Divi AI Is A Website Builder That Designs Layouts, Writes Content, And Generates Images For You On Demand!

Divi AI can create entire pages with a simple prompt. It can also write content, code, and generate images for you inside the builder. Since it's integrated into Divi, it has unique insight into each element. We provide Divi AI with context about your website and the page you're working on, allowing it to generate contextually relevant content with the understanding of a professional writer, a web developer's expertise, and a digital artist's skill!

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Build Entire Websites With AI

Build Entire Websites With AI

Build any website with AI-designed layouts, AI-generated images, and AI-composed text with just a single click.

Create Any Type Of Web Page With AI

Create Any Type Of Web Page

Sit back and watch Divi AI generate any page you can think of, then jump into Divi's intuitive visual builder to make edits easily.

Define & Store Custom AI Styles

Define & Store Custom AI Styles

Provide your brand's colors and fonts, and Divi AI will create on-brand layouts every time.

Divi AI Auto Generation

Auto-Generate Content With One Click

Generate text, images, or entire modules with a click. Divi AI analyzes existing content and website details to recommend the content you should add next.

Write And Refine Text With Divi AI

Write & Refine Website Text

Divi AI is your professional copywriter. It can write and improve text-based content on demand, creating captivating and engaging pages easily.

Generate Image from Existing Content

Generate Images Automatically

Just click one button and let Divi AI create images for you. It learns from your page and the context around your image to generate something highly relevant on-demand.

Generate Image from Existing Content

Refine & Modify Existing Images

Supply a reference image to Divi AI and have it change the image as much or as little as you want. You can even completely change the image’s subject matter while retaining composition and style.

Divi AI Code

Fine-Tuned On The Divi Module Codebase

Divi AI can write code, generate custom CSS and customize the design of your website within the Visual Builder. It's trained on the Divi codebase, giving it an advantage over other large language models.

Prompt Divi AI With Website Details

Divi AI Learns From Your Website

Divi AI delivers highly relevant content by considering your website name, description, and the context of the current page.

AI Website Builder

Generate Full Websites, Layouts, & Sections Using The Power Of AI

Meet your personal AI web design agency. Divi AI is like a web developer, designer, copywriter, and photographer in one. You talk to it like a person, and it makes decisions like a professional design team. Tell it about your website and it will design the entire website and fill it with content.

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Divi Quick Sites Example 1
Modern Interior Design Company
Divi Quick Sites Example 2
Artisanal Coffee Shop & Cafe
Divi Quick Sites Example 3
Forward-thinking environmental NGO

Automatically Generate An Entire Website With Well-Written Content and Beautiful Photos

Divi Quick Sites takes the hassle out of web development by automatically generating beautifully designed pages with high-quality, AI-generated content and images. No matter what kind of website you create, Divi leverages cutting-edge AI tools to determine the essential pages for your business and builds an entire site with consistent global styles and dynamic templates.

Divi AI Quick Sites

Quickly Generate New Pages & Sections

Divi AI makes adding new pages or individual sections to existing pages on the fly easy. Tell Divi Ai about the content you want it to create, along with some information about your business, and let it get to work! It constructs a layout, customizes the design, and fills it with relevant content and images. Sit back, relax, and watch your website get built.

Divi AI Layouts And Section Generation

Provide Your Brand’s Fonts and Colors, Or Let Divi AI Choose Styles For You

We trained Divi AI on the best color and font pairings, but it can also leverage your custom styles to create on-brand layouts across your entire website. It remembers your design choices and builds your website using a cohesive style.

Divi AI Layouts Fonts And Colors

Pages Generated by Divi AI Are Fully Customizable

Divi AI can design stunning layouts, but you may want to make some tweaks. That’s why AI-generated layouts are fully customizable with Divi’s world-class visual builder. You don’t need to be an experienced web designer to use Divi. Click to type, drag & drop, and leverage various design options to create the perfect page.

Divi AI Layouts Editability

Divi Text AI

Meet Your New AI Writing Companion

Divi AI can write copy for your website from scratch and improve existing copy, just like a professional copy editor! Say goodbye to the daunting task of brainstorming and crafting content from scratch, leaving you more time to focus on what truly matters—growing your business.

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Divi AI Can Write Anything In The Blink Of An Eye

Give Divi AI a topic, choose the content format, and let it get to work! Divi AI can compose titles, paragraphs, or even entire blog posts in seconds. Creating quality content with Divi AI is effortless.

Divi AI Text Content Types

Use Divi AI As Your Copy Editor And Improve Existing Content With A single Click

Whether you need to adjust the tone, modify the length, improve clarity, or add creativity, you can effortlessly refine until you reach the desired result. Navigate through variations, experiment with styles, and tailor your content to engage your audience.

Divi AI Text Improvement

Give Your Existing Website Content a Professional Makeover

Let Divi take control, seamlessly rewriting headings, paragraphs, calls to action, buttons, and more. From enhancing readability and translating languages to correcting spelling, grammar mistakes, and improving tone, Divi AI has you covered. It’s like always having a professional copy editor at your side.

