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Increased Sharing

Better Design

More Locations

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Sharing is Easier Than Ever

Monarch makes social sharing an absolute breeze. With a diverse set of display types such as floating sidebars, inline buttons, and automatic pop-ups, your visitors can now share your content with ease.

Social Floating Sidebar

The Social Floating Sidebar is a great way to give your readers the ability to share your content anywhere on the page. Choose your networks, arrange them in the perfect order, and even display share counts.

Above & Below Content

Monarch dynamically detects where the contents of your pages and posts begin and end so that it can automatically place social sharing buttons above or below your content. Place icons and share counts at the beginning of your content to show your readers how popular your posts are or place them at the bottom to encourage users to share your posts after reading.

Highest User Engagement

Pop-Ups arguably produce the most effective user engagement. Control the automatic triggers of your pop-ups to create an even more customized experience for your users.

Automatic Sharing Fly-Ins

Similar to automatic pop-ups, you can display automatic fly-ins with custom trigger settings in the bottom right and bottom left corners of your user’s screen. See below for a list of customizable triggers.

Media Sharing

Images are of the most shared content on the web and there is no reason you should miss out on letting your readers share your image-rich content with the world. Monarch auto detects all images within post content and even offers a custom shortcode to enable image sharing for any image on your site.

Boost Your Social Following

Whether you are a large company, small business, or an individual, it is becoming more and more important to build and retain a social following. Monarch lets you connect your website to all of your social profiles to display your social networks and follow counts.

Display Networks & Follow Counts

You can manually input social follow counts for all of your social profiles and can even connect to select network API’s that will pull a dynamic follow count so that your website always displays your most current follow stats.

Build & Track Follows & Shares

We know how important it is to see how effective your social sharing buttons are on your website, so we built in an easy way to keep track of your user engagement over time.

An Elegant Design Approach

As always, we love to create products that look amazing on your website. Even with the challenge of combining predefined network colors and icons, we’ve included an amazing set of design tools so that you can customize the look and feel of your sharing buttons.

Responsive Across All Devices

Each social sharing and following type has been specifically designed to look good on all browser and mobile devices sizes. Your users can enjoy a non-intrusive yet functional social sharing experience on every device.

Retina Display Design

Monarch is entirely designed and developed with retina display assets for even the highest resolution devices. No matter how your users are viewing your site, Monarch is going to look absolutely stunning.

Lightning Fast Connections

Monarch caches all of your share and follow counts for optimized loading throughout your website. We even give you full control over the frequency in which Monarch updates your counts.

The Monarch Settings Dashboard

This is where the magic happens. The Monarch Dashboard is a custom designed interface built into the WordPress Admin Panel that allows you to configure, manage, and monitor your social sharing and following. This is where you can setup your social networks, design your Monarch buttons, track your social statistics, and more!

40 Social Networks

Between social sharing and social following, Monarch gives you over 40 social networks to choose from. We are always working to increase our selection of social networks.

Easy Customization

Design matters, and we know it. We’ve made it easy and fun to customize your share and follow buttons so that you can integrate them elegantly into your website.
Hover Style
Hover Style
Hover Style
Hover Style

8 Locations

With eight sharing and following locations, you can fully customize the social experience that you offer to those who visit your website.
Above Content
Below Content
Pop Up
Fly In
On Media

Join the Community. Start Sharing Today.

Look no further. You can be up and running with a fresh install of Monarch in no time. Just head to our join page and give your readers the power of Monarch today!

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