Robust Design Options

As always, we love to create products that look amazing on your website. Even with the challenge of combining predefined network colors and icons, we’ve included an amazing set of design tools so that you can customize the look and feel of your sharing buttons.

Beautiful Hovers

Choose your favorite from our amazing selection of hover effects.

Pick A Shape

Select from either squared, rounded, or circular sharing buttons

Unlimited Colors

Use the default network colors or use your own for flawless design integration.

Hover Effects

There is something for everyone from very basic to very fun yet elegant hover effects.

Choose Your Shape, Spacing, & Orientation

Choose from squared, rounded, or circle buttons, and even control the spacing between your icons!


Display your buttons in up to 6 equal columns or use auto width buttons that take on the width of their content.

Unlimited Color Options

Control the colors of your buttons and button content for both inactive and hover states.

The Possibilities are Countless

Combining the different hover effects, shapes, icon orientations, and unlimited color options, there is something for everyone.

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