Divi AI Text Improvement

Generate Contextual Content With a Single Click

By analyzing your website's company details, page content, and specific modules, Divi can create copy for you on-the-fly. It’s an efficient method to quickly iterate as you build new pages. Say goodbye to lorem ipsum and bid adieu to writer's block. Divi AI removes obstacles, making the design of new pages seamless.

Divi AI Auto Generation

Out Of Ideas? Let Divi AI Come Up With Something For You!

Unsure what to instruct Divi AI to write about? It can assist with that as well! Clicking the AI button within the writing prompt enables Divi AI to generate content independently. Let Divi AI prompt itself and generate ideas when you are tapped out.

Divi AI Automatic Text Prompting

Get As Granular As You Want With Advanced Prompting Options

Using Divi AI is straightforward, but advanced options allow you to delve into more detailed content guidelines. Tailor your prompts for specific responses from Divi AI. Explore various parameters like tone, style, context, and keywords to craft the generated content precisely to your preference.

Divi AI Advanced Options

Divi Image AI

Generate Any Image You Can Think Of

Divi AI eliminates the need for stock imagery searches and Photoshop tutorials. Now, you can create and modify images using a natural language interface.

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Turn Your Ideas Into Beautiful Photos And Artwork In Seconds

Simply tell Divi AI about the image you want, and it will generate it in seconds. Divi AI can create anything you envision.

Divi AI Text to Image

Choose From Different Styles And Create Any Type Of Image You Can Imagine

Create professional photographs with lifelike appearance or generate stunning artwork in styles such as digital paintings, 3D renderings, hand-drawn sketches, and more. Or, transform existing images and alter their style with a single click!

Divi AI Image Styles

Feed Existing Images As Reference Material Into Divi AI

Divi AI recognizes the artistic styles, compositions, and visual elements of an existing image, applying them to entirely different subjects. If you have an image you appreciate but the content isn't quite suitable, Divi AI can transform it into an image tailored to your context. You can take a Divi Layout and completely change the subject matter, while maintaining the visual style and composition!

Divi AI Reference Image

Change An Existing Image's Style With Fine Tuned Control

If you have an image that you love, but it’s not quite the right style, or you want to transform it into something completely different, Divi AI can take that image alter its style using style presets. You can even combine styles, prompts and references images to create something truly unique.

Divi AI Image Style Change

Modify or Add Elements To Any Image

Select any part of an image and modify it using the power of AI. Transform existing elements or add brand-new elements with ease. Divi AI seamlessly integrates changes into the original image as if they were part of the original photo.

Divi AI ImageInpainting

Extend An Image Beyond Its Existing Frame And Fill The Empty Space

Expand the space surrounding an image and fill it in AI-generated imagery blended seamlessly with the original image. Tell Divi how much space you want to add around your image and what you want to fill it in with, and watch the magic happen. This allows you to fit existing images into any layout.

Divi AI Image Extending

Upscale Existing Images With Stunning High Resolution

Upscaling images with Divi AI is akin to magic. Enhance lower-quality images to make them clearer, sharper, and higher resolution. Did your client supply you with images that are too small? Make them bigger right inside the Visual Builder to ensure they look crisp, even on high-resolution displays.

Automatically Enhance An Image’s Appearance

Leverage the power of AI to enhance your images. Remove artifacts, increase saturation, improve visual contrast, and enrich the details of any image with a single click. Divi AI can do a better job than ordinary image filters. It re-imagines the original image with desired enhancements, re-creating it using AI.

Divi AI Image Enhancing

Not Sure What Type Of Image To Ask For? Let Divi AI Give You Some Ideas

Divi AI can create any image you envision, but if you're out of ideas, it can analyze your website, the current page, and surrounding content to suggest an ideal image. Divi AI can prompt itself and automatically generate impressive images.

Divi AI Automatic Image Prompting

These Images Were Generated by Divi AI

Divi AI Image Result

"concrete background texture with modern chair"

Divi AI Image Result

"mountain range landscape at sunrise"

Divi AI Image Result

"black tablet with blueprints on a white desk, desk plant"

Divi AI Image Result

"business man walking up stairs of a concrete and glass building"

Divi AI Image Result

"portrait of a female doctor, white coat, stethoscope, portrait lens"

Divi AI Image Result

"citrus cocktail glass, pool background"

Divi AI Image Result

"fresh produce farmers market stand"

Comic Book
Divi AI Image Result

"isometric stack of books"

Vector Art
Divi AI Image Result

"levitating gold cubes on a white marble surface"

3D Render
Divi AI Image Result

"woman sitting at bus station in the rain, neon background lights"

Digital Painting
Divi AI Image Result

"woman drinking a glass of wine on a sunny day in a red dress"

Divi AI Image Result

"construction worker installing solar panels on a roof"


Divi Code AI

Meet Your Personal Divi Web Developer

Divi AI can write code and generate custom CSS in the Visual Builder. Since it's trained on the Divi Module codebase, it can generate intuitive results and better interpret your prompts.

