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A Look at Our Upcoming Theme

Posted on August 2 by in Theme Sneak Peeks | 44 comments

A Look at Our Upcoming Theme

For those itching to know what’s in the works behind the scenes, here is a sneak peek of one of our upcoming designs. Real Estate themes have always been in high demand, and I am pleased to announce that we will soon be adding one to our collection. If you are looking for a clean and professional medium through which to display your properties – a way to add legitimacy to your name and improve conversions – then start getting excited about our elegant real estate theme!

download divi


  1. do you have custom functions for the listing system? or will you be using an IDX feed or anything like that?
    I look forward to seeing this one for sure…
    keep up the good work!

  2. Wow! This looks astonishing.

    I’ve been eagerly waiting for the “eStore” theme announced at June 28. Any word on when that one is coming out? Or is it cancelled?

    • It should be ready very soon :)

      • Haa.. nice. :) I’m waiting for it too.

        Oh god, nick.. Your themes become more enjoyable. :D

      • l just cant wait for estate agent theme nick, estore was wonderfull but estate agent is my favorite now

  3. great :)

    with this template and other, can you give a Dummy content ? for a test and see the good configuration of your templates.


    • not possible? :)

      • :/

    • Don’t worry, it’s almost done :)

      • Yes an e-store! I’ll be waiting for that.

  4. Nick,

    This is truly the nicest real estate theme I’ve ever seen!

    I hope I get a RE client just so I can make use of it. :)


  5. I need this one really really badly. How long you think? Ps became a developer today

  6. Oh Yea!! This one is going to be sooo popular. And it looks amazing! I may have to start a real estate website just so I can use this theme. :)

  7. AMAZING Nick! Just amazing!

    This looks far better than woothemes real estate theme!

  8. Looks amazing! I will become a member for this one. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. Please let me know when it’s available.

  9. No way!!! Your timing is impeccable. This is just the ticket for an up coming project. Sweet, sweet eye candy meets functionality.

  10. As always some clever and attractive designs. Can you come over and decorate my apartment? It needs a redesign.

  11. I am loving this, by the way I happened to be a REALTOR (Smile)

  12. this is so cool, u r so thoughtful ‘cuz you always design to fit everyone needs. U r AWESOME!

  13. Hey Nick,

    You are a legend!
    This looks AWESOME, wanna see it live soon.

    Thanks always!

  14. Oh my goodness … You’re really trying to give WooThemes a run for their money, right? :) Keep up the good work, and now I’ve really got to find a realty site to work with…

  15. It will make real estate website making easy. Good template to work on

  16. Can’t wait to play with this one, Nick!

  17. This looks promising. Will there be a prominent geographical search function, as on most real estate websites?

  18. Just curious if you guys plan on ever doing the multi-author theme I suggested to you guys and we chatted a little about.

  19. Outstanding, Another great theme by a great designer, keep up the good work, I can’t wait till you release this one.

  20. This is great! Will you also incorporate features for Apartment rentals? I have an Apartment rental company and this would be perfect!

  21. Can you please let me know if the theme comes with a geographical search engine?

  22. Wahoo! I am a realtor and been waiting for this one. Looks great so far!!

    Any chance you can have one of the color schemes be more neutral/natural colors….like browns, kakis, greens etc…?

  23. Awesome design really cute

  24. Wow, I cannot believe I am saying this, but the themes just keep getting better and better – awesome work.

  25. This is just amazing. I have been with ET for a while now.. and i see a drastic improvement, stability, and a lot matured designs..

    You Rock as usual NICK :)

  26. Can you please let me know if the theme comes with a geographical search engine?
    Thanks again

  27. Nick, I love your theme but i am waiting for them. It is your another great theme.when it is released.

  28. Hi Nik,
    amazing theme, compliments, I need to create my real estate site very soon, when it’s realeased (one week, one month?).

    If you post this theme very soon I immediatly subscribe.

    P.s in the admin panel there is proprety control? working also outside USA?


  29. Hey, when it the theme going to be out??

  30. I just downloaded this theme.

    Do you have any VIDEO TUTORIAL on how to configure this theme?

    I can hardly understand some instructions, I need video…plsssss

  31. Awesome theme NIck. I showed it to one major Realtor in town and they fell in love, thanks!

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