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Getting going in Divi was very difficult for me as I had multiple issues, ranging from slow speed, to conflicts with other plugins, and just general disorientation. :cry:

But thanks to help from the support staff and Divi's wonderful features, I was able to eventually launch my first Divi site, inspired by the Business Consultant layout package. :D

You will recognise the general look of the home page from the layout pack's landing page:

...and the contact page:

But, as you can see, I made some changes to the look of the post summaries on a typical blog page (I used posts as testimonials):
Having a bit of a problem there with the pictures overlapping the box edges by a pixel or two (don't know why that happens), but not too bad...

My single posts are also quite different, and you can see that I used a Divi designer's tip for creating drop caps in my CSS: ... work-work/

I am pleased with this services page, which uses one or two elements from the layout pack: ... -training/

My page for a special event doesn't appear too well on mobile yet, but it's OK on desktop. (I still need to tweak some headings on various pages too, where text in headings wrap on mobile.) ... t-seminar/

I used Form Maker Pro from Web-Dorado for the forms on the site, with the Divi Tabs module working well to provide instructions for filling in a long form: ... r/booking/

Most of the cityscape pictures on the site are images of Lagos, the capital of Nigeria.

Thank you for such a great tool. I am building all our sites using Divi now. And Web design is actually not my full-time job. :)
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