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Ratings & Reviews In Extra

Extra comes with an integrated user and author rating system that can be used for reviews.

Rating Systems

Extra comes with two different rating systems out-of-the-box: a system that lets you add a product
rating to any post, as well as a user rating system. Both of these features are perfect for fostering
reader engagement.

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Product Ratings

You can add a Product Review to any posts that you like. When you create a new post, you will notice a box labeled “Review Box Contents.”. Within this box there are fields with which you can configure the content for the Product Review Box. If you do not want a Product Review Box to be shown below a post’s content, simply leave the fields empty.

Review Box Title

This is the text that will be used as the Review Box’s heading.


The text entered here will appear to the right of the products overall rating.

Summary Title

This is the text that will appear in bold before your summary.


Breakdowns are the components that make up the overall rating.


This is the title text describing the breakdown.


This is your rating for the breakdown, it should be a number between 0 and 100.

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User Ratings

Your site’s visitors can submit a star rating on any posts for which you haven’t explicitly disabled (hidden) Ratings. When you create a new post, you will notice a box labeled “Extra Settings”. To disable ratings for the post, simply select the option labeled “Hide Post Rating”.

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A post’s overall star rating is displayed with it’s meta information (eg. Date, Categories, Tags, etc) in various areas throughout the theme. You can enable/disable the inclusion of ratings in post meta information globally for your site’s posts, pages, & archive pages from within Extra’s ePanel Settings.

You can also control the inclusion of ratings in posts’ meta information for any modules which display post meta (eg. Blog Module, Posts Modules, Portfolio Modules, etc). You can control it for all modules (globally) from within Extra’s Module Customizer as well as at the individual module level from within the module’s settings (while editing a post or page).

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