1. Under what terms are your themes released?
All paying members must have a clear understanding of my terms of use. Before purchasing you are responsible to understand and abide by our Terms and Conditions.
2. How do I install wordpress themes to my blog?
Each theme comes with a readme file with detailed instruction as to how to install and use your wordpress theme. Usually this simply requires uploading and activation the theme and plugin files.
3. Will your themes work with the latest version of Wordpress?
Yes, all of my themes will work with the latest version of Wordpress. I check each theme and make proactive updates with each new Wordpress release.
4. How are your themes coded?
I code each theme in compliance with Wordpress, utilizing valid XHTMl and CSS. Each design features a smooth, fast loading, tabless interface.
5. How many sites can I use your themes on?
Once you join Elegant Wordpress Theme, you can use each of our theme on as many websites as you like.
6. Do your themes come widget ready?
Yes, every theme includes sidebars that are widget ready. Each of these sidebars can be editing directly from wp-admin.
7. Can I customize the images included with each theme, like the logo?
Yes, I try to make editing images easy. With each theme we include a fully layered PSD file which can be opened and edited using Adobe Photoshop. I also provide blank logo images that can be edited with any graphic design software.
8. How do I add my own google adsense ads to your themes?
Some of our themes come "adsense ready," which means that space has been provided for various sizes of google advertisements for easy monetization. If this is the case, you will see an adsense folder with several php files in your theme directory. Read the readme that was included with your theme for instruction as to how to replace the existing code with your own unique adsense code.
9. What do I receive when I download one of your themes?
Each theme includes the wordpress theme files, plugin files, as well as fully layered PSD files and blank images for easy customization.
10. Can I modify the themes to fit my websites personal needs?
Yes, you are free to change the designs in any way that you like.
11. Am I required to retain the linkback to elegantthemes when I use your themes?
No, I do not require that you retain the credit links, however, it is much appreciated!
12. I found an error when using one of your themes, will you fix it?
Certainly! I encourage users to contact me with any problems they are experiencing. When the wordpress script itself changes with each new release, it is possible that errors could occur. If you experience any problems please let me know for a quick fix.
13. If I cancel my membership after the first year, can I still use the themes I've already downloaded?
Yes, you do not need to have an active membership to use themes that were released when you were a paying member. Cancellation of your subscription merely revokes access to the member's area, and to all future theme releases.
14. You charge a yearly fee, do I get automatically re-charged at the end of the year when you subscription expires?
Yes, you do. PayPal will automatically bill you for the next year if your subscription is still active. You can, however, cancel your subscription at any time before your one-year term is up.
15. How do I cancel my membership?
All payments are handled via PayPal using PayPal subscriptions. You have complete control over how long your subscription remains active, and can cancel your subscription at any time from within your PayPal control panel. Simply log in to PayPal, locate the payment in your payment history, click "Details" and locate the "Cancel Subscription" button.