BusinessCard Theme Readme

Follow the instructions below to install and configure your new theme

How to install your new theme

Before you can upload your theme, you first need to download the theme package from the Elegant Themes Members Area. Log in and locate your desired theme on the list and click the "download" link. There will be two download options: Theme Package and PSD Files. Click the "Theme Package" link to download the theme. Next you must upload the .ZIP file you just downloaded to your website via the WordPress Dashboard. Log in to wp-admin and click the Appearances > Themes tab. Next click the "Install Themes" button and then click the "Upload" link. Click "Choose File" and locate the .ZIP file you just downloaded and click "Install Now." Once then theme has been uploaded, you can activate it from within the Appearances > Themes tab.

Defining a Custom Logo Image

You can define your own logo image from within the ePanel theme options page in your WordPress Dashboard. Within ePanel, under the General Settings > General tab, locate the "Logo" field. In the field, input the full URL to your logo image. You can use the "Upload Image" button below the field to upload your logo image if haven't already done so. After installing, copy and paste the URL to the file into the field and click "Save" to save your ePanel settings.

If you don't already have a logo image, then you can use the included logo.psd file as a starting point. If you have Photoshop, this file can be opened and the logo's text can be easily edited using Photoshop's type tool. If you don't have Photoshop, then you can use included logo_blank.png file as a blank canvas in a different graphic design program. These files (logo.psd and logo_blank.png) are located within the Theme Package inside the /psd/ folder.

How do I add icons to my page tabs?

Whenever you make a new page you will need to add a custom field. Scroll down below the text editor and click on the "custom fields" link. In the "Name" section, input "Icon" (this is case sensitive). In the "Value" area, input the url to your thumbnail icon image. Your image will automatically be resized and cropped. The default icon size is 32x32px. The image must be hosted on your domain.

How do I add descriptions to my pages?
The description, which appears after your post title, is added using custom fields. When you make a new page, add a custom field with the name "Tagline" and a value of your tagline text.
How do I create my Portfolio/Gallery section?
The gallery is created using a WordPress gallery.

1. The first thing you need to do is customize the size of your gallery thumbnails. To do this click Settings > Media in wp-admin, and change the default thumbnail size to 202x202px

2. Next you need to upload some images to be used in the gallery. While editing your page, click the "add images" icon, and upload a the collection of images you would like to display. Next click the "gallery" link, and add the WordPres gallery that you would like to display. Make sure you choose "2 columns" and set the "Link thumbnails to:" to "Image file." Add the gallery to your page. Once added, BusinessCard will automatically convert it into a jQuery slider.

Using Sample Data Data to populate your first installation

If you are starting from scratch, and installing the theme onto a WordPress blog that does not have any content yet (posts, pages, categories, etc), then you can choose to import our sample data file, which will populate your new WorPress blog with "dummy content." This dummy content is just a bunch of gibberish text, however, it will give you a good template to work with. Instead of following the above instructions, some people prefer to simply upload the sample data first, and then replace the dummy content with their own. To do this, you can use the Tools > Import feature in wp-admin to import the included sample data file. This sample data file comes with all themes, and is located in your theme folder here: sampledata/sample.xml. When performing the import procedure, be sure to check the "Import epanel settings" box.

Using Shortcodes - Create advanced layouts with ease

All of our themes come with a comprehensive collection of shortcodes. These shortcodes allow you to use pre-made design elements to create advanced page/post layouts without any HTML knowledge. When you install the theme, you will notice that some new buttons have been added to the WordPress text editor. Clicking these buttons will reveal options for adding shortcodes to your post. For complete shortcode documentation you can refer to the video on the left, as well as the following documentation page:

Translating The Theme To Another Language

You can use the included Mo and Po files (located in the /lang folder of your theme) to translate the various English words that occur throughout the design. You can learn more about translating WordPress here: Translating WordPress

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