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Dear Divi,

You beautiful, gorgeous thing!! Me is in love with you. Doggie Style. :p

Support here is incredible. You guys have got some really helpful people. Eduard Ungureanu, Andrei S, Priyanka Savalia and Cristi G thank you all so so soooooo much for all that help. I am a pain in the ass. I know that. And I have been a pain in the ass for all of them. But, they were still kind and professional enough to keep up with my whiny demands and provide precise solutions to all my problems as well as my questions. Some of them even went a step ahead to help me with aspects they needn't. Like pointing me in the right direction when I was looking for the right plugin or a code snippet; letting me know if something is actually wrong with my website, when I was oblivious about it. But, most importantly sharing knowledge. For without that I wouldn't know where to begin.

Even the Divi blog. By God, a treasure of knowledge. In the right hands, all of these in tandum can help you make powerful websites. I should know. I've made two in 2017. And if you were to ask me the full form of HTML in 2016, I'd say: How to Make Lemonade.

Definitely renewing my theme again. Was thinking about trying Avada. But, that's outside the window.

Great work guys.

Thank you all. You guys deserve a pat on the back and a cold beer in your hands.

Cheers!! :D
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