Basic Troubleshooting Steps

1. First, have you read the readme documentation that came with your theme?
Each theme comes with a readme file that includes detailed installation instructions. Before continuing, please make sure that you have read through this file and followed each step correctly. You can view the readme files online at the following locations: Bluesky, BlueMist, Simplism, Quadro, EarthlyTouch, ArtSee, TidalForce, Wooden, InterPhase, Who'sWho, StudioBlue, Influx, GrungeMag, eGallery, Cion, eVid, eGamer, LightSource, ColdStone, Basic, PureType, CherryTruffle, eBusiness, ePhoto, Bold, eNews
2. Have you watched the video tutorials?
Many of the common issues that occur have already been covered in the video tutorials section of the members area. To access the video tutorials page log in here.
3. Do you have plugins active that did not come with the theme?
If you are using additional plugins that did not come with the theme it is possible that one of them is interfering with the design. Unfortunately it is impossible to predict what will happen when unknown code is place into my themes, so it is always important, if you are experiencing problems, to disable all of the plugins that did not come with the theme to see if they are at fault. Try disabling each plugin one by one to find the culprit.
4. Have you uploaded the correct theme folder to the correct theme directory?
When you download one of my themes and unzip it you will see a few different folders. Photoshop Files, Plugins, Theme, and, with select themes, Fonts. The "theme folder" that you need to upload to your server is located within the Theme folder in your ZIP file. You need to upload this folder to the correct folder on your server (wp-content/themes/). Do not upload the "Theme" folder, only upload the folder within the "Theme" folder. For example, if you are using my Studioblue theme you would want to upload the "StudioBlue" folder contained within the "Theme" folder to wp-content/themes. Do not upload StudioBlue's parent folder. Furthermore, make sure that you do not rename the "StudioBlue" folder. For more information you can also refer to this detailed video tutorial: Installing a Theme.
5. Are you using the latest version of Wordpress?
Wordpress is constantly changing, it is always best to keep your Wordpress install up-to-date. Using an out-dated version may lead to unknown problems.
6. Have you made any customizations to the theme?
Before contacting me about theme problems make sure customizations you made are not the cause of the problem. If you have made edits to the theme files, try uploading a fresh version of the theme and compare the two.
7. Are you having trouble getting your thumbnails to appear?
There are several different things that could lead to thumbnail troubles. For more information please read the following guide: Troubleshooting Timthumb.

Specific Issues

1. When I activate my theme I get a "Fatal error Call to undefined function."
This usually means that you have not uploaded and activated the plugins. You need to upload all of the files within the Plugins folder to the wp-content/plugins directory, an activate them from within wp-admin.
2. I created a Featured Articles category, but the posts aren't showing up on my homepage under the Featured Articles section. What did I do wrong?
Usually this means that you have misspelled the category, added an extra white space to the category, or did not capitalize the first letters of each word. Your category must be called "Featured Articles" exactly - it is case-sensitive. Try deleting the category and creating it again, making sure that you spell it correctly. You should also make sure that the category slug of the Featured Articles category is set to "featured-articles." The above only applies to older versions of the themes, in which no option to choose your Featured Articles category is available.
3. The tabbed menu for "recent comments" and "recent posts" isn't working. When I click it, nothing happens.
This is usually due to a javascript conflict. The tabs use jQuery to function, if you have a plugin running that conflicts with this then it will cause the menu to malfunction. Try disabling all of the plugins that didn't come with the theme to see if it helps, then re-enable them one-by-one to find the culprit.