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The Blurbs Module

Module Overview

The blurb module is a simple and elegant combination of text and imagery. Blurbs are a great way to showcase small bits of important information, and are often used in rows to display skills or features. Blurb modules can be placed in any column that you create.

Live Module Demo

The Module Options

Title - Give a title to your blurb that will appear above the body text of the blurb in a bold text style. The URL option below the Title Field will allow you to make your Title a hyperlink.

URL - Place a valid web URL in this field to turn your Blurb Title into a link. Leaving this field blank will simply leave your title as a static element.

Image - Place a valid image url here, or choose/upload an image via the WordPress Media Library. Blurb Images will always appeared centered within their columns and will span the full width of your column up to 550px. However, your image will never scale larger than its original upload size. The height of the blurb image is determined by the aspect ratio of your original image, so making all of your blurb images the same height is a good idea if you are placing them side by side.

Image Alt Text - Alternate text provides any necessary information if the image does not load, appear properly, or in any other situation where a user cannot view the image. It also allows the image to be read and recognized by search engines.

Text Color - If your blurb is being placed onto a dark background the Text Color should be set to ‘Dark’. Visa versa, if your blurb is being placed onto a light background, the Text Color should be set to ‘Light’.

Text Orientation - This dropdown menu allows you to specify the orientation of your text to be Left Justified, Centered, or Right Justified.

Content - This field is where you can enter the body content of your blurb. Blurb Text will also span the full width of your column up to 550px.

Admin Label - By default, your blurb module will appear with a label that reads ‘Blurb’ in the builder. The Admin Label allows you to change this label for easy identification.

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