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Generate Custom Elements And Features Automatically With AI

Divi AI works within Divi's code module. Here, it will fulfill your requests by generating custom HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Would you like to create an element for which Divi doesn't have a module, such as a popup? Just ask Divi AI to make it for you!

Divi AI Code Module

Customize Any Module Instantly Using AI-Generated CSS

It's never been easier to customize your website with CSS. Divi AI works inside of Divi's CSS fields, allowing you to fully customize any module automatically. Since Divi AI is trained on Divi's codebase, it already knows Divi module classes and HTML, allowing it to perform complex customization requests.


Modify & Improve Existing Custom Code Throughout Your Website

Leverage AI quick actions to easily improve existing code. Automatically optimize, format, and improve compatibility with old browsers with a single click. You can also use improve code using a prompt, opening up unlimited possibilities.

Divi AI Code Quick Actions

Unlike Other AI Tools, Divi AI Is Fine-Tuned On The Divi Module Codebase

One of the things that makes Divi Code AI special, is that it has been fine-tuned on the Divi module codebase, giving it an advantage over other large language models. Since it knows Divi module classes and HTML output, it can better interpret vague requests and recognize Divi terminology within your prompts.

Divi AI Code Module

Save AI-Generated Code Snippets To The Cloud And Access Them From Any Website

You can save all of your favorite code snippets to Divi Cloud for easy access inside of Divi's code editors. Whenever you start a new website, all of your favorite customization can be quickly applied with just a few clicks. Using Divi AI is a great way to build a library of super useful code snippets!

Divi Cloud AI Code Snippets

Some Creative Ways to Prompt Divi Code AI

Divi AI Code Example

Image Hover Effect

"Turn the image into a circle with a box shadow. Add a vibrant pink and blue gradient overlay inside the image wrapper that sits on top of the image. The gradient overlay should be semi-transparent. When you hover over the main element, make the image zoom in."

Divi AI Code Example

Typing Effect

"Add a typing effect to the H1 within the element with the "#typing" ID. Each letter is typed out one at a time, like someone is actively writing the heading. Return only CSS and JavaScript."

Divi AI Code Example

Popup Modal

"Create a popup that fades in after 30 seconds and invites visitors to join my newsletter. Add two buttons: one purple button that links to my newsletter page and one dull gray button that says "No Thanks" and closes the popup."

Divi AI Code Example

Floating Sidebar

"Take the existing element on the page with the ID "#flyin" and turn it into a sticky sidebar that fades in on the bottom left of the viewport after 5 seconds. Fade the element away when the button with id "#close" is clicked. Give me only the CSS and JavaScript."


More AI Features Are On The Way

We are just getting started with Divi AI. We are on a mission to put the most advanced AI website building tools in the hands of Divi users.

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Coming Soon AI Prompt Library
Coming Soon

Prompt Library

Save your favorite prompts to the Divi Library so that you never forget the prompt you used to get that really amazing image!

Coming Soon AI Website Onboarding
Coming Soon

AI Content Regeneration

Regenerate the images or text across an entire page to quickly change the style of your page, the tone of your text, and more!

Coming Soon AI Sections
Coming Soon

Layout Auto Completion

Leverage the power of Divi AI to take what you already have on your page and auto-complete it with the click of a button!

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Divi AI Is ~50% Cheaper Than The Competition

The cost of Divi AI is incredibly competitive. Divi AI offers unlimited generations for you and your team, at nearly half the price that other services charge for a single user. On top of that, Divi AI is much more convenient to use and better at producing content for Divi websites!

Divi AI Vs. The Competition

Divi AI
Jasper AI
Midjourney + ChatGPT
Monthly Price $17.04/month $39/month $50/month
Yearly Price $153/year ($12.75/month) $374/year ($31/month) $522/year ($44/month)
Image AI Unlimited Unlimited 15 hours/month
Text AI Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I really generate unlimited layouts, text, code and images?

    We built Divi AI so that any one person or team can use Divi AI in the Visual Builder to generate unlimited items with a single subscription. Usage of Divi AI is subject to our fair use policy, and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone we suspect is exploiting the system.

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  • Can I use Divi AI for free if I am a Divi customer?

    You can use Divi AI for free in a limited capacity for free. Once you reach your free trial limit, you will be asked to purchase a Divi AI membership to unlock unlimited layouts, text, code and image generation.

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  • What makes Divi AI better than other tools like Jasper and ChatGPT?

    Divi AI is unique for a couple reasons. First of all, it's integrated right inside the Visual Builder, which is incredibly convenient! Text you generate gets applied to the page automatically, and images you generate get uploaded right to the WordPress media library.

    Divi AI's biggest advantage is the fact that it understands Divi and learns from your website, allowing it to create more contextually relevant content automatically. Other tools can't do this because they don't have access to your database or Divi's code.

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  • What languages does Divi AI support?

    You can use any language when interfacing with Divi AI's text generator and associated AI writing tools. Divi AI is capable of writing text in any language. When creating images, you must write your prompt in English.

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  • Can I use the images I generate for commercial purposes?

    Yes, you are granted a royalty free license to use the images you generate. You can use them for commercial purposes.

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