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Importing & Exporting Saved Layouts

Saving And Loading Custom Layouts

One of Divi’s greatest features is its ability to Save and Load custom layouts. For more information about Saving and Loading layouts, check out this tutorial in the readme.

Once you save a custom layout, these layouts can exported from one WordPress installation and imported to a different one in just a few seconds. This provides developers with the unique opportunity to create a complete set of custom designs that match their design workflow. Each time you start a new project, you can import your pack of saved layouts and begin building your client's website faster than ever before!

Exporting Saved Layouts

Divi saves new layouts as a hidden Custom Post Type. The beauty of this is that native WordPress importing/exporting features can be used to transfer your saved layouts. To export your saved layouts, click the Appearances > Export Page Builder Layouts button in your WordPress dashboard. This will allow you to download an XML output of all of your saved layouts which can be imported to any WordPress install.

Importing Saved Layouts

To import a custom layout pack, click the Tools > Import link in your WordPress dashboard, and then chose the “WordPress” import option. This will prompt you to download and install the WordPress importer plugin.

Once installed and activated, you can choose to upload the XML file that you exported earlier. Each time you create a new website, upload your custom layouts to help make building new pages quick and easy!

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