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Say Hello To Our Foxy New Business Theme

Posted on April 10 by in Theme Releases | 89 comments

Say Hello To Our Foxy New Business Theme
Foxy is a sleek, all-in-one solution for businesses. The themes finds harmony in a balance of simple and striking design elements. Foxy is fun, but it doesn’t let anything get in the way of its structured and functional layout. For those looking for a solid online solution for their business, Foxy is the theme for you!
Live DemoFeatures Info

New High Resolution Variation

Foxy is our first theme to include a responsive style for resolutions over 960px. This means that the theme will look better than ever on modern screens of 1366px and above without cluttering smaller screens with overblown header sizes.

eCommerce Integration

Foxy is also our first standard business theme to include eCommerce integration out of the box. Our previous eCommerce themes (StyleShop, eStore and Boutique) are great for online stores, but their layouts are not ideal software or service-based businesses who need eCommerce functionality as a part of their website, but not as its focal point. Instead, Foxy weaves eCommerce seamlessly into its classic and proven business structure.

Responsive Design

The use of mobile devices is on the rise, and it is important for your website to be ready for those mobile visitors. Foxy comes fully responsive, meaning that the design will adapt to whatever screen size is being used to browse. You website will look great and will be a breeze to read on mobile phones and desktop computers alike.
And let’s not forget about tablets! Foxy will also look great on your iPad or Android tablet in both portrait and landscape mode.

Unlimited Colorschemes

Foxy allows you to easily customize your theme’s colors and background images via the WordPress Theme Customizer. You can quickly change font colors, navigation bar colors, background colors, background images and more.
I hope that everyone enjoys using Foxy. Let us know what you think of the theme! download divi


  1. Wow! It looks great …

    • Where I can download it?

      • When you log into the member’s area, it’s the first theme on the list. If you don’t see it, try clearing you cache.

        • It rocks, very good colorful and attractive look, WooCommerce integrate is simply superb

    • Wow! Released very fast. And E-commerce integration looks really pretty. Great work.

  2. Horray! Will use it tomorrow for upcoming project.

    Thank you Nick!

    • Great, I hope it works out well!

  3. Just in time for a new Real Estate project. Awesome!

    Thank you Nick!!

  4. Nick!

    Just in time! My little bro thanks you greatly! As I mentioned in the comments for the preview I was gonna punch him in the face as hard as I could, once a day, everyday this theme wasn’t released after April 12.

    Because I’m fair person, I’m going to let my little bro punch ME in the face for every day this theme was released before April 12 (Wed-Friday).

    Don’t worry, he’s only 6 yrs old, so it shouldn’t hurt to bad.

    Anyway the theme looks great!

    • We worked extra hard on this theme with your brother in mind :)

  5. Wow, so soon!

    • I agree with you :) foxy theme looks good also responsive and easy to customize.thanks

  6. Awesome! So quick too. :)

  7. Back to back released a awesome theme…

  8. It rocks, very good colorful and attractive look, WooCommerce integrate is simply superb

  9. Perfect for small and medium business website. Loving your work.

  10. Wow! Looks slick. Compared to Explorable, Foxy was a quick one. Great job nevertheless. Keep it up! – Wil

  11. Nice and awesome theme, as usual guyz ! Elegant Themes rock !

  12. Wow, exactly what i need for one custommer, I will play with it today :)
    Do you know a fork of woocommerce to use it only on catalog mode?

  13. Sorry to ask, but where is the search box on the Foxy theme? I can’t locate it

    • The easiest way to add a search box to the theme would be to use the search widget, which can be added to your sidebar or footer.

  14. This looks great, Nick. The first theme to tempt me away from Nova. Your point about the ecommerce integration (vs the ecommerce sites) here is bang on. What route would you recommend with this theme for selling courses?

    • I would be very much interested in this answer, too. :)


    • I believe WooCommerce supports digital downloads if you are selling corses in vide format. If not there may be an addon that can help you.

  15. front page looks awesome!!!!

    every single other page looks bland and boring…. shame about that. and when are you going to fix the pricing table shortcode of the “join now” button alignment??

  16. WoW .. That was a quick n’ sneaky turnaround. where did that come from. Beautiful theme.

  17. Yeh!

  18. Great and elegant looking… sir… i’m very happy become member in here…
    just i’m get many themes, but i hope someday you can create wp theme special for profesional blogger with features ads space for get maximum earning from adsense… thanks

    • Thanks for the suggestion, we will certain keep it in mind!

