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Using eCommerce In Extra

Extra integrates with WooCommerce, making it easy to create an online store.


If you require eCommerce functionality, you’ll be glad to know that Extra is 100% compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. We recommend WooCommerce because it provides the best overall balance between feature set, code quality, cost, and support. While you can certainly use other eCommerce plugins, we cannot guarantee full functionality nor can we provide support for issues related to the use of other eCommerce plugins.

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WooCommerce Basics

After you enable the plugin, you will see two new top-level menu items in your WordPress Dashboard: “WooCommerce” and “Products”. You can use those menus to adjust your site’s eCommerce settings and to create new products. You can find full documentation on WooCommerce here.

Please note that while the Divi Builder includes various WooCommerce modules, you can also use WooCommerce by itself, without the builder. You can use the standard pages that are created by WooCommerce (Checkout, Shopping Cart, etc) as outlined in their documentation. You can also link directly to your WooCommerce product categories, and/or use the WooCommerce Shortcodes within a Divi Builder Code Module. This gives you the freedom to do just about anything.

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