Build & Display Your Social Following

Whether you are a large company, small business, or an individual, it is becoming more and more important to build and retain a social following. Monarch lets you connect your website to all of your social profiles to display your social networks and follow counts.

Custom Monarch Widget

The follow widget is perfect for displaying your social networks in your sidebar or footer.

Shortcode Display

Use the shortcode to display your networks anywhere throughout your website

Dynamic API Counts

Connect to your networks’ APIs for dynamically generated follow counts.

Display Inline With a Shortcode

With the Monarch SocialFollow Shortcode, you can display your social following where ever you would like. You can even add a customized shortcode to a text widget like in the demos in the sidebar.

Customize Your Design

You can fully customize the look and feel of your social network buttons. Everything you can control amongst your social sharing inline icons you can control with social follow icons as well.

Lightning Fast Loading Times

Monarch caches all of your share and follow counts for optimized loading throughout your website. We even give you full control over the frequency in which Monarch updates your counts.

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