      • thanks admin… i’m really waiting wp theme special for profesional blogger/plublisher (space ads option) :)

  19. This might be the best theme you’ve ever produced. Well done.

  20. wow… stop speed drugs now Nick :)

    Love this release.

    Will try to include the homepage product slider in StyleShop.

  21. Testimonials part on shortcodes’ page is a bit broken.

    • If you need any help, please open a thread in our suppor forums so that our team can assist you.

  22. Just greate, was trying to use Nimble on a new website but Foxy will do the job much better … thanks a lot

  23. Awesome! So quick too.

  24. I don’t often post my opinion but . . . I think it’s fair to Elegant Themes to do so. I first purchased and didn’t think you were up to that much to be honest but your last few themes have been awesome, and the fact that you seem to be listening to your customers deserves a big big up :) Fair play

    • Thanks John, that is great to hear :)

  25. One thing that this theme missed is being able to stretch the content, text and images to the edge of the mobile screen when viewed on mobile device. Currently it puts gray bars on each sides vertically when viewed on Samsung galaxy S3 phone. This is not ideal in terms of UX.

  26. Maybe I’m not understanding completely about responsive design and I welcome any input on whether I’m missing something or not.

    In theory, it sounds like great design for all websites.

    However, to me one of the best parts of owning an iPhone and iPad is the fact that I can just double tap on text or an image to have it fill the screen or I can pinch and stretch to zoom in even more. My eyesight’s not that great so this has been a real lifesaver.

    I find that with responsive designs that I can’t do this. They’re “stuck” just the way they are.

    Am I missing something? Also, is it true that ALL Elegant Themes are now responsive (whether we want it to be or not?)

    I’m so close to pulling the trigger on a “Developer’s” membership here. :)


  27. Hey Nick,

    As always its a very good theme, but I think you should release some theme focus on personal blog, which more simpler. Of course all your theme could easily change to fit personal blog, but if specific personal blog with some extra functionality that fit personal blog need it would be better.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. We will consider creating a personal blogger theme in the future.

      • Yes, I second this. Would love to use one of your themes for BLW:)

  28. The preview has it in a boxed layout. Can it put into Full-Width?

    • The theme does not include a fluid layout I am afraid.

  29. Your best yet… well done !! :-)

    • Thanks Anita :)

  30. Good theme – nice work.

    Couldn’t find an easy way to put the featured image thumbnails on the 3 content area pages on the front page.

    Ive added this to the front-page.php before the check for excerpt

    if ( has_post_thumbnail() )
    It has done the trick but is there a better way?
    if you look quick at the website you will see the results, its my work areas so likely to change soon!

  31. Great! The theme is perfect for ecommerce websites. I will download it for my clothes shop online.

    • Gerat, I am sure it will work out well for your clothing store.

  32. YOUR THEME IS GETTING BORRING !!!!! .. lazy design creative [ using the same element each of your new theme will bring your member run out ] this element continue on the gallery , portfolio , button ,and many more .. any new theme you release is just new look on FRONT PAGE only .. the rest is the same like other theme you have .. try visit http://themeforest.net/ each theme has specific unique thing to over for customer ..

    • Thanks for the input, but I am curious to know how our most recent three themes (Foxy, Explorable and StyleShop) are all exactly the same. They are actually quite unique in both design and function, and I think each are quite a worthy addition to our collection 82 themes that you get for less than the price of a single theme on themeforest.net

  33. I like the blue theme most.

  34. Is it possible to add a contact form to the front page below the page tabs/testimonial section? I’m trying to go for a single full page website without any menus and currently I have contact form on a separate page which is the problem..

    • You could add a contact form to your footer as a widget. There are many contact form plugins that support widget contact forms.

  35. Dear Nick,

    Hi Nick,
    I’m new to your services, even though I purchased the Dev Package a several weeks back. I’m still in school, learning this web dev process, so getting familiar with WP and the Frameworks is all still new to me. However, it appears some of your themes maybe easy in that respect. Here’s a few things I would like to see in the near future from you, and your team that I need, want and haven’t found here yet.

