the lowest price imaginable. But who’d have thought that by staying with the recommended arrangement would have ended up barring me from obtaining certain items unless I upgrade to Lifetime at a much higher price than I could have purchased it for back when I inquired to back in April 2015?

    But I’m not taking it badly and this isn’t really a gripe, just an observation and little reminder that sometimes go with your instincts 😉

    Any way you slice it, Elegant Themes is an excellent investment regardless of which license / membership you choose!

    All I could wish for at this point would be the time to really dig-in and learn to become a good developer / designer with the powerful advanced tools that themes like Divi provide. You guys running any specials on “time” ? 😉 The progress from ET has been fast & furious! Especially looking at how far you guys have come since I first purchased in 2009. Amazing stuff guys! Kudos!

  26. Just want to say that if anyone missed this upgrade with the bonuses i totally understand. As in my case i was away and missed out . How ever i still upgraded to lifetime membership . Come on guys Divi 3 has to be one of if not the best wordpress theme today.The things you can do on the fly etc is way beyond any others which charge around $57 upwards on other sites.

    For me a yearly subscription was good anyway at approx $88 but to pay the extra £144 for life done deal 🙂
    All i would say to any one is treat it like a business and take the time to read, test and learn the Divi theme. The guys and community on here all try to help with any problems.. ET rocks great job glad i found you last year.

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