    FEATURE IDEA/SUGGESTION: Please make a new theme/template with mouse-hover “side swiping/horizontal scrolling”. With big individual image displays, and not just in a slider type way. I’ve had a few clients request this type of scrolling and look. Would love to see that in your next theme release, certainly would be a little different in a good way.

    FEATURE/SUGGESTION: A theme that looks more like a website, but has a blog extension page, and within this blog page we can have several blog template layout options–many…. small, medium, large, with and without sidebards, mansory style, grid style, etc….

    PLUGIN IDEA/SUGGESTION: Either stand along plugin, or implemented into a theme. Stand-alone it’s best so we can use with any ET.
    Allows for: Photos “Print” and ” Photos “Buy License” for stock images
    For “Buy License”– Have the following for Drop down options and configuration.
    Use Type: Promotional Display Indoor ( trade show, POS)
    Web Advertising
    you get the idea….. drop down for several use type.

    Market Territory: Worldwide
    North America
    Europe, etc…..

    Relative Image Size in Layout: Up to 1/8 layout

    Number of Promotional Displays: Up to 5

    Advertisement Duration: 1 Day

    “GET PRICE” (This is the biggest thing, it calculates your total fee)
    Add to Cart

    • ^
      Nick should read this

  36. The theme looks very beautiful and its compatible with tablet and phone also. Will buy it for my new business blog

  37. Very foxy indeed. I hoped that nimble theme will have such superb color tone, but I am glad and waited for this one to appear. Thumbs up, nick.

  38. Really nice work. I prefer Fusion but Foxy is incredible and e-commerce !

  39. It looks like the background color customizer only colorizes the background behind the footer? Is there anyway to have the whole background use a custom color the same way?

  40. Nick,

    Is it possible to disable the e-comerce using the products page only to show the information about them?

    I need a theme for an English School in Brazil. The costumers only buy the course at the company not in the site.

  41. I LOVE THIS THEME!!! I have been testing it with a older buddypress site I have been maintaining. I started testing it in a dev location and it works like a dream! Just wanted to give credit when due! Thanks and keep up the great work!

  42. I really like this theme but it doesn’t work properly in Chrome for Android. The homepage will not scroll vertically and its cut off.is the fix for that in the works?

  43. I spoke too soon… after I left this comment I thought to check my chrome for an update and lo and behold: it was a version out of date and now works. sorry for jumping the gun. Though if one version out of date caused that you may be having this issue with other browsers.

    Good work guys!

  44. Is it possible to add more than one product slider to the homepage?

  45. Love the new style. Well done. Only the animated navigation seems a little bit to overloaded to me.

    Best regards

  46. Hi, i couldn’t see if this was already asked but are there other ecommerce plugins other then woocommerce that work with this theme?

  47. How could I add more color schemes to that theme?

  48. Hello, I followed all the steps to use the contact form in the Foxy theme but doesn’t work, what is the problem?

    • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forum so that our team can assist you.

  49. Hey – how did you add your shop items to the homepage of the theme gallery example design?

    • If you need help, please open a ticket in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

      • Hi Nick, I can’t resize my feature slider image in Foxy theme? I want the feature slider image to fit almost completely in the color area and I don’t know how I would do that. Could you help me please? I”ve tried scaling, cropping, etc with no luck thanks

  50. I agree with DebG. “However, to me one of the best parts of owning an iPhone and iPad is the fact that I can just double tap on text or an image to have it fill the screen or I can pinch and stretch to zoom in even more. My eyesight’s not that great so this has been a real lifesaver.”

    I’ve tried and tried and I can’t get scalability incorporated into the site…

  51. HI! Your thems are great, and that’s why I bougth it. Now I have a problem with Chrome browser… When I or someone else load homepage, all text is missing. If I go on other page, everything is OK, except homepage. I tested it from Firefox and even Explorer,and it works fine. Could you tell me, what I missing, or where is the problem?

    • If you need help with anything, please open a ticket in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

  52. I have a problem with Foxy in my web. In the “blog” the appeareance is not as in the Foxy Demo. I can’t see a big image with tittle in the center. I just see a square with a part of the image and the tittle on. Maybe I’m doing something wrong…

  53. Nick,
    Is it possible to disable the e-comerce using the products page only to show the information about them?
    I need a theme for an English School in Brazil. The costumers only buy the course at the company not in the